I sat next to Debs on the plane. We left our wedding reception a few hours ago, and we're now on our long haul flight to paradise. Hell, life with Debs would always be paradise, but the local I'm sure would help. We'd chosen a remote part of the world where we could loose ourselves in each other.

Her head was bent over on my shoulder and I could feel her soft breathing. A twitching in my pants let me know that even after doing it in the cramped back room of the village hall as we changed to leave, doing it a grimy loo at the airport, and doing it just a half hour ago giggling in the airplane loo, she still could turn me on. It could wait though, let her sleep.

Debbie and I were what you would call childhood sweethearts. We'd known each other since we were kids, had started dating shortly after we both realised there really was something different about our bodies, had sex the first time by 15 and hadn't stopped since.

She was great, up for anything my warped little mind came up with, and believe me there was very few tricks left untried. With the help of a rubbished copy of the Karma Sutra found in a charity shop and various of the fashion mags she loved and lads mags I enjoyed, we knew and tried it all.

We were the same height; just under six foot, and fit each other perfectly. People often joked that we were twins, but there was no blood relationship that we knew of, not that it would have stopped us if it had.

So now we were finally married. We'd kept together through school, through uni, and now with both of us having jobs in the city in our pockets the world was our oyster. Content thinking about how good life was I drifted down into sleep beside her.


I came too in a panic, hurting. I felt groggy, like after a bad nights sleep. Suddenly I realised I was on my feet, being held up. I jerked fully awake to find my mouth held closed by some tape. I was firmly held on either side by two big bruisers. Opposite me Debs was being held the same way. She didn't seem hurt, but was nude, and her eyes shot fear.

A woman spoke, "Good, you're both awake." I turned all my attention to her. "We need to perform a little test to see if the two of you are suitable. First, you will feel cuffs around your neck. I suddenly noticed a weight, and looking a Debbie, saw a thin metal collar around her neck. "These are temporary assuming you work out. The cuffs provide obedience. Let me demonstrate." She pointed a remote control at Debbie, and suddenly my poor darling dear was spasmed in what looked like intense pain. I struggled, tried to get to her, but was held firm. I could barely move let alone fight these two.

Debbie went limp, but was still conscious. "And now you." She pointed the remote at me and suddenly my whole body felt like it was on fire, inside and out. It was easily the most intense pain I had ever felt in my entire life. It went on and on, but was probably only seconds, until it was just as suddenly gone.

I caught my breath. "You both needed to experience the pain to understand. Do you understand?" Debbie nodded, but I just looked at her dumbly. She just pointed the remote at Debs and shocked her for a couple seconds. Now I understood, and tried to say, to nod to convey my understanding with every inch of my body. She relented and let Debbie alone.

"Good. That is your first lesson. If you obey, life is easy and good. Indeed I think you will even find great pleasure in your servitude. If you disobey, the one you love will be punished. It is that simple. Do you understand."

We both looked at each other, but both immediately nodded. I would die for Debbie, watching her in pain was worse than feeling it myself. Far worse. If I had to walk through fire for her, I would. It sounded trite, but it was true. I loved her.

"Now, understand this. You now have no choices, must do as your told, not matter what. You are here on a whim to be trained as nice little fuck toys, that's all you need to know. Behave and life will be good, misbehave and there will be pain."

"We shall do the real tests now. You." She pointed to Debbie. "These two nice gentlemen are going to fuck you now. Relax and enjoy it or your husband will pay." She went stiff, and looked at me, then I saw that resolve on her face. Very little would stand in the way of my girl making a decision. She turned, and let her body relax. The men let her go, gently took the tape from her mouth. She didn't run, but then there was nowhere to run.

"Bobby, I love you. I'm doing this for y…"

My body jerked as a spike of pain was rammed down my back. Debbie stopped, horrified.

"No talking."

The woman walked over and slid a soft set of eye shades over Debs head. One of the men put a hand to her fine pert breast and slowly massaged it. The other came up behind and ran a hand down over her hip. Debbie shuddered, but didn't protest. I tried to struggle again, to get away and protect her, but I couldn't.

