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I pulled into the parking lot of the newsstand and screeched to a stop in one of the poorly marked parking spaces. Still pissed at yet another of my wife’s “headaches,” I climbed out of the car and slammed the door shut. I walked into the newsstand, past the magazines and newspapers and entered through the swinging bar doors just beneath the “21 and older” only sign.

I nodded toward the attendant at the cash register without really looking at him and walked toward the arcade entrance. Passing from the bright lights into darkness, I pause letting my eyes adjust. Without looking over the movie titles and pictures I walked immediately to a booth with an open door. Peeking inside to be sure no one was there, I quickly stepped in, closed the door and locked it.

I pulled out a dollar bill and fed it into the machine and watched the screen as a naked couple performed on the video. I clicked through several different movies, stopping on a spectacular cum shot as two men pumped their cocks and came all over beautiful blonde’s face. I stood back and watched the come dripped down her face and then the screen went black.

I was about to sit down when I noticed a light through a circular hole in the wall. As I looked at the hole, a cock slowly appeared. The movie on the screen started up again and in the light I could see it better. I sat for a moment, running my hand over the bulge in my pants, pondering the possibilities. Still pissed and now incredibly horny, I decided to go for it.

I reached out and touched it, feeling the strange, but so familiar shape. It curved slightly to the right and was nicely circumcised. I could smell a faint acrid odor, but let myself get captured in the moment as I began to stroke him more vigorously. The pre-come had formed at the tiny hole, and I began using it as lubricant as my fingers slid over the length of him. While I jacked him off with my right hand, I caressed his balls with my left.

I felt him begin to press forward as I stroked over him. Knowing he was looking for more than just a hand job here, I leaned forward and touched my tongue to his glistening head. I could taste the pre-come, as I slid my mouth over him and I heard a gasped, “Yes” from the other booth.

I had never done this before, so I was very tentative in what I did. Trying to remember what I liked when a woman had me in her mouth, I moved my tongue around him as I slid my mouth back and forth over his penis. I was careful not to take him in too deeply, not wanting to gag. While I slid my mouth over him, I continued to stroke with my right hand and caress his balls with my left. It took a little time to get all three motions coordinated, but I finally got the hang of it.

Just when I began to get into his rhythm, I suddenly felt him pull away. I paused, wondering what he was doing, figuring perhaps I was so bad at this that he gave up on me.

He whispered, “Unlock your door.”


“I want to come over there, unlock your door.”

“Okay,” I replied, unlocking my door.

He quickly slipped inside. He was different from what I envisioned from just looking at his hard cock. He was clean shaven and his face looked much softer than I anticipated. As his hands touched my face, coaxing me downward, they felt much softer than I had envisioned.

I kneeled as he opened his pants and let them fall to the ground. I immediately began stroking him again and moved my mouth closer.

“Not as hard,” he whispered, well aware of my incompetence. “Yes, that is better. Use your tongue more, I like that.”

Following his instructions, I began to sense a response from him. I felt him moving to me as I slid my lips over him, back and forth.

“Play with my balls… yes, pull on them. Yes, like that.”

I continued, matching his rhythm. With him in the booth with me, I had a bit less control on how deep I took him into my mouth. His thrusts were filling my mouth, where before I was just taking in his head. When his hands reached to the back of my head I tensed suddenly.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be careful here,” he whispered.

I relaxed some as he pressed deeper into my mouth. I still worried I might end up choking on him if he pressed really deep, but I kept on him. Hearing him moan, I intensified my motion, moving my tongue faster and faster.

“Yes, like that,” he gasped, suddenly pulling my head to him as he came. He hit the back of my throat, I began to gag and pulled back. I felt the hot, thick liquid splashing in my mouth, but still fighting the urge to gag, I didn’t swallow. His semen poured out of my mouth, splashing onto the floor.

He had stopped thrusting and stood there, unmoving. As I regained my composure, I sucked the head a little, but he pulled away.

“No, too sensitive now,” he whispered.

“I’m sorry I…”

“No, it’s okay, I shouldn’t have pressed so hard. That was your first time wasn’t it?”

“Yes, I said,” looking away, suddenly thinking of all the repercussions of what just happened. My head spun at them all, as I wondered if he was clean, damn.

“I’ll do you now if you like,” he said, reaching toward my crotch.

“No,” I said too loudly. Adjusting my voice, I whispered, “No, I think I need to go now.” I slipped though the door before he had finished hooking his belt.

I stared at the ground and said nothing to the attendant as I whooshed through the swinging doors and then out through the entrance doors and into the sunlight. Blinded for a moment, I stumbled to my car, opened the door and climbed inside. I started it immediately, threw it in reverse and backed out, nearly hitting one of the cars parked alongside me.

Finally reaching a point where I could see, I accelerated up to the street and then squealing my tires I pulled onto the roadway and headed away. I looked in my mirrors, but didn’t see anyone emerging from the newsstand. I sped away, wondering what I would do next.

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