New York


It was supposed to be a fun long weekend away for my girlfriend and I but it turned out anything but how we imagined. Let me explain; Kristi, my 27-year-old girlfriend of the last three years and I had planned to spend the holiday weekend in New York City--a first for both of us. The itinerary was not fancy; just three nights in a nice hotel and some time to see the sights and catch a Broadway musical. Little did I imagine that we ourselves would be the ones providing entertainment instead!

Friday afternoon, right after work Kristi and I headed straight to the airport, here in Charlotte where we have always lived. She's a medical receptionist in a busy office and I work in pharmaceutical sales. I sell supplies to the doctor's office that she works for; she caught my eye the first time we met, with her natural dirty-blonde hair, big, expressive eyes and smoking hot figure. Her out-going personality is infectious and we hit it off right away. Luckily we share a lot of the same interests--including nights out on the town. For a long time we wanted to see a show in New York, so we were both excited as we boarded the two-hour flight from Charlotte to JFK.

Once we arrived in New York, we exited the airport and looked for a taxi in the huge crowd of yellow cabs. As we walked out a cabbie waved us over and pulled alongside. The trunk lid popped up and he jumped out to take our bags.

"Where to?" he asked.

I answered with the name of the hotel and we were off. There was no small talk as we pulled into traffic, and I remember looking around at all the New York traffic, glad to not be driving myself. After that it gets hazy; there was a funny smell and I started to feel drowsy all of a sudden. By the time I realized something was wrong, it was too late to do anything--I blacked out. I suppose it must have been some sort of gas used on us, but it seemed pretty crazy at the time. Since the driver was not affected, this cab must have been specially designed with a sealed enclosure for the rear seats. Since all taxis have partitions now, we certainly didn't notice anything out of the ordinary. In any case, I cannot describe the rest of the journey or where we were taken as I was unconscious, as I assume was my girlfriend.

When I came to, my first realization was that I was lying on a cold, smooth floor made of large and fancy ceramic tile, and that I was completely nude. As I jerked awake, I quickly realized too that my hands were cuffed behind my back, my ankles were also cuffed together, and that there was a short chain connecting the two sets. I rolled on my side and struggled to get up--no easy feat when you're hands are bound behind you, and noted that there was a collar around my neck with a chain leash running down the front. The leash was padlocked to a ring in the floor and was long enough for me to rise to my knees, but no further. My wife was beside me, similarly restrained. She must have awoken first as she was already kneeling up and struggling to pull her leash from the floor attachment. The finishing touch was that we both had large black rubber balls forced between our teeth each held in place by a leather harness that buckled over the head. Kristi's beautiful blue eyes were wide with fear as she peered out between the black leather straps of the harness. Communicating with anything but simple looks was obviously not an option.

When one finds oneself tied up, the natural reaction is to struggle. However, in a situation like this it doesn't last long as it became quickly apparent that we were going nowhere. We were side by side in the middle of a large, nicely-decorated room. The ceiling was arched and high, and had the look of a mansion, complete with chandeliers, oil paintings, and some fancy furniture scattered here and there.

I could hear what seemed like the muffled sounds of a cocktail party coming from somewhere nearby. After a few minutes of simply sitting on my heels and waiting the doors at the end of the room opened. I expected to then find out who had done this and why we were here but it was not to be. We truly were at a cocktail party--and a fancy one at that. The guests walked through casually and really did not show any sort of surprise to see a couple of young people chained to the floor nude! It was as if this were an everyday occurrence.

"Mmmmmmmmggghhhh" I grunted in earnest at the first nicely-dressed couple who walked by, but to no avail. They looked at me and smiled. I suppose that they knew full well that we were bound here against our wills and no amount of complaint would improve the situation. Quite soon we came to the realization that we were no different from the furniture, and for the most part being ignored. Apart from shifting once in a while to ease the knee strain, all we could do was simply stay where we had been placed. Luckily the temperature in the room was such that being completely nude was not too much of a problem--other than the embarrassment of not being able to hide from the fully-clothed strangers milling about, chatting, and sipping on their drinks.

