New Year's Eve with Pauletta


Paul didn't interrupt what he was doing to answer such a foolish question, but he did hold up his right hand with his thumb and index finger forming a circle. He had felt the cock throbbing in his mouth and knew Stan was almost ready to cum. Pauletta had no intention of letting the semen land anywhere but on his tongue, so he could savor the taste before swirling it in his mouth and letting it slide down his throat. His other responses were to tighten his lips so none of the delicious fluid dripped onto his chin, and to suck faster.

"Uh! Uh!" Stan grunted as his climax bubbled up, ready to explode. "Oh, my god!" he blurted as it burst, and he pumped a gusher of cum into Pauletta's mouth.

Paul felt it land on his tongue, right where he wanted it, and it delighted his taste buds, but he continued sucking until Stan ejaculated twice more. Once he knew the other man was through cumming, he took the cock out of his mouth, holding it upright so no semen dripped onto the floor, and relished the taste and texture of the load he had in his mouth. After letting the viscous fluid slide down his throat, he licked off everything on the softening shaft and squeezed it to catch the last few drops of semen on his tongue. He savored what was the last of the treat before swallowing it, and leaning backwards to smile up at the man who had supplied it.

"That was great, Pauletta," Stan thanked him as he stuffed his cock inside his underwear and pants. "You're the best." When his clothing was in proper order, he sidled away from the wall.

"Thanks. I had fun too."

Paul liked being appreciated, and he really did have a good time sucking off Stan, but he needed another glass of wine. He enjoyed having men, most men at least, cum into his mouth, and he enjoyed the flavor when their semen was fresh, but it quickly imparted an aftertaste, and he wanted another glass of wine to wash it down while it still tasted good.

Somebody had other ideas. "My turn now," another man said as he stepped up to where Stan had been leaning against the wall.

Paul recognized the newcomer, although he didn't know his name. He had sucked him off once before, and the obnoxious fat man seemed to believe he, being nominally straight, was somehow entitled to oral service from any gay man, especially a drag queen, and that he was better than the man who was providing it. Besides having that attitude, he had grabbed Pauletta's head and tried to fuck his face without being invited to do so, something almost anybody would find abhorrent.

"Later," Paul lied to him. "I need a drink first." Of course, "later" would never come, if he could help it.

He went to the bar and was standing in front of it, glass in hand, when a man he knew and liked walked up to him. Gary, the approaching gentleman, had a big cock, and he knew what to do with it, and he always treated gay men the way they wanted and deserved to be treated.

"Hi, Pauletta," Gary greeted him. "How about coming over and joining us at our table?"

As he issued the invitation, he pointed to a group of eight persons clustered around one of the booths. Paul didn't see anybody there he would try to avoid, and some of the men there, besides Gary, were men he had enjoyed sucking off or being fucked by in the past. He noticed the table had nothing on its top; all the people there were holding their drinks in their hands, and a thought came to Paul's mind of what they might want to do there once he had joined their company. Pauletta hoped he was right.

"Sure, Gary," he responded, rinsing his mouth with the last of his wine and setting the empty glass on the bar.

When they arrived at the booth, the whole group greeted him warmly, by the name he preferred, and one of them suggested he might like to sit on the table, since the accompanying benches were all full. With his rather slight build, Paul knew the table was sturdy enough to hold him with no problem, although it probably would not be able to support him and another person.

"Don't mind if I do," he responded, and turned around so he was facing away from the proffered seat.

Gary and another man who was nearby put their hands under his arms and lifted him so Pauletta was sitting on the edge of the table. Paul knew what was about to start happening, so he took off his pumps and handed them and his purse to Gary for safekeeping.

Less encumbered, he reached out and took hold of the edges of the table and pulled on them, sliding along the top until he was sitting in the middle. Paul bent his knees so his bare feet were flat on the surface and raised his ass from the top of the table. He unzipped his mini-skirt, pulled it down his legs and all the way off and kept it to place under his head as a thin pillow, so he was wearing only panties below his waist. Even on cold nights like that one, Paul prefers not wearing stockings, because he considers his legs to be sexier for men to stroke when bare than they would be if they were covered by nylon.

He also prefers having a sex partner take off his panties, when they are to be removed, as part of getting him ready for fucking. Gary was already prepared, with his pants unzipped and his cock sticking straight out and covered by a pre-lubricated condom. He took hold of Pauletta's legs and pulled his eager partner toward him, until his ass was hanging over the edge of the table. Paul rested his legs on Gary's hips and raised himself from the table, so his panties could be removed and placed with his purse and shoes.

Two of the other men, wanting to be active participants instead of voyeurs, each took hold of one of Pauletta's legs and raised him from the table, holding him in position for Gary so he could insert his cock where everybody knew he and the man on the table wanted it. With either of them holding an ankle in one hand, they reached under him to gently separate his cheeks, considering handling the drag queen's ass to be the equivalent of fondling a sexy woman's breasts and pussy.

Gary rubbed the tip of his cock in the lubricant that was still trickling from Pauletta's ass and covered it in the slippery liquid. He centered the head in what he knew from personal experience to be a pretty pink hole and gave a thrust forward, delighting in the sensation of his cock squeezing its way into a very fuckable ass. Seconds later, he gave another thrust, and almost two inches of his shaft burrowed inside. With the next stroke, most of his cock was imbedded in the tight, oily hole, and the muscles there were kneading its length as Gary started slowly moving it back and forth.

