tagInterracial LoveNewfound Love Ch. 04

Newfound Love Ch. 04


As Octavia lay in her bed, contemplating her next move, Marcus was down the hall, doing the exact same thing. Marcus had gone through all the possible scenarios, trying to decide what his next move was going to be. He kept telling himself to let her go, to let her find a man with less baggage and fewer years under his belt. Marcus wanted to let her move on with her life, but there was...something. There was something inside of her that called to him. Something that was convinced that he couldn't just let her go, that he wouldn't be satisfied with just one night. Something inside him knew that Octavia was special and that she deserved much more than he had originally planned to give her. He only wished that they had met under different circumstances.

Octavia, after saying good night to Marcus in such a manner, was finding it impossible to sleep. She was consumed by the thought of Marcus' lips on hers. It must have been the hundredth time that she had thought about it, but his kisses were addictive and she could only seem to think about how she could get more of them.

Octavia was startled out of her thoughts by her cell phone's ringtone. She picked it up and quickly flipped it open. "Hello?"

"Tavia, it's me, Olivia."

"Hey, Liv. To what do I owe this pleasure? And at 1am, no less." Octavia leaned back and got comfortable. Conversations with her sister, Olivia, usually took a while, even if it was early in the morning.

"You know I don't sleep at normal times now with this baby kicking me. It seems to like to wait until I get good and comfortable, and then BAM, all out war in my belly. Your niece or nephew is sure taking after its auntie in being a pain in the butt."

"Yeah, yeah. No more of a pain that its mother was growing up. In fact, you're still a pain and this phone call is evidence of it." Octavia bit back a sigh. It wasn't as if she was sleeping, how could she with Marcus on her mind, but it was the principle of the thing. She had to make a fuss or one a.m. phone calls would become the norm.

Olivia laughed before she continued talking. "I was just thinking about you, little sis, and I thought that I should give you a call to see how things were going. I know that you don't usually like those conferences because of all the people...How is this one going for you?"

Octavia sighed. Should she tell Liv about Marcus? Well, Olivia might have some insight about how to get Marcus' attention for longer than just tomorrow. "I met someone."

Olivia was silent and Octavia could tell that she was trying to process the statement.

"You met someone? As in a friend or as in a man?"

"A man...and what a man he is. Liv, he is so handsome. He made me melt from the moment I laid eyes on him and his kisses, goodness, his kisses are amazing."

"You've kissed him? You've only been there for what, two days, and you're already making out with the man? Tell me more about the guy who's bringing my baby sister out of her shell." Olivia was intrigued.

Octavia began to tell Olivia everything, beginning with how she had spotted Marcus and he had followed her into the elevator. Octavia knew that in order to get the best advice, she was going to have to spill it all, including how old Marcus was, which she knew was going to cause some tension between her and her sister.

"He's an older man? So, when you say older, how much older do you mean?" Olivia wanted to know.

"Um...15 years older," Octavia answered hesitantly.

"Octavia, are you serious? Seriously? 15 years? The man was in high school when you were being born. Talk about a frickin' generational gap. What in the heck were you thinking, getting involved with a man like that?" Olivia couldn't believe it. She knew that Octavia would probably end up with someone older than herself by a few years, but her finding a 43-year-old man to bed never crossed her mind.

If Octavia wasn't so pissed, she might have laughed at Olivia's non-use of cuss words. Olivia was working on not cursing, saying that if she was going to be a mother, she was going to have to stop using profane language. After she had used every curse word in the book along with some new inventive ones when she got rid of her ex-boyfriend, she decided that she needed to cut back. Octavia couldn't disagree with that.

Olivia was pregnant with her first child and she couldn't have been happier, even if the baby was conceived through a sperm bank donor. Olivia had come to the point in her life where she wanted a baby and, though the man she had been dating walked out on her because of her decision, she had done what she believed was right for her.

"Liv, I don't need you lecturing me. I understand that age does matter in some respects, but in the ones that I'm concerned about, it has no bearing at all. So, the man has lived. He has more experience in life and in love. But, that's what makes him so appealing to me. He's in a place where he knows what he wants. If that's not me, then better for me to know now than to have him play silly games with my heart. I'll end up less hurt that way, if it doesn't work out. Besides, I'm jumping ahead of myself here. We've gone out on one date. Just because he kissed me doesn't mean that Marcus will want to see me after tomorrow." Octavia wanted to believe that he would, but there was no telling, especially since Marcus had gotten closure on his divorce.

