tagLoving WivesNew Year's Revelation Ch. 2

New Year's Revelation Ch. 2

byquinn rogan©

Naked under the duvet, I lay with my arm round Janet's bare shoulders, her warm, soft palm cuddling my still semi-erect cock, and wondered how to get her to start revealing her hitherto unknown post-marital exploits - always assuming there were any, and that Charlie hadn't been the first to trespass on what I had always assumed was my exclusive territory. For the moment, I shrank from examining too closely the reasons why the thought of Janet, as my wife, being fondled by another man, was so much more stimulating than her adventures as a single girl - but there was no doubt that it was!

As I allowed my memory to dwell on the recently-witnessed encounter with Hugh, my excitement grew almost unbearable and, as casually as I could, I removed Janet's hand from my hardening penis. The combination of my thoughts and her nimble fingers would inevitably lead to a premature climax, and I wanted at least one more story before that happened...

"Jan," I murmured, my hand slipping down over her softly-rounded belly, into the thick cluster of hair above her thighs.

"Mmmm," she replied, sleepily, and I panicked at the thought that she might be drifting off - without the post-marital barrier breached. She might feel entirely different in the morning, and pass it all off as just fantasy.

"When was the first time - you know, after we were married?"

She stirred, then sat up a little and, leaning on one elbow, looked down at me, a worried expression on her face.

"Pete," she said, then stopped. After a moment, she tried again. "Look," she said, "I've never 'done it' with anyone else - you have to know that! I've never been unfaithful to you – well, not completely... "

"I know," I interrupted, "but you've... well, like with Charlie?"

"Well, yes," she agreed. "Are you sure you want me to tell you - what will you think - later on - to-morrow morning?"

"It'll be O. K. ," I insisted. "This is all separate - this is sex. I want to know you, sexually - in body and mind!"

She fell silent, again, then relaxed on her pillow and looked up at the ceiling.

"Do you remember that winter week we had in Spain - the second year we were married?"

"Yes," I breathed, my hand stroking her smooth inner thigh.

"Do you remember the waiter?"

I thought back - it was all of ten years ago. I remembered we had had the same waiter at our table all week, but I could not recall his name, or anything else, much, about him.

Then, suddenly, a picture of a young Spaniard - not more than eighteen - flashed into my mind - quite small and slight, with dark eyes and long black hair. What was his name? I nodded, anyway, anxious not to interrupt Janet, now she had started.

"Young chap," I said, aware that I sounded patronising. Janet laughed, briefly.

"Jaime," she said. "That was his name!"

"Yes," I said, but I didn't think I had ever known the boy's name.

"Well - he was really very sexy!"

"Was he?" I said, in genuine surprise. I had hardly noticed him, and thought he was just a schoolboy earning some pocket-money.

"Oh, yes," breathed Janet, reflectively. "When you weren't looking, he was always making eye-contact with me, then letting his eyes slide down - on to my body, then smiling and looking back into my eyes. And, often, he stood beside me while you were looking at the menu, looking down my blouse - and sometimes he brushed his - his - front - against my bare arm... "

"You mean - his prick?" I asked, incredulously.

She nodded. "Mmmmm", she said.

"Was it hard?"

"It was - every time he touched me. "

I was really staggered by this - I hadn't had the faintest idea! I could hardly remember the guy at all, and all the time - all the time, what?

"And did it - go any further?" I asked.

"You remember we had a late flight home - at about one in the morning? And we went for a couple of hours sleep on the last afternoon?"

"Well, not just a sleep," I laughed, the memory of that particular half-hour in our hotel room still very clear in my mind, not least because of the stunning contrast between the tanned and untanned areas of Janet's young, strong body... She laughed, softly, and gently stroked the underside of my prick.

