tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNew Years Eve Dare

New Years Eve Dare


New Years Eve dawned cloudy and overcast as Mandy headed to the shower. As the water runs she clicks on her cell phone and calls her boyfriend Steve and giggles when she becomes aware that she has awakened him. After some verbal exchange they confirm the nights plans which include a party with videos with their best friends Amy and Doug.

Steve arrives at her house just before 7pm and she brings him into the den where the parents are watching the evening news before going out to party themselves. Once they have had some conversation with the family she takes him by the hand and leads him to her room upstairs.

She closes the door and locks it and wraps her arms around his neck and embraces him in a long, steamy kiss as he hand slips down the front of his jeans and rubs his cock tenderly as he moans. She sinks slowly to her knees sliding the zipper down and gently lowering his jeans and briefs down and pulls him toward her putting her warm mouth over the head of his cock and begins sucking it as he leans back against the door savoring the sensations he is now feeling.

Once rock hard she stands and guides him over to the bed and strips naked for him and they are soon fucking intensely trying to prevent their parents from hearing them.

Later when the parents leave they hit the shower and wash each other before dressing and heading downstairs to wait for their friends.

The night is a blast as they share some drinks and watch some movies while snuggling on the couch. As the hours pass the drinks begin taking their effect and they are all giddy and laughing as they await the time to watch the ball drop. The time arrives and they all laugh as they count down the last seconds of the year and welcome the new one.

Once the new year is officially in Doug and Amy suggest they play some cards but then decide to play truth or dare instead and all agree and begin playing.

The game is pretty routine and they laugh and cackle at each others antics. It is shortly after 1am when the turn comes to Mandy. It is Amy who gives the challenge and Mandy decides on a dare and they all laugh. Amy takes her time pondering a dare for Mandy then has Doug and Steve lean in and whispers into their ear and they all laugh out loud and voice their approval excitedly.

Mandy looks on in wander as she awaits the dare. Amy looks at her sternly and announces that they are going to drive her to the all night grocery store on top of the hill. Once there she is to strip naked in the car and hand Amy her clothes. She is then to walk in with Steve recording and walk from from front to back then back again. Only then will she be given her clothes back.

Mandy gasps at the announcement, finding it hard to believe. Surely then can not be serious she thinks to herself but it becomes all to clear that they in camcorder and fumbles for the car keys and they begin putting on their jackets.

The two mile trip to the store seems like and eternity as her heart races her tension rises with each moment that passes. All too soon they pull up to the front of the store. The parking lot is nearly empty and she thinks they will look at her and tell it was a joke but Steve pulls over and turns off the car.

Amy looks at Mandy who is seated in the back seat biting her lip and grins wickedly as she opens a plastic bag and commands Amy to strip naked and Steve readies the camera.

Mandy swallows hard and takes a deep breath as she slowly pulls the blouse over her head and asks them to reconsider before going any further, but it is clear that she has no choice now. She looks down to the floor of the car as she reaches back and unhooks the latch of her bra and soon her naked breasts are free of their confines.

She takes another very nervous breath and she hands Amy her shoes and socks and then slowly raises herself off the seat and unbuckles her belt and slowly snakes out of her tight jeans. The only thing left of her dignity now is the tiny pink panties she is wearing.

She closes her eyes as he lips tremble a bit and slips the panties off and hands them to Amy who is smiling from ear to ear as she takes in her naked body. Steve gets out of the car and opens the door for her. She steps out of the car, the cool night air sending shivers along her naked body as she begins the walk towards the store silently praying that the store is empty.

The large glass door opens and she follows him in, her heart nearly beating out of her chest as the lights of the store now illuminate her naked body. So far no one is in sight and she sighs a little relief. Steve readies the camera and selects the aisle for her to head down and she closes her eyes and takes a deep breath and starts down the aisle, habitually covering her breasts and pussy but Steve tells her that she can not hide herself that is the rules and she lets her hand drop to her side.

Half way down the aisle a male employee comes in sight with a cart of items to stock. His eyes bulge out of his head and his mouth drops as she nervously approaches him. He whistles and to her utter embarrassment calls some of the other males in the store over. Her naked body is now being ogled by total strangers and a fever like embarrassment soars over her body.

She walks by them her head down towards the floor as she listens to them describe the body parts they like the best. She comes to the end of the aisle and into an open area at the back of the store and now stands in front of the deli and bakery.

Two females on duty begin laughing out loud and teasing her openly as her face reddens in embarrassment.

She finally comes to the place where she can turn around and begins the walk back towards the front of the store, the camcorder taking in every sway of her shapely ass as it walks in front of him.

Just as they near the front of the store the night manager stops them and she freezes in fear as she stands there naked and trembling.

Despite all please the police are called and to make matters worse Doug and Amy speed away in the car not wanting to get caught with booze in the car.

She watches from the chair of the police station as the officer dials her phone number. Wrapped in a blanket now she wishes she was dead as she hears the phone ring. Her luck changes when their parents are not at home yet. The officer who knows her parents decides no real harm was done and drives her and Steve home and they walk inside.

She runs upstairs and falls on the bed and laughs out loud as Steve falls beside her. They wind up making love again and then hear the parents pull into the drive. They dress and head downstairs and he gets his jacket and prepares to leave. They can not help but grin when the parents ask them if they had fun tonight. She assures them it was one of the best New Years she has ever had and she waves goodbye to Steve and heads to bed.

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