tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNew Years Party Peril Ch. 02

New Years Party Peril Ch. 02


This is a follow on from my story "New Years Party Peril". Non-consensual sex is for fantasy only. This story contains non-consensual sex. If non-consensual fantasy sex offends you please don't read this story.


Debbie Dwight slept dreamlessly until midday. She'd passed out almost as soon as her head touched her pillow. Despite the shower, she didn't feel quite clean enough and as she'd dressed quickly into her pink flannel pajamas she swore she could still feel the hands all over her, constantly feeling and jiggling and groping and fingering. The feel of hot, hard male sex constantly pressed against her, invading her mouth and cunt over and over.

Her lips, those on her pretty face as well as her overused pussy, were swollen and tingled and throbbed. Her breasts ached, nipples throbbed. Despite washing her hair and brushing her teeth she imagined she could still smell the semen. It had been virtually all over her at one point or another. The scent was in her nostrils and the taste on her palate.

Debbie hugged herself as she briefly sat on her soft bed. She got up to check the lock on the door and then sighed deeply and got under the covers. Her tensed body relaxed as she lay in the safe, familiar, warm bed. The house had central air conditioning and despite the warm night outside she was comfortable and cozy in her flannel pajamas. She'd had them for years and favored them when she wished to hide her curves. Her mind closed down from exhaustion and sleep quickly took her.

Now she was awake and her whole body ached. Her neck, her jaw, her lips, her big, heavy, swollen tits still felt like they were throbbing and burning. Her tummy muscles felt as if she'd done two hundred sit ups and her cunt, her poor pussy, was so sore and tender. Debbie stood shakily and pulled down the pajama pants. Sure enough there was dried semen, which had leaked out of her during the night, crusted on her pubes, her thighs and on the crotch of the pants. A flaky white mark of shame. She slumped down on her aching ass and her tits bounced painfully under the soft, thick flannel. Debbie winced and clutched at her abused udders.

She got up and fished a bra out of a drawer but when she tried to put it on it felt very constricting because her ravaged tits were still swollen and the extra pressure made them ache all the more. Debbie removed the bra and put on a tight white t shirt. At least it gave a tiny bit of support in stopping them flop around and it spared her nipples rubbing against the thick flannel. Her sore nipples stuck out plainly, having been pinched and pulled and twisted and spanked hard and often the previous night. She put her pajama top back on and buttoned it up.

Her stomach growled and she discovered she was hungry. Debbie tried to concentrate on that other than her sexual hurts that kept bringing unwanted flashes of images into her brain. Breakfast. That was what she needed. Then she remembered her stepfather, Steve. She remembered his eyes feasting on her ruinous appearance and his big, rough hand grabbing and palming her tit as she passed him in the narrow hall. She remembered what he'd said to her. 'This... conversation isn't over, Debbie. We're going to have to... talk. Soon.'

She decided to try and avoid him. A quick look from her window and she could see his car wasn't in the driveway. Debbie listened at her door and the house was quiet. She waited for fifteen minutes to make sure and didn't hear a sound. Perhaps her parents had gone out. They didn't really drink much and wouldn't have had hangovers. Steve was certainly sober when he'd caught her sneaking towards her room after being gangfucked all night.

Debbie breathed out in a rush and quietly opened the door. Another couple of minutes of intense listening and she stepped out and went downstairs to the kitchen. She didn't notice Steve sitting on the couch as she passed by the living room and she jumped in fright when he said 'So, that must have been some party last night.' Debbie's tits jiggled as she turned towards the voice in shock. They moved a lot even under the tight t shirt. 'I told you I wasn't finished talking to you about that. Now come on over here,' he patted the cushion beside him, 'and have a seat.'

Debbie obeyed robotically. Her mind was a spinning reel of 'oh no, oh no, oh no,' as she sat next to her stepfather. She didn't know what she was going to say. Steve was doing the talking anyway. 'Your mum is out. Visiting a friend. We've got all day together.'

'That's twice in as many days I've seen you braless around the house. That's not like you. You usually like to keep them holstered. At least that's what I've noticed. Very rare to see the twins swinging naturally under your clothes. Then last night my eighteen year old stepdaughter turns up at dawn dressed like some cheap hooker, with fuck knows what smeared all over you and smelling like beer and pot and sex.'

