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New Year's Kisses


Disclaimer: While I do not promote the practice of unprotected sex, sometimes I write about it – strictly for the purpose of scientific observation (t-i-c).


Ahh! New Year’s Eve - “amateur night”, I know. My husband, Donny, got an unexpected job as a substitute bartender at a crusty tavern in a city about an hour’s drive from where we live. We hadn’t brought in the New Year together in years, so I thought it might be a hoot to come along.

“Sure, you can come too, but the bar is kind of a kids’ hangout, just so you know,” Donny said.

“Oh goodie! Maybe I’ll pick me up some strapping young stud,” I joked.

“I’m sure you could Babe,” he replied, as we jumped in our old pickup.

“I was just joking Honey,” I said, snuggling closer to him to keep warm.

“Well, you know what the song says about how all the women look at closin’ time?” He laughed.

“Why you asshole! I still got what it takes to get a hold of one of these anytime I want,” I teased and rubbed his crotch.

“Boy I know that. I just love to watch you in action!” He smirked proudly, as I kept rubbing him.

“So you still like watching guys hit on me - aren’t you the least bit jealous?”

“Hell no! It’s such a turn on to see just how far you can lead them,” he said, as I felt his dick getting hard.

“Hmm, well you’re probably out of luck. I’m not prowling for boys tonight; I’m after men,” I whispered in his ear and unzipped his fly. Tonguing his ear, I pulled out his sturdy hardon. “One man, in particular,” I purred and lowered my head to take his cock in my mouth.

After 31 years, I know he likes it hard and fast. Gripping the base of his thick eight-inch pole, I took in more and more of him, until my throat tightened around his circumcised head. His butt cheeks tightened, as his pelvis slowly rose off the seat.

“OH GOD BABY! Jesus Christ Barb, we’re in the middle of the interstate; you want me to have an accident?” He yelled.

“Yeah, an accident in my mouth,” I said, coming up for air.

Pumping his rock-hard cock, I gazed at the on-coming lights. “Uh oh, that might be an accident - better clean it up,” I said, feeling a coat of precum on my hand.

I bent over once again to lick the sweet juice from his throbbing meat, when I felt the pickup slowing down. Clamping my lips around the head, I jacked his rod. As the warmth of his ejaculate filled my mouth, I let out a deep moan and swallowed it entirely.

“OH GAWDDD! Baby, that was incredible!” He exclaimed, smoothing my hair. “But we’ll never make it to the bar at this rate,” he smiled and brought the pickup back up to speed.

All that activity got my juices flowing too, but there was little I could do about it. I shelved my emotions and promised myself to surprise him with something suitable on the return trip. My mind was conjuring up all kinds of nasty scenarios when we pulled into the tavern’s parking lot.

Donny wasn’t joking about the clientele. Their average ages were less than half our ages. Lots of good-looking guys and gals in their early twenties. I felt a bit overdressed in my black skirt that came right above my knees and a dark red satin blouse. Not that I didn’t get my share of complimentary looks, I just felt somewhat awkward, being in the company of people my own son’s age.

My husband was expectedly busy slinging drinks. I sipped away at my drink and was comfortable just observing “Youthful Hormones on Parade.” The rap crap, playing too loud from the DJ, never appealed to my aged ears. However, after several drinks, it did seem to offer a primal, all be it, redundant background for those dancing.

“Missus ‘B’ is that you?” Yelled a tall, well-built young man in my face.

Sitting back on my barstool, I gazed up at the tall handsome young man and recognized a few facial features. I smiled at him and desperately tried to put his face and name together.

“It’s JEFF –Jeff Martin!” He said at ear level.

“Oh WOW! Is that really you, ‘little Jeff’?” I instantly recalled. “God, I haven’t seen you since you were this high!” I remarked, marking a much shorter level of height. “You look terrific!”

“Thanks Missus ‘B’; you still look incredible,” he said, as I blushed. “This is Amy - Amy Trumble,” he introduced the cute little blonde next to him.

I smiled cordially and shook her hand, as we tried to exchange pleasantries over the blasting monotony of thundering woofers. Jeff and my son, Josh had been best pals growing up, so we knew him and his family quite well. Due to the loudness of the bar, I spent most of the three-way conversation trying to get info from Jeff - how his family was doing, what kind of job he had, etc. We both concluded the “music” was too loud, but we really should celebrate the occasion with bar shots.

Donny poured us each several stiff shooters of the latest, greatest, trendy liquor. Before long I was feeling rather tipsy and in no pain whatsoever. As the night lingered on and the tavern filled to capacity, I lost track of Jeff and his girl.

