tagNovels and NovellasNewburyport Ch. 03

Newburyport Ch. 03


Chapter III: The Dance

Waking, Holly smiled dreamily at Darlene. She felt as relaxed and comfortable as she had felt in many years. Darlene smiled back and came to Holly to kiss her lightly and caress her face. Darlene said "Holly, tomorrow is New Years Day. Why don't you stay with me this evening and we'll spend New Years Eve together? Can you find someone who can care for your dogs for the evening and perhaps tomorrow morning? I would like to give our delightful new relationship a chance to ripen further. There are so many things that we need to explore and know about each other and if your willing, I would be pleased to have your company on an otherwise dull holiday evening."

Holly thought about this for a brief moment. She could easily call her friend who occasionally helped out with the huskies and she was sure that she would see that the dogs had a good New Years Eve. She had nothing planned for the next day and she was excited by the exploring the relationship between this exotic woman and herself. She was also curious about the glimpse of world of the rich that she was seeing for the first time and intrigued with the prospect of seeing more. She told Darlene that she would love to be her guest, if she could reach her friend who might see to her beloved huskies. She made a quick call and her friend told her not to worry that she would see that the huskies would have a happy and well fed New Year. This concern taken care of Darlene suggested that perhaps Holly might like to consider a nap, a shower and a change of clothes in preparation for the evening. Since Darlene was about her size she was sure, she said, "That they could find something for Holly to wear."

Darlene took Holly's hand and lead her to a spacious bedroom suite in the west wing of the house. Again a fire blazed warmly the hearth in the sitting room. The bedroom was done in wonderful antiques with a king sized four poster bed complete with antique crewel curtains. Looking at the fire Holly realized that Darlene had made the assumption that she would accept her invitation to celebrate the holiday eve with her. Darlene opened a huge closet in the bedroom which was filled with exquisite clothes.

She suggested to Holly that since it was New Years Eve that she might consider something formal for dinner. She opened a chest of draws that was filled with filmy lingerie and another filled with stockings. In another smaller closet there were racks of hundreds of pairs of shoes. All of this was spread before Holly's amazed eyes. Darlene said only "make yourself comfortable and take your time." The time was four o'clock and Darlene suggested cocktails at eight and dinner at ten. Holly looked at the inviting bed and decided that a nap before getting ready for dinner was in order. She removed her clothes and slid between the beige satin sheets of the four poster. She was so relaxed and at ease that sleep came almost immediately.

She woke at six fifteen, refreshed and still filled with a sense of well being. Stretching lazily she rose, picked up the beige satin robe laid out on the foot of the bed and slipped into it, to more closely examine the contents of the closets and chests that had shown so much promise in her introduction to her suite. She looked with awe at the labels in the clothes before her. These were names that she had only had an opportunity to read about in high fashion magazines. They also denoted far away places such as Tokyo, Paris, Rome, Madrid, and Rio. The shops were equally prestigious from Bal Harbor and Worth Avenue, to Rodeo Drive, to Newport, Ginza to the Champs Elise'.

She spent a long time examining gowns, trying to decide what would be suitable to wear for the evening. She settled on a simple black sequined floor length dress with a deep slash to the thigh up the right side. Looking through the closet of shoes she selected a pair of sling pumps, in black, with delicate straps across the ankle. In lingerie, she was surprised to find a selection of her favorite tap panties with matching lacy bra in brushed black satin. The stockings were sheer thigh highs with lacy tops and investigating the top of the dressing table she found a large box of costume jewelry. From this she selected a pearl choker and matching studs for her ears. Again she was beginning to feel excited by the expectation wearing of so many of her fancied clothes in a home where she was an unexpected guest. She wondered what Darlene's other closets contained if this were what was laid out for guests.

There was a knock on the door and when she opened it an attractive young woman standing there in a maid's uniform. She introduced herself a Doris and said that she was there to help Holly dress. Holly stood aside and Doris proceeded to the bathroom to draw a hot bath in a gigantic tub. She asked Holly to examine the array of bath salts, and oils and make a selection. Holly selected a sweet musk that hinted of something of passion before slipping off her robe and sliding into the soothing warm water.

Doris knelt on the floor beside the tub and asked Holly if she would like a shampoo. Holly accepted and Doris proceeded to gently soap and rinse Holly's hair. Conditioner was applied and Doris, taking a soft sponge, washed Holly's back. Moving to Holly's front she used the sponge to wash Holly's shoulders and gently sponge her breasts. The friction of the soft sponge caused her nipples to harden as Doris lingered over them. Doris then took her left foot in her hand and slowly scrubbed her toes, and the soles of her feet. She progressed to Holly's ankles, knees and thighs as Holly grew more and more excited by the maids ministrations. Finally she asked Holly to stand and turning her she gently scrubbed and massaged her cheeks and the crack between them.

