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byCal Y. Pygia©

In writing my own erotica, I have turned mostly to my own ideas and imagination for source material. Occasionally, I have also used my own past or present sexual experiences as fodder for fiction.

However, another source for story ideas, to which many writers, both of erotic fiction and otherwise, frequently turn is the news. Literotica, in listing articles that relate to sex in the news, thus provides a potential gold mine of story ideas for its authors.

A few other news sources, mostly of the tabloid or "yellow journalism" type also provide such articles. In one of the features printed in a British tabloid, the writer detailed a problem that the story's headline identifies as "Permanent Sexual Arousal Syndrome." The story mentioned the difficulty that a young woman faces, every day, of NOT having an orgasm. Virtually everything she does results in her experiencing momentary bliss of the sexual variety. She can't so much as sneeze without passing the point of no return; according to the article, the woman experiences as many as 200 orgasms a day, and had five of them during the forty-minute interview she gave reporters. With a little imagination, such a condition could become the basis of a hilarious erotic tale.

Other news stories suggest additional possibilities. "No Pants Day," an annual celebration in New York City, which began in 2002, suggests some amusing possibilities. Both sexes participate in the celebration. During the first year, there were several arrests, but the charges were tossed out by a judge, since it is not illegal for New Yorkers to wear just their undies in public (or for women to go topless, for that matter).

Then, there are always offbeat beauty contests, such as the annual World's Most Beautiful Transsexual Contest, which wicked Wikipedia has seen fit to regard as worthy of mention in its online "encyclopedia." According to this relatively reliable source," "Each year, beginning in 2004, Las Vegas' Riviera Hotel and Casino has hosted The World's Most Beautiful Transsexual Contest in July. The winner receives $5,000 and a trip to the Virgin Islands." To enter the contest, the anonymous author of this article claims, "Contestants must provide proof of their original sex," although "both pre-operation (pre-op) and post-operation (post-op) transwomen are allowed to enter the contest." For some reason, contestants are required to get dolled up as female celebrities. I offer more details concerning this pageant, for anyone who may be interested, in my Literotica piece, "Transsexual Beauty Contest." Obviously, a transsexual beauty contest could offer several ideas for story plots, humorous and otherwise.

Checking out the stories of individual contestants in such pageants or other beauty contests can also suggest ideas for erotic narratives. For example, Chin Lili, a Chinese transsexual singer was disqualified from competing in the 2004 Miss Universe beauty contest, although she was permitted to "perform" for its largely heterosexual audience and its presumably straight panel of judges.

Another Internet site that features all the news that's unfit to print. It's articles are sure to please writers in search of a muse, as some of its recent headlines suggest: "Body scanners not pornographic," "Top 30 sex scandals of 2009," "Sex doll talks back," "Men think about sex 13 times a day," "The top 10 vaginas," "Man gets penis stuck in pipe," "Mural nipples must be censored," "The best sex toy of 2009."

Science also offers some hot prospects for erotic stories, such as hermaphroditic flatworms' use of their penises as swords, earlier and earlier onsets of puberty among girls, aquatic lesbians, incest, and even life without sex.

In writing stories, the sex devil is in often the details. In other words, a writer must dig a little, checking details regarding situation, conflict, character, setting, theme--the elements of fiction--seeking the twist on the news story's details that will spark an idea of his or her own story. It helps in doing so to have a particular approach in mind. Should the news item be developed humorously? Would it be better treated as a horror story? Maybe it should be cast as a detective story, a science fiction story, or an action-adventure tale. By having an approach in mind (or thinking of an appropriate one as one reads the news item), a writer can zero in on the details of the feature that best suits his or her own purposes.

Of course, for the same reason, the writer should consider the sexual orientation and preference from which he or she wants to approach the story--bisexual, heterosexual, homosexual, pansexual--and the fetish or sexual specialty he or she is interested in writing about--anal, BDSM, celebrity, exhibitionism and voyeurism, first time, group sex, incest, interracial sex, romantic sex, transsexual sex, and so on.

Often irony can transform a straightforward, rather prosaic news story into an exciting and memorable piece of erotic fiction. For example, in reality, Chin Lili was disqualified as a contestant in the Miss Universe beauty contest because she wasn't born as a "natural woman," but what if this transsexual beauty had been allowed to compete (as, originally, she had been, before this initial decision was later reversed), and she not only competed, but also actually won? What would a transwoman's winning of a female beauty contest have suggested about such contests and, beyond the competition itself, the concepts of male and female, femininity and masculinity, and beauty as such? The situation could be treated seriously or humorously, but, either way, one would hope that these deeper issues of sex and gender would be considered along the way.

Likewise, novelty bikinis melt, as it were, within a few minutes of their contact with water. If a woman's boyfriend (or girlfriend) persuaded her to wear a pair of the bikini bottoms that he (or she) had given her just before No Pants Day and someone spilled a drink on her during the course of the day, the effect could be humorous--and erotic--indeed.

If Permanent Sexual Arousal Syndrome is "catching," what might happen if someone infected her friends or coworkers with it?

A story could be written describing exactly what men--or one man, anyway, the story's protagonist--thinks about while he's having his 13 thoughts about sex one day.

The possibilities are many, if not endless, and Literotica is happy to help out with its own "Adult Headline News" links, among which of the more recent have been: "Sex offender indicted on kidnapping charges," "Sex-bot debuts at porn industry confab," "Plaintiff says Prop. 8 'means I'm unequal'," "Judge jumped the gun in allowing broadcast of same-sex marriage case," "Bachelor Contestant Calls Sex Scandal a 'Blatant Lie'," "Council in dilemma concerning SOB zoning Porn Use Around The World," "Steep rise in sex offender parolees living on the street," "Superstud Tiger Wood's sex, cash Xmas romp with Rachel Uchitel."

If a writer can't turn out an erotic story based on at least one of these headlines, he or she just isn't trying.

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