'I'm gonna be very direct with you here, Deb, but we're both adults so here it is. Last night you looked like you'd been fucked. A lot. A whole lot. You saw the effect it had on me. Fuck. I could smell the cum on you. On your breath. You were a fucking mess, girl. By the way, it didn't take me long to cum inside your mum after feeling your tit. It was a good thing you didn't take too long in the shower. She didn't hear you. I came real hard. That big soft titty of yours really got me going. Lotta times I've cum inside your mother while I've been thinking of your titties, even though I've never seen them naked. Then last night, getting that big, meaty tit in my palm... Set me off big time. I wish your mother had your tits. I have to be content with her C cups. Well... maybe not.'

Debbie sat on the couch in uncomfortable silence, blushing and scarcely daring to breathe as the previous night's details flashed through her mind. 'So, miss Debbie Dwight, why were you sneaking into my house at daybreak looking like a whore who's done a week's overtime in one night?' demanded Steve.

There was no way Debbie could deny anything else. She knew when her stepfather had caught her sneaking into the house at dawn that she couldn't have looked more sexual if she'd been on her back and holding her cunt open. It was plain she'd been gangbanged. 'It was at the party,' she said quietly.

'Go on,' urged Steve, while adjusting his cock in his shorts. Debbie took a deep breath and tried to just look straight ahead, trying to ignore her stepfather's bulge next to her on the couch.

'It was just a party when we got there. Loud. People everywhere, you know. We had a drink and were talking to some of Peter's friends, and then... he started, touching me, like... sexual and he showed them my breasts and took me to a room. I asked him to shut the door but he didn't and they were watching... people were watching us. Watching me. I wanted him to close the door but he just did it to me and people watched. They saw... everything,' Debbie said. She took a deep breath and was aware her stepfather was slowly rubbing his cock over his shorts. Before she could go on he said 'Show me everything,' in a choked voice.

'What? No,' said Debbie.

'Why not? If a whole party saw you I should too. You should be used to being naked in front of men. Show me what they saw,' replied Steve. He was looking at her pajama-clad tits, braless beneath the thick pink flannel. She knew that look and slowly unbuttoned her pajama top. Steve removed his shorts and sat with his cock throbbingly erect in his lap. He made no effort to hide it and even softly stroked it as Debbie's big soft tits came into view. Her stiff nipples showed through the tight t shirt.

When her hands went to the hem of the t shirt he stopped her and stared appreciatively of the hard-tipped mounds straining at the thin material. Finally he nodded and her big, floppy DDs were soon on display with the white t shirt bunched up under her chin. 'Pants too,' he said so there was no doubt.

She slid them off and sat on the couch with her cunt bared and her top pulled aside to show her double D tits. Steve smiled from ear to ear at the long wished for sight. Her nipples stood stiff and pink. 'Open your legs,' he said.

Debbie obeyed and her swollen, puffy cunt and her coral pink cunt lips were soon revealed to his vision. She heard him groan when he saw her fuck hole nestled below her thick thatch of silky brown pubic hair. She saw his gaze and noted his cock and started to close her thighs. 'Please no. Oh, no. Not now, please? I'm so sore. It'll hurt me, please. I know it,' she begged.

'Open them! I'm only going to look. For now. Shit! Just Peter fucking you wouldn't make you that sore, or make that mess last night for that matter. How many were there?' Peter asked. Debbie blushed deeply and tears welled in her big brown eyes. 'I don't know,' she said with shame. 'I lost count. A lot. Over and over. At first it was just Peter and then he didn't let me put on my underwear and he wouldn't let me go to the bathroom and I had to pee in the backyard and everyone saw. Then all the couples left and I was the only girl with all these guys around.'

Steve stroked his turgid cock and feasted his eyes on his buxom stepdaughter's sex displayed so openly. She went on. 'After I peed he wouldn't let me pull my skirt down and my panties were gone and everyone could see my... pussy. He took me in the house and had sex with me again but this time the others were in the room with us. They made me... suck, and then Peter was gone and I had to... for all the guys in the room. They wouldn't stop.'

