tagLoving WivesNew Year's Resolution

New Year's Resolution


Our old friends, Suzanne and Dale, were having a big New Year's bash at their summer place at Lake Arrowhead. Since it was a long drive for most of their friends, we knew most of them would be staying overnight. With that in mind, we headed up early to stake a claim to one of the good spots. We got lucky and were able to nab one of the two guest rooms with it's own bath and a nice queen-sized bed. With the sleeping arrangements taken care of, we were able to relax and enjoy ourselves.

Unfortunately for me, I enjoyed myself too much. After indulging in a couple of pot brownies in the evening, then starting on the champagne (I rarely drink anything at all other than an occasional beer) I was already out of it by eleven o'clock. With my wife's help, I made it into our bed for the night and collapsed. I vaguely remember a "Happy New Year" and a kiss before she left, but I'm not even clear on that. I do know that the noise of the party didn't enter into my consciousness at all.

Sometime later I had to rush to the toilet to pray to the porcelain god. After I was done emptying out my stomach, I thought how lucky we were to have a bathroom right next to our room. As I tried to get back to sleep, I heard the bedroom door open, the sounds of the party indicating that it was probably somewhere past midnight. Someone walked through the room to the bathroom and closed the door. A few minutes later, it became clear that a couple was in there making love. It was a bit of a turn-on hearing them go at it, their moans easily filtering through the door with the occasional sound of flesh slapping against flesh. I wished I had the energy to get up and listen at the door, but my body ordered me to stay where I was. In fact, I was asleep before they finished. I didn't even here them leave the bathroom and return to the party.

I don't know how much later it was when I was awoken again, but I could hear no sounds from the party. I became aware of some slight movement in the bed, and some whisperings. Obviously, my wife had come to bed by now, but who was she whispering to?

"Stop it! Go back to sleep! Damn, you're so hard! Are you always so horny?"

"Shhh! Stop taking so much, just back that ass up!" I could barely make out the male voice on the other side of the bed. "Damn right I'm horny! That bathroom fuck was just a taste. You know you want more!"

That had been Teresa in the bathroom earlier, fucking another guy? I couldn't believe it! And now she was lying just a foot or so away from me, perhaps getting ready to do it again? My mind was reeling even more than my stomach. I lay there motionless, anxiously awaiting what was to come.

The rocking of the bed and my wife's soft moans told me what her decision was. Though it was too dark to see, I could tell from the sounds and her breathing that she was facing me while he was slowing penetrating her from behind. I could hear the light sound of his flesh bumping against her ass as he moved more forcefully against Teresa's soft ass.

"Stop it!" Teresa's voice was insistent. "It feels good but you're making too much noise. Let me do it!" I could feel and hear their movements, but I wasn't sure what was going on at first. Then I heard my wife whisper, "Let me show you how I can milk that big dick of yours" and I knew she was going to straddle him and give him a fucking he would remember just by gyrating her hips. She loved to do that to me, taking complete charge of the fuck and, in her words, showing what a 'wild ride this old married lady is!" Whoever this guy was, he would be getting a thrill he'd remember.

They made almost no noise now, but the bed was still moving rhythmically as Teresa worked over his cock. Now I could make out his moans as she ground her pelvis into him, and worked the pussy muscle magic on the dick inside her. At first, I couldn't hear my wife at all, but after several minutes she began to groan with pleasure, repeatedly murmuring "Oh Tom! Tom!" I wondered if it was the Tom that was Dale's tennis buddies. I couldn't think of any other Tom's at the party, but I didn't know everybody at the party. He had come to the party alone, but I doubted it was him as he was good looking guy nearly twenty years younger than my wife and I, so he probably would have plenty of opportunities with the younger single ladies.

As she continued her ministrations, I could occasionally make out an "It's so deep!" or "You're the best!" After one of the comments, Tom growled "Better than your husband over there?"

My wife didn't hesitate. "Yes, oh yes!"

"Keep telling me that! Tell me how you want me more than him!"

At first I couldn't hear anything, then I could barely make out her voice almost chanting, "You are better then my husband! You're better than Rick!" It was humiliating to hear. As the fucking continued, she varied her words, maybe to excite him more. "Your cock reaches into places his never could. I love your cock. Make me cum like he can't!" I wanted to say something, do something to stop them, but that would have been even more humiliating, so I just lay there letting them finish. As long as I pretended not to hear, it would be alright.

Finally he came inside her as she claimed, rather loudly to my surprise, that she was cumming again! After laying still on him for a few minutes, I felt her roll over next to me and sigh contentedly. She admonished him, "Now go to sleep and leave me alone. Otherwise, find some other bed to stay in." I heard him laugh softly, replying "Oh no, I like this bed just fine. Good night, Teresa." She giggled in turn and returned the good night wish.

Surprisingly, I was able to get to sleep quickly despite the raging thoughts in my head. Undoubtedly it was the alcohol still affecting me, as well as the long-term effects of ingesting pot. Unfortunately, it didn't affect me enough to sleep through what happened next. When I awoke again, it was near dawn with just a hint of light flowing into the room. It wasn't the changing light that had disturbed me, but the movement of the bed again. Cautiously, I peeked through my partially opened eyelids. I couldn't believe what I was seeing!

