tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNew Years Eve At the Radio Station

New Years Eve At the Radio Station

bySaint Huck©

This story, like all of the ones I plan on submitting to this site is true. Some of the names and places may have been changed to protect people from embarrassment, but all the events are essentially correct.

This story takes place during the most recent New Year's Eve and concerns my last girlfriend, Lindsey. We broke up about a month after the events of this story for reasons I shouldn't be getting into before telling the story.

I should give some background on our relationship before telling the story. Somehow I have always found myself doing everything I can to push the sexual boundaries of whatever girl I was dating. This has always eventually ruined whatever relationship I've been involved in. Lindsey was no different. We had started dating over the summer after meeting at a bank where we worked together. At the time, she had a boyfriend who she had been dating for about a year and a half. She wanted out, but was too scared to end the relationship. However, I could tell from the beginning that she was attracted to me. She was very interested in my radio show, and I could not resist using this as an opening.

Okay, before I go on, I feel like I'm obligated to give the standard description of each of us that goes in each of these stories. If you already have an image of Lindsey or me that you would like to use, skip this paragraph. It's not necessary, but I feel like I should provide some information for those with weaker imaginations. Anyway, she is half-Mexican, giving her a short height, lots of curves and darker features. More specifically: she was only 4' 11", had curly black hair down to her shoulders and a 36 D chest. While she is not skinny, she is light enough for me to easily pick up (and I am not very strong), and any unattractive rolls immediately disappear as soon as she lies down or stretches out her body. As for myself (name's George by the way), I'm 5' 11", 160 lbs, and brown hair. That should be enough. Oh yeah, if you REALLY must know, my dick is just a little more than seven inches long. Nothing to be ashamed of, but not the giant cock that some girls tend to crave.

Anyway, on with the story.

I became aware of how suggestible and adventurous Lindsey could be when I started talking to her during our lovemaking. Nothing and I mean NOTHING could make her cum faster or harder than discussing various fantasies with her while either fondling or fucking her.

This all started out innocently enough with me saying things like, "you look so hot baby" or "I love how your hot wet pussy feels around my dick," but quickly progressed far beyond that. Like all women, she was hottest to me when extremely turned on and slightly frustrated. So before sliding my dick in, I would make her beg for it.

"Please put it in," she would beg.

At first, this was enough for me, but eventually I wanted her to offer me things in return. "What would you do for it?" I would ask.

"Anything. Please just fuck me."

"What if I wanted to open the blinds so others could see? Would you let me do that?"

I could see her thinking briefly, but in the end, there could only be a result. "If you really want to baby."

I knew that at this moment if I didn't get up, it would all just be a bluff. While I was nervous of being seen (this was the middle of an afternoon on a weekend in a house that I was renting at the time with some friends. My window was by the front yard, and it was not uncommon for people to pass by the window), I was more intent on asserting my control over Lindsey and pushing her limits. So I stood up and walked over to the windows, wearing nothing and leaving Lindsey on the bed similarly clothed.

"What are you doing?" she gasped as she started to cover herself.

"We had a deal," I replied and without any further hesitation opened the blinds. Fortunately, no one was outside the window at that time. I walked back to the bed as slowly as I dared and pulled the sheets off of her. She looked back with a hint of nervousness and fear in her eyes, but did not resist. As I started to slide into her, I told her, "Keep your eyes closed."

I could see how turned on she was by how easily I slid into her wet pussy. "Is anyone out there?" she asked.

"No," I replied, but then an idea immediately sprung to mind. I waited a few minutes while slowly fucking her before speaking again. "I can see someone." This was not true, but if she kept her eyes closed, she wouldn't know. In order to minimize the risk though, I turned her over, pushed her head into the pillow and continued to fuck her from behind.

Immediately after this, I felt what I would later learn was a small orgasm. "Who is it?" she asked.

"A jogger. I think he's seen us." She replied by groaning and reaching down to finger her clit. "He's slowed down. I think he likes the show." I could definitely tell this time when she came as she moaned loudly.