Debbie took a breath and continued as her stepfather masturbated next to her. 'Then they had me on the deck and it was midnight. They made me lay on a table while they took turns then they took me back inside. One of them put it in my ass,' she fought for control of her emotions and swallowed. 'I said no but he did it anyway,' she paused. Steve had begun to masturbate faster and leaned towards her, pointing his cock at her belly. 'So you were raped?' he hoarsely enquired. 'I... I suppose so. That time, anyway,' she was shocked to silence by the hot stream of cum that splattered between her tits as Peter jerked off furiously. 'Keep going,' he groaned.

'When he was finished they still used me again and again and it was hours before a guy who promised a lift was leaving' Debbie said, astonished at her stepfather's newly discovered depravity.

'So they gangbanged you until just before dawn?' asked Steve. Debbie was worried to note his erection had not deflated and though he wasn't jerking off with the same intensity he was still stroking his red, stiff cock. 'No,' she went on, 'I left earlier than that with a guy who offered a lift and two other guys.'

Steve grinned. 'What happened then?' he asked, fully aware of his time with girls in the backseats of cars. More than once he'd gone on a date with a young lady. Being the perfect gentleman all evening. Then "running into" a couple of friends, he'd offer them a lift and after a while one of them would ask to pull over so they could take a piss. The guys would all get out and pretend to pee at the back of the car. An argument would break out. The girl would get out and ask what was up. Steve would confess his friends wanted to fuck her but he wasn't going to let them. Then he would say his friends were going to kick the shit out of him if he didn't let them fuck her. The girls always acquiesced to save their gallant boyfriend, who would fuck them last and after driving her home would never be in contact again. They'd pulled the trick on so many girls. The memories only fed his ardor.

'All three of them had sex with me again. Then they left me in the car to go to a pub. A guy offered me a lift and brought me home,' said Debbie, still blushing. Her cunt was open and beginning to show the signs of wetness and Steve's semen trickled slowly down her tummy into her thick pubes. His cock was pointing at her again and he was practically drooling over her swollen udders, grunting as he jerked off. He reached out and scooped up some of his semen and coated the shaft and head of his cock before stroking it at her again. It 'smacked' wetly in the otherwise quiet house. 'Keep going, Deb,' croaked Steve, his eyes covering her face, tits and cunt. 'You must have looked almost as bad as when I saw you. Did this guy fuck you too?'

'Yes,' she whispered and again, louder 'Yes, he did. In a place with lots of factories. There was nobody around.' Steve leered at his eighteen year old stepdaughter's wet, open cunt and stroked his thick, cum-slick cock. 'After all those guys you must have been fucking sloppy. I know how some girls get after only two. He must have known you were a slut right away,' Steve moaned and groaned.

A sob caught in Debbie's throat. She swallowed and kept talking, trying not to look at the angry red cock drooling precum while unwanted memories were pushed to the fore. 'He said I was loose,' she said as she tried to control herself. She didn't know why she was confessing this to her stepfather. She could have said the guy just fucked her and took her home, but she felt compelled to confess all to him. Was it the way he'd reacted when she'd told him of her ass rape at the party? She was too confused and freaked out to tell, so she just told it true. 'He said I was too loose and he put it in my ass too. He was too fast to stop. I screamed real loud and he just kept fucking me there until he came.'

Debbie had decided not to mention the guy was a notorious serial rapist known as the taxi rapist. She wanted to heed his warning and never mention it was him to anyone. But she did mention 'I had to suck his cock all the way home until he came again. That was about five minutes before you found me.'

'So he raped your ass and then you sucked his cock while he drove you home,' Steve's hand stroked his hard shaft faster and faster, gripping tightly with his pinky finger when his hand reached the base of his cock, pressing all the right nerves, 'You had his cum in your ass while I was talking to you?' he asked through squinted eyes.

Debbie sat exposed to him and looked at his cock moving rapidly so close to her face now. 'Yes,' she said quietly. She had to avert her eyes from the taut-skinned shiny head and the eye leaking that slick, clear fluid.

'Look into my eyes and tell the truth. When he raped your ass did you cum?' Steve grunted.

'Yes,' she shamefully admitted.

Debbie was caught just above her right eyebrow and the thick blast had started dripping down the side of her nose when the second blast hit her cheek. Squirt after squirt plastered over her lips and chin to drip to the tops of her tits. Steve grunted and grinned and leered at her cum-spattered face while squeezing the last from the tip of his cock to wipe over her nipples. She jumped a little when he pressed the head directly to a nipple and pushed forwards to press it into her soft tit. They were really tender and sore from mistreatment the night before and although they tingled and throbbed and yearned to be touched and suckled, it still hurt to touch them.

