tagInterracial LoveNew Years Rendezvous

New Years Rendezvous


Where do I begin to tell about the most incredible night of my life? Let me start with a brief description of myself. My name is Kim. I am a 36 year old married white female. I am 5'2" and weigh 112 lbs. I have brown hair and eyes, 34c-25-35. I have been married for 10 years now, but have not been totally faithful to my husband. You see, I have had a weakness since I was in college for well hung black men. I was with about 15 different black guys before I got married, and have been with 5 more in the years since. That is, until New Years Eve.

It had been 4 years since my last escapade, that was the time when my husband actually caught me with a black lover. But that's another story. After 4 years of walking a straight line, I was really getting restless. Especially when I would talk to a black guy on the internet and exchange pics. I had made up my mind; it was time to have a fling. One of the men I have been talking to was from Atlanta. We live about an hour from Denver and he was coming to Denver on business the first week in January. We began making plans to meet. He moved his flight up a few days and I told my husband I wanted to go to Denver and shop at the "after Christmas" sales on New Years Eve. I knew my husband wanted to stay home and watch football all day with his friends and party all night. I told my husband I didn't want to go to any of his friends parties and didnt want to be out driving home on New Years Eve, so I would just get a room in Denver and drive home the next day. He bought it, hook, line and sinker, and the stage was set for a night of pure sex! I was as giddy as a teenager all week.

I should also tell you, while cyber chatting with Sam, I had mentioned that my deepest fantasy was to be gang banged by a group of black studs. But I never gave it another thought. I was too busy with thoughts of the things Sam and I would do to each other.

New Years Eve finally arrived and I left early to head to Denver. Sam was not due to arrive at the motel until around 3p.m. That gave me plenty of time to do some shopping and make my trip legitimate. I didn't dare leave the house dressed the way I wanted to be, so I set about finding a very provocative outfit for Sam. I found a black spandex micro-mini skirt, with dark stocking and black high heel pumps. I was topped off with a white peasant style blouse with a plunging neck and very loose fitting and tied around my waist. Braless, my erect nipples were quite visible through the thin fabric.

My stomach was filled with butterflies as I drove into the motel parking lot. I was so nervous I could barely walk when I found Sam's room number. I took a deep breath and said to myself "let the party begin!" and knocked on the door.

Sam was even more gorgeous than his pictures! He opened the door wearing dark slacks and a skin tight white undershirt. I was already dripping wet with anticipation and almost came when I saw his muscular body. The loose slacks accentuated the bulge in his pants, which according to him and his pictures, was about 9 inches.

Not a word was spoken as I stepped into the room and Sam closed the door behind me. I wanted to make a statement as to just how hot I was so I simply turned to face him and climbed into his arms for a wet passionate kiss, before we ever spoke. Our tongues met as our arms caressed each others bodies. Sam was chiseled muscle. About 6'2 and 200 lbs. As we kissed, I felt the huge bulge pressing into my stomach. God, I was like butter in his strong arms. I fumbled with his pants, causing us to break our kiss. I immediately dropped to my knees and took out his mammoth black cock. What a sight it was! He wasn't hard yet and was already about 7 inches long and very thick. I plunged the swelling cock into my hungry mouth and his hands instinctively went to my head. His huge hands held my head steady as he began to slowly slide his cock in and out of my wet mouth. All of this and we hadn't even said hi!

I pulled the growing cock out of my mouth so I could suck his cum filled balls. I felt so wicked when I noticed my wedding ring on the tiny hand wrapped around the big black cock! Just a few quick licks on his hairy balls and Sam pulled me up by the arms. His right hand went directly under my short skirt to my dripping wet nude pussy! I exploded into my first orgasm when his big middle finger slid into my wet channel. He let me ride his finger until my orgasm subsided then picked me up and carried me to the bed.

I really wanted to suck his cock some more, but he was in total control, so I decided, there would be plenty of time to suck his balls dry later. Right now, he wants to fuck my wet pussy and that is fine with me!

I untied my blouse and undid the 2 buttons I was using to expose my erect nipples as Sam positioned himself between my legs and pushed the short skirt up to fully expose my hairy wet pussy.

My wet cunt twinged when I felt the big cockhead rubbing my wet lips. I hadn't been in his room 5 minutes when his cock was about to enter me! It was time to speak. I looked into Sam's eyes and whispered, "fuck me, lover". And boy, did he ever! My wet cunt was doing flips as he slid about half of the huge fucktool into me on the first stroke. We were on the 4th floor and I think the people on the first floor must of heard my screams of pleasure! In about 4 strokes, Sam had his tremendous tool buried into my cunt and I was screaming with orgasm! My legs wrapped tightly around his back like I was afraid he would pull back out. I think if he had, I would have died right there, but luckily he just began to slowly and steadily pound his black meat into me were no other man had been in years!

In one quick move, Sam rolled over on his back and pulled me with him until I was on top, riding his cumfilled cock for all it was worth, and it was worth a lot!!!! My ass was a blur as I rode his beautiful cock while he pinched, sucked, chewed and licked my nipples. We fucked like that for about 15 minutes and I had two more gut wrenching orgasms.

Finally, Sam said he wanted to do some of the fucking so he lifted me off him and positioned me at the edge of the bed, on my hands and knees. Before he slid his cock back in me, I felt him spread my asscheeks and spit on my ass. Then his big dick found its way back into me. I pushed back against his cock as I felt his finger smearing his spit around my tight asshole.

I buried my face in the bed and reached back with both hands to spread my cheeks wide for him and let him know I liked what he was doing, though I had already told him while cyberfucking how much I enjoyed anal sex. Sam did not disappoint me! Soon I felt his big middle finger forcing it's way into my nether regions. My body shuddered as I pushed back, forcing his finger all the way in my tight hot ass.