When she reached the little brown button that was Holly's rectum she soaped her fingers liberally and inserted one of them. Holly felt a sudden surge of fire in her loins as Doris worked her cleansing finger in and out of her. Doris then turned Holly, who by then was having trouble standing on trembling legs, to use the sponge on her abdomen and lower tummy. The sponge then went between Holly's legs and the slight roughness of it came in contact with Holly's sensitive lips and hardened clit. She worked the sponge between the Holly's lips and increased the pace of her rubbing. Holly was having a difficult time controlling the action of her hips. They wanted to respond to the scrubbing of her sensitive sex. Finally Doris raised the sponge slightly and came in pointed contact with her clit. As this happened Holly came to a shuddering climax with a barely suppressed moan. Doris appeared not to notice but went on to help the shaky woman from the tub and pat her dry with a soft warm towel.

Holly began to regain her composure as Doris, using a huge feathery puff powdered her body with sweet smelling talc. She held Holly's robe for her and followed her into the bedroom where she indicated that Holly should sit a the elaborate dressing table. Doris dried and styled Holly's hair, manicured her nails, helped her select a musky perfume and makeup from her purse and the that large selection available on the table. She then helped Holly dress finding another, even prettier pair of shoes, when the ones that Holly had selected earlier didn't quite fit. The whole pleasant and leisurely process was finished precisely at seven forty five.

Rested, relaxed, bathed, coiffured, manicured, and dressed; not to mention that again for a second time that day, sexually stimulated to astounding climax, Holly descended the grand stairs and was led by Doris to the library where Darlene dressed, as if by plan, in an black gown that complemented Holly's was awaiting her for cocktails. The same handsome young male servant, dressed this time in formal wear, was awaiting their order. Darlene suggested Margaritas straight up and Holly readily agreed. On the floor in front of the fire there lay a very large silver gray poodle.

As Holly accepted her drink from the butler, Darlene called on her poodle, Sebastian, to meet their guest. The great dog rose and walked with dignity to Holly to nuzzle and lick her hand in welcome. Darlene then indicated by a discrete hand signal that the dog should lie at her feet, which he did looking up at her attentively. A platter of toast triangles, lemon slices and black beluga caviar was placed on the cocktail table and the servant discretely withdrew. They toasted to a Happy and Prosperous New Year and sipped the Margaritas. All was cozy and warm in the great house before the blazing fire on the library hearth

Darlene told Holly about her life in Tucson. She enjoyed a large old hacienda set far back from the first green of the Palo Verde Country Club. This home was built before the founding of the club on land bought by her grandfather from the original Spanish land grant family, the Montoyas, who had owned the huge ranch going back to the eighteenth century. Her grandfather was the founder of the club and had positioned the course to conform to setting off his property to best advantage.

Her staff of servants there were all from a Mexican family that had been with the hacienda since the original grant by the Spanish Crown. The ranch, for that's what the property truly was, climbed Mount Lemon's flanks and took in a large portion of the Mountain's foothills. Although downtown Tucson was only five miles from the hacienda the atmosphere was that of complete isolation. The vaqueros still cared for a herd of over one thousand cattle and fifty horses. The horses had been her grandfathers joy and she maintained them in a manner of which he would approve as a family duty.

Another Margarita was poured and the caviar refreshed. The story continued. Some of the happiest days of Darlene's life were spent at the Hacienda de la Montoya with her grandfather. Her parents had been in a constant state of strife. Her mother had been an alcoholic and her father, bisexual from puberty, had tended more and more in his attraction to men as he matured.

She was an only child and was pushed aside by both parents but loved and doted on by her widower grandfather. He centered all of the love and attention on his granddaughter. He taught her to ride, punch cows, round up horses, breed stock and shoot on the Hacienda. At a place, built around the turn of the century by a Mexican Silver Baron as a fishing camp on the Sea of Cortes about two hundred desert miles south, he taught her to fish, sail, and explore the wild and barren islands of the of Sea of Cortez. She spent her winters in Arizona and her summers in New England. She attended no formal schools in her youngest years and was tutored until she was entered into her Junior year of secondary school at a very exclusive institution run by Stanford Alumni in Palo Alto. From there she attended Radcliffe, her Grandmother's school, and graduate studies at the Sorbonne in Paris.

Gradually, during this discourse Holly began to realize that the woman that she had taken for forty five was very likely in her sixties. Having seen a good bit of Darlene's body earlier in the day Holly was astounded at this fact. She had the body of an thirty year old. Holly reflected that Darlene must be on intimate terms with some very talented surgeons.

After a two leisurely hours, dinner was called and they retired to the dining room. They sat at either end of a long table. A huge fireplace and candelabra with what seemed to be a thousand candles blazing provided the warm light in the room. They were served by two formally dressed athletic young men. Darlene seemed to have a staff made up of attractive young people who were as unobtrusive as mice. It was a wonderful meal of oysters on the half shell, a fresh shellfish soup, a Beef Wellington, a salad served, European style, after the main course and an Italian tiramisu for a rich and satisfying desert.

After dinner Darlene suggested coffee and a desert wine in the reception room. Holly thought this large room seemed strange choice to what seemed to be a continuation of a quiet evening of conversation. But followed her hostess to chairs that were arranged at the end of the room facing a curtain near a far wall. The room was dim and still another servant, who Holly took to be the cook served coffee, sweet wine, and some tiny green capsules on a silver tray. Sabastian rejoined them and took his place at Darlene's feet.

