tagGroup SexNew Year's Party Favors Ch. 01-03

New Year's Party Favors Ch. 01-03


Chapter 1

"Honey, do you mind if we play a new game tonight?" Stacey, my girlfriend of just six months, asked me rather abruptly as I trimmed my salt and pepper beard a bit to look more presentable for the New Year's Eve party that she had convinced me to throw on her behalf that year.

"What, during the party? Are you wanting to add some cosplay or something else to it?" I asked her, somewhat confused.

"Okay, here's the game. I hide under the covers shortly after the party, so be sure not to get too drunk, if you can avoid it, because I want you just sober enough to get it up. Anyway, I have my head under the pillow or covers or whatever, with only my ass and pussy and all that accessible. I would love it if you just took me, while I was there, face down with my bottom exposed. My snatch will be shaved, so you can tell that it's me. Just lube me up and slip your cock into my pussy, please. Don't worry, I'll do anal later, but this time, we're playing surprise sex, if that's okay. Please?" Stacey begged me, giving me a pouty look that I couldn't resist from my 19 year old girlfriend.

"Oh, alright, sweetie. You know me. I'm a sucker for those lovely, big brown eyes of yours. How the fuck did you get to be so damn cute, anyway? That's how you got me to let you move into my townhouse, too, when you don't have a job and you're still in college. Good thing that I have enough money to keep you and still pay the mortgage for my wife's house! That divorce is not even final yet, you know," I told her with a very sweet kiss, not mentioning that I also fucked her sister Lacey, and quite recently at that.

"Yeah, I'm cute and you fucking know it, honey! And you're such a fucking sweetheart, my dirty, old man! I love you for what you are!" Stacey gave me a kiss that would melt steel, "And it's a family trait. My sister Lacey's pretty damn cute, too, isn't she?"

With that last remark, Stacey winked at me, making me wonder for a moment if she knew that her sister had slept with me ... did she? For that matter, did she know about me screwing my estranged wife Erin a few times now when I dropped off the payments. For some reason, every time my wife accepted her check, she dropped her pants to let me take her. I was still unsure why she did this, but it took the edge off my anger, so that could have been why, or maybe she just secretly loved a good grudge fuck.

Hell, on the way back from the last divorce settlement negotiation, Erin pulled me into a gas station bathroom to let me fuck her over the surprisingly clean sink (was the owner a clean freak, if so, I was going to remember that for when I really needed it). Also, whenever I met with Erin at her own house (which used to be OUR house), she wore sweats or yoga pants or pajama bottoms, all of which she was well aware turned me on. Also, for whatever reason, Erin was dragging this case out far longer than expected, putting snags and roadblocks at every point when it seemed that we were likely to reach a settlement, something that had me suspicious of her (and don't ask why I kept fucking her ... a dick isn't paranoid just because its owner is).

That wasn't even counting the escapades that I had with my lawyer, Chloe Ramirez, a sultry Cuban-American attorney who by her own admission had never slept with a client ... until she did it with me. I still wasn't sure of her own motivations, but I knew that she had racked up some real billable hours and also gotten me naked during this mediation process far more times than I ever thought possible. As it happened, I wasn't too worried about the money long-term, because I had pay-outs that Erin wasn't legally permitted to touch due to them being from my inheritance. It occasionally hurt my temporary cash flow, but I was always going to bounce back because I had a trust fund that paid me enough to keep replacing whatever losses I might suffer in short-term crises like a divorce.

Anyway, so, there I was, throwing a party for the New Year that I hoped would finally bring in a nice, settled divorce (and I had no plans to ever remarry, because if I got caught cheating again, as I had with Stacey by Erin, I didn't want to pay through the nose anymore). I was a damn good host, I might add, willingly paying for everything from the food to the booze to whatever else Stacey and her young friends (and they were admittedly as young as her) needed as props or gags or whatever. I was truly nice to her friends and her, much to her delight, though admittedly, their tastes weren't as expensive as one might have feared (probably due to their middle class or working-class origins).