"With me - it wasn't even a sleep," Janet said. "You dropped off immediately, but I couldn't - I think I was too hot, maybe in more ways than one. "

"Anyway, I decided to go down to the pool for a last sunbathe, so I put on my bikini and a toweling robe and left the room, quietly. I was standing by the lift when Jaime came down the stairs with a bundle of fresh towels under his arm. When he saw me, he stopped dead and just looked at me. He wasn't smiling - his face was very intense and his eyes seemed to be burning. Then he came down the last two steps and went over to the first door on that floor, and opened it, with a master key. And all the time, he never took his eyes off me. "

"By the time he opened the door, I was trembling - then the lift arrived! The door opened - and I just stood still, looking back at Jaime. He didn't say a word - he didn't have to! His eyes said it all, and I just couldn't break his gaze and turn to go into the lift. Then I heard the lift doors slide shut, and Jaime held open the door of the room. "

"I couldn't help it, Pete. I walked past him into the room and he shut the door behind us. I walked over to the window beside the balcony and looked out. He must have put the towels down, because I felt his hands on the shoulders of my robe, then his lips on the back of my neck. I shut my eyes and leaned back into him, and his hands came round and undid the belt at the front of the robe. "

"Then he stood back a little and pulled the robe back, off my shoulders, and it fell to the carpet. I didn't move, and he closed in again, and his hands came up and gently squeezed my breasts. I moved my head round, and his lips came down on mine. "

"We stood, kissing, for a while, then he gently eased me round until I was facing him, keeping his mouth on top of mine. By this time, both our mouths were open, and our tongues were exploring. "

"Then I felt his hands untying my bikini top. I felt the strap give way, then he eased it over my shoulders, and caressed my bare back. Then he stood back, again, and reached out and pulled my top away. I didn't move – I watched his eyes as they took in my bare breasts. His face was so young, and serious, and his eyes were very dark brown, and shining. "

"Then he touched my breasts very gently with the tips of his fingers, just stroking my skin, until my nipples felt as if they were bursting! Then he bent down and just teased one nipple with his tongue - then when it was as hard as it could get, moved his mouth to the other one, and took the first one between his finger and thumb. "

"Then he lifted his head away and took both my tits in his hands as he kissed me, again, on my mouth. The kiss lasted for ages, and his hands on my tits got more and more confident, until he was squeezing them really hard, and flicking my nipples back and forward. "

"Then his body began to press against me, and I could feel his erection against my stomach. I pushed my hand down between us and held it in my palm, through his trousers. "

"I could feel the knob against my hand and I pressed my fingers against the base, just above his balls. I started squeezing, then releasing, the base of his cock, then, suddenly, he groaned and I could feel his cock begin to throb. I gave it one more squeeze, and he started to shake and I began to feel his come as it soaked through his trousers. "

"His hands tightened on my breasts and he buried his face in my neck as he jerked back and forward until, eventually, he went quiet and I put my arms round him for a few moments. Then I stepped back – I was shaking like a leaf, but I managed to put my top back on, and my robe. I turned to go, but he said something and grabbed my hand. Then he bent and kissed my hand – the way they do – and I saw a huge dark stain on the front of his white trousers! I didn't know what to do, so I sort of blew him a kiss, and rushed back to our room!"

"And woke me up!" I recalled – and I did remember her hasty return! How would I have felt if I had known?

"Would you rather I'd stayed with Jaime?" she laughed. "He had just about got his second wind when I made a run for it, and he'd have been looking for more than a feel of my tits second time around!"

Her constant switching between shy reticence and almost coarse expression was stimulating in itself and, while I couldn't resist calling up a mental picture of the young Spaniard removing Janet's bikini bottom and spreading her thighs apart to receive his hard young cock very erotic, I realised that, in fact, I would find it hard to come to terms with the reality of its having happened. As it was, the picture of his hands and lips on her breasts became too much for me, and I groaned as Janet's skilled fingers brought me past the point of no return, and my stored-up seed gushed onto her waiting palm...

From that point on, our sexual relationship blossomed as never before - it was even better than when we had first met. To me, Janet took on a whole new level of fascination. Whereas, before, her body - the curve of her breast, a twitch of her bottom, a glimpse of her thigh - had still caught my attention fairly frequently, my interest and excitement was rekindled to new heights as I gradually gained a unique insight into her sexual psyche, learning things I had never even suspected about her - and about women, generally.

In the process, I was also learning about myself, and trying to come to terms with this strange fascination, almost amounting to a compulsion, for hearing about Janet's encounters with other men - especially the 'illicit' ones where she had been driven by her own urges to do something which, in the cold light of day, she would scarcely dream of doing. Her impulsive exhibitionism at the Birmingham hotel window had been the first example of this I had witnessed, but I had failed to recognise it for what it was. Now, I became aware of the stimulus she got from all sorts of apparently innocent displays, and the effect they had on the men who were lucky enough to witness them.