Darlene sipped the coffee and the wine and picked up one of the capsules and offered it to Holly with the explanation that they were a compound that she had been introduced to her by Martha Mulrooney, and that she felt Holly might enjoy. Darlene calmly took one of the capsules with a sip of wine. Holly was a little concerned about taking an unknown drug, but seeing the older woman's relaxed attitude toward the chemical she accepted and swallowed the capsule.

Darlene smiled a knowing smile at her and clapped her hands. The curtain at the far end of the room parted and the three young men that Holly immediately recognized as the servants who had served them earlier. They were still in formal dress but in a much abbreviated fashion. This formal wear consisted of a wing collar, black bow tie, cummerbund and a black g-string. Some Ravel's Bolero was playing in the background and the young men began a suggestive dance.

They danced up to Darlene and teased her with their gyrating hips. Holly noticed that each of them were very graceful, very muscular with wonderful chests and great buns. Their g-strings barely hid large bulges of masculine ardor. The young men danced closer and closer. Both women were fascinated by the beautiful male bodies moving so sensuously before them. Darlene, as always in control, continued to watch in a relaxed fashion as if young men dancing for her pleasure was the most usual thing in the world. Meanwhile Holly began to feel again the heat rising in her. Once more she was beginning to feel the familiar and welcome twinges in her tummy and thighs and a dampness between her satiny legs.

The music slowed and deepened and the beat became stronger and more urgent. Suddenly the lights went out and absolute darkness ensued. Holly felt a hand in hers pulling and lifting her gently towards the dance floor. A strong arm circled her waist and the arm pulled her close moving in time to the now increasingly urgent music. She could feel the mans hard penis moving against her mound, gently grinding against her. The memory of the sight of those swellings under the g-strings was vivid in her mind and now the presence of the cause of those swellings was against her sex. Holly pushed her pelvis hard against the unrelenting object of her erotic imaginings. With each beat of the music the pace of her pulse quickened. She began to feel as though her body were one great sexual receptacle, each and every part of her seemed to be as sexually sensitive as only the most sensitive were under normal conditions. She remembered the capsules that Darlene had prescribed and began to understand why they were given the name "Ecstasy".

The bulge between her unseen partner's thighs could no longer be accommodated by the pouch of the g-string. His huge penis popped free of the flimsy material and pulsed against her junction of her thighs. She backed away and swept the split skirt of her dress aside from to feel it closer to her. She then moved forward to capture the throbbing member between her hot damp thighs. She held it tightly with her legs, moving to the beat of the music. It pulsed and moved of it's own volition against the lips of her sex. As it rubbed she became more and more lubricated. It was pumping between her legs in time to the fast primal beat as if it were an entity unto it's self. It wanted her and she wanted to feel the full impact of the thrusts, not between her legs, but upon the tip of her cervix.

At last she could stand it no longer. In the darkness she wrapped both arms tightly around her partners neck and raised her feet from the floor and wrapped her legs around her partner's waist. His cock was caught between them and it pulsed maddeningly against her tummy. She reached down seizing it and inserted the tip into her wet and ready vagina. She then slid down his torso until she was filled with his manhood. And what a manhood it was, fully ten inches long and perhaps two and inches in diameter.

She was filled as she had never been filled before. Her hips began to gyrate in time to the heavy beat of the music and time and place faded away. Only feeling remained and it was a wondrous feeling. She had never been this acutely sensitive in her life. It seemed as though her whole body was possessed and filled by the gigantic phallus. She was fucking and fucking and fucking this hugely endowed, faceless man, in a manner that never seeming to stop, only to go on and on to the throb of the music. She was near climax but stayed on a peak of pleasure without falling over only to ride and ride the crest of the wave of this sensational exotic experience. She didn't want anything to change. She wanted to go on just fucking this faceless, voiceless man forever. She only knew that she had been pulled to the floor by one of the young men, but she had no idea, and didn't care which one of the male servants it was. Her only care was for this wonderful experience to continues without letup.

Her arms and legs, strengthened by years in at the club could stand this type of erotic punishment for a very long time and for the second time that day she was glad for those hours spent on her body. She began to work the muscles in her vagina, doing the kegels that she so often practiced secretly in her chair at the office. With each squeeze she heard a low moan of pleasure and approval from her partner. His breath came sharper in her ear. His cock, which had seemed not possible to grow any larger, expanded to fill her to an even more fantastic degree. She was moving more urgently now. She needed his sperm deep inside her and she needed it soon. Wildly, she pumped the huge cock and as she did he reached between their bodies to finger her clit. She screamed with pleasure and felt him begin to discharge his hot stream, pulsing it deep within her body. The hot fluid pumped into her. The force of each spurt causing an bright flash inside her brain. She began to experience huge contractions, of a magnitude she had never imagined possible. The bright flash became a blinding blur and time and space merged in the most wonderful orgasm. She rode on and on to the music, ecstatically impaled on her partner in the dance.

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