I was nearing my climax too, so when she later asked "Is he still there?" I told her, "No. He's probably gone home to jerk off." This set her off again, and I was close behind.

We did not talk of this incident afterwards until a few weeks later while we were making love. "Remember that time that jogger saw us fucking?" I asked.

"Yes," she moaned.

"If I had invited him in, would you have sucked his dick while I fucked you?"

"I don't know baby," she replied, but I could tell she was intrigued.

"What if I told you that the only way I'd keep fucking you is for you to suck someone's dick for me? Would you do it then?" She didn't even hesitate before nodding her head yes. "Would you fuck someone else if I told you to?" I whispered into her ear.

"Yes. Anything," she told me.

"You dirty slut," I told her as I sped up the pace. She came soon afterwards. From this point on, discussing other partners, exposing her, filming her and other adventures became a staple of our lovemaking. She always came the hardest when thinking about being turned over to some stranger and being watched by others and me. Nothing managed to get her off faster than fantasize about being a complete slut in public.

Jumping forward a few months, New Years came around and we had no parties to go to. All our friends were out of town, and we were pretty much on our own. With nothing to do, I brought up doing a radio show on New Year's Eve. I knew that any DJ assigned to that slot would be eager to give it up.

This at least gave us something to do, but we still needed something to keep ourselves occupied with until 10pm when my timeslot started. So like all New Years partiers, we drank. Well I should say that she drank. I still had driving to do, and tend to not enjoy alcohol as much as most people. However, by the time we arrived at the station, Lindsey was feeling no pain.

As you can also expect, alcohol made her especially horny and suggestible. As soon as I put the first song on the air, I had my left had on her right breast while my right grabbed her ass and pulled her near. She responded favorably, kissing me deeply and pulling me even tighter. Sex in public places has always excited us (especially me), and this was no exception. However, Lindsey has always been a bit more reluctant and fearful of getting caught than I have ever been. This time however, the alcohol had loosened her up. She did nothing to object as I quickly pulled off her shirt and unsnapped her bra. However, by this point, I needed to take an airbreak to make a few announcements.

"Keep going," I told her before turning back to the microphone. "That was ‘teeth' an early single from the British group the Mekons," I began. As I looked over, I smiled as I watched her kick off her shoes before puling her jeans and underwear down, leaving her standing in only her socks. However, what she did next caught me off guard.

While I was reading a public service announcement, Lindsey crawled onto the ground, reached up to my crotch and unzipped my pants. With little effort, she pulled out my semi-hard cock and engulfed it with her mouth. I tried to control myself, but I could not help but gasp as she began to work on my cock. I sped up and read the announcement as fast as I could, cued the next CD, making sure it was on a long track and turned off the microphone. Then I just leaned back and enjoyed Lindsey's cock sucking skills.

I could feel myself getting close to cumming, and I wanted to prolong this as long as possible, so I pulled her off me and pushed her back onto the chair. "What was that for?" she asked.

"For this." I replied and began kissing my way down her body, pausing at her breasts. By the time I got down to her pussy, she was moaning loudly, and when I started to lick her, she was practically yelling. This contributed to neither of us hearing the doors to the station open as two kids walked in.

They must have stopped and watched us for a while, because when I finally pulled my head up, they had already walked past the booth. It seemed entirely impossible that they had failed to look into the booth while walking through the station. "Shit!" I whispered.

Lindsey moaned groggily, "What is it? Please don't stop."

"There are some guys here," I said as I rose. I feared that we didn't have time for her to mess with all of her clothes, so I just threw my jacket on her. Fortunately, she was short enough that it went below her waist, although just barely.

We were just in time, because as soon as she was covered, one of the guys walked over. "Hey, what's up?" he asked, giving no hint that he found Lindsey's dress or our actions at all unusual.