All I could do is watch in horror as the two men began to use their hands, then their mouths, then… God it was horrible, they fucked her. This woman whom I loved, who was the only one I'd ever had sex with and was sure had only had sex with me, let them. I know she did it to spare me pain, know we had no options, but it killed me. She also enjoyed it. I knew her completely, could tell she responded to their touch. Then, when one of the men gently bent her over, moved his cock up behind her, and entered her I could tell she came.

She was a rocket my girl, it was one of the many things I loved about her, she loved sex. I suppose what was so very awful was that it wasn't physically forced. They were gentle, were clearly trying to bring her on.

It nearly killed me.

The went on for a long time, taking turns with her pussy, her mouth. I knew how good her blow jobs where and she gave them good ones. I know, they said. The worst was a moment when the woman came over and lifted my hard cock.

It was like a punch to the stomach. I hadn't noticed, but I was hard. How could I be hard watching two men rape my wife? "This is an excellent sign. Your husband is hard. He enjoys your pleasure. This will make your new life so much better." The woman turned and left me to my shame.

Then it was over, they were done.

Debs, limp, was lifted, the eye shades taken off. We looked at each other, and she blushed deeply, turning away. I longed to tell her it was all right, that I understood, that I loved her, but my mouth was covered.

"Now, your turn. Do you love your wife?" I nodded, eagerly. "Would you do anything for her?" I nodded again, puzzled and worried. "Then go to your knees and give either of these men a blow job."

I stopped, stunned and my arms where let go. I stood motionless, staring at her, until she lifted the remote towards Debbie.

With a muffled shout I held up my hand to stop her, and was grabbed again hard as she punished my poor dear girl. It stopped and I went limp. A feeling of complete helplessness filled me. I would walk through fire for her, would fight for her, but I'd never thought I'd have to be a fag for her.

I dropped to my knees with a sob, and twitched when the tape was so gently removed from my mouth. I couldn't look at any one, only had a long black cock centred in my sight. I could barely control my trembling as I lifted my hands. Barely believing what was happening I touched another man's cock for the first time, lifted it, and… blackness


I dreamed dreams of pain and fear and love


"Baby? Baby are you awake?"

I was having a pleasant dream of Debs and I having dinner on a beach. For a second I couldn't be entirely sure which was the dream and which reality, but with a groan I opened my eyes.

I started a bit to see a face close by that I didn't recognise. Then the woman spoke with Debs voice and the face clicked into focus. It was Debbie, but changed. The eye brows were thinned, her eyes exotically made up, the nose looked smaller, smoother. My Debs has a bump from a break when she fell off her bike on a trip in our teens. I loved that bump. Her lips were plump and sensual, her chin shaped a bit different. Yet it was my Debbie. I knew from the eyes, she could have a completely different face and I'd know her from her eyes.

Right now they were filled with worry, and love, and something I didn't quite recognize.


Her finger touched my lips, "Shhh, you're not allowed to talk. I'll be able to tell you more soon, but first I have to… introduce you to your body. They've changed you Candy."


"Shhh!" She looked stern. I knew that look, it didn't brook argument. "Remember what happened!" It all came flooding back, the punishment, her rape, my… shame. "Your name is Candy now. Right now you need to relax, and to be quiet. This is both to let you know what changed and to, well, test things out. She wants to know how much training you'll need. It won't be bad, I promise, but… Oh… just relax." She stroked a cheek and briefly kissed me. Then her beloved face disappeared.

My head was strapped down and there was some sort of board around my neck so I couldn't see down. I felt some movement, then a wet soft lick to a nipple.

It sent a soft wave through my body, making me shiver. It was a shock on multiple levels. My nipples had never been particularly sensitive. Debbie liked playing with them, but it never did much for me, and frankly was a little off putting. Nipples on a guy had always seems a bit weird to me, redundant. Gays played with each other's nipples not a man and his girl.

She licked again, and I struggled to understand the sensation. It felt good, but wrong, different. It was like it was in the wrong place and swollen or something. Then she softly sucked and I heard the breath leave my body. For a while that's all she did, lick then suck, first one, then the other. I tried to figure it out, but it was a bit hard to think.

Finally one of her hands touched me, low on my ribs. Slowly she trailed her fingers and nails upwards. Nails? Debbie didn't like long nails, she said they got in the way. Well, she had them now. My mind kind of disconnected then, not understanding the sensations. Her fingers should have kept going flat, but they cupped.