After about an hour--maybe more, but it was hard to tell, a couple entered the room and started directly for us. From the walk and posture I could tell that they came with a purpose, and were likely in charge. They were both in nice shape and good looking, but obviously quite a bit older than us, as were most of the guests. I would put the man in his early 50's with a handsome face framed by graying, short-cropped hair. The woman was probably a bit younger--and quite beautiful, but with a hard look in her eyes, strong features, and long, dark, wavy hair. When they reached us, the stopped and seemed to look us up and down for a bit. Both had a smug, pleased look about them.

"I suppose you have some questions for me" the man started, looking me in the eye, "well go ahead, ask."

I responded with a sarcastic "mmmmmmph!" to which they both started to laugh.

"Oh I'm sorry; you seem to be at a loss for words right now. Well good then, I'll do all the talking"

He then bent down on one knee and reached behind my head, grabbing me by the back of my neck. His other hand went to my crotch and encircled my flaccid cock. This was a very strange feeling indeed. He bent closer to my face and continued: "you have been brought here to provide entertainment for my guests. I'm sure this is not what you want, but that is the point. If you were willing, it wouldn't be even half as fun."

"You won't be hurt, at least not badly--nothing that won't heal. We just have a few games we want to play and you are, shall we say, the toys. You can play along and do exactly as we say, or you can try to resist. It doesn't really matter to us, however disobedience will end up causing you more pain."

At this point he started to slowly rub my cock in a sensual way. Being a straight male it was an extremely weird place I was in as I found my manhood starting to react and stiffen. My wife looked on in horror as he continued, but I tried hard not to look back at her as he continued to talk and rub.

"In case you haven't figured out yet, the games will be mostly sexual in nature. My guests have some slightly unique tastes, so you can expect to be used in more ways than you can imagine. I see you're getting some enjoyment already--that's good. You can expect to take a few cocks yourself while you watch your lovely lady over here being well used by both sexes. Call this a learning experience. Who knows; you may even learn to enjoy it."

By this time, a small crowd of the other guests had circled around us and were quietly watching his monologue. I could see an excited and hungry look in some of their eyes. I couldn't really count, but the room appeared to have about 40 people in it. If we were indeed the "entertainment" for however long this would last, we were going to be busy. I desperately did not want to be in this position, but could see no way out at hand.

The woman, who had stood silently by now moved toward my girlfriend. I felt so sorry for Kristi as she was visibly trembling in her chains. I was afraid of what was to happen to us, and yet hard as a rock now due to the insistent light caresses of this obviously experienced man. Various guests had commented on my situation and I noticed some whispering and pointing, but alas I could do nothing.

The woman pulled out another leather harness of some sort from behind her and knelt down in front of my wife. It appeared to be a sort of bra at first, but open in the front. As she adjusted it, it became obvious that it was less for holding up the breasts but had two straps with buckles that were designed to go around the base of each tit and tighten. The effect was to cause Kristi's delicious, B-cup mammaries to round out like balloons and go a little pink. The nipples were then also accentuated and extended forward from her body. She struggled back and forth as this was going on, but being chained to the floor and hogtied on your knees makes a person pretty helpless.

"Now, now slave... hold still while I get you all sorted out here," she instructed as she pulled each strap tight and did up the buckles, "or else this is going to go badly for you. The harder you make this for me, the more punishment you will earn."

The man had now stopped caressing my hard cock, and was fiddling with some black rubber straps and buckles. These he wrapped around me at the base of my cock and in front of my ball sack. Another strap went between the balls and connected the other two together. When he tightened them, the result was my balls were divided and pushed forwards. They squeezed out between the straps much like Kristi's tits. I think this was designed to cut off some circulation and keep my dick hard, and it was working. My tool stuck out forward and was more purple and veined than I had ever seen. Of course in front of all these staring people I was more humiliated than I had ever been.

"There, don't you two look good. Let's have a little fun now, and show you who is boss here," said the man as he looked back and forth between Kristi and me.