His name was Jason. While I did not know him personally, I had seen both him and his friend Chris around the station regularly. I didn't know them well, but I had overheard enough conversations to know they were both quite the ladies men. Every week one of them had some new story about some "slut" they had banged over the weekend. It was also clear from their conversations that they were completely comfortable with themselves and didn't mind sharing or letting others watch. While the idea of watching Lindsey fuck someone else had always been a turn on, I was extremely worried because I was sure that I did not want her to be used by these two jerks. Especially tonight. I had been having too much fun.

"Mind if we help out with the show?" Chris asked as he came over.

Before I could think of some way to politely get rid of these guys, Lindsey spoke up. "Not at all! Come on in."

We were near an airbreak, so Chris and Jason came in and we all crowded around the microphone. I made the mistake of sitting down too soon, and before I could stop anything, Jason stepped in between me and the other chair and Chris sat in the other one. Lindsey was left standing by the side.

"Hey let me in!" exclaimed Lindsey.

"Sure, no problem," said Chris as he pulled her onto his lap, resting his hand on her bare thigh.

I wasn't happy about this at all, but I told them to keep speaking because I had to change CDs. I wasn't paying attention to them until I heard Lindsey speak in a halting voice: "And up next . . .we have. . ." I looked over, brandishing the next CD I was putting in so that Lindsey would no what to say. But when I turned back to the CD player to put the CD in, I could still hear her hesitating when she spoke. After putting the CD in, I turned back to Lindsey to see what was the matter.

I was shocked to see that Chris and Jason both had their hands on their legs. But that wasn't what really got me. What got me was where one of Chris's hands was. It was under the jacket and clearly close to Lindsey's pussy if it wasn't already there.

I wanted to get her away from those guys before things got any worse. I wasn't particularly mad or upset at her because I figured she was so worked up from earlier, that anything felt good to her.

"Hey, Lindsey. I have to put some CDs back on the shelves. Wanna come help me?" I asked.

"Nah. I think I'll just wait here and help these guys manage. . . the booth" replied Lindsey, clearly panting with lust. I had no idea what to do. I was watching my girlfriend get groped right in front of me, and she didn't seem to mind at all. In fact, I hadn't seen her this turned on in a while. I stood there speechless with my mouth hanging open until Jason's voice jarred my attention.

"What are you waiting for? Don't think we can handle it? Go on, this will be fine," he said. I opened my mouth to reply and come up with some reason to stay in there, but fear of confronting either them or Lindsey kept my mouth shut. "Uh, uh," said Jason, making fun of me. I lowered my head, blushing and rushed out of the booth.

As I left the booth, I heard voices, and then the sound of Lindsey giggling. Worried at what might be happening, I hurried to put the CDs up as fast as I could. As I was putting up the CDs, I could hear voices and the sound of Lindsey giggling, but I didn't know what to make of it. As I finished putting up the last CD however, I could hear a rhythmic creaking sound, but the voices had stopped.

When I hurried back to the booth, I was at first relieved to see that Lindsey was just sitting on Chris's lap like before. Nothing had changed. Then I caught myself. He had been fingering her. Nothing changing wasn't a good thing for me. Then I noticed that something had changed. Chris's pants seemed to be undone and Lindsey was rocking back and forth on top of Chris. Her legs hanging to the side confirmed my worst fear: she was riding his dick.

I had no idea how this had happened, but I knew I needed to stop this as soon as possible. I walked into the booth in a daze. As I stared at Chris, he looked up at me with a smirk. "Looks like we've finally gotten the party started," he said.

Lindsey's eyes were glazed over as she looked up at me. "Hi honey," she moaned. "Don't be mad at me. I was just so horny and Chris offered to help." I think she had taken my failure to speak as consent, and as she spoke she began to ride Chris harder. Chris also used this opportunity to put his hands up the jacket she was wearing and throw it off of Lindsey. "Oh yes!" she yelled as he began to pull violently on her nipples. I could tell from her shaking that she was probably having the first of what would be many orgasms.