Watching my husband charming many of the young bar sluts, I became enamored with the idea of jumping his bones again. As special parties go, this one was heating up to a nice pitch. By the time midnight came I was more than ready to let him take me right there on top of the bar. What little reality lingered in my brain kept me from acting too obnoxious, but a bad case of the hornies took hold of my senses. I promptly popped into the ladies room and discarded my bra, after my token New Year’s kiss.

“I’ll be done here in about fifteen, if you wanna wait in the pickup Baby,” Donny suggested and smiled, noticing my hard nipples.

I was sufficiently liquored to hardly notice the twelve-degree temperature, making my way across the lot to our pickup. It wasn’t until I sat down on the long upholstered bench seat for a few minutes that it dawned on me just how damn cold it was. Revving up the engine, I flicked the heater fan on high. One thing I CAN say about that old beater of a truck is that it sure has a kick-ass heater! After about ten minutes, it was comfortably warm inside.

Keeping to my plan of seduction, I quickly pulled off my pantyhose and satin panties. Rolling my skirt up at the waist, it was now short enough to show off most of my white thighs (and hopefully compete with many of those young bar honeys). I undid two extra pearl blouse buttons and reached for my purse to reapply lipstick and sprits my cleavage with perfume. Slipping my feet back into my 3-inch black pumps, I sat with eager anticipation. I was ripe for the taking.

Fifteen minutes turned into twenty - then thirty, as I focused on the party revelers stumbling across the dimly lit lot. I was close to checking up on my husband, when I finally caught sight of him heading toward me. As he jumped into the driver’s side, I got to my knees on the seat, threw my arms around his neck and started attacking his ear with my tongue.

“Well, aren’t you hot-to-trot,” he smiled and glanced at my opened blouse.

I expected him to throw the old beater into gear and get the hell out of there, but he just sat there. Figuring that he wanted to make out there in the parking lot, I started unbuttoning his shirt.

“I’m afraid we have a little change in plans, Baby,” he said, running his hand down my back.

“Yeah? What’s that?” I asked, rubbing his thigh.

“I guess that Jeff kid had a big blowup with his girlfriend and she left him. Anyway he’s drunk on his ass and I told him we could take him home. Sorry Babe,” he apologized.

“That’s OK, where does he live anyway? We can drop him off and still have our own “fun”,” I oozed.

“Well, see that could be a problem…he lives not far from us,” Donny admitted.

“Oh, I see,” I said with a certain amount of regret.

My amorous wheels went spinning in reverse, as I heard a tap on my window. Poor, dejected Jeff glared in at me like a lost puppy. I unlocked the door and let him in, along with a gust of unwanted frozen air that sent a chill through my scantily clad body.

“Sorry ‘bout this Missus ‘B’. That fucking bitch!” He blurted out and I could clearly see he was fully tanked.

“It’s OK Jeff. Think nothing of it, and please call me ‘Barb’. Mrs. ‘B’ makes me feel so old,” I smiled.

“Thass a deal, Missus… I mean, b-BARB,” he slurred.

“Now what’s wrong with that Amy girl anyway? Doesn’t she know what a hunk she has?” I said, as Donny pulled out of the empty lot and rested his hand on my bare leg.

“She’s just a damn tease. It drives me nuts,” said Jeff, letting his long body slump to rest his head back against the headrest.

“You mean a cock teaser?” I asked, as Donny’s warm hand edged up my leg.

“Exactly. She leads me on and then leaves me hangin’ out to dry, dammit!” He shook his head and starred out his window.

“That can be very frustrating, I know,” I admitted and spread my legs for Donny.

“Well that’s one thing I can’t accuse you of Babe,” added Donny, reaching under my shortened skirt to finger my warm naked pussy.

“She did it to me again tonight and I just said, “FUCK IT”, I’m not dealing with that shit anymore!” Jeff rambled and stared out the window, while my husband continued to finger me.

The darkness, with an occasional headlight, only partially concealed what Donny was up to under my skirt. However, self-absorbed Jeff wasn’t paying attention anyway. While he droned on about Amy, I was getting wetter by the second. I brought my legs up and knelt facing Donny, with my back to Jeff. My arm held on to the back of the seat, so I could easily ride his fucking fingers.

“See, your wish came true, Barb. You got yourself a young stud for the taking,” Donny whispered and shoved two fingers deep in my hole.

“Oh shut up and fuck me,” I countered and undid two more blouse buttons with my free hand.

“So Jeff, how come we lost track of you anyway?” Donny asked, edging a third finger inside my steamy hole.

“Oh, I was about fourteen or so when I stopped coming by. Guess I just found other interests or something,” said Jeff nervously.

