New Year's, Risk and Reward


At one moment, she bumped her ass against him, and she popped up like a jack-in-the-box wrapping her arms tightly around me. She laughed as I said, "Derrick had no one to dance with."

She looked at me for a split second with a wrinkled forehead and confused look as if to ask, "What are you up to?"

I leaned down and said, "Come on, everyone left him and he's dancing by himself." I was already extremely worked up watching her dance in front of me, but something in me really wanted to watch her dance in this erotic way with Derrick.

She looked at me for a second almost as if she was waiting for me to say, "Just kidding." I motioned once again and she finally turned and began dancing with Derrick, glancing at me every few seconds still wondering if I was out of my mind. It began with her about four feet from him, but within seconds he moved to within a few inches of her. It was the most sexually arousing thing I had ever watched.

At one point Derrick put his hands on her hips as she turned her back to him dancing. She immediately put her hands on his, and slowly pushed them off as she quickly glanced at me with an "Oh shit" look.

I just leaned up against the desk and gestured with my expression and with the drink I was holding, "Go on, go on, no big deal."

She again wrinkled her forehead and smiled as if to say, "Not what I was expecting, but ok."

If I had been behind a two way mirror at this point I would have been jacking off. Half way through the song I noticed a couple of the folks that were in the room take off, leaving only me, my wife, Derrick, and a guy sitting by himself over by the music. I also noticed he was rolling what had to be weed. That made me a bit nervous because Kristen is very anti-drug of any kind. I soon forgot about it giving all my attention back to watching Kristen and Derrick dance.

By this time she was actually allowing him to put his hands on her hips as they danced. It was mind blowing watching my wife do a slight grind with him on occasion. It slowly developed into her seriously teasing him and me. She is not dumb by any means. My expression and demeanor must have blared that I approved and loved it. I had no idea how I would ultimately feel seeing Derrick up against my wife's ass, but the more I watched it the more it drove me erotically nuts, especially when I noticed that everything in his sweatpants was becoming unbelievably obvious. What was simply dangling was now about ten percent aroused and clear to see. It would have embarrassed most, but he still acted as if it was completely normal, which for him it might have been. If I had that much luggage down there, I might be the same way.

As the second song ended, Derrick in a joking manner bowed and kissed her hand as if they had just danced the waltz. She bowed and we all cracked up laughing. Derrick began walking toward the boom box, as Kristen came to me and planted a huge hug and very sexual kiss on me. After a few seconds of kissing she said she had to use the bathroom. She gave me another peck and walked toward the bathroom. As she got a few feet away, I began following her.

I entered behind her and closed the door when she immediately asked, "Baby, I have to pee, what's wrong?"

I didn't reply at all. Within a second I pulled her against me by her ass, and we began to kiss in a very rated X way. I then slowly put my hand between her legs and fumbled for a second or two trying to get my finger under the crotch of her one piece sweater. I finally managed to get it under the crotch as it was very tightly pressed against her. As soon as my finger got under the material it slid into her pussy instantly. I couldn't get over how soaked she was. I only fingered her for a few seconds when she said, "Gosh honey, I really have to go."

When I removed my middle finger from her, I rubbed it against my thumb and it was as slick as if I had just come inside her. As she undone the snaps at her crotch, she pulled everything up and sat on the toilet asking, "What's gotten into you, buddy?"

I didn't reply right away, but finally said, "I don't know. Watching you dance turns me on."

She replied, "You mean watching me dance with Derrick. I'm not dumb."

I quickly replied, "Yeah, for some reason it does turn me on. How about when we go back out you really turn it up. It's no big deal... We'll be leaving soon anyway and besides, we'll never see these people ever again."

Her mouth dropped half way open as I was saying it, with a completely caught off guard look and replied, "There's no way you would say that sober. Are you kidding? Like what?"

I said, "Who knows, just really tease him. Rub up against him and let him put his hands on you a little. You'll never see him again the rest of your life."

