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New Year's Fantasy


When discussing fantasies, I mentioned to my wife (Cassie), that one of my fantasies is to have her go out and find somebody to fuck, then come home and tell me all about it. Well, this didn't elicit a positive response; instead I was met with "why do you want me to have sex with other people, that wasn't part of our marriage vows". Given the response, I've not mentioned it much since then.

A few weeks ago we found out that Maxine, a high school girl friend of Cassie, would be in town for New Year's. Did I mention that Maxine is recently divorced and has a tight ass that's just begging to be fucked. Well, we planned for the big night, with all of us getting dressed up, going out, hitting the clubs (something Cassie and I rarely do anymore), and just having a good time. Then at the last minute, the babysitter came down with the flu and had to cancel on us. With it being New Year's, there wasn't anybody else we could find. So I told Cassie that as Maxine is her friend, I'd stay home with our children, while two of them went out.

Part of the plan was for Cassie and I to take our outfits to Maxine's hotel room (being from out of town, she was staying in a hotel close to the clubs downtown) and then stay the night there rather than dealing with a hangover and children the next morning. Cassie continued with the plan and took a bag filled with clothing (both the outfit to wear that evening – or so I thought – and a change of clothes for the next day after spending the night at Maxine's hotel room). Even though I encouraged her to wear something sexy that showed off her 38DD's, I felt that she would opt for something more her style (i.e. conservative). On New Year's Eve, Cassie met Maxine in the early afternoon to do some shopping and whatever else women do to get ready to hit the clubs.

Before leaving, I told Cassie to relax and have a good time as Maxine is probably going to want to drink and possibly seek out some hunk. Cassie giggled saying that Maxine is more than possibly seek out a hunk, as she already told Cassie that that was her plan for the evening. Thinking this might be an opportunity for my fantasy to become reality, I reminded Cassie of the fantasy and to let the evening unfold, and if that involved both her and Maxine taking a couple of guys back to hotel room, that not only would I understand but that I'd love to hear the details. Well, that didn't go over well and instead upset her, with Cassie again telling me that her boobs and pussy are for me alone and that not only would nobody else touch, but that there would be no looking either.

Everything at home went as usual, put the kids to bed and then hit the online porn to beat off thinking of my fantasy, though not thinking it would become reality. Then as I'm getting drunk watching TV and watching another pop tartlet counting down to midnight, I get a text from Cassie with a picture of her dressed and ready to hit the clubs. WOW! Damn, Cassie looked so hot. Definitely went with the sexy look; thigh-high Fuck-me boots, and a black dress that showed some massive cleavage (where did she get that outfit from, I've never seen it before – just the first of many questions I'd ask myself that evening). She followed that with, "u like?" Fuck yeah, though, not wanting to push the fantasy issue again, especially how well it didn't go over before, I just stated, "very nice, hope u 'n Maxine have G8 time!"

Start a furious wanking session thinking that maybe tonight is the night. Didn't hear from Cassie for some time and then the next text is a pic of her with her boobs exposed and from what I could tell, it looked like she was in the middle of the dance floor; more questions to myself ... where is this coming from, my wife dressing sexy and then exposing her tits, don't question I tell myself, just enjoy. Then no more texts for some long time, so I think that maybe she's just teasing me without actually following through on having somebody suck her 38DD's. I continue my awesome wank session until I pass out thinking of my fantasy coming closer to reality than I had thought possible. Wake up with a hangover and cum all over me. Quickly get things cleaned up before the kids come storming into the room wishing me a Happy New Year's. After getting myself and the bed cleaned up, I then take care of the kids. Realize I haven't looked at the phone yet and see that it's battery is dead. So settle in and start watching football, then when I finally get around to checking the charged phone, my thought is WOW! Did I ever miss some texts.

The last text I saw was Cassie exposing her 38DD's on the dance floor and thought that was super HOT! Well that was nothing compared to the texts that came after. The next one was of her sitting on a bar stool, showing her pussy (at what point did she lose the panties, did she even start the night with panties, the questions are coming to me fast and furious). I see more texts, so get the bedroom door closed and locked as this looks like it'll be another wank session. The next text was less than half an hour latter (damn, I missed some good stuff last night) has Cassie's hand (can tell it's her hand because of the wedding ring) around some guy's hard cock. Next text is Cassie in the bathroom on her knees taking the same cock (guessing it's the same cock or she's had two different cocks in the past half hour) in her mouth. There's one more text and hoping it's what I want it to be – the money shot; it is.

After thinking of the fantasy for so long, I didn't really know how I'd react to Cassie fucking around, but seeing these pics is so fucking hot. I've lost track of the number of times I've lost my load. Porn is great, but when it's your own wife and knowing she's coming home to you, that is an awesome feeling. It's now the middle of the afternoon, missed half the football games and probably don't have any more cum left in me. Decide it's best to get cleaned up (again) and be ready for Cassie to come home.

Just as I finish getting cleaned up and settled into watching the 2nd half of the Rose Bowl, in walks Cassie.

Her: did you enjoy?

Me: Fucking yes, that was so fucking hot seeing those pics.

Her: are you okay with what happened?

Me: I wasn't really sure, but after seeing you suck that cock and him cumming all over your face, it made me love you even more. Me: did you enjoy?

Her: yes, more than I thought, at first I was just going to give a hand job, but after holding onto another cock, realized I needed more.

Me: what do you mean more?

Her: well, you know how much I love sucking your cock and how you're always calling me your cock whore, well you're right, I had to have a cock in my mouth.

Me: just your mouth?

Her: let's go to the bedroom for me to tell you the rest of the night ...

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