New Year's, Risk and Reward


I quickly said, "Yes, but I have to use the bathroom."

She jumped up and began snapping the buttons at her crotch asking, "Are we insane? We love each other too much to be doing this stupid shit. What the hell are we thinking?"

I stepped over to her giving a big hug and putting my right hand between her legs saying, "It's not a big deal, I still love you more than you know. Seriously, it's nothing. I loved it, and sometimes couples experiment." The turn on of sliding two of my fingers inside her, feeling her flooded pussy, was overpowering. I was determined to go into the bathroom and jack off to relieve the unbelievable amount of semen I had built up. I wanted it to appear that I was still in control and trying my best to downplay it as if it was nothing. I wanted to fuck her so badly I could taste it, but kept to my "no big deal" stance. I've had a vasectomy and may not have a single sperm shooting, but my semen level was about to explode.

I finally made it to the bathroom and with almost every stroke I just about came. I stayed in the bathroom for about three minutes before I finally decided to save it for when we got to our room. I got my pants pulled up and zipped and exited the bathroom.

As I did, I immediately stopped in my tracks and stepped back into the bathroom with the light off, because I noticed Kristen and the other man speaking face to face. I couldn't believe Kristen had her drink in her hand, because she was already quite drunk. I was equally shocked that she was casually speaking to a guy who just watched her get her brains fucked out by his friend.

I stood there for a few seconds and got the fucked up idea that since this bathroom connected to the bedroom, I would slip in around to the bedroom door, six feet from where she was standing. It was cracked about a foot. I figured I could stay in the shadows and not be seen. It was absolutely killing me wondering what they were talking about.

As I sneaked through the bedroom of the suite I thought for a split second, I am absolutely out of my fucking mind. I've lost it.

When I arrived at the crack in the door, I was floored with how I could hear absolutely everything they were saying. Kristen was facing me directly and the guy had his back to me leaning on an island in the kitchen of the suite.

I must have gotten in on the tail end of what they were talking about, because the first audible thing I made out was Kristen saying, "I know he loves me and other people do this, but I had no idea he wanted to watch me fuck another guy."

Within a few seconds I ascertained that they were discussing the rights and wrongs of what just happened. He replied several times telling her that a lot of couples do it like this. He went on to say that husbands love it and wives start to like it too.

Kristen kept glancing back at the bathroom door that I shut, locked, and with the light off, asking "How do you know? How do you know husbands love it?"

He replied, "I used to be married and my wife and me regularly done this. Hell, we got divorced because of a dog that couldn't learn to go outside. The best part of our marriage was spice like this. Trust me, your husband loved it."

Just as I was about to turn and bolt back to the bathroom, I saw him grab her by the hand and say, "You believe me, right?"

She kept glancing back at the bathroom, but finally said, "I guess... nothing else makes sense."

As soon as she did, he stood up and pulled at her, and she immediately said, "He's right in that bathroom, you goof."

This guy replied, "I'll bet he's fine, just using the bathroom, probably not feeling too good with all he drank."

Kristen had a shocked smile on her face telling him, "No fucking way."

As she kept glancing over her shoulder at the bathroom pulling away from him, I noticed he put his right hand between her legs. She kept looking at him wide-eyed and serious, glancing back and forth at the bathroom door, when in an instant she winced and forcefully gasped. I knew he just unsnapped the crotch of her outfit and stuck his finger in her pussy.

After only a couple seconds of it, she said, "Ok, stop... This is nuts... No more... I have to find my husband."

In the middle of her speaking he replied, "I didn't tell you, he left."

For a quick second I was confused, but just as quickly I knew what he was doing. I'm sure he thought I had passed out in the bathroom, because I had been "in there" for close to ten minutes at this point.

Kristen immediately said, "No way, he'd never leave me here."

She pushed him away and walked to the bathroom, and pushed the door wide open. I had locked it, but didn't shut it completely. I was in a crisis wondering what the hell to do. This was in no way planned whatsoever.

Kristen came back to the kitchen and said, "He must have gone to our room."

I have no idea what this guy's name was, but he quickly said, "I told you, he's gone, stay here, relax. He might come back."

She replied, "Oh my God, he's probably going to divorce me over tonight. This was a big fucking mistake."