She raised her eyebrows replying, "Yes, but I'll see you in the morning and you'll be saying, 'Oh shit a guy had his hands all over you last night, what the hell were we thinking.' "

I kept saying over and over, "No big deal, it's ok, don't worry, we'll never see this guy again, and it's fun."

Finally she smiled and pointed her finger at me saying, "You're drunk and this is your idea, but in a few minutes we're leaving."

I quickly agreed and left the bathroom. As I exited and shut the door behind me, Derrick said, "I didn't see you guys go into the bathroom, cool, I thought you left."

I explained that I was making sure she was feeling ok, telling him everything was ok, and apologizing for not letting him know what we were doing. We small talked for a minute when Kristen suddenly came out. As soon as she did, I said, "DJ, play that shit."

He laughed and said, "Oh hell yeah."

He reached over, pressed a button, and boom, it began with more thunderous raunchy rap music. Kristen put her hands over her face and smiled as she walked up to me and gave me another kiss. As she did, she began squatting low dancing like I've never seen before. Derrick quickly joined her, and for the first few seconds they only danced as they did before, but it began to develop quickly into her really putting her body against him.

After a few more seconds she began grinding her ass against him as he too began putting his hands on her hips and grinding against her. She kept looking at me with a half smile still wondering if I had lost my mind. This went on for a couple more minutes, her facing him and occasionally turning her ass toward him, when suddenly I stood and put my drink down. She instantly left him and danced up to me.

I was insane with erotic thoughts watching her ass press up against his cock, separated only by two thin pieces of material. As she danced in front of me, I put my hands under her skirt, and quickly pulled at the bottom of it, scooting it up over her ass. As I did, I quickly grabbed the left side of the one piece garment covering her ass, and pulled it in such a way that it slid between her ass cheeks, when she immediately said, "Um, you're showing everyone my ass."

I didn't say a word; I just began squeezing her ass. We kissed for a few seconds as I kept pulling at her ass, when suddenly she pulled away a few inches and just stared at me, absolutely expressionless. She stood completely still saying nothing at all.

I took a step closer and once again began squeezing and pulling at her ass. By this time I had her skirt pulled up to her waist. Something in my mind snapped. If given a million years, I could probably never fully explain it; I very slowly reached my right hand between her legs and began rubbing her pussy over the material of her outfit. I only rubbed it for a few seconds when I slightly grabbed at the snaps on the crotch of her one piece sweater. As I did she slowly closed her eyes. After a couple of seconds she opened her eyes and continued staring at me with this expressionless look.

I just kept my fingers on the snaps wondering if at any moment she might react somehow as the music was still booming. I glanced for a split second and noticed a very intent look on Derrick's face as he stared at her ass. After a few seconds I began to very slowly pull at the snaps, being very cautious. After a few seconds of gradually increased pulling, they unsnapped. His mouth dropped open slightly; as she canted her head slightly. She began to give me a combination look of confusion, nervousness, and wonder.

The back half instantly slid half way up her ass and the front half flew up a few inches as well. Derrick was completely motionless but had his hand on his cock over his sweatpants, as he continued staring intently at her ass.

As I leaned down to give her a short kiss, I began cautiously raising both sides up over her ass and just above her waist. At this point Derrick didn't know what to think, he just kept staring at her now bare ass holding his cock through his sweatpants. The other guy in the room too was in a trance watching it all unfold.

She finally pulled my neck down slowly and asked, "What exactly are you doing?"

Before she could finish saying it, I put my hand between her legs and thrust my middle finger as deeply as I could into her warm slippery vagina, as she gasped. She continued to stare at me with her mouth half open and would occasionally wince as I thrust my finger in as far as I could. Derrick still hadn't moved as he watched me finger her. I continued fingering her for at least a minute before I slowly began to pull out a desk chair. After pulling it out, I sat down with her still standing directly in front of me.

I then very cautiously but firmly put my left hand on her right thigh to keep her legs straight and began slowly pulling her upper body down to me. When her upper body was completely bent over to me, with her legs completely straight and spread about two feet, she nervously said, "Honey, this is so risky, and wrong."