She liked to see the effect, if possible, and would watch, surreptitiously, as she bent over too far in front of a male guest as she poured coffee or a drink for him, revealing a glimpse down a loose top into the deep valley between her breasts. Watching his eyes flicker away then, inexorably, back to the forbidden fruit, she would feel her nipples harden then, as soon as possible, would force the tips of her breasts against her blouse, so that the outline of the distended nipple was clearly delineated against the taut material.

Once or twice, she confessed, she had left the room and removed her bra, then repeated the operation - but only when she really fancied the bloke, or, I was surprised to learn, didn't like his wife!

I also realised that she was attracted to men like Hugh - brash, confident types who made no secret of their desires and who looked at her frankly, paying particular attention to the shape of her breasts and bottom. Once this dawned on me, I found it easier to trigger Janet into her reminiscences - the mention of a particular name could stimulate her memory - and not only that - into detailed recall.

I knew, for example, that she had never liked Marion, a near neighbour who had moved away with her husband, Tim, some three and a half years ago. Of course, part of the reason for her dislike was that I was one of the few people Marion seemed to get on with - and, also, it had to be said, that she had pretty sensational tits, herself. Not that I ever got to touch them - I didn't think anyone other than Tim did - but she was difficult to look in the face when she was wearing a tight sweater, as she often did.

In bed one night, I contrived, while we were discussing the mammary merits of female friends, past and present - for our conversations had now reached this new, and, to me, very stimulating, high, since I could always get Janet to describe those she had seen, once she was in the mood - to ask her if she had ever seen Marion stripped to the waist. She merely shook her head, then went quiet and, for a moment, I wondered if I had really touched a nerve.

Then she said - "Haven't you?"

"No!" I answered, with a regretful laugh. "Not a chance - I wouldn't have dared try!" Nor would I have. For all that she had a very sexy figure, Marion - a schoolteacher - was not the type you took liberties with.

"You should have," responded Janet, seriously.

"Oh?"- was all I could think of to say.

"Oh, yes," responded Janet, her fingers slithering over my stomach to caress my cock.

"Tell me," I murmured.

"She and Tim were a lot more sexy - and adventurous - than any of us gave them credit for. They had a bet that she could get you to take her bra off before Tim got into mine! They were really into fantasy, you know - they had loads of books about sex, which suggested all sorts of things you could do to make it more exciting, without actually changing partners. "

"Like what?" I asked.

"Well - like we're doing now," Janet replied. "Telling each other about experiences they had had with other people, and making up imaginary situations with people they knew. People like us, and the other couples we knew then. They used to imagine things getting out of hand at those parties we used to go to - with wife-swapping, and so on - and, apparently, one of Marion's favourite fantasies was for you to pick up Tim's car-keys and take her off to a bedroom. "

"And?" I asked playfully, my cock hardening in Janet's warm palm as my imagination ran riot, but she just laughed.

"I think you can work that out for yourself," she chuckled. "Anyway, you missed the boat. "

"Yeah, well, it was only fantasy," I said.

"Mmmm," said Janet. "That bet wasn't, though!"

"How do you know?" I asked - in all innocence - puzzled that Marion would have confided such a thing to Janet. And then, as a possible solution dawned on me, my mouth dried and Janet chuckled, quietly, as the sudden hardening of my penis in her hand betrayed my train of thought.

"Was it - Tim - who told you?" I asked, my hand straying, involuntarily, to the firm warmth of Janet's left breast. She buried her head in my neck and murmured - "Mmhhmm. "

"Because he - won the bet?" I whispered, hoarsely, my heart beating like a triphammer. She said nothing, but I could feel the movement on my collarbone as her head nodded in agreement. Her fingers closed round my erection and her teeth nibbled my ear. Then she moved her head and looked up at me.

"Do you want me to tell you?" she breathed. I took a deep, shaky breath and nodded. Janet removed her hand from my cock and lay back on the pillow. Her nightdress was up round her shoulders, and she did not adjust it. She wore nothing else, and she slipped her right hand down to cover her pubic area. Her middle finger slid between her thighs and began to move, gently.