I had real fun myself, given that I never really was a partying sort when younger, and seldom attended parties during my marriage except when Erin was dying to go to them. It was a chance to hang out with people much younger than myself, who for whatever reason didn't treat me as the creepy older guy the way that many their age would. I drank a few shots of Jameson, plus a plastic cup of a mystery punch that Stacey urged on me for some reason, and shared a bong that the kids were passing around to each other. I also ate plenty of pizza, and was pulled aside a couple of times by two different girls, one of them Annie, Stacey's classmate in her Psychology 201 course, the other being Lacey of all people.

In both cases, when I was pulled away, it was so that the girl in question could suck my dick in privacy, and yes, in both cases, I came. Each girl swallowed the load and wouldn't leave me until I patted her on the head with approval, which I thought was odd, but whatever ... who cared? It was a party ... things got wild at a party, right? This party went on well until the night, but I was still stunned that I could get it up twice hard enough to cum in a girl's mouth. I also made out with Stacey, and if she smelled either girl on me, she didn't act like it.

I let girls grind against me, one of them being Tristan, a townie who was especially fond of trapping my dick between her excellent buns, to the point that she actually raised her skirt long enough at one point to make me dry hump her bare butt-crack. A few of them twerked with me, sometimes to music that I didn't recognize, though when Stacey decided to twerk with me, it was to "Honky-Tonk Badonkadonk" by Trace Adkins, a song that I very much knew. Since it was after Tristan, I was surprised that Stacey hadn't recognized at least the scent of Tristan's cute, but sweaty ass on my dick as she twerked (by the way, I hadn't ever had a girl twerk with me before in my life prior to meeting Stacey). I was really an anachronism, a man from the 1990s at a party in the 2010s, but none of Stacey's friends ever treated me with disrespect (maybe because I was the host, I wasn't sure).

Even her gay friend Roger Lawson, who had barely met me before, flirted shamelessly with me, and to be frank, I flirted back. I had dismissed all previous evidence of my bisexuality in the past, but now I wasn't fooling anyone, as Roger proved by pressing his dick into my own crack and letting me rub against his butt as well. When he pulled me aside to suck my cock, I was honestly amazed that he not only did it, but without any sense of guilt over helping Stacey's boyfriend cheat on her. (Granted, one could argue that it wasn't technically cheating, since oddly at no point had Stacey directly asked me for an exclusive arrangement.) At the time, however, I assumed that Stacey wanted to practice monogamy or at least try to practice it.

"You're young enough to be my son, you know," I chuckled as I patted his head, too, after he swallowed my load.

"Who's my Daddy, right? You are, you big, closeted old bear!" Roger teased me as he gave me a snowball and I accepted it to both his surprise and mine ... I must have been really drunk and stoned to be that relaxed.

After that, things just got crazier. The ball dropped, and this led to Roger making jokes about "balls dropping," in other senses, after which he flashed everyone his cock and balls, which were hairless as could be. Then he asked me to dance with him, and Stacey kinda joined in pressuring me to do it. I danced with my first ever guy that way, and the way that Roger did it, there was no mistaking his lust for me. I didn't have any real rhythm myself or any actual experience on the floor, but he had some hot moves and he made them as raunchy as he could. Bear in mind that he was still half-naked from dropping his pants to flash us, too, so his bare cock, balls, and ass rubbed against me at several points, while Stacey and her friends all laughed and enjoyed the show.

Then Stacey danced with me and she was every bit as wild herself, making her own desire for me undeniable. In fact, she was very cute as she rubbed her tits against my chest, not even worrying about when they popped out of her bra. She also gave me so much tongue that it felt like an alien was trying to invade my body through my mouth. She had to have tasted at least a little of my cum on my lips, but if she did, she didn't act like it. She got nice and worked up, and then she whispered, "It's almost time, lover. Give me half an hour to get it ready, and then do your thing to me. Make me scream your name. Make me your personal fuck toy."

I continued dancing, bumping, grinding, and enjoying myself more than I ever had (this from a guy who used to be the wallflower at Erin's parties and mostly stick to myself, except whenever a cutie tempted me to cheat with her, which I always did discreetly ... the brooding solitude sometimes sucked a lady or two in). My pants were soon down again, and I wasn't sure on what pretext this time, but I was in my own townhouse and I had my boxers on, so I wasn't too worried. I could reclaim my trousers later. The girls and Roger more than got me worked up enough again for what was going to come next. One of them even slipped me a note, too, though I didn't read it until later, as she put it in the crack of my ass.