The position was uncomfortable to Paul, with his ass on the edge of the table while he tried to hug Gary with his knees, and he knew what he preferred. He wanted to raise his legs and rest them on the chest or shoulders of each of the men who would be fucking him while he lay on that table -- and he hoped there would be several who would take turns. When he tried to raise the left leg, Gary saw what he wanted to do and put his arm under Pauletta's knee to hoist the limb. It ended up with the ankle resting on his shoulder and his hand on his partner's thigh.

They did the same with the other leg, leaving both of Gary's hands in place on Pauletta's smooth, white thighs, and he was able to press against them for leverage while he rammed his cock in harder and deeper. His partner was squirming happily and fucking back to meet his strokes, and those movements, combined with what the muscles inside Pauletta's ass were doing, were already making for some truly great fucking.

It felt great to Gary, but it felt fabulous to his partner, whose ass was already being stretched and his clit was being tickled for the second time that night. The man driving his cock in and out of him wore a condom that had special pleasure bumps, and they were raking his prostate even better than Alex had. As the fantastic sex continued, great currents of joy rippled through his body with every stroke he and Gary made, and Paul was writhing in bliss on top of the table.

It got better. Another man, one whose name Pauletta didn't know, stood up and leaned in his direction with a big erection aimed at the sexy blonde's face. Paul saw it and wanted it and tried to slide over so he could reach it with his mouth. Gary say his efforts and sidled toward that edge of the table, while continuing to drive his cock in and out of his partner's hot, slippery ass. The side of his face was on the edge of the table when the second man placed his hard cock on Pauletta's lips, and he used his tongue to pull it between them so he could start stroking with his mouth and licking the welcome visitor.

It got even better. From the exquisite pleasure of having his ass crammed over and over and another cock going in and out of his mouth, Pauletta was fully aroused, and his erection was sticking up in the air and swaying from side to side and back and forth with the movements of his body. A third member of the group, whose face Paul didn't see, leaned over, took it deeply into his mouth and started slowly stroking Pauletta's cock between his lips and laving the shaft with his tongue.

That moment was as close to perfection as any that the sexy blonde drag queen had ever known. One man, whom he considered a friend, was slowly driving his cock into Pauletta's ass, massaging his clit and sending huge waves of joy through his body with every thrust. The man on one side was carefully fucking him in the mouth, with Pauletta moving his face forward to take the thick shaft inside his warm, wet cavern of pleasure. The man on the other side was also apparently in no hurry, and he was bobbing his head, taking Paul's cock all the way into his mouth with every stroke.

Like many bars in San Francisco, The Purple Knight usually sets its clock to run about ten minutes fast but, earlier that day, they had gone online to synchronize it with the United States Naval Observatory, so the celebrants would know, to the second, when the new year began. Already, some people were watching the clock, so they would know exactly when to kiss their partners or finish their drinks or whatever it was they would do at the stroke of midnight.

Pauletta was definitely not one of those people. One cock was slowly surging in and out of his ass, massaging his clit with every stroke, and another was being repeatedly enveloped and released by his mouth, and he could feel that second one throbbing and knew the owner would cum momentarily. If that wasn't good enough, his own cock was being sucked by another man, who knew all about how tight his lips should be and how to use his tongue. Pauletta was rapidly getting closer to his climax too, and wondered whether he or the man sucking him off would get a mouthful of semen first.

It turned out to be a virtual tie. Just as the car horns outside started blaring and people inside started shouting "Happy New Year!" Paul felt the cock inside his mouth jerking against his tongue, and he clamped down his lips so he could keep the man's cum from dribbling out. Paul sucked faster, and felt his own cock being sucked faster, with that man's lips tightening just as his own had. The thrusts of Gary's cock, which he continued to meet halfway, were faster too, and harder, and he knew he and at least two other men would cum almost simultaneously and very soon.

Pauletta felt a great gush of viscous fluid on his tongue, and savored the taste while still sucking. His own climax exploded, and he involuntarily thrust his cock up into the mouth that had brought about his orgasm, while continuing to stroke with his lips on the one that was flooding his own mouth with the same delicious treat. Gary was grunting loudly, and Pauletta felt the cock in his ass swell abruptly, and he knew the man fucking him there had also cum. Nobody stopped for almost a minute, and Paul knew he ejaculated again, and he had gotten two more spurts of cum in his mouth, and he was quite sure Gary had squirted at least one more wad of semen into his condom.

Pauletta didn't know for certain about the belief that what a person was doing at midnight on New Year's Eve was what he would be doing all the following year, but he hoped it was true. Just as the year changed, he was sucking one man off and tasting his cum, he was climaxing into another man's mouth and his ass was getting a terrific fucking. Maybe best of all, the adventure was continuing, and another man was getting ready for his cock to replace Gary's in Pauletta's ass. However the new year turned out for the young drag queen, it was off to a glorious start.


Thank you for reading this story by me, Boxlicker101. Here is an URL to many more of my stories.

I hope you had as much fun as Pauletta and his friends. I like writing stories on Literotica, but I like it a lot more when I know that people are reading and enjoying them, and I appreciate it when readers take the time to express their opinions by voting. Like most authors on Literotica, I practically live for feedback from readers, either public comments or email to me. Such feedback, whether praise or criticism, helps me to write more and better stories, and I respond to it whenever I can.

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