"Fuck, I've got…"

"Ahhhh." Her face appears, she grimaced in a rictus of pain. "Harry, don't…"

A bolt of pain seared through my body. I felt myself arch, every fibre of my body on fire. Then it was gone, and Debs relaxed as well. "See?" I did, if I needed a reminder of that horrible couple of hours, that slammed it home. "I'm sorry darling, I have to gag you if you can't be quiet. Please just…" Her hands lifted something that made my eyes goggle.

In her soft delicate hand, long nails painted a bright red, was a thing that for a moment I didn't quite understand. It looked like a short thick cock, but had a oval on one end and straps. "Open your mouth baby. No! Don't say anything." I went still and thought fast, but what could I do?


Deeply ashamed at having my wife put such a thing in my mouth I opened up. Somehow I would figure out how to get back in control, but right now there where no options. She slowly inserted the awful thing in my mouth. It tasted of cherry, but that didn't help the horrid thought of having a rubber cock fill my mouth. Debs quickly strapped the thing down, then stroked my cheek. I lay there, still tingling from the aftershock of pain, confused.

She disappeared again, and I felt her hands softly cup my chest. What the hell was going on? Why did I have breasts? What sort of weird freak thought of putting tits on a guy? Then she squeezed gently and I felt a bolt of electric pleasure hit me. I didn't understand it at all, but heard a groan and realised it was me.

Debbie kept at it, using her hands and mouth on my new chest. I writhed in my bonds, trying to make sense of the feelings, but failed. It was so foreign, I had no reference for the sensation of these things on my chest being handled, yet I couldn't deny the sensations flooding through me. Sometimes she was gentle, sometimes rough.

She kept on and on for what felt like hours. I started crying, sobbing, wanting to beg her to stop or maybe beg her to continue. It felt so good, but it was torture, like needing to cum, but not being able to. Then she just stopped and her head re- appeared.

"Have you cum?" I shook my head. "She said you probably wouldn't. I wish you had, because it means you'll need to be trained. The training is… hard." Her face looked haunted, but also longing. What had happened to her? It also made me wonder how long I'd been out.

"Relax again, I won't hurt you, but this is going to be… weird." I lost her again, then felt nails trail down my belly. Fingers encircled my cock and relief flooded through me. I was stroked and it felt wonderful. Her other hands joined, then slid downwards. I liked it when she played with my balls. Was I going to get a blow job?

But… when her hand should have met the soft sacks bellow, then was nothing. I began to panic, then my mind kind of disconnected. Her fingers probed then parted folds of skin. She started slowly massaging something that made my body buck, then a finger pushed…

God, what had they done to me? I felt her move between my legs, her hips brushing my inner thigh. Her fingers pulled those folds apart, then something cold and hard pushed up against me. It… moved inside.

I was sobbing, crying desperate to talk, but gagged. I felt her hips move forward and something… push deep inside me. "Oh baby, this is so good. I've got a dildo inside me too, and... Oh god, eveyr move I make… oh… fucks us both."

The board around my neck was pulled away, and Debbie, lay down on top of me. She was gorgeous, her tits huge. They pressed down on the mounds on my own chest as her hips ground against me. I didn't understand any of this. The sensations were overwhelming. It built and built as Debbie kissed and licked my face, until…


I lay on the soft mattress, wide awake. Debs was curled up behind me, softly breathing into my neck. I felt the soft clinging fabric of the bra and knickers caressing my body and sobbed, just once. More wasn't allowed.

My… cock… was carefully pushed up into my body. When retracted like that my… pussy… just looked like it had bigger puffier lips. My breasts where huge, "E" cups though that made little sense to me. Debs where the same size, in fact our two bodies where somehow sculpted to the same shape in all dimensions.

Debbie had slowly and carefully told me what had been done. She's been awake for longer than me, her changes being less than mine. I could tell it had been a hard lonely time, though she brushed it off. It had mostly been spent learning girly things she had never paid much attention to like make up and cloths. She said she would have to teach me everything she learned.

I was a girl. It kept hammering inside my brain. I was a girl yet I wasn't. I didn't feel like one inside my brain, yet if I looked in one of the many big mirrors an incredibly sexy body looked back at me. Bruised, and a bit angular, but so sexy. What had they done?


