tagCelebrities & Fan FictionNew York Yankees' Lucky Charm Ch. 01

New York Yankees' Lucky Charm Ch. 01


In 1995 I moved from Amsterdam to the Big Apple. A few months later I met Derek Jeter. We met at a restaurant named Cronies on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Later on I realized that a lot of professional athletes frequented that place, but since I am not from this country, I didn't know them. We started dating a couple of times, nothing special, just cocktails and dinners. I didn't realize what a big deal Derek turned out to be for the New York Yankees as I wasn't familiar with baseball. In Holland after all, the national pastime is football, or soccer for those of you who would prefer that name. I think Derek liked that about me, that I was different from the women he was used to being around. I thought that he was very handsome, but a little pushy at times. Not in a way that was too obvious, but the little things kept me wondering at times if our relationship was an equal one. Sure, he was a professional baseball player, but he was only a rookie. I was a bartender in a local hotspot and did some modeling on the side. My days were filled and I always enjoyed the nightlife whenever I had off from work. I thought my life was pretty interesting, little did I know that they would become even more interesting soon...

The first time Derek took me to Yankee Stadium; it was on an off day right in the beginning of the season. I guess he wanted me to see how impressive his job was. He showed me around the Stadium, Monument Park, the clubhouse and even the locker-room. He pointed out pictures of retired Yankee greats and said that one day he would be remembered as one of the best. I was starting to get impressed with him, and in hindsight, I think that was the moment my life started to turn around in a way you would never believe. But I will get to that later.

In April of 1996, Derek took me to my first actual game at the Stadium. I was a little nervous, not because of the game, but because Derek had sent me an outfit to wear that day that I didn't think was appropriate attire to wear to a public place. When I asked him about it, he said that I was his lucky charm and not to question his choices. While putting on the black leather miniskirt and tube top, I looked in my full length mirror and wondered what people might think of me when they'd see me. After putting on the shiny leather boots with high heels that made my bottom stick out like a tray table, I didn't wonder anymore. I knew I looked like a cheap whore. Now why would Derek Jeter want to be seen with someone dressed like that? Didn't he want to be respected by the public?

When the town car came to pick me up, I quickly grabbed a denim jacket and slipped it on for cover. The driver greeted me with a self-explanatory stare. Maybe the denim jacket was not enough coverage after all. I was a little surprised that Derek was not in the car, but the driver told me not to worry, he had specific instructions on where to bring me.

When we got to the Stadium, he let me out at the player's entrance. There was a man who seemed to know why I was here and he escorted me to a room deep inside the clubhouse. It was a couple of hours before game-time and there wasn't really much going on yet, it seemed. A woman came into the room and asked me if I needed anything, like a beverage or something to eat. I told her I was fine, but asked if she knew where Derek was. She said that he was talking to the media and would be right with me.

When Derek came in a few minutes later, he seemed very pleased with what I was wearing and made me show off the clothes he had sent me. I took off the denim jacket and turned for him. When my butt was facing him I could hear him moan a sound of approval. He let his hand slide over my leather hugged ass and tapped me slightly. I jumped because he had never done this before, we had sex only once before and it wasn't something to write home about. Not bad sex, just nothing special, we were in a hotel in Cleveland where the season opener was to be played. Obviously Derek had a great toned body, a bit skinny maybe, but proportionate in all places. Then he tapped me again, just a little harder and told me to come with him to another room, where he could get ready for the game. I turned to grab my jacket, but he said that I could leave it there.

Following him through the halls, I felt naked and cheap looking, but Derek seemed not to notice. He introduced me to some trainers and other personnel we would see. Everyone seemed really friendly and nice. They even told me that next to his mother, they had never seen Derek with a girl before. I felt flattered, even proud that I was apparently special enough to be shown off the way I was, even in these clothes.

Derek whispered in my ear, asking me if I wanted to know why I was his lucky charm. I nodded and he told me that the day we had sex, he had hit his first major league homerun, and now he believed that I had charmed him.

I sure wasn't going to argue with that! Then he asked me if I could work my charm on his new bat, since the old one had broken in a previous game. He brought it into the room and started kissing me as he had never done before, so powerful, passionate and demanding. He pushed me with my face against the wall and made me spread my legs. Slowly and teasingly he ran his bat over the contours of my body. My body started to react to the attention. My breathing hastened, and my legs started shivering. I could feel Derek's body heat behind me, inching closer. Here we were, in the clubhouse, me wearing a sluttish outfit, he caressing me with his bat, in the middle of the day.

When he finally pressed against me from behind I could not help but let a moan escape, I wanted him to fuck me right there. I turned around and kissed him deeply, pressing my aroused body against his. One of his hands cupped my breast and squeezed my erect nipple while the other let go of the bat and moved over my ass, under my skirt, and finally I could feel him touch my moist thong. Derek told me in a hoarse voice not to ever wear panties again if he didn't send them. All I could do was nod, he was right; they were clearly in the way.

I arched my back to allow him better access to my pussy. He pushed the fabric aside and touched the smooth skin of my freshly waxed pussylips. I nearly came when he took my enlarged clit between two of his fingers and tugged it. My juices started to flow even more and I could hear little sopping noises as he fingerfucked my pussy. It felt so good and dirty, just to be standing there in my leather skirt in Yankee Stadium, getting fingerfucked by Derek Jeter before a game. Soon my knees started to buckle and I felt my orgasm come over me. My pussy clenched on his fingers and my pussy squirted all over his hands and my thighs.

All I could do was lean against him while my orgasm subdued. When I had regained some of my strength, I asked him seductively, whether there was anything I could do for him. I remembered that he seemed to enjoy having his cock in the back of my throat. Just as I was getting on my knees, his cell phone rang. It was his agent saying that there were more members of the press here to interview him before the game. I guess our playtime was over for now... Before he left the room Derek took his bat and moved it back and forward between my legs, slicking it with my juices. That day he hit his second homerun, and I guess that is when my deal as lucky charm was sealed.

I cannot wait to tell you how I became the lucky charm for some slumping Yankees not too long after that. But that is another story!

Note: This is my first story, ever; I would appreciate any suggestions, comments, questions you might have. Thanks!

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