“So that’s all it was - other interests?” Donny asked.

“Yeah, pretty much,” said Jeff.

I could tell by the tone in Jeff’s voice that he faced in our direction when he replied. I never gave that a second thought and held up my right boob to Donny’s face.

“I see, so there wasn’t one particular thing that kept you from dropping by?” Donny led him.

“Well there was this one thing, but it’s kinda embarrassing,” Jeff offered reluctantly.

“Hey, were all grownups here; what happened?” Donny asked and took a few choice licks of my hard nipple, before taking the on ramp to the interstate.

“Well, like I said, Josh and I were almost fifteen actually, when we dropped by your place to ask you for a ride to the movies, I think. Josh knew Missus ‘B’, I mean Barb was home, but we didn’t know you were there too. We didn’t find THAT out, until we came upstairs. Back then we liked to sneak up on her; she was always fun like that,” Jeff giggled.

“I remember that! You guys pulled that crap on me, whenever I would sunbathe. Sometimes it was quite embarrassing,” I said and rode Donny’s fingers harder.

“I’m sorry Barb, but it was rather exciting to watch you try to cover up your big…” Jeff stopped.

“I know, I KNOW! Oh Donny, give me a kiss, Honey,” I’m about to come,” I went back to a hard whisper.

“Can’t right now, Babe. Gotta watch the road. Go on with your story Jeff,” Donny urged.

“Oh yeah, so we reached the second floor and heard voices coming from your bedroom. The door was open a crack, so we peeked inside.”

“And what did you and Josh see?” Donny asked and slowly pulled his fingers from my drenched hole.

“You and Barb were naked on the bed. She was on her hands and knees and you were… “doing her” from behind.”

“I was fucking her, right? I was fucking THIS, right?” Donny said and pulled my shortened skirt up to show Jeff my white ass.

“Honey, what are you doing? God, I need to come!” I said aloud.

“Soon enough Baby,” he said, undoing the rest of my blouse.

“YES! You were fucking her! It was beautiful! SHE was…IS BEAUTIFUL! Her big beautiful swinging tits slapping together, as your cock rammed her sweet pussy from behind. God, she was gorgeous!”

Still on my knees, with my back to Jeff, I started rubbing my clit like there was no tomorrow. Donny stripped my blouse off and I heard the distinct sound of a zipper behind me. I was so fucking hot at that point you could have lit a match on me.

“God it’s h-hot in here!” Jeff stammered.

“Maybe you should take off that heavy coat Jeff… and your shirt,” I directed, looking straight at Donny, while he concentrated on the road. “This is really turning you on, isn’t it?” I asked Donny.

He smiled and nodded. “Turning you on too,” my husband added.

“That’s beside the point,” I said and swayed my big jugs against him.

“Then what did you two boys do?” Donny asked and tugged at my skirt.

I gave Donny a final look, as if to question whether he was sure about all of this. He smiled and nodded. I slowly wiggled out of my skirt and began undressing him, as Jeff spoke, “Josh and I pulled out our dicks and started jacking off.”

“And what were you thinking?” Donny probed, as I unbuckled his belt and unzipped him.

“Pretty much the same thing I’m thinking right now - how much I’d like to fuck your wife,” Jeff said calmly, as a giant shudder went through me.

“Jeff, I do appreciate your being honest about this,” Donny started, as I sucked my husband’s growing erection. “Guess the question now is whether or not my wife would ever consider your invitation,” he said running his hand down my exposed butt crack. “Maybe, if you gave her little kiss, that might further your cause. Is that OK with you Baby, if Jeff here kisses your tight pussy, hmm?”

I let out a long moan, spread my legs and reached between my thighs to spread my tender lips for Jeff’s benefit. I felt the seat give way, as the young stud slid down behind me. His large hands caressing my ass sent a fever to my pussy, as I sucked my husband’s cock deeper. Pulling my hand from my wetness, I fondled my jugs, as Jeff’s tongue parted my liquid lips. His long tongue generously explored my labia and easily penetrated my vagina. God, he is good! From his angle, his inserted finger found what his tongue couldn’t reach - my clitoris.

Fingering my clit faster and faster, his tongue slid up my crack and forced its way into my asshole. Mere seconds away from an orgasm, I gagged on Donny’s cock. He pulled me up by my hair.

“I think it’s time you gave Jeff a New Year’s kiss,” Donny recommended.

With Donny’s precum coating my lips, I slowly turned toward Jeff for the first time. The dark-haired, slim, muscular, hunk reseated and stared longingly at my body, as he stroked his long cock.