Then, after a bit, just as a hot black girl finished letting me dry hump her exposed ass, and I was hard as a rock, my timer that I set on my cell phone went off, so I went my way as she went to the guest bathroom for whatever reason. I headed for the master bedroom and there I saw it, the exposed pussy and booty of my girlfriend, on display and ready to be fucked hard. I was stiff, I was horny, and I was drunk, so it didn't take long to go for it.

I fingered her a little, which prompted a moan. I licked her bare bottom a bit, too, which caused her to push back at me desperately. Then I put some lube on both of us and eased my cock into her twat. I let it rest for a second while she adjusted to my dick there, but then I started aggressively taking my partner. She moved her hips enthusiastically, welcoming me to use her as I wished, which I gladly did. Her cunt was nice, wet, and warm as ever. She hungrily took me deeper, to the balls, as I bottomed out inside her. I always loved a woman with a fine ass, and boy did she have one!

I was pretty far along soon, my strokes matching my companion's, as we continued screwing for the hell of it. I must have been pretty plastered by now, because my usual warning signals didn't arrive that something was amiss. Then again, I was horny as hell, too, and I was just going with the flow of an evening that had hot and heavy with lust. Nobody had seemingly cared what anyone else did and Stacey had not once asked me about various things that should have told her that I was stepping out on her during her very own party. Then again, being unfamiliar with college parties, maybe this was par for the course, or at least with Stacey.

At any rate, I was so far into the action by now that I certainly couldn't have been stopped by anything short of an earthquake. My dick was buried in its favorite hole, and it wasn't going to pull out of it short of cumming inside it. I was also bareback, but then I had a bad habit of doing that, anyway (though I also tended to gravitate to a small number of preferred partners a lot of times, which explained why I couldn't stop fucking my wife). When the girl screamed my name, I jumped for a second, as the voice sounded unfamiliar, but I kept at it, dismissing that as just my imagination.

Finally, however, the lady screamed again and I spurted my load into her as she creamed herself on me. I pulled out at last and started spooning her, but just as I did that, the girl in bed with me turned to face me and gave me a kiss. That was when I noticed, even in the dim light, that she had blue eyes instead of brown ... it wasn't Stacey! I had fucked another woman, so where was my girlfriend, and did I really misinterpret her attentions? Was she waiting for me in the other bedroom, and if so, why did she make me think that she'd be in this one? Was she upset and hurt that I hadn't joined her in bed? None of this made any sense.

"So, that's what keeps you coming back to your wife!" Stacey said behind me as she slid into bed behind me, "I wanted to see it for myself and now I have. She is a cutie, I must admit. You always had the best taste in women!"

With that, the lights fully brightened, and I saw for myself that I had fucked my wife, Erin, in my bed at my townhouse, the bed that I typically shared with my girlfriend, Stacey. I was a bit stunned, but no more than when Stacey pulled the note out of my butt-crack and opened it to read it aloud to me. That was a real shocker as well, since its words were quite enticing and yet were being recited by my girlfriend in the presence of my wife!

"This is to inform you that as of tonight, I, Sandra Lothian, am your personal booty call for the rest of your life. Trust me when I tell you that this is unconditional and will continue even if you or I remarry. I am a slut, but now I'm your slut for the rest of my days, with no restrictions, conditions, or rules except those that you set down. It doesn't matter what I'm doing at that moment, I'll drop it to be with you in bed. My body belongs to you forever, so just know that you don't have to ask for my consent ahead of time. Just take me. I'm yours.

"XOXOXO, Sandy Lothian (aka Your slut) (xxx) xxx-xxxx

"P.S. - We haven't fucked yet, but trust me, we will. This was my New Year's resolution, to find a man worthy of my lifelong sexual servitude and offer up my body as his personal property. I have made it and I will keep it. I'm fuckmeat for you and won't refuse you a thing, ever."

Erin looked at me and shook her head for a second before kissing me hard on the mouth. Then Stacey kissed me as well, slipping me plenty of tongue to boot. Then both of them giggled and Erin stepped off to the side a little to let Stacey climb on top of me and swing her tits in my face as she rode me. While Stacey did that, Erin started repeatedly kissing my upper body, not stopping for any reason at all. She kissed my face, my hair, my neck, my shoulders, my arms, my chest, and even my belly.