Before she even finished saying it I replied, "It's ok, baby." I paused for a few more seconds and then reached with my right hand between her legs, keeping my left firmly on her right thigh. I slid my middle finger in her pussy once more and began slowly fingering her. I began sliding it in as far as I could get it saying, "It's ok, baby... it will only be fucking, nothing more."

She said nothing at all as she remained bent over holding onto my neck. After only a few seconds of fingering her, I removed my finger and motioned in a "come-on" manner to Derrick. He immediately knew what I meant and began walking and pushing his sweatpants down at the same time. I can only imagine what was going through his mind seeing a man he just met motion for him to come fuck his beautiful wife. The sight of Kristen's ass and pussy facing him must have been an incredible sight.

I only glimpsed the size of his cock as he pushed down his pants, but that's all it took. As he slid his sweatpants down, his cock didn't fully come out until his pants were just above his knees. It was at the very least eight to nine inches long, but that's not what worried me. I was taken back most by how thick it was. Let's just say there is a reason why I only put one finger inside Kristen. It's because when I do, I can actually feel her vaginal walls snugly around my middle finger, not squeezing tight, but her vaginal canal is very narrow. I have seven inches and am average thickness, yet she makes me feel like King Kong.

He stood behind her for a second or two, when Kristen asked, "God, Mike, we really aren't doing this are we?"

Right as I began to say, "It's ok."

She sharply squeezed my neck and head as she let out an incredibly strained scream, "Oh my God, Mike... OOH my God... Mike, there's, no way... this isn't going to work."

I kept holding her securely yet calmly saying, "Its ok, baby... it'll be ok... It's all right... you'll be fine." I had to begin pushing her in the opposite direction of his thrusting rhythm because of how much he was leaning into her.

I began to feel her arms tremble as she tightly held my neck and pressed her face against the side of my head. I angled my face slightly downward to look below her shoulders, and the sight was insanely erotic, to an unbelievable degree. It was if time had slowed. In an instant, I began to fully notice how beautiful her legs were, how very sexy her feet were, her red toenail polish, her sexy high heel shoes, his nuts hanging between her legs, the smell of her perfume, his hands squeezing her tiny waist. I mean everything.

His view must have been equally intoxicating, watching his thick black cock stretch her small vaginal opening, holding her petite waist and perfect ass as he pulled and thrust the head of his cock a half inch at a time closer and closer to her unprotected uterus.

Her strained moaning went on for at least five minutes as she continued tightly squeezing my neck and head. I could tell he was fighting to get every inch of his cock inside her. Occasionally he would take it very slowly as if letting her get used to him. I began looking under her shoulders more and more, because as I said before, it was the most erotically blissful view imaginable.

After he was all the way inside her, or what I thought was all the way inside her, I noticed his nuts still not pressing fully up against her ass. Again, I have seven inches and I always find my way to the very back of her vagina, so I figured he had found it with an inch and a half to spare. Her screaming went from a scream to a very loud "MM... MM... MM... Oh... God..." with every thrust. I could tell she was getting more and more used to his size.

I continued watching under her shoulders for a couple more minutes as he fucked her, completely convinced that she was finally ok with his size as he smoothly thrust in a very controlled manner. Without warning, he suddenly paused for a second. With his cock in as far as I thought it would go, I watched him grip her waist much tighter than he had before. As he did, I noticed that he very slowly yet forcefully began to pull her waist toward him as he simultaneously thrust.

Kristen let out the most strained and labored scream I have ever heard from her. She was squeezing my neck so tightly she just about tore my head off my shoulders. Somehow he managed to stuff his last inch and a half inside her, as I watched his nuts slowly smash between the one inch space between her upper legs at her crotch.

After he was, without a doubt, completely inside her, pulling and thrusting with a great force, he would at times hold a very tense thrust as deep as he could for usually about five seconds or so. Every time he did, I watched as his nuts slowly moved in his scrotum and I couldn't believe she was taking his entire length.