This guy walked to her and said, "Hear me. He wanted you to do what you did, and he loved it. He could have stopped it any time, or you could have stopped it any time. It's normal. Stop trying to make it a bad thing. If you guys have a room, he's probably passed out."

Once again he grabbed her wrist and pulled her toward him, as she said, "No, I really need to find him. I think he probably did go to our room."

Once again I watched as he reached his hand under her skirt as she just stood there wide eyes glancing at the door saying, "No, what if he comes through the door damn it?"

He pulled her into him, leaned down, and began kissing her. I was in shock that she began kissing him, but was so out of my mind with hormones and voyeuristic ecstasy, I didn't care. I began unzipping my pants, still not caring if any one of the people who were staying in this room suddenly decided to come back.

They kissed for about a minute as I watched his right shoulder move in rhythm as he fingered her pussy. My cock was draining an enormous amount of pre-come. Every time I touched my cock I just about came.

This guy finally stopped kissing her and pulled her right toward the room I was in, standing behind the door. I thought this was it. There was about to be the most embarrassing, odd, fucked up, awkward, moment of my life.

I just about came to terms with it and was ready to expose myself when they walked right past the door and to the foot of the bed. Thank God he didn't go for the light and only swung the door open a couple of feet. If he had opened the door three more inches, it would have hit my feet.

Kristen reluctantly kept saying, "I can't do this... I need to find my husband... This is so wrong... If I got pregnant doing this I'd friggin shoot myself."

He said, "If you're taking birth control, there's no chance."

She immediately replied, "Damn it, my husband has two children from another marriage and got a vasectomy afterwards. I'm not taking anything."

He grabbed her and began kissing her again when after a few seconds he said, "I can control myself. I won't come in you. Besides baby, Derrick already has cum in you, mine isn't gonna make a difference."

She pushed him away and walked to the door of the front room to look at the main door as if to check once more, coming within two feet of me as she walked past. As she turned and walked back toward the bed she said, "Oh my God I'll regret this... This is insane... This is absolutely insane... What the fuck am I doing?"

The guy began taking off his pants as she walked back to the bed. I instantly noticed that he too was hung and incredibly thick. Unlike Derrick, he was also uncircumcised. But the most daunting thing was how petite she was and how enormous he was in contrast. He was as least 6'4" and close to 240 lbs, while as I stated before, Kristen is only 5'2" and 107 lbs.

She just stood at the end of the bed with her fingers over her mouth maintaining a very worried look, staring at the bedroom door. The guy continued to get undressed taking off his shirt and socks too. In less than a minute he was completely naked.

He walked to Kristen and said, "Relax, I'll help you find him. Seriously, he's asleep in your all's room. I'll help you find him, really."

She glanced back at the door once more, when instantly she feverishly began unzipping the side of her skirt. As she hurriedly scooted it down past her hips and stepped out of it, she said, "I don't care if Derrick came in me, don't you come inside me."

He immediately replied, "No way... Not possible... I won't"

She grabbed at the bottom of her one piece sweater and tore it up over her head, making sure to turn the sleeves right side in when she did. The last thing she did was reach behind her back and take off her bra. She fought with it for a second but eventually let it roll down her arms as she carefully threw it on her sweater. At this very moment she was only wearing her shoes. I was not even in my right state of mind as I stood there motionless, watching. I couldn't believe how damn good she looked at this very moment and how much I wanted to fuck her.

I was in a temporary moment of erotic insanity.

As soon as her bra hit the floor, he carefully pulled her to him as she once again very sternly told him, "Not in me."

He instantly replied, "Not a chance."

She turned her back to the foot of the bed, slowly sat on the edge, and leaned back on her elbows while spreading her legs. Simultaneously, he was going down with her as he put his left hand down beside her and positioned his cock with his right hand. There was no foreplay whatsoever; this was going to be immediate fucking. I was anxiously waiting for her to scream like she did only a half hour before, but as I watched the head of his cock slowly push against her cum soaked pussy lips, she didn't make a sound.

She reached down and helped guide his cock inside her, and as he leaned in with all 6'4", 240 lbs of himself, the only sound I heard was her softly gasping, "Oh my God..."