When he finished cumming on Debbie's face Steve sat back next to her on the couch but made no effort to put his cock away and it was still half hard as his eyes never left his exposed stepdaughter. Before she could move he said 'Don't you move or try to wipe that off. That's my mark on you, girl. You act like the world's biggest slut and live under my roof and don't expect me to take a piece; you're crazy. You're mine, now. And your mother never finds out what a slut you are. I won't have her upset by you. You make sure she keeps thinking you're an almost normal girl.'

'Or as normal as you can be with huge tits like that. I don't know why she thinks you can have a normal life and a normal job with tits like that. How many doctors do you see with oversized floppy tits? Eh? How many executives? I've never seen any with a body like yours.' He got up quickly and grabbed Debbie by the upper arm, pulling her to her feet.

'Come with me,' he said as he led her into the downstairs bathroom and stood her in front of a mirror. She stood and was made to look at her reflection. The girl in the mirror looked back with a blank look on her face and cum dripping from her jaw. There were white splotches on her tits as well as a trail of cum leading from her cleavage to her pubes. She stood there with her cute pink flannel pajama top pulled open and bare from the waist down.

'You see that?' Steve gestured at the reflection. 'That's what you are. You're a cum catcher. You were made for sex and that's all you're good for.' He ran his fingertips down her spine, under her ass and over her tenderized cunt. He smirked to feel the wetness there. Debbie's skin goose-fleshed and she gasped as Steve slowly inserted a finger up her snatch. He groaned with pure lust then stood and wiped the slick finger on the head of his erect cock.

Steve removed her remaining clothes and with purposeful intent he placed her hands on the counter below the mirror and got behind her to press his cock into her ass crack. When she felt him pressing against her aching cuntlips she began to wriggle her hips and looked back at him, saying 'Please no. Not now. You said you wouldn't... and you already... unhhhh no please it's sore. It's sore Owwwwwww!'

Steve grunted and steadily pushed forwards into his stepdaughter. 'I know what I said but I need to leave my mark inside of you too. You just look in that mirror and believe you're mine, girl.

Debbie whimpered and turned her head to look at her slutty reflection. Steve began fucking her, loving the little sounds she made. He couldn't believe his luck. He gathered up some of the semen from her belly and began cupping and wiping her hanging floppy teats then he buried his cock as far forwards as he could and leaned into her ear.

Steve held her tits tightly and said 'All that cock you took. All those people who saw you... they'll talk you know. It's a small world, darlin'. People know people who know people and before you know it you've got a reputation to go with the whore's body. You can expect to be taking a lot more cock now, whether you want it or not. Just like now,' he said as he resumed fucking her aching twat.

Debbie grimaced and winced as he used her over the bathroom vanity. It was uncomfortable for her but that warm, wet electric tingle deep inside her pelvis was mixed in there too. Suddenly Steve pulled out of Debbie's pulsating pussy and he grabbed her shoulders and pushed and pulled her into the shower cubicle. He put her back up against the cold tiles, then got between her legs and shoved his cock up her cunt again. Both of them grunted as he buried deep and played with her tender titties.

Steve marveled at how tight and slick his stepdaughter's cunt was after being so overworked just the night before. Her juices seemed to be flowing well and his cock was well coated in the slimy natural lube. He stopped fucking into her and pressed her tightly to the wall and chuckled.

'You sure as hell aren't loose now,' he grunted while thrusting his hips up at her. Debbie's body jolted pleasingly to Steve's eyes and her face alternated from a shocked, surprised look to screwing up her face and closing her eyes tight. 'Not long now... uhhhhnnnn fuckkkk,' he groaned. 'Yesssss, take it, you little bitch ahhhhhh,' he grunted at her tits while cum spritzed out of his deliriously happy cock and coated the hot young cunt with the last load his balls could provide for a while.

When he pulled out of her and stepped back her knees buckled and she slid her back down the smooth tiles of the shower cubicle. Her thighs were splayed and her red, open cunt oozed a little of Steve's cum. 'Pretty as a picture,' Steve grinned. He winked at her and turned on the cold water tap.

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