"So, you're willing to fight with me over this guy, but you're planning to just let him walk out of your life tomorrow? Unacceptable."

Octavia laughed. "Unacceptable? Weren't you just the one giving me a piece of your mind because you feel he's too old for me? Now, you're changing your tune and telling me that I shouldn't let him just leave tomorrow?"

"Tavia, as much as I hate the fact that he's so much older, I also have to recognize that you care for this man. You haven't really been with anyone in so long...the fact that he makes you realize that you're a woman with a libido and a pussy that's ready and willing, tells me something. You're at least going to have to see where it can go. It's just my sisterly duty to voice my displeasure at his age. Besides, when mom freaks out about it, I can at least say that I told you so."

Octavia continued to chuckle at her sister's words. Olivia always knew how to put things in perspective. It was true, it had been a long time since she had shown any interest in a man. Perhaps it was time to see where things would go.


Marcus sat at the desk provided by the hotel, surfing the internet and wondering what Octavia was up to at that moment. He hoped that she had gone to bed to dream of him, but another part of him wished that she was awake, sitting up and thinking about him just as intensely as he was thinking of her.

The light knock on his door startled him out of his thoughts. He wasn't expecting anyone and he hadn't ordered room service. He hoped it wasn't one of those women that had been trying to catch his eye for most of the conference. He only had eyes for one woman currently, and she was in her room, probably sleeping the night away.

With a sigh, Marcus stood and went to the door. He opened it a crack before throwing it open. It was Octavia. Lovely, sweet Octavia was standing before him looking just as amazing as ever. This time she was clad in a pair of jeans that seemed to hug her curves just right and a plain white t-shirt that was stretched across her bosom.

Before he could stop himself, his lips were crushed against hers. He hadn't even let her talk, he didn't even know why she was there, but he couldn't find it in himself to care at the moment. All he wanted was to savor the woman that he held in his arms. She tasted so good and her scent only seemed to enhance his arousal. Oh, yes, he was rock hard and pressing into the rough denim of Octavia's jeans. The kiss continued and as Octavia's hands came to rest in his hair, which he had down instead of its usual ponytail, his fingers slipped down to play at the hem of her shirt.

Octavia found herself wishing that Marcus would let her think once in a while. It seemed as if every time she was around the man he was kissing her senseless. When he opened the door wearing only a pair of flannel pajama pants, the hard planes of his body made her mouth hang open. He still had a well-formed six pack and Octaiva wanted to trace those muscles with her tongue. Her eyes flickered upwards briefly, then widened as Marcus swooped in on her. She couldn't tell how long they stood there in the hallway, their lips coming together over and over again. All she knew was that she didn't want to stop anytime soon.

Marcus broke the kiss first and buried his face in Octavia's neck, pressing his mouth against her soft skin. She could feel him murmuring, his lips brushing her neck, tickling her.

"Octavia, I want you so much," Marcus whispered.

Octavia moaned before the ding of the elevator in the distance reminded her of where they were. "Marcus...Marcus, stop."

Marcus pulled back, afraid that he had been too aggressive with her. He had forgotten that Octavia was somewhat inexperienced when it came to men and had lost his head. "Octavia, princess, I...I'm sorry. I just...I..I don't know what came over me."

Octavia smiled up at him. She hadn't seen Marcus blush before and it was kind of a turn on to see such a strong man get embarrassed like that, especially since she was the cause of his reddened cheeks.

"No, no, Marcus, it's not that. It's just that we're in the hallway...and I thought that, well, if we were going to continue, we should probably be in your room." Octavia looked down, slightly embarrassed that the words had actually left her mouth.

Marcus' eyebrows shot up. "If we're going to continue?" A downright wolfish smile spread across his face.

Before Octavia could even manage to blink she found herself being swept into Marcus' room and pressed back against the door. Marcus leaned into her, his lips hovering just above her ear. "Octavia, my dear, there are no if, ands, or buts about it. You're going to be mine tonight."

