New York Trip Ch. 02


I was lost in the wonder and eroticism of the scene when I sensed Paul move up behind me.

"That's quite a sight, isn't it Greg. You know what Ronny's feeling, don't you, Greg. After all, you had Jon's cock inside you just a few days ago. You like what you're seeing?"

I nodded, not able to take my eyes off the fucking couple.

"Ronny really likes a hard cock inside of him, he just can't seem to get enough. I already fucked him once this morning and again this afternoon. And then you did him and now Jon. Look at the expression on his face, Greg, the kid's in heaven."

I nodded again.

"Why don't you just stand there and watch, Greg, and I'll see what I can do to get you even more turned on."

Paul ran his hands over my back, pressing up against me. I could feel his cock against me and it felt good.

He kissed the back of my neck and then on down my spine until he was on his knees. He kissed my ass in several places and then he bent me over a nearby chair. He used his hands to spread my ass cheeks further apart and he licked up and down my crack. It felt good, but it wasn't until I felt the tip of his tongue probing my asshole that I really started to get turned on again.

"God! What are you doing, Paul?!" I moaned.

"Don't worry about it, just keep watching them and I'll take care of you and show you a good time."

He spread my cheeks further and I could feel him pushing his tongue into my hole. He was using lots of spit and I could feel it getting really wet down there. Then I felt a finger touch my hole. It felt very greasy and Paul was able to slowly push it into me. I pushed back and it went in deeper. He pushed it in and out several times and then took it out. But a second or two later he was pushing it in again and it felt even slipperier. He repeated this several times and then it felt like he was pushing in 2 or 3 fingers.

I was still watching Jon and Ronny fuck on the couch. Ronny was still on Jon's lap but he had turned around and Jon had ahold of his hips and was raising him up and down on his slick cock. Ronny was moaning and making soft squealing noises each time Jon's cock went deep into him. One of Jon's hands was caressing Ronny's chest and the other was slowly jacking Ronny's stiff cock.

Paul got up on his feet behind me and wrapped his arms around me. He pulled me back a little, and bent me over further so that I was leaning over the chair more.

I could feel his large cock rubbing against my ass and he spread my legs a further apart.

"Alright Greg, it's time. I know this is going to make you real happy!" And I could feel the pressure against my asshole as he pushed his cock against it.

I was so excited at watching Jon and Ronny fuck that I wanted it too. Paul held my hips tight as his cock found my opening and made its way into me. I could feel it get just past my tight ass ring before it began to hurt some.

"Take it easy, Paul," I begged, "it's starting to hurt!"

"Just relax, Greg, I'll take it slow for you – but I've got to have that cute ass of yours! Just relax, kid, you're too tense."

He held it in me for a minute until he felt me relax and then he pushed more until it was about half in.

It sure felt big, but the pain had past and it was beginning to feel good! I wiggled my ass a little and he pulled out a little and then started fucking me with short strokes. I could feel him going a little deeper each time and it wasn't long before I felt his balls hitting mine.

"Yeh, boy!" Paul cried, "That's it, move that teen ass for me."

Paul was now going so deep that each time he went in, I could feel him rubbing against something. Each time it hit it, I got an erotic jolt so strong that I moaned or cried. My dick which had been soft when he started was beginning to stand up again.

Jon grunted and groaned and I looked at his face and I could tell he was shooting his sperm deep inside Ronny. Ronny was moaning and a second later, Jon's stroking brought him off and his cum shot onto his stomach and Jon's hands. It almost made me forget what was happening to me, but not quite.

Paul was going faster and faster and grunting each time he sank himself all the way into me. I was sweating now and very turned on. I almost couldn't wait for his cock to drive into me again, it was that bad. I started pushing my ass back at him each time he thrust into me.

He was fucking me so hard now that he was moving the chair and me a foot or two with each stroke.

"Oh God, Greg! I love your ass!" Paul exclaimed as he drove into me again and again.

He grabbed my upper body and stood me up at an angle and pushed the chair out of the way and he kept fucking and pushing me until my hands were up against the wall.

Then his fingers found my nipples and he started twisting them until they hurt. I couldn't take anymore, the pain and pleasure was too great! I groaned and cried out as the sperm shot out of my cock onto the wall and I almost passed out from the orgasm. There wasn't much cum fortunately because I had already shot off twice before and my body only had so much.

Paul was lost in what he was doing too and I don't think he noticed me cumming because he kept fucking me as hard as he could. Almost before I had stopped cumming, he let out a roar and slammed into my ass really hard and held my hips tight against him. I could tell by his heavy breathing and the pulsing in my ass that he was cumming too. His hot sperm was shooting deep into my bowels. I couldn't feel much, but I knew that I was getting a really big load in me.

We must have leaned against the wall for a couple of minutes, catching our breath, before he backed off, his cock making a soft popping sound as it came out of me.

We both collapsed into chairs, with Jon hurriedly putting a towel on the chair before I could sit down. It was a good thing too, because I could feel Paul's cum starting to drip out of me.

We sat and talked a little while longer before Jon said he thought he'd probably better get me back to my sister's before it got too late.

We dressed and then left. Both Paul and Ronny kissed me and said they'd really enjoyed the evening. "I did too. It was amazing! I wish I could come back!"

It was a quiet drive back to my sister's. Jon was able to find a parking space near her apartment and we sat in the car and talked for awhile.

"So, Greg, are you going to be alright? The last few days have been really different for you, I'm sure," Jon chuckled.

"I think so, Jon, but I don't know what I'm going to do when I get home. I don't know anybody who I can have fun with like we did tonight." I frowned.

"There are places you can go to meet guys. Greg, You're too young to go to clubs of course, but you can join a gym, go to the beach and hang around a lot. With your looks, there will be lots of guys who will come on to you."

He thought for a minute. "But stay away from the guys that are much older than you, don't encourage them. You'll be better off with guys closer to your own age. The older guys might be into scenes that you wouldn't be comfortable with and which you wouldn't understand."

"Oh, and another thing, Greg," he added, "in the future, always use some protection. I know we didn't tonight, but I think we're all clean. But you don't want to get VD. Sure they have drugs now that can cure most of it, but it's downright embarrassing to have to go into some doctor's office and explain how you got it!"

He fondled my crotch, making me harden a little, and then leaned over and kissed me.

"Take care, Greg, I know I'm going to miss you. Please write once in a while and let me know how you're doing. And if I'm ever out in California, I'll try to look you up."

He kissed me on the lips for a minute and then I got out of the car and watched him drive away. I felt a loss inside but I really felt that maybe I'd see Jon again someday.

I'm always eager to hear comments about my stories. Feel free to email me. I'd love to hear what you think and if it affected you in any way. Also, if you have any ideas about what Greg might get into when he gets back to California, let me know. Maybe there will be a third chapter.

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