"When Erin approached me about how to get you back, I was a bit stunned, because she had been the one to file for divorce, due to our delicious love affair. She set me at ease and told me that she was more than willing to share, on this premise. We both have our roles. I'm the lady of this house and you stay in it whenever it suits you with me. Erin, however, is the lady of your other place and you stay in that one whenever you wish. Erin can explain her logic, but I can tell you mine.

"Honey, we both know what you are. You're a stud. You're not cut out for monogamy. You never have been. I realized that from the outset. That was much of your appeal for me. That's why I never asked you to be faithful to me, just as you never asked me to be faithful to you. I've been fooling around, too, just as you have. I'm a slut, too, and don't tell me that you haven't suspected at least a little at times, because I never tried hard to hide it," Stacey assured me, and looking back, the signs were all there, but I had chosen not to worry about them, because I wasn't faithful myself...

I suppose that I was more worried that I would learn that she was a jealous hypocrite than that I would learn that she was a slut. I didn't mind Stacey being a slut as long as she didn't mind sharing me in turn. I just got used to women getting all jealous and while I wanted to believe that Stacey was different, I was afraid to be disagreeably surprised by her. The party, though, that had really shown me a different side of Stacey, one where she was far more into having fun than keeping tabs on me, where she had enjoyed time with me without getting suspicious at all whatsoever.

"I want to be your wife again, baby. For real. Seriously. So what if you have a mistress and that's what Stacey can be for you. Well, your girlfriend, too. But also your mistress. That's what you call a woman that you keep like that, in another place. I love that about you, dear, though I used to find it jarring, shocking, and upsetting. But, honey, I've missed you! I've seen how stupid I was, too. I want to share your bed. I want to share your body. I want to feel you inside me again. That's also why I kept delaying the divorce, honey. I realized soon after I filed what a mistake it was, but it was hard to just crawl back to you.

"So, I came up with another strategy: stall. Buy time. Freeze the divorce in its tracks so that I could get you to feel your old feelings of love and lust for me again and we would never have to divorce at all. Yes, the divorce was all my idea, but it was a huge error on my part. I should never have filed. I should have just joined you and Stacey in bed and made love to both of you. Why not? Who's being hurt? My pride was hurt, but once I realized how much you did for me, and how you pampered that girl like nobody's business, and I was missing out on being spoiled by you as I once was.

"My vanity was stupid. My ego. Society telling us that you can't love more than one person at a time. That even if you did, it's an inferior kind of love, diluted by the other one. Baby, I've seen you with Stacey. I've watched you from afar, seen how you pamper her, treat her like a princess, and yes, how you cheat on her constantly and she cheats on you. I've never seen you raise your voice to her. I've never seen you hurt a hair on her head. I've seen you kiss her, take her places, buy her things, and hold her hand proudly, openly declaring her your lady love.

"I realized that you once did all of that for me, and that you kept doing it until I kicked you out of the house. I wanted it back. I realized that you basically had pampered and spoiled both Stacey and me for probably weeks, if not months, before I caught you, mostly because you weren't too careful about hiding it. You held her hand once too many in public and I saw it, which confirmed that you were lovers. You couldn't help it, though. You held her hand for the same reason that you held mine. You loved her and still do. You had held my hand plenty of times, including at church the very Sunday before.

"Anyway, I still love you, I want you back, and I want to cancel the divorce. And, yes, it's also convenient for me in a way, in that the Church would ironically approve, since I'm a Catholic. Just be glad of that. It's probably a flawed church, as you say, but I love that it not only accepts my decision to cancel the divorce, it favors it as well. Before, I was angry about that, but now I'm happy about it.

"Father Jason was very thrilled when I told him before Christmas Mass last Sunday that I wasn't getting a divorce. He called it 'the best Christmas present' that I had ever gotten him. He also made sure to let me partake of the Eucharist at last, after months of passing me over for it. So, baby, that was why Stacey and I cooked up this scheme to get you to fuck me on this bed tonight. We also put Annie, Lacey, and Roger up to what they did, mostly to test the Viagra that you swallowed in that punch, and also to keep you from cumming too soon inside me.

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