She continued to squeeze my neck with all her strength as she began to quickly pant with forceful exhalations against the side of my face. I honestly thought she was going to hyperventilate. After another episode of his thrusting and holding himself as deep inside her for a few seconds, he sharply withdrew with what had to only be the head of his cock still inside her, when SLAM. He violently crashed against her with all his might and every inch of his cock. She screamed extremely loudly every time he violently thrust his cock all the way inside her. She took her right hand from my neck and clenched the desk behind me because I could no longer hold her against the force.

This went on for a couple of minutes with her continuing to scream with every sharp thrust of his cock when, out of the blue, he began to thrust erratically and moan like he was trying to lift the back of a car -- the look on his face was unreal. Again it looked as if he was trying to lift a car.

He withdrew once more to the point that he was surely almost out of her pussy, when SLAM. He thrust his cock with so much force Kristen's knees slightly bent and her heels came off the floor, and they stayed that way. There was a sharp loud smacking sound as his body instantly crashed against her ass. He held his breath and very tightly squeezed her waist as every vein on his body engorged. His entire body was bone crushingly rigid as he shook, holding this thrust as deep as he could inside her pussy.

The music on the boom box had ended just a minute before this, so her every scream was intensified a thousand times.

Kristen, let out a blood curdling scream damn near tearing my neck off as she squeezed and held the edge of the desk. After she screamed, she too seemed to be holding her breath every few seconds and would forcefully exhale. A few seconds after he held this thrust, she began moaning, "Oh, God, no... no... no... not in me." I knew it was the instant she felt the first jet of his seed splash against her cervix.

I watched under her shoulders staring between her legs as he held this bone crushing thrust, when suddenly she took her hand from my neck and pressed it against her stomach as if trying to relieve the pressure of his cock filling her.

Again time seemed to slow. In an instant I noticed everything. I watched as she pressed her beautiful hand into her stomach, I noticed her wedding rings inches from his large black nuts, I glanced as his nuts slowly churned in his scrotum, I watched as her legs trembled with her heels barely off the ground, I listened to every one of her forceful exhalations knowing that with every exhale hundreds of millions of his sperm were shooting directly against her cervix and swimming their way into her fertile uterus.

You would be surprised how much "in denial" one is during something like this, especially when it is the absolute first experience. It is so intensely surreal; everything is absorbed with somewhat of a delayed reaction.

For me, reality didn't fully hit until I witnessed a slight semen smear at Kristen's pussy turn into a small drip, which began to grow into a glob, which finally stretched and dropped to the carpet. Over the course of two minutes or so, I watched this happen several times.

Even after Derrick was completely finished inseminating her, he kept squeezing her hips and holding his cock as far as he could get it in her pussy. Kristen toward the end began kissing me very wildly. When she moaned or exhaled in ecstasy it drove me up the wall with intense erotic feelings. I grabbed the back of her head and we kissed like animals.

We kissed like this for about thirty seconds with me taking her hand and putting it on my diamond hard cock, when suddenly she stopped and stared at me smiling. After a few seconds she said jokingly, "Ok... it's New Years... I'm holding tightly onto my husband... another man's penis is in my vagina... he just ejaculated inside me... Um... is this supposed to be... Happy New Year?"

I kind of chuckled replying, "Happy New Year... Yep things might have gotten a little out of hand, but I can't tell you how much it rocked my world."

She gave me a quick peck and turned her head around to Derrick saying, "I'll be willing to bet that when you heard my drug speech five years ago, you didn't realize we'd someday fuck."

He politely replied, "Who would have ever thought this would happen, but that's not to say I didn't think about it."

Kristen began to rise up, and as she did his cock dropped out of her. I instantly noticed a couple of large globs of semen drop to the carpet from her pussy. She immediately began holding her hips and slowly raising her feet off the floor as if she was cramped up. As she did, semen began smearing between her thighs. It was once again one of the most erotic things I had ever seen, watching as her inner thighs pulled apart while thin sticky streams of semen stuck between them.

If I had even touched my cock at this point I would have exploded. For some reason Derrick immediately said he had to go move his car and took off. We barely got to say good bye to him.

Kristen sat on the bed with her drink she hadn't finished before with a look of, "What the hell just happened?" asking me, "Are we leaving now?"

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