I didn't think we needed to be "shown" as he put it, as people chained naked on their knees are obviously not in charge of anything. When I saw the leather floggers come out, I realized what he meant. We were to be punished to enforce our submission. I'm sure I don't need to tell you that we were both visibly afraid. The guests started to line up in front of us, men and women mixed in each of two lines, obviously one for me and one for Kristi. These people had obviously done this before as they needed no instruction from the couple running the show. Each would take a flogger and step up to one of us, giving us three good whacks. They hurt, and they landed on various parts of our anatomy. Three only from each guest, but all tried to be creative.

The guests would cheer each other on, and that sound was punctuated by the consistent slap of leather on skin, and the grunts, groans, and panting from the two hapless victims--Kristi and me. We'd been on our knees for hours by this point, but that discomfort was insignificant when eclipsed by the pain of the flogging.

At one point I noticed that someone had set up four video cameras around the room, but all pointed at us. This was painful, embarrassing and being recorded too! Kristi's beautiful smooth skin was starting to show red stripes in all kinds of places, and I assume mine was as well. Once in a while someone would whip her tits, and it must have really hurt as she would shriek loudly from behind her gag with each one.

I can't say how long this went on for, but when it finally ended I was breathing heavily and my eyes were clouded with tears. I must have looked a pitiful sight, chained and panting but with my cock standing at attention, bound by that little strap contraption. I couldn't imagine what was to be next, but didn't have too long to wait to find out.

"Now slaves, you are about to learn something about service. My guests here have gotten their excitement level up and would like a little oral relief. Both of you nod your heads yes if you are ready and willing to help out in this department."

"Uck oooo!" I shot back, garbled by my ball gag, but clear enough to be understood. My girlfriend shook her head back and forth and made mewing, pleading sounds with a frightened look in her eyes.

"I had hoped you would be more cooperative in this next stage, but I see some special incentive needs to be added. However, before we do this I'm going to give you one more chance. You have to understand that you are BOTH going to suck some cocks and pussies now no matter what. If you nod your head, you will do it willingly, without pain. If you do not, I will ensure that you will still fulfill my request, but you will do so in a most uncomfortable manner. What'll it be?"

Kristi continued to plead, tears streaming down her face and dripping from the gag harness. I repeated my last expletive and started at the man like the piece of shit he was, holding us here like this.

"Right" he said turning on his heel, "set them up."

A couple of helpers appeared from somewhere holding a bundle of wires and two black boxes on 3-foot high stands. The boxes were placed in front and to the side of each of us, and when unwrapped it was obvious the wires were actually electrical leads with clamps. The clamps were applied unceremoniously our nipples and the leads connected to the boxes. The woman walked forward and clicked a switch on each box, one with each hand. Immediately I felt a pulsing pricking feeling in each of my nipples. It was uncomfortable and annoying but not that painful.

"Are you enjoying this? Good," he chuckled in a sarcastic fashion.

"This is just to keep your attention and is the lowest setting. When you don't follow instructions, we will turn the control to high until you fall in line. My wife will now demonstrate."

Demonstrate she did, cranking the big knob on each of these boxes up. The pain was incredible. My field of vision went white and I heard myself squeal through the gag like a pig. A second later it was gone, and the insistent pulsation returned.

"Okay, now listen carefully. We are going to remove your gags. You will say nothing. If you resist, talk, yell, or anything your clamps will go back to the highest setting, and stay there until full compliance is given," she said firmly. "Do you understand? Not a word, and keep your mouths open while we change your gags."

I felt hands at the buckles behind my head and saw in my peripheral vision that Kristi's gag was being similarly removed. My jaw ached and was stiff when the ball slid out. I couldn't help myself and started to ask the question that was foremost in my mind--how long would we be held here like this.

"Silence!" he cut me off, with an angry shout. "Open!" he added when I clamped my mouth shut. Almost at once, that evil woman turned up the power on my box. The pain was incredible and I couldn't help screaming.

"Silence and open your mouth and it will stop" he added.

I did, and sure enough, his wife returned the level to low. I was trembling from the shock, but I sat there quietly with my mouth wide open, as did Kristi. The man began to laugh.