There was the form of my wife (it was still too dark to make out facial features, but I had no doubt who it was) on all fours getting drilled from behind by Tom. The bed was really rocking now, and her ass was resounding loudly with each thrust, but they seemed not be aware or care. Teresa's face was buried in a pillow, which muffled her screams, but they made not other concession to the fact that her husband was lying right next to them. They obviously were convinced that after getting away with making love the other two times that I was out for the count and all restraints were off.

I watched and listened for at least twenty minutes as Tom gave my wife a royal fucking. He varied the speed and depth, sometimes teasing her, sometimes giving a circular motion to the proceedings, and sometimes just banging away hard and deep. Once she collapsed onto her stomach, her body just giving out from the pleasure, but she didn't resist when he pulled her hips back up, and penetrated her again. In fact, from the way she began to thrust her hips back into him, it appeared as though she had gotten a second wind.

When he came, finally, they both collapsed face first on the bed and just lay there, sweating and breathing hard. I knew I wasn't going back to sleep now, so I just lay motionless, listening to the breathing change from recuperation to sleep. When I was convinced it was safe, I got slippers and a robe from the bathroom and slipped out of the bedroom. I was completely sober now.

As I walked through the house and went downstairs, it was easy to see the party had gotten wilder after I went to bed. As the morning light filtered in, one could see there were people everywhere, with all the sofas and couches taken and several people huddled in sleeping bags on the floor. I noticed a two pairs of panties casually discarded on the floor, and noticed two couples sleeping with people that weren't their partners as of last night. The only place there was any privacy was in the kitchen, so I started some coffee brewing and sat in the silence pondering what had happened.

The coffee made me feel better, and as I reflected on the previous night, I realized I was not only upset, but turned on as well. I had never seen Teresa so turned on, so verbal. She was normally not that enthusiastic about sex, but whoever this Tom was, he had managed to change that. My wife had been a wildcat up there, something I had never managed to accomplish. Without being aware of it, my robe fell open and I began to play with my hardening dick as I pictured my wife getting fucked from behind and loving it!

"Happy New Year to you too Rick." Suzanne was standing there watching me jerk off. She had come into the room so quietly I hadn't even heard her.

"Shit, what the f . . . How long have you been standing there?"

Suzanne giggled as I fumbled the robe closed. "Oh, I'd say about an inch and a half ago! Do you want me to leave you alone so you can finish?"

"No, NO! Sorry, Suzanne, I thought I was the only one up."

"You probably are this morning. You were probably the only one that wasn't last night."

"What do you mean? What happened after I went to bed?"

Suzanne laughed some more. "That would be telling, but let's just say several of the people at the party started the New Year off with a bang. I was nervous about how well having the party here would work out, but I think when people realized they'd have to stay overnight it freed them up to enjoy themselves more."

"What about Teresa? Did she enjoy herself after I left?"

"I would think so." Suzanne smiled at me while adding some coffee to my cup. "There were several more men then women here, as you know. You'll be relieved to hear that she didn't seem to lack for companionship after you abandoned her." I began to object at her words, but she talked right through me. "Tom—you know who I mean?—seemed quite taken with her. I think Teresa got a kick out of having such a young man flirting with her at a party. That had to feel good for her ego. I lost track of them, though, after midnight. She did make it back to your bed, didn't she?"

From the smile on her face, it was clear that she knew my wife made it to my room, and that she wasn't alone. I left her comment alone and began to help her clean up the kitchen and get breakfast ready. Suzanne kept describing the party as we worked, delighting in giving me gossipy details about what I missed, including subtle digs about what Teresa had done, especially with Tom. From what I could gather, and she took perverse pleasure in keeping things unclear, my wife and Tom had been openly displaying public affection much of the night. Suzanne was 'fairly certain' that it was Tom that my wife gave the first New Years' kiss to. Fortunately, other people started waking up and working their way to the smell of the coffee, so the slow torture by detail was ended.

It didn't stop for long however. As more of our friends and fellow party-goers appeared, it became clear that many if not most of them knew what my wife had been up to. Several people made comments to me, and even more gave me looks ranging from pity to derision. It got even worse after 10 a.m., when Teresa finally came downstairs, followed not a minute later by Tom. My wife gave me a kiss, and asked how I was doing and I could see everyone's eyes on me. I assured her I was fine while Tom just stood off to the side, smiling smugly. I was sure everyone knew what had happened.

"So Tom" Suzanne asked maliciously "did you find a decent place to sleep?"

"Actually no, Suzanne," he replied while looking over at Teresa and I. "I found a bed that wasn't being completely used, but for some reason I couldn't sleep. It seemed like there was always a banging noise in the bed."

This brought smirks and giggles from those paying attention, and my wife at least had the good grace to blush. I knew I had to get out of there. We had planned on spending the day with Suzanne and Dale before driving home in the afternoon, but I knew I could never make it. I went upstairs to pack our stuff while Teresa finished her breakfast. When I finished, I put our things in the car, and went back to say our goodbyes. Teresa was embarrassed by our sudden departure, but she could see I was upset though she didn't know why. She kissed Suzanne and a few others goodbye while I shook hands with some of friends. The looks in their eyes told me all I needed to know, but just to make sure, my old friend Dale had to drive the point home.

"It's too bad you have to leave, Rick. I was hoping we could get some doubles in. Tom here says he's got some strokes to show you that would really help your game." I could hear laughter coming from the house until the slamming of the car door finally closed it out.

"Well," I demanded.

"Well," my wife replied. "Do you want to know what my New Year's resolution is?"

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