Sam began fucking me in rhythm. As his enormous cock plunged into my sopping cunt, he would retract his finger, and then plunge it into my ass as his cock was on the backstroke. Sam fucked me like this for about another 10 minutes when he finally said, "I'm about to pop". I asked him where he wanted to dump his hot load and he said right were it is. Just then, he grabbed me tight and kicked his ass into overdrive as he pounded and pumped his first hot load deep into my sloppy cunt. With each spurt of hot cum, my cunt contracted around his cock, milking his balls dry. I reached under me with one hand to stroke my cum covered clit. My hand was immediately filled with cum leaking from my overflowing cunt. I brought my cum covered fingers to my hungry mouth and sucked every bit of cum from my fingers I could.

I couldn't help but think that at that moment, my husband was drooling over some college cheerleader while his slut wife was eating hot black cum from her freshly fucked pussy! I moved forward off his cock and turned to take him into my mouth. I sucked every last drop from his heavy balls and licked his beautiful cock clean. Then he finally lay down next to me and we savored the glorious moment until we both dozed off.

When I woke up, I heard the shower running. The bed clock told me it was now 6p.m. I joined Sam in the shower and was able to sample another hot load of black seed only this one was deposited right down my throat! It wasn't a huge load, but it was quite a mouthful, and I savored every drop of his warm fluid. Sam then told me to get dressed, that we were going to the motel lounge to party. Little did I know just what Sam had planned for me. It seems that since we had made our plans to meet, Sam had made some other internet contacts and was about to fulfill my wildest fantasies.

We entered the club lounge around 7pm and the New Years Eve celebration was just getting started. I turned a lot of heads when I strutted in on the arm of my black lover, clad in my short skirt and almost see through blouse. We were at a motel in one of Denvers's business areas, so I was surprized to see so many black men at the party as it is a predominately white area.

Sam then told me he was going over to the snack table and when he got back, he wanted to see me on the dance floor with one of the black guys there, rubbing my body all over him on the dance floor. It really took me by surprise and I was contemplating what to do when a nice looking black guy about 40 asked me to dance. Sam wasn't disappointed when he returned and saw me on the dance floor. The stranger had both hands on my ass and I was grinding my pussy onto his leg. I spent about the next hour practically fucking strangers on the dance floor. Several times, I looked over to see Sam talking to other black guys. When I returned to our table, Sam said he was ready to go back to the room, and that watching me on the dance floor had him ready again.

When we stepped on the elevator, a young black guy about 25 got on the elevator with us. As soon as the doors closed, Sam stepped behind me, pulled me to him and pulled my short skirt up to show the stranger my naked wet pussy. I was terrified but at the same time, too horny to stop him. As he fingered my wet slit, the stranger stared into my eyes and stepped closer to place his hand on my mound with Sam's. Sam then said "Kim, I want you to me Terrell; he is going to be joining us"

Once we got back to the room, in no time, the two big black men had me naked and sucking their cocks. I was in heaven! Terrell's cock was much shorter, only about 7 inches, but was very thick and hard. He really liked it when I would swallow his entire cock down my throat and flick my tongue out to tease his balls. In no time, Terrell was filling my mouth with his load. As I began sucking Sam's gorgeous cock again, Terrell got dressed and said he was going to the lounge to get us some drinks. Sam told him to take the room key so he wouldn't disturb us when he came back.

About 15 minutes later, Terrell returned. When the door opened, Sam was on his back and I was sitting on top looking right at the door with his enormous cock buried in my ass. I almost died when I looked up and saw 3 more black guys with him! And that's not all! Before they all entered the room, a white couple walked by the door! The look on their faces when they saw a white slut riding a big black dick up her ass was worth a million bucks!

Sam reached up and pulled me down so my back was against his chest and I was completely vulnerable to our new visitors! In no time, there was a black cock on each side of my face and another one slapping my wet pussy, while the forth guy was playing with my swollen tits.

I soon lost track of how many orgasms I had. One of the new guys had what must have been at least a 10 inch cock. I soon rolled over and got back on Sam's cock, while this guy, Willie was his name, worked his enormous cock into my ass. Another guy, the 40 something guy I had danced with, stood in front of me and fed me his respectable 8 inches down my throat. For the next couple of hours, I was fucked silly by these 5 gorgeous black dicks in every way possible. I must have taken a quart of cum down my throat, cunt and ass! What more could a white slut ask for?

I didn't know it, but at one time one of the guys left and brought back 2 more black guys! I now had a total of 7 big black cocks which must have totaled about 5 feet of cockmeat!!!! When one of the guys announced it was midnight, I had Sam's cock once again buried in my ass as I lay on the bed with stroking black cocks all around my face! I couldn't help but wonder what my husband was doing at that moment while I was having the time of my life!

Just then, Sam dumped another load of black seed into my ass. When he pulled out, one of the guys shook up a bottle of champagne and parted my lips with the bottle and let the champagne spew up into my open cunt. What a rush!!!! My tiny body jerked and contorted as another explosive orgasm overtook me. I continued to fuck and suck my new black studs until 2am, when I finally passed out and Sam made them all leave. Since 6 of them lived in Denver, they all left their phone numbers for me in case I needed a repeat performance. Always a possibility.

The next morning I woke up and showered. Sam soon joined me and of coarse we fucked again and I had 2 more orgasms, though not near as intense as some of the ones I had the night before! Then I headed home, unable to comprehend the night I will never, ever forget. Thanks Sam.

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