"I went round to their house one day, in the middle of the week, to deliver Marion's Avon stuff. It was a beautiful summer day and I walked round, with John in the pram. It was during the school holidays, so I thought Marion would be home, alone, and Tim would be at work. Well, when I got there, Tim was in bed, with 'flu, and Marion was just about to go out to meet her mother in the city. "

"She was quite short with me, I remember. She just took her Avon, paid for it, then shot off in her car, leaving me to see myself out. She was leaving the door unlocked, anyway, because Tim was there. Well, as I was leaving, I suddenly thought I'd pop up and see Tim, and see if I could get him anything. "

"So I ran up the stairs and called to him as I got to the landing. He called back - "In here, Janet" - in a pathetic, muffled sort of voice, and I went into the bedroom. Well, he was in a real mess. He hadn't shaved for days, his hair was all matted and sweaty and sticking up, and the bedroom stank of stale sweat. He had obviously had a fever, and there wasn't a window open in the place. "

"He tried to sit up and make himself a bit tidier for me, but he couldn't do much. The bedroom curtains were drawn and there was very little natural light in the place. The contrast with the day outside was very marked - and also between him and me! I had had a bath before I came out, then a cold shower, and I was wearing my yellow summer dress. It actually took a few seconds to get used to the darkness in the room, after being outside. "

"Anyway, I sat on the end of the bed and asked how he was feeling and if I could get him a cup of tea, or something. I could see he was embarrassed at being caught like this - you know how fussy he was about his appearance - but he was doing his best to be bright and cheerful, under the circumstances. Anyway, I offered to make a cup of tea and went down to the kitchen to make it. "

Janet went quiet and began to chew her lower lip, lightly. Her eyes were closed, and her middle finger was no longer visible between her thighs, which were clamped together. I reached over and gently brushed a finger against her nipple. Her eyes fluttered open and she smiled up at me, reaching her spare hand up to her other breast.

"While I was downstairs," she said, " I popped out to check on John, in his pram, and it was just then that it dawned on me that we were alone in the house together - Tim and I. What I mean is - I knew we were alone, but I hadn't thought about it - that way. You know?"

'Also, the whole situation, which should have been a complete turn-off, was having exactly the opposite effect on me! Tim being sweaty, unshaven and, frankly, dirty - the smelly room compared with the bright fresh day outside. "

"Also, I had heard a bit of a scramble just before I went into the bedroom and thought it was just Tim, tidying up, but, as I left to go downstairs, I saw a corner of a magazine poking out from under the pillow. I couldn't tell what it was, but I had a pretty good idea, and the thought that, if I hadn't called out, I might have walked in on him masturbating gave me a very strange feeling. "

"I was thinking about all this while I was waiting for the kettle to boil and I kept visualising Tim, all filthy and sweaty, with his cock in his hand, pumping it up and down and looking at these pictures of girls and reading these stories. Then I imagined him bending at the middle as he started to come and catching it all in a Kleenex... "

"By the time the kettle boiled, I was really shaking and excited, and I suppose - well, I was hoping something might be going to happen. But I had no idea what. My mind was racing. I just got on, automatically, with making tea and setting out cups and things on a tray and I didn't dare think seriously about anything happening, or what I would do, if it did. When everything was ready, I just picked up the tray and set off upstairs without hesitating. I made as much noise as I could, so that Tim would know I was coming - I suppose I thought he might be wanking again and I suppose, deep down, I was terrified of catching him at it... "

"But only because I wouldn't know how to react," Janet added, in a small voice, after a few seconds' hesitation, then laughed, shakily.

"Anyway, when I got into the room, Tim was sitting up, arms folded... "

"What was he wearing?" I interrupted.

"Oh, pyjamas - top and bottom - stripy things, all creased and crumpled. But he had tidied up round the bed - and the magazine had disappeared. I started looking for somewhere to put the tray down, but there wasn't anywhere! Tim was in the spare bedroom and there was no room for anything but a bed in there. So he moved his legs, under the bedclothes, and made a space on the bed for the tray. It was when I was putting the tray down, carefully, that I saw the bulge under the bedclothes. There was only a sheet and a light coverlet on the bed, and there was only one thing that could have caused that shape in them!"

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