'There, now you're learning" he said with a condescending smirk. "Put in the rings!" he instructed his helpers. A couple of gags were produced which were similar to the first ones, but had large hard rubber rings instead of balls. In no way did I want to be re-gagged but the fear of more pain caused us to obediently sit there with our mouths wide open. In retrospect I realize that it is even more humiliating to be made part of the process of your submission and this is exactly what was happening.

The wide rings were pulled hard into our open mouths and strapped tightly. I had no illusion what this gag was for; anything could be forced into my mouth or throat and I could neither prevent it nor talk. My tongue was now free to move around but this didn't seem like a comfort. The other new problem was that we both began to drool uncontrollably.

Our captor looked pleased, "good, now you are ready for our guests. I'm sure you know what to do, but I shall demonstrate on your pretty girlfriend over here."

With that he moved in front of Kristi and undid his pants, pulling his cock out and guiding it toward her mouth. There was a rattle of chains as she instinctively turned her head and tried to evade the oral penetration but with his other hand he simply grabbed a fistful of her hair and used it to steady her head for entry. Without any sort of caring, he thrust his member straight into her throat. She gagged and coughed but he just stood there nonchalantly, withdrawing only slightly so she could still breathe.

He addressed my Kristi, "slave, now listen carefully. I expect a little more effort on your part. You are not here simply as an open mouth to be used, but to pleasure me. I am going to release your hair and you are going to keep my cock in your lovely warm throat while using your tongue to caress it like it is the most important job you have ever done. Remember I will have my hand on the control feeding the power to those clamps... the more I enjoy your service, the lower the level you will experience. If I get bored, or even think you aren't putting forth your best effort, you will feel a reminder in those nipples."

Kristi needed no further warning. Although her teary eyes showed fear and disgust, she went to work on that cock in earnest. I could feel my own twitch just watching but suddenly my view was obscured when our captor's wife thrust her bare pussy in my face.

"Stick out your tongue slave, and get to work" she barked, and at the same time gave my control a little tweak, sending sharp pain into both my nipples. I'm not new to eating pussy but doing so with a ring gag installed is a little trickier. Even so, I leaned forward as much as I could and went to work caressing her parts with my tongue. Her juices were already flowing so my face got soaked quickly with her musky scent. Even as I worked away on this strange woman I could hear the slurping sounds beside me as my dear Kristi serviced that big hard cock. Suddenly though, there was a loud coughing sound from Kristi and the woman yanked my head out of her crotch and turned me to watch the love of my life as our captor ejaculated right into her throat.

"See the huge load of cum your pretty girlfriend is taking obediently? She has learned her place quickly, now get back to work. I want to orgasm and soon!"

With that she turned up my nipple clamps another level, not as painful as the maximum, but giving me enough discomfort and reminding me to double my efforts on her pussy. I licked and licked and eventually I felt her tense up and start to shiver. She pressed hard against my face and of course with my collar still chained to the floor, I couldn't really pull away. I hoped that this would be the orgasm that she was seeking and that I would get a rest from use. I was right on only the first part because she stepped away from me allowing my head to slump down, but I would get no rest.

"Okay then, now let the games begin!" our captor said with a flourish, as he stepped away and motioned for the guests to have a go at us. This felt nothing like a game to me, as I was next presented with what I had been dreading ever since this started. There I was, chained to the floor in a room full of strangers and a large man was aiming his hard member at my open mouth. He didn't touch me otherwise; one hand held his cock, and the other was gripping the control to the box that sent current through my nipples.

I needed no further impetus; I leaned forward as much as I could and subserviently took the big cock in my mouth. Remembering our instructions, I went to work as best as I could providing the most stimulation with my tongue possible. The act was completely foreign to me, other than the fact that I've been on the receiving end. As a straight man I derived no pleasure from this, but I knew that I had no choice in the matter, so I lapped and bobbed as best I could. The man was obviously enjoying it as he did not shock me, but instead started to thrust deeper and deeper into my throat. In my peripheral vision I could see that Kristi was in a similar situation, but with her second cock of the day.

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