New Year's Eve with Mom


Mom rolled into orgasm, her body arching against mine as it struck. Mom screamed wordlessly as her body shook and convulsed, her pussy becoming a fiery furnace as I savored her steaming juices and continued to thrust in and out of her. Mom's orgasm waned and for a few minutes she could only sob and moan as I continued to pleasure her helpless body.

Gradually Mom began to respond again, tightening her grip on my cock, her hips rolling in time with mine, perfecting the moment of deepest penetration as I grunted with the effort. The sheets were now soaked with our sweat. It flew off me in waves as I continued to hammer my cock into Mom's cream drenched pussy. Mom's wordless moans slowly evolved to words of encouragement, words of love and words of desire and need.

"Don't um stop, John. Fuck me, lover son! I-I love your ahhhh cock, baby. So good in me – feels sooo gooood! Fuck me son. Don't ever stop fuckinggg meee, John!"

Faster and harder, I plunged deep into Mom's pussy. My own urges to orgasm were now racing to keep pace with Mom. I could feel her orgasm building inside her, becoming an unstoppable sexual beast. Mom's eyes were wide open and staring at me, filled with love and desire and with an intense, almost fearful expression as if she wasn't sure she could endure the intense sensations that were almost upon her.

I could hold on no longer and with the triumphant roar of a rutting bull, I thrust deep into Mom's pussy and began to cum. I exploded with intense jets of hot, thick cum, ejaculating so much and so hard, it almost hurt. As I bathed Mom's womb with my semen, she lost control too and screaming my name, crossed over into an orgasm so powerful that she almost bucked me off her.

The room filled with sounds of pleasure and delight and with the musky aroma of cunt cream and semen. I came and came and came. My orgasm was so intense I imagined it undoing any doctor's procedure, allowing my seed to impregnate my beloved mother. I consider it a tribute to his abilities that our glorious monster orgasm didn't make Mom pregnant right there and then.

Mom bucked and bounced against me, her heavy, meaty breasts rolling all about. She stiffened at the height of her orgasm and as I fed her womb my last large stream of jism, Mom gasped, "I love you and went limp." I collapsed on top of her and as her pussy muscles worked involuntarily, milking the last of my spunk from my aching cock, I was amazed to find that I was crying.

After several seconds, Mom's eyes fluttered open and her body shook as an orgasmic aftershock rippled through her. Mom began to cry as well. We held each other as tightly as our exhausted bodies would allow, sobbing words of love to each other. I finally eased off Mom and then drew her against me and we cuddled and fell asleep in the early morning hours of the new year of our new lives; mother and son, man and woman and as far as we were concerned, husband and wife.

My sleep was filled with dreams of the time when we would be able to fully share our lives, living completely as lovers, as spouses and still as mother and son. I woke in the early light of dawn and watch Mom sleep, looking so happy, the slightest hint of her evil smile on her lips. I pondered what the days ahead would be like. I knew that hard times were likely in our future, but that in the end, we would find ourselves together.

I knew that in a day or two, Mom and I would be separated for a time. Distance and obligations would delay our being together, but I also knew that we could never be truly apart. In the dizzying days of the last week, the love that had begun at Christmas and that we had begun to explore the depths of over the last few days, had joined our souls together for all eternity.

Mom loved me and I loved Mom. Our love would surpass all time and distance. No obstacle could withstand the intensity of our passion for each other. Mom and I were and are one, body and soul. I wondered where our path would travel. I had no real idea where it would lead, but I knew we would travel it forever together, Mom and me, and that was enough for now. The story books are true you know, love conquers all and there is no love stronger than that between a mother and son.

To be continued...

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