She wanted to ask if he was willing to give her more than just tonight, but the fear of hearing his answer kept her quiet. Well, that and the fact that Marcus was kissing her again. Octavia assured herself that she would bring it up before she left the next day. She wasn't going to leave without asking him for more, as much as he was willing to give. And with that, she let herself go, so that she could experience Marcus and enjoy him instead of worrying about the future.

Marcus pressed her up against the door, lifting her shirt and running his hands underneath, feeling the soft skin that he had just been fantasizing about not to long before. One hand was splayed behind Octavia's back, inching up to unhook her bra, the other moved downwards, dipping into her navel before continuing to the button on her jeans. He listened to her moans, muffled by his lips and took pride in the fact that he could wring such responses from his princess.

Octavia couldn't seem to control herself. Once she felt Marcus' hands on her body, she knew nothing other than the need to feel him inside of her. In order to hurry things along, she pushed at the waistband of Marcus' pajama pants, lowering them until gravity took over and they fell to the floor. She broke away from Marcus' kiss, trying to get a glimpse of his cock.

"Let me see it, baby," Octavia mumbled as Marcus began trailing kisses down her neck.

He stopped and looked up at her, smiling. "Your wish is my command, princess."

Marcus stepped back, pulling her shirt and bra off as he moved. Octavia looked down and she felt her mouth fall open. It was becoming her usual reaction to Marcus' body it seemed. She knew it was rude to stare, but she couldn't help it. Marcus' cock was beautiful. It was long, thick and proud, sprouting from a patch of dark brown hair. She wondered briefly if she could take it all into her mouth and as quick as the thought flittered across her mind, her body reacted and she found herself on her knees in front of him.

Marcus watched as Octavia lowered herself to the ground and waited. He wanted to tell her to open her mouth and suck his cock, but he would wait for her because he knew that she hadn't had that much experience with men and he didn't want to scare her off. He would let her take her time now, but the next time, he might not be so patient. Instead, he busied himself with memorizing landscape of Octavia's body, taking in the curve of her breast, her dark-tipped nipples, and smoothness of her belly.

"May I?" Octavia glanced upwards, capturing Marcus in her innocent and alluring gaze.

"Of course, princess. My body is yours to explore. Touch me, taste me and I'll let you know if you're doing anything that I don't like."

"Do you like this?" Octavia asked she leaned forward and licked the underside of his balls, from the back to the front. She pulled back and watched as his balls churned inside of their sack.

"Yes. Lick my balls, baby. I love it." Marcus was so aroused and he couldn't tell if it was because of the tentative and inquisitive way that Octavia touched him or if it was because she sat in front of him, topless, her breasts swaying softly and her mouth inches from his dick.

Octavia obliged him, drowning his balls in saliva. Her tongue played with each one, circling them before she sucked them into her mouth. She listened as Marcus' breath hitched. He groaned, leaning forward and propping himself up on the door. The things that she was doing were making it hard for him to stand up.

After a few minutes, she moved upwards, running her tongue from the base to the tip of his cock. She lapped up the precum that Marcus was leaking before continuing on her mission. She licked around the head of his cock, tickling the sensitive underside before engulfing him. She pressed forward as much as she could without gagging before pulling back and making another go of it. Octavia hadn't given many blowjobs, but she was going to do her best to please Marcus.

Marcus held on as long as he could, luxuriating in the feel of Octavia's mouth. It was so warm and even though she nicked him with her teeth every once in awhile, it was still one of the best blowjobs he had gotten. He could tell that she was enjoying what she was doing. Every time she decided to try something new on him, he rewarded her efforts with some kind of verbalization. She seemed to pick up what each meant quickly and either changed what she was doing or intensified her actions. It became too much for him.

"V, baby, I'm getting close," Marcus warned.

"Cum in my mouth. I want to taste you," Octavia answered, eager to taste his essence.

Marcus let go and shot repeatedly into her mouth. It was a luxury that his ex-wife hadn't afforded him and it bonded him to Octavia even more. He wasn't sure how he was going to be able to keep Octavia in his life, but he would worry about that after he finished burying himself deep in her pussy. He wasn't as young as he used to be and it would take him a bit to get ready again, but he had some ideas of how he would pass the time.

"Stand up, princess. It's my turn."

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