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New Year's Lay


There is no worse time to be alone than New Year's Eve so when I was offered the opportunity to work a private party, I jumped at the chance.

The group of about 60 young people had rented the upstairs of a bar where I worked part-time, so it was an hour to set up and a four hour open bar, with catered food. Being in my late thirties and separated, staying busy while making extra cash was a major perk, while serving drinks to a group of kids in their early twenties (and more than a few in their teens.)

With everyone dressed in their sharpest duds, I was busy and enjoying the eye candy as they paraded by. Although there were many couples, a few singles mingled, looking each other over while the music blared and the bodies gyrated on the dance floor.

A black couple came up for a drink, with the girl staring intently at me while I mixed them Bloody Marys. The guy saw her gaze and my reaction, which was to smile and give her the once-over.

She made sure our hands touched when I handed her the drink and nodded. Something about her was very inviting. They moved away and whenever I had a chance to look up, she was watching me, not smiling, just staring.

At one point, they were dancing to a slow tune, and even then, her creamy dreamy eyes were locked on mine. For my part, I'd smile and go about my business.

He was drinking more heavily than she, and each time they came up for refills, the zipper on her green jump suit seemed to be sliding lower, showing deep-brown flesh that seemed so smooth and soft.

As midnight approached, the DJ stopped and the television was turned up to follow the countdown from Times Square. I poured a case of cheap champagne and passed them out as noise makers blew and all eyes were on the screen. The scream of Happy New Year went up and the DJ played Auld Land Syne as I took the opportunity to run to the men's room. As I exited, there was the black girl in the green jump suit, seemingly waiting for me.

"Happy New Year," she yelled in a husky voice over the crowd as she came to me and wrapped her arms around my neck, kissing me firmly. Although surprised by her actions, being a red-blooded American, I held her by the waist and kissed back. Her light brown eyes never closed, staring at me, until she broke away and walked back to the party as if nothing had happened.

I felt my chub rising and had to shake my head to clear it.

Back behind the bar, I kept thinking about her and when I stole glances, she didn't look at me again, except to accompany her friend when he ordered more drinks.

The party was supposed to end at 1 AM, but it was closer to 1:30 before the crowd thinned. I didn't have to worry about cleaning up because they had a porter coming in to take care of that, so I poured myself a drink as the stragglers found their coats and moved out into the cold night.

"Is there time for one more?" Her velvet thick voice startled me, she was so close.

"For you? Sure," I replied with a smile.

"And one for my friend?"

I looked over at him and he had definitely overdone it tonight, looking disheveled as he sat at a table.

"Do you really think he needs it? I hope he's not driving."

"Make it a Virgin Mary then," she said. "He won't know the difference."

I did just that.

"And don't worry," she added, "I'm driving, and I've been behaving."

"Yes, I know, I've been watching."

She smiled for the first time and it seemed forced and painful. "I know, I saw you watching."

I introduced myself and she said her name was Sharon. "So, does your boyfriend always drink like that?" I asked.

"He's a work friend, not my boyfriend. Although he'd like it to be more. I had no plans and he offered. I figured it was better than spending the night alone."

"I know what you mean," I said with a nod. "But I can't believe a good-looking girl like you didn't have plans for tonight."

In her early twenties, she was about 5'7 and thin, with shoulder-length braided hair parted in the middle. If she smiled more, she could be pretty but with her dour expression she came across as angry or in pain.

"I could say the same to you. But here we are."

"Yes, here we are," I agreed. "So, are you and your friend going anyplace special after this?"

"I'm dropping him off and heading home, unless you have a better idea."

Oh, did I! I smiled. "The bar is open downstairs, if you'd care for another drink."

"Why don't you follow me home?"

"I can do that."

We agreed not to let her friend in on our plans for fear of his reaction. "He's very jealous, for no reason," she said.

I followed discreetly as she took him home and drove to her place. It was a small studio on the second floor of a home with a rear staircase entrance.

I entered behind her and she poured some wine. "I don't usually have strange men over the first night I meet them."

"Trust me, I don't usually get invited often, either."

"There was just something about how you looked at me," she replied, and I thought that she seemed to be looking at me in an odd way.

She stood and looked down at me. "I want to start the New Year off differently. No more sitting around waiting for a man to approach me." Her hand was on the zipper of her jump suit and she slowly began lowering it. "Your eyes say you want me. Am I right?"

"Yes," I whispered hoarsely.

The zipper ended at her waist and she peeled the cloth from her shoulders and let it fall. The thin black lace bra blended with her dark brown skin and she stood silently, letting me take it all in.

I stood and she seemed to tremble as I put my hands on her shoulders and drew her to me. Our lips met and her lips parted, tongue darting out to meet mine. Still her milky brown eyes were open as we kissed, as if she wanted to make sure I didn't disappear.

My hand slowly slid down her shoulder and cupped the bra, squeezing gently. Her breathing was heavier already as I slipped the strap from her shoulder and lowered the cup. Her breasts were small but the nipples jutted out proudly and when I bent my head to suckle, she moaned and held my head to her. I bit and sucked as my hand kneaded her ass through the thin black panties. I slipped my fingers into the band and slid them down as I moved her back onto the couch and knelt.

She watched carefully as I positioned myself between her legs and parted the wispy black hair covering her glistening pink pussy. I could smell her before I tasted, and when I did dip my tongue, she squirmed with glee.

Her clit seemed to swell at my touch and it protruded from her thin body. I sucked on it and held me there as she gushed juices onto my eager face. When she finally released me, she laid back, gasping for air.

I moved up to her breasts again and she pulled me up, kissing me firmly, tasting her own juices. Her fingers moved to my shirt and I stood, dropping my slacks and stepping out of them.

She sat up and grabbed my hard cock, stroking it and cooing. Her hand was fingering herself as she pulled me down to her, spreading for me. She expertly guided me in, slowly so we both would enjoy it. When fully in, I let it settle for a moment until she whispered, "Fuck me."

I did, slowly at first, feeling the tightness of her thin body clamp on my throbbing cock. "Harder," she urged, "harder!"

I did for a minute, then paused, easing out, leaving only the tip, then re-entering quickly as she gasped and clung to me. She was still staring up at me as I humped her, harder and faster, building to the climax. I held on as long as I could and at the last second I pulled out, shooting my load on her chest and breasts.

Spurt after spurt, I unloaded every drop as she moaned and groaned, finally scooping up a glob and holding it before her, licking her finger as she stared up at me.

She pulled me down and we kissed, sloppily, my sperm shared between us. The kiss lingered and we sat up as if we both knew our time had passed.

We sipped our wine silently, until she turned and said, "Thank you for coming over." It sounded like a dismissal, and in a strange way, I was relieved. We had nothing in common other than our desire for sex. I dressed slowly as she put on a robe. She led me to the door and I leaned in for a kiss. She turned her cheek and I kissed it.

"Bye," we both muttered as I stepped out into the cold night. Just what we both needed: hot sex and no commitment. Happy New Year.

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