I was only twelve feet from them as I stood behind the door. I witnessed his cock shove approximately three inches inside her already cum flooded pussy, when he began slowly thrusting his cock and moving his ass in an animalistic way. Within a minute he was inside her all but about two inches. Again, I knew that he must have hit the end of her vaginal canal just like I had witnessed when Derrick fucked her.

Like Derrick he too began fucking her with all but the last two inches of his cock, when after about two minutes of being gentle, he slowly shoved it in up to his nuts. As he shoved, it looked as if he had entered a part of her vaginal canal that had never seen a cock before. Her vagina sunk in slightly and eventually popped around the remaining two inches of his cock, almost as if his cock pushed into and finally broke through depths of her vagina completely unknown except to him and Derrick. Until this night I thought when my cock was bumped the back of her vaginal canal that was it.

I was absolutely floored that all she did was push her hands against his thighs slightly and yelp in a quick and labored utterance, "Oh fuck." It drove me nuts that not only was she taking his entire cock, she wasn't screaming at all, only gasping and moaning with his thrusts... and I've only heard her say fuck twice in fourteen years.

He began pounding against her violently. It was intoxicating watching his nuts hit her beautiful ass over and over, seeing her amazing legs jolt in the air with every thrust. He was so huge; his right hand held the entire left side of her petite ass. As I watched him back thrust, it absolutely drove me up the wall seeing how her pussy stretched around his cock. With every back thrust her vagina clung to his cock and sharply plunged inwards with his forward thrust. She kept saying in the most strained voice, over and over, "Oh God... Oh God... Oh God..." when after a few minutes, the frequency of her saying it increased as did the volume. It went on for about five minutes like that.

In an instant, I noticed her head snap back facing the headboard as she arched her back and grabbed the sides of his ass. She dug her heels against the edge of the bed pulling him as deep as she could get him while pulling at his ass. The muscles in her legs began to quiver as she strained. He eventually shoved in all the way and lifted her ass completely off the mattress. He stayed motionless, as she went completely rigid. For at least five seconds she remained in this convulsively rigid state, when I heard the most unbelievably vocal, "OOOOHHHH MMMYYYY GGGOOODDD...!"

I couldn't take my eyes off of his cock buried in her pussy as he held her ass off the bed. I was in complete denial as I watched a watery, cloudy white liquid pulse from her vagina. The space between her pussy and her ass was convulsing in a rhythmic contraction. With every pulse a watery stream sharply pulsed out of her pussy around his cock and down her ass to the sheets.

Within a few seconds or so of her orgasm, he withdrew his cock halfway and watched her pussy squirt. He began saying all sorts of things like, "OH DAMN... OH DAMN... Oh SHIT... Oh hell yeah, baby. You gettin' fucked with a real man's cock now, baby... That's my pussy now, baby... Your man can't fuck you like me can he, baby? Can he, baby?"

He repeated it several times until she moaned in a strained voice, "No."

He continued on and on, "You like my big cock don't ya, baby? Tell me? C'mon, baby, tell me." He wouldn't stop until she said something.

I didn't think she would do it, but finally she began straining and repeating, "I love your cock. Oh God I really love your cock."

It didn't even seem real.

Kristen was midway through her orgasm, unlike any she had ever experienced in her life, when he suddenly thrust with all his strength, strongly flexing his ass. He buried his cock as deeply as he possibly could inside her during the remainder of her orgasm. I watched them hold each other in this almost animalistic breeding embrace, pulling at one another's ass, moving their hips slowly in perfect rhythmic unison. This went on for what seemed like an eternity but in actuality was probably more like five minutes. After perhaps this fifth minute he began saying, "Oh fuck it's close... Oh fuck it's close... I'm gonna cum, baby... I'm gonna cum, baby... "

Kristen didn't utter a word; she remained in a state of semirigid ecstasy.

After he repeated it perhaps fifteen times, he slowly pulled Kristen's ass to the very edge of the bed with his cock still half way inside her when, in an instant...

