New Year's Eve


The time had definitely come. I had been faithfully taking my hormones for over three years, wearing loose, baggy clothes to hide my blossoming figure, and forcing myself to continue living as a male, ignoring the very feminine emotions I felt whenever I saw an attractive man. My patience was at an end. No longer could I acceot only being able to express my femininity in my apartment and online. I had breasts! I was soft and shapely! I would wait no longer.

It was New Year's Eve. Parties were everywhere. Everyone would be drinking and probably would accept me for what I appeared to be: just a young lady without an escort. Weeks ago, I had decided that tonight would be the night. The hotel bar was probably going to be the most jam-packed place in town, and I was going to be there, too, but as a girl, finally.

I undressed and slipped on my satin robe. I ran the tub and poured a double measure of my transdermal estrogen and five of my perfumed bubblebath beads into the steamy water. I lit several scented candles and slid my robe from my shoulders. I sank into the tub, luxuriating as the deliciously hot water slid up my flanks and the bubbles tickled my femininity. I stroked myself gently, massaging the perfumed bath oils deep into my smooth skin.

I got to my feet in the tub and almost fainted. The high estrogen dose had made me so giddy, but it was also making me feel so intensely feminine that it was worth a little dizziness. I dried myself in my big, thirsty bathsheet and stepped into my slippers. The mirror wall showed that my figure was very rounded and looked soft and shapely. I knew that I was ready to go out as I had always dreamed, as a woman.

From my lingerie drawer, I selected a pretty ivory satin demi-bra and a delicious pair of ivory silk panties.I went in to my dressing room and perched on my little vanity stool. The velvet cushion felt soft and squishy against my nude bottom. I slowly pulled my panties up over my legs , then stood and pulled them up the rest of the way until they hugged my cheeks in a silken embrace. Then I cuddled my breasts into the bra and fastened the clasp. The demi-bra lifted me high, giving me deep cleavage and leaving the tops of my breasts exposed. I chose a pair of sheer, nude seamed silk thigh-highs, with tiny bows embroidered on the heels and topped with lavish lace. Each stocking felt so gossamer fine and smooth as it slid up my leg. I stepped into my dainty dancing slippers. Their three-inch heels would accent my slender ankles. On my left leg, I clasped on a very fine gold ankle bracelet with a tiny crystal heart charm.

Then I sat again and began to brush my hair. I did one hundred strokes, and my hair shone with golden highlights, falling around my shoulders in soft waves. I made up my eyes with very feminine arching brows and lids shadowed in pale rose. I stroked my lashes with velvet mascara until they were long and feathery. I brushed my cheeks with a hint of blushing pink and then began to apply my lipstick. I rubbed a drop of perfume on my lips to set the color, and then carefully filled them in with a deep crimson.

I had the loveliest gown to wear. It was a mauve silk chiffon that left my shoulders bare, with satin spaghetti straps and a long sheath skirt slit up the right side. I slid it over my curls and breasts, and it slithered down the rest of me almost on its own. My mirror showed me a very pretty young lady, and I trembled all over with excitement. This is what I had always wanted!

I slipped my fur wrap over my shoulders, snatched up my silk clutch purse, and practically flew out the door. The evening was chilly, but clear. I knew getting a cab would be difficult on New Year's, but I was prepared to walk the nine blocks to the hotel if I had to, even in heels. I was determined to have a feminine experience, no matter what! Just then, a taxi came around the corner. I waved at him, and he pulled over. What luck! I slipped into the back seat and gave him my destination. I could not help noticing that he eyed me several times in his mirror as we drove. I wasn't sure if he was admiring me or...well...I just wasn't sure. When we pulled up, I fished in my purse for some bills to pay him, and he swiveled around in his seat to face me. "No, Miss," he said, "you are so lovely, that looking at you in my mirror has been payment enough for me. Happy New Year."