"No! Move your feet one in front of the other. How many times do I have to tell you?"

I wanted to break down in tears, but dare not. We'd been practicing all morning, had been practicing for days. I think I was getting worse. Poor Debbie had been punished twice already and I could feel the fear and irritation in her voice. I stopped, took a deep breath and started walking again.

The relief in her voice spoke volumes, "Better…"


I lay in the box, unable to move, unable to feel, unable to hear. The damn thing was built in a soft fabric and foam, exactly fitted to the shape of my body. Heated to body temperature it was an isolation box, leaving me no sensation. I don't know how long I'd been suspended this time, long enough that my mind felt like it was about to crack.

Then there was a soft wash of air against my breasts. Relief flooded through me, I was going to get another chance. Though I know it was warped I was desperate. I took slow deep breaths as the little biofeedback gauge lit up.

"OK baby, just relax and let it grow." Debs mouth encircled a nipple as her hand clasped the other breast. Oh, to have any sensation was amazing, to have this was heaven. I relaxed and just let it washed over me. She wasn't gentle, her fingers grasped and pinched, but I felt it build.

I cleared my mind, let it wash over me, let it build. Then, oh god, my body tensed and I felt an orgasm blast through me. It wasn't like a cum from my cock, but god was it good.

"Oh darling! Oh baby, well done! I'm so proud of you!" Proud? I just had an orgasm from my tits. As the sensation leaked from me, the depression settled back in. It was nothing to be proud about. "Now again…"


"Try her again."

The woman's voice, our trainer, our demon, filled the room. I quickly finished doing up the clasp of the suspenders and hurried over to Debbie's training box. She's been in there for hours, and I felt deeply for her, knowing what it was like. I also felt the echo of pain from her last failure. I had to make this work for her for both our sakes.

I carefully oiled the dildo, and stopped for a second. Here I was oiling and stroking a long thick cock shape, and I had been thinking about how better to do up my suspenders. Damn them, I felt my mind changing. Not long ago at all I would never have dreamed of touching such a realistic dildo, and suspenders?

Sighing I flipped open the hatch of her box. Debs perfect derriere showed. "OK dear, just relax." I carefully spread her cheeks and moved the dildo forward. I had to admit the sight of the cock head pushing against her ass, opening it, and sliding it was a bit of a turn on. I'd much rather it was my own cock, but I wasn't allowed to penetrate her. Yet a light tingle grew in my tits, my groin felt warm, moist as different flesh engorged and puffed up.

Slowly I began to fuck the thing in and out of her ass. I watched the biofeedback monitor to see how I could optimise the sensations for her, and was hopeful as I saw an orgasm build. Would she cum from this ass fuck this time?


I was kneeling in front of Debs, she was naked bar the dildo knickers. The obscene thing jutted out in front of her. I was in a tight black dress, my hands cuffed behind my back. "Lets try again shall we?"

She ran her hands through my hair, now grown back out to shoulder length, and I opened my lips. I hated this, hated it with a passion, but… I felt the length slide down my tongue, starting to fill my throat. Using every bit of training I relaxed my throat and prayed I wouldn't gag. It slid deeper, then deeper, until Debbie's crotch brushed against my nose.

"Oh darling, well done! What a star." She slid it out a few inches, then back in. "Oh yes…" I heard the lust in her voice. I didn't always understand how things like this turned her on, but they did. I'd been afraid to ask.


In the darkened room, trance music booming I looked over at Debbie. She was dressed in a white bra and white micro mini. Dancing with her wrists crossed above her head, eyes closed, my body tingled with lust. I loved clubbing with her, and looking at her just then, the enhanced Debs, I thought she was the most beautiful thing in the world.

Right then there was nothing I could do about it. So I closed my eyes and tried to loose myself in the music like she did. It wasn't easy, I still had to concentrate on my moves. They were different from what I used to do. Yet somewhere along the line I did. I just danced.

Eventually I opened my eyes to see Debbie watching me. Her face had this mix of amazement and lust. My mouth went dry and I felt my face heat in embarrassment. How could she want me like this? All my feelings of freakishness and self disgust bubbled up.

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