He grabbed both sides of her ass and lifted as he slammed and drove the head of his cock at least nine inches deep into her fertile vagina. He arched his back looking straight at the ceiling, flexing every muscle in his body, as he began letting out a thunderous roar. Only her head and shoulders were still on the bed. It was surreal as I watched her beautiful legs just dangle at his sides as she clenched just above his wrists digging her fingernails into his skin. He just kept on and on bellowing this possessed sounding deep roar. After perhaps fifteen seconds or so, I began seeing cum hanging off his nuts as it dangled and dropped to the carpet.

Just when I thought it would end soon, Kristen began softly moaning which built into wildly saying, "YYYeesss... Oh God yes... Don't.... AHHH GGGOOODDD DON'T STOP... OH FFFFUCK."

About fifteen seconds into her doing this, she put her heels against his ass and went completely silent and bone crushingly rigid. Just a couple of seconds into her tense rigid silence, I began seeing the same familiar watery liquid as in her first orgasm dripping from his nuts and running down the inside of his legs.

I could tell he was nearly spent, but he continued firmly holding his entire length inside her, continuing to hold her ass off the bed, occasionally giving a convulsive jerk of his body.

He kept gasping, "Oh yea, baby... Squeeze my cock... Squeeze my cock... Oh yea keep squeezing my cock."

I knew her vagina must have been pulsating and contracting around his cock as she orgasmed. I couldn't even imagine what mind blowing ecstasy that must have felt like.

Kristen remained in her second orgasm for at least two minutes with her heels firmly pulling at his ass as she thrust her hips in a violent jerking convulsion at times. I swear it was almost as if she lost all control and was desperately trying to insure her chances of becoming fertilized. From after the first five minutes of them fucking, it completely ceased being fucking and became more like a quest for her to become pregnant.

I was utterly out of my mind with a myriad of emotions.

Without warning, she finally relaxed almost going limp letting her legs just fall to his sides. He began very gently lowering her ass down onto the bed. As he was lowering her, he let his cock slowly slide and fall out of her. It was like a plug was removed from her as I watched clumps of thick chunky semen leak from her gaping pussy, between her ass cheeks, and down to the sheets. She was literally greased from one side of her ass to the other and her crotch and pussy were a mess with a cocktail of smeared and leaking seed from both him and Derrick.

Between the massive amounts of seed leaking from her and the orgasmic liquid squirts, the edge of the mattress and the carpet just below it looked like a gang bang might have taken place. The sheet was so wet I could actually see the pattern of the mattress through the sheet. She continued lying there for about a minute with her legs spread holding her arms over her face as he walked away and back into the kitchen. As he walked past the door I was behind, I noticed his cock was greased completely, and his pubic hair and nuts were smeared with cum.

She didn't say anything at first as she lay there, but finally rose to her elbows and said, "What the fuck did I just do? He's too good for someone like me... I must be fucking insane... I have to go."

She rose up and reached for her sweater. She hurriedly, almost in a panic, began putting it over her head, stretching it down to her crotch, slightly spreading her legs, and snapping it.

She then quickly leaned down, picked up her skirt and walked within two feet of me as she too went into the kitchen where he had been for a few minutes. As soon as she walked right past the door I was behind, I bolted back through the bathroom I began this experience in, and very gingerly walked through it and very carefully opened the front door and closed it not even shutting it fully.

I very briskly walked down the hallway and waited in a stairwell at the end of the hall, making sure she would eventually come out. After only a few minutes, I heard a door close. Barely peeking around the corner of the wall, I saw that it was Kristen making for the elevator. I flew down the stairwell and sprinted to our room, barely finding it in time after first going in the wrong direction down the hallway. I quickly darted into the room and undressed down to by boxers and walked into the bathroom.

I must not have been in the bathroom for more than ten seconds when I heard her fumble with the door's card swipe. I watched as she very slowly opened it and very cautiously walked in a few steps.

After she was in the room and the door was shut I walked out of the bathroom rubbing my eyes. She jumped putting her hand over her chest saying, "You just scared the hell out of me."

I immediately walked over to her saying nothing at all as I pulled her to me. She immediately began saying, "Do you realize you abandoned me up there? Do you?"

I continued my silence, leaned down, and began kissing her neck. As I did, I went to reach my hand between her crotch and she instantly grabbed my hand saying, "Mike, hasn't there been enough excitement for one night?"

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