I blushed scarlet and managed to stammer, "Thank you, sir." He got out of the cab and ran around to my side. He opened my door and extended his hand. I placed my hand in his, and he helped me to the curb. I smiled very sweetly. He tipped his cap to me, wished me a very pleasant evening, and got back into his car. I was totally flattered. Obviously, he had no doubt whatever as to my gender. I only hoped the men inside the hotel would be as gracious.

I walked into the sumptuous lobby, my heels clicking daintily on the terazzo floor, and my silky skirt swishing romantically against my nylons. The music from the ballroom sounded so soft and romantic, and I headed in that direction. I gave my fur to the check-boy, and his eyes locked on my cleavage as I removed my wrap. I smiled, very flattered by his attention. I strolled slowly into the dancing lights in the dim ballroom. I had already been treated as more of a lady than I had ever dreamed, and the evening had barely begun.

I walked over to the bar and perched on a stool. It was busy, and the bartenders were a little harried, so I just crossed my legs and waited patiently. A deep voice behind me said softly, "Hello." I turned, and there was a man, but not just a man; he was incredibly handsome, and his smile made my heart flutter. I smiled back, a little nervously, and he added, "My name is Brad. May I buy you a drink?"

I managed to murmur a "Yes, please," and he sat on the stool next to me. Almost as if by magic, the bartender was right there, and Brad looked at me inquiringly. "Oh," I swallowed, "A strawberry daiquiri, please." He just nodded to the bartender who immediately began making a drink. It was straight Jack Daniels! I gulped. The bartender put the glass in front of Brad and began to make my daiquiri. I relaxed a little, but was very puzzled. "However did he know what to give you?" I asked. "You didn't order anything."

He chuckled. "Well my little nameless girl, George knows me and what I drink."

Oh dear! I had never told him my name! I smiled, a little embarrassed. "My name is Cheryl, Brad. I really didn't mean to be impolite; but I was just distracted."

He smiled broadly. "A polite young lady! That is a rare bird these days, and may I add, a very pretty one, at that." I felt the blush creep up from my breasts into my cheeks, and I lowered my lashes demurely.

"You are so very kind. Thank you for the compliments, both of them," I breathed. My drink was ready, and I sipped it, looking at him through my lashes. "You must come here very often, if the bartenders know you." In answer, he just smiled again, but this time it was the kind of smile that makes a girl tremble with excitement.

"You are very beautiful, my dear," he said. "Would you like to dance?" The band was playing a very slow, romantic song, so I smiled back at him and held out my hand. He took it and helped me off my stool. He continued to hold my hand as he led me onto the dance floor. I was so amazed at what I was doing, and what he was doing to me. I had never danced with a man before in my life! And here I was! I would probably make such a fool of myself. My emotions were in such a turmoil, I almost told him I could not dance with him, but he was affecting me on such a deep level that I just kept quiet and followed him.

He put his other arm around my waist and drew me close to him, never letting go of my hand. His scent was intoxicating, spicy, and ever so male. I sensed the strength in him, although he held me gently, and I put my arm up around his neck as we glided out onto the floor. My fears were all groundless. I could not help but follow his strong lead, and even if I made a misstep, he was holding me so close that I felt I was barely touching the floor.

He was holding me so tightly next to him, that I could feel the bulge in his pants pressing against my skirt as we danced. The thought that I, on my very first time out as a girl, was giving him an erection by dancing with him was the most excitingly feminine feeling I had ever experienced. I clung closer to him and laid my head on his shoulder.

"Your perfume is intoxicating, my dear," he whispered into my ear, and his breath was warm. Then he gently kissed my earlobe, right where my crystal earring was dangling, and I trembled in his arms. His lips gently caressed my cheek, and I held my breath. This was what I had longed for! My emotions were on overload. He danced me out onto the terrace, and as soon as we were in the shadows, he kissed me deeply. I responded with all the female desire I had built up for so very long. When his hand moved over my skirt, caressing my silky bottom, and his tongue slid between my lips, I could not help myself. My love just poured out into my panties. I clung to him, quivering all over, kissing him wildly, as my orgasm sent thrills through me that I had never even dreamed possible.

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