As she started to lose control, she leaned over and put her hands on the DJ booth to keep herself from falling. "This is the best New Years party ever!" Jason exclaimed. I turned over to look at him and saw how he had his pants down and was stroking what looked like an eight-inch cock that still looked like it had room to grow.

"Hey, may," Chris asked. "You want a piece of this?"

"Sure, just don't cum inside her. I hate sloppy seconds" Lindsey continued to fuck Chris with reckless abandon, either not hearing or not caring about them discussing her like a piece of meat. For my own part, I had no idea how I felt about the situation. On one hand, I felt betrayed and somewhat humiliated by what Lindsey was doing. But I also couldn't deny the fact that I was extremely turned on and that I had wanted her to do something like this for some time. I found myself rubbing my hard crotch and was debating whether or not I should join in when the matter was temporarily taken out of my hands.

Lindsey whimpered in disappointment as Chris lifted her off of his crotch like she was a small animal. He handed her over to Jason who wasted no time in depositing her on his cock. Lindsey winced from pain and said, "Ow, ow, ow. It's too big. Go slow."

"Relax and enjoy it," replied Jason as he pushed her down on the ground where he proceeded to fuck her doggystyle. When she was finally on all fours and beginning to relax, Jason shoved the remaining couple inches of his cock inside her.

"OH GOD!" Lindsey yelled. I thought she might have been in serious pain and was considering intervening when she yelled again. "Yes! Yes! Oh fuck!" She might have kept screaming like this for god knows how long, but Chris grabbed her head and shoved his cock into her open mouth. Since he had already been fucking her, he came fairly quickly. Lindsey swallowed every drop and even continued to lick his dick as he pulled out of her.

As Chris zipped up his pants, Lindsey went back to moaning loudly as Jason continued to plow into her from behind. "You wanna piece of this?" Chris asked me. "I'll finish up the show for you." As irritating as it was to be offered a "piece" of my own girlfriend, I realized that letting her suck me off would be easier than finishing the show, so I simply nodded and kneeled down to take Chris' place. Lindsey didn't even look at me as she devoured my cock.

I was beginning to lose myself in Lindsey's wonderful cocksucking skills when Chris' voice jarred me back to attention. "Oh shit! The mic has been on this whole time!" I had been in the middle of my orgasm, and the sound of Jason and Chris laughing at radio listeners hearing the sounds of Lindsey getting fucked like a slut took most of my pleasure away. However, this had the opposite effect on Lindsey who shook violently and grunted in what must have been the most intense orgasm of hers that I've ever witnessed.

Lindsey and Jason fucked for a few more minutes before he came inside her. While she was on the pill, I was still a bit unhappy with that since I had never been able to cum inside of her during sex. Well never with her permission. Accidents have happened of course. As soon as they disengaged, I draped my jacket over Lindsey, thanked Jason and Chris (although they should have thanked me!) for manning the booth for the rest of the night and left. Before we left though, Jason wrote his number down on a piece of paper and handed it to Lindsey. "Call me anytime," he said.

I wasn't happy about this, but I couldn't stop Lindsey from taking the number an giving both Chris and Jason a hug goodbye –which they both used as chances to make one last squeeze at her bare ass.

Once we were in the car, Lindsey leaned over and gave me a passionate kiss on the lips. "Thanks for the best New Years ever," she said to me.

I was dumbfounded. "What makes you think this was my idea?" I asked indignantly.

She laughed. "Don't try to trick me. Chris told me that you had asked him and John over. I figured out the rest from this," she said as she rubbed my cock.

"Well then it's time you return the favor," I said as I shoved her head into my crotch. She wasted no time in pulling out my dick, which she sucked for the entire drive home.

While I wanted this night to be just a one-time event and a memory we could treasure, Lindsey had quickly become the most popular girl at the station with the guys there. Not only had many of them heard her on the radio, but also Jason and Chris bragged frequently about what a hot slut she had been for them. This would not be the last time she would have sex with either of them. In fact, for a while, she and Jason used his radio show as an excuse for her to get more regular fuck sessions. And then there was the spring party. But that all is another story for another time.

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