I leaned toward him and soothed his face with a soft touch. Without a word, I inched my face close to his, our lips poised to do the unthinkable. I detected my own scent on his lips and ran my fingers through his lengthy dark hair.

“Happy New Year, Jeff”, I whispered into his mouth and ran my tongue inside his upper lip.

His green eyes told me that was all the seduction needed. He pulled my naked mature body to his and kissed my neck. I yanked his head back against the seat and kissed him full on the mouth. Shifting our heads from one side, then the other, we explored, teased and tormented each other in a delightful tongue dance. I broke off the kiss prematurely to catch my breath and backed up to watch him jack off. I felt Donny’s hand come from around my back and fondle my boob. That was the sign I needed, that my husband was totally OK with my making out with this young stud.

“Here, let me do that,” I said, taking hold of his thick ten-inch long monster. “You’ve grown up for sure, Jeff - very impressive!” I gave the monster several hard yanks, enough to produce a thin film of precum. “Tell me Baby, how often can you get off?”

“Ah usually ‘bout three or four times a night, I think,” he replied with a certain amount of pride. “But, for you Barb, I could go all night long!”

“Hmmm, let’s see, I sure could use a nice long fucking, but I can’t have you coming inside me (that’s all I need – to get knocked up by a twenty-four-year-old, at my age). Do you have any protection?” I purred and licked a long stream of silky juice from his big knob. He shook his head and mentioned something about leaving them in his car. “How ‘bout a fucking my tits and we’ll figure something out, OK?”

He nodded eagerly and I had him pull his pants down. Kneeling on the floor between his strong legs, I gathered my fleshy melons around his tall rod and let him tit-fuck me. Donny stroked himself and seemed thrilled to watch his mature wife taking on a much younger man. I felt my wet pussy dripping with renewed desire, as Jeff’s cock rubbed my cleavage harder and faster.

“Yeah, YEAH Baby, fuck those big tits!” I urged and felt his thick vein swell. “Yeahhh, come all over my tits, ummm,” I begged and backed off to let him shoot his wad.

Holding my massive melons to make an ample shelf, I delighted in watching the youngster jack three, no four, long strands of warm white cum on my chest. Taking all of this in, my husband groaned with an impending climax. Though I wanted his seedless cum shooting inside my pussy, I knew by the tone in his voice he wouldn’t be able to hold out. Smearing Jeff’s spent cum all over my chest, I leaned over and tried to catch Donny’s cock in my mouth. I was too late.

“Yeah Baby! Shoot it! Yeah, come all over my face!” I yelled, as Donny’s revived cock spewed fresh cum across my nose and into my open mouth. “Yum, YUM! Just look at all this delicious cum!” I grinned and grabbed both of their slimy dicks, while it dripped from my lips and tits.

Still gripping Jeff’s semi-rigid boner, I sucked my husband’s cock dry. Feeling my pussy twitching, I switched over to suck Jeff’s mighty rod for the first time. I was so obsessed with the idea of fucking him, I never considered deep-throating the entire length of him. A long, hard, young cock was ready for me - that’s all that mattered. I crawled back up on the seat to straddle him.

“OH GODD, THAT FEELS GOOD!” I sighed, sliding my super-lubricated pussy down his meaty pole.

“Oh Baby, you’re so tight. It’s like I always dreamt it would be!” Exclaimed Jeff, as I took the entire length of his cock inside.

Grinding myself into his crotch, my fuzzy brain rationalized this was exactly what I needed. I wrapped my arms around his neck and smashed my melons against his hairy chest. My vaginal muscles started to spasm, which was a clear indication to young Jeff that I was ready. Gripping both of my ass cheeks he raised my body up his pole, only to let gravity slam me down. That was fun a few times, but I could tell he wanted more.

“Lay me down Baby,” I whispered and held him close.

The strong stud turned both of us and gently lowered me to the seat. With my head resting in Donny’s lap, Jeff had enough room to grab both my ankles. I let my legs slide down his muscular biceps, as his wonderful cock plunged deep into me.

“There ya go Jeff! Fuck her good, Man!” My husband cried.

“Damn Man, she’s got such a tight pussy!” Jeff said, between strokes.

“She knows how to use it too, Kid,” Donny added and reached down to squeeze my boobs.

“Come on Stud! Stop yappin’ and start slappin’!” I exhorted, took hold of my legs behind my knees and pulled them back for deeper penetration.

Jeff’s words turned into grunts, growls and groans, as he quick-screwed me. The lovely sound of his big balls rhythmically slapping against my ass mixed with the sloppy sound of his scrumptious cock filling and refilling my cunt.

“Oh God Donny, he’s making me come!” I eeked and dug my fingernails into Jeff’s tight shoulders.

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