tagIncest/TabooNewport Family Mansion Pt. 01

Newport Family Mansion Pt. 01


I hated doing favors, but I did owe my aunt Marcy for some tax work she helped me with a few months ago. She lived with my hot cousin Victoria in a small brick detached servants house in the mansion section of Newport Rhode Island.

The house had been a home for the servants of Winston Buxton back in the late 1800's and was a miniature version of the main mansion. The main house was 20,000 square feet and was passed down through the generations like most of the properties in the area. Winstons great grandfather was instrumental in bringing the rails into the Providence area and with it, western civilization as we know it, that and tons and tons of money.

My aunt Marcy was recently divorced from her second husband. The relationship ended after six months after Marcy was found by her husband in bed with two sailors who had some shore leave. Aunt Marcy had an insatiable sex drive and my cousin was just as bad. My aunt was pretty hot for a mid forty-year-old mature woman. She knew how to dress and knew what clothing showed off her sculpted legs perfectly. She loved to wear short, tight-fitting black cocktail dresses and had her hair at shoulder length with bangs. She was a dance teacher at a women's college outside of Providence.

She was a hot piece of ass for her age and It used to feel weird checking her out when I was younger, at least up until the day she caught me checking her out. I had gotten out of school early one afternoon and swung by her place to hang out with Victoria. The door was unlocked and I walked in and yelled for the both of them but there was no response, only open windows and some music playing upstairs. I set my backpack down on the kitchen island, grabbed an apple and headed upstairs figuring one of them had to be home. At the top of the staircase, my Aunts room was to the left and Victorias was to the right. Nobody in Victoria's room, the music was definitely in my aunt's room.

The music was nice, some concerto with violins and deep tones. My aunt never skimped out on decent speakers. As I got closer to the door I started to hear a low buzzing noise and figured it was a bad connection in the speakers. I couldn't have been more wrong. I pressed the door open slowly and I saw a foot, then a leg, then her hand inserting a flesh colored vibrator into her pussy. She didn't see me for at least thirty seconds and that was all I needed to grab my cock and play with myself for a bit. She was really enjoying herself, the ocean breeze coming in through the windows, the classical music in the background, and a slight glow of sweat starting to form on her legs.

She was going to change positions from laying down on her back when she caught me. We both panicked and I ran downstairs to the kitchen to grab my bag. I turned to run down the hall to the front door and she was already there.

"Ben, honey. Listen. It's ok. Sometimes adults like to explore and enjoy their body, it's natural and I'm sure when you get older you are going to do the same thing. Does that make sense?" she confidently and quietly explained.

"Aunt Marcy, I'm sorry I should've knocked. I'm so stupid, I was just waiting for Victoria and..." she put her finger on my lips and hushed me. She came in close and gave me a hug in a crouched squat.

"Sweetie, no need to apologize".

She held me and caressed my head and pulled me into her breasts. I started getting an erection, at 18 years old a picture of a car tire could give me an erection. This was different. Was it the smell of her sweaty body? Her sweet musk from her crouching in front of me? Her hair? I was electrified and in heat. She went to get up and my hard penis bumped her knee.

"Oh, boy Ben. What is going on right here with this big thing?" she said in a heavy breathy voice.

I tried to get a word out, any word, no luck. I could feel my adrenaline and electricity shoot up my neck but no words were coming out of my mouth. She knelt back down and came in closer so that my penis rode up her stomach. She very slowly placed her left hand on the outside of my shorts and did some manipulation with just her hand. I don't think she wanted to stroke me just yet. I'm glad she wasn't stroking because as weird as this was, I didn't want it to stop at the same time.

She looked me in the eyes and said: "Ben, do you want me to stop honey? Is this uncomfortable for you?"

"Ummm no, no, please Aunt Marcy DONT stop. You're so damn hot and I like this a lot. What if Victoria comes in and catches us doing this?" I asked nervously.

She told me to stand up and follow her to the couch because she wanted to talk about that. She held my hand and led the way. Inwas staring at her firm sculpted ass the entire way. We sat facing each other. She kept her legs apart and kept massaging my cock.

"Let me ask you something, Ben. Do you find Victoria attractive?" She asked me.

"She's gorgeous! Why are you asking?"

"You know Victoria has a boyfriend right?" She said in a matter of fact tone.

"I didn't know that".

"She does, and his names Mike. Mike was in porn in Hollywood a few years ago and they met while she was in college. He came to stay here last year for a few weeks and help out around the house with some projects".

"I happened to walk in on the two of them fucking doggy style right where you're sitting. The both of them just looked at me. Their faces covered in sweat, Mike was pulling her by the hair. I'm not sure what I expected either any of our responses to be, but he just kept pounding her from behind, so I just sat down and watched. I fingered myself and watched Mike cum like a pornstar that he was. All over her back and the first shot went over the back if her head onto the floor". The reason I'm telling you this Ben, is that Its cool if you find her attractive. I think she'd feel the same way about you".

"Really?" I asked in disbelief.

Victoria was incredibly attractive, even more than my aunt. Her body was absolutely perfect. Large breasts, ass shaped like the gods made it themselves, piercing eyes, same hairstyle as my aunt. I had always felt that way since we were kids. We played hide and seek in the backyard by the ocean walk and I remember finding her, and when I did I would hug her and giggle and attempt to dry hump her thigh. Thinking back, she never pulled away from me.

"Ben, Victoria is due home in a half hour. I'm going to pour you a glass of wine and then I'm going to put my mouth on your cock and suck you until you come into my mouth sweetie. Does that sound like a good plan?" she explained as she came in to french kiss me on my mouth.

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by Anonymous

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by Alwaystaboo01/08/18

Beautiful story of love

All aunts and nephews should experience such uninhibited love.

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by Anonymous01/08/18


I didn't get that young. We each have our own ideas I guess.

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by Anonymous01/07/18

kinda a strange start. He did not feel like he was 18. More like 14-15

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