tagMind ControlNewton's Third Law - In Bed

Newton's Third Law - In Bed


Now that I am the chief science officer at Veridian Dynamics, I can tell you my story about my studies involving the social aspects of Newton's Third Law. That's the law that states, "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction."

So you thought science was boring? Well, sex involves many aspects of science, so if you still think science is boring, you, your significant other, or both, are totally bored. What a waste of time and effort.

At Veridian Dynamics, we work on many products, some fantastically dishonest in their application, some merely fantastic. The project that I began about four years ago was a bit of both. How fantastic? Well, I was able to do a lot of my basic research on a website called Literotica - let me take you to back then...

That was quite an interesting experience, finding out that a lot of the technologies postulated in the mind control stories published on this particular website actually existed, at least in beta form. Fortunately, we have one of the meanest legal and accountancy teams in the corporate universe, so we were able to buy the rights to the technologies for a song, which allowed me to have a clear field to get approval for a proposal for the development of a unisex aphrodisiac.

Well, that was what I was spending much of my official time on. A bit of my official time, and a lot of my off-the-clock time, was spent on another project.

It didn't help my love life, such as it was, that I was considered a "nerdy nerd", with a standard-issue pocket protector. Being thirty, five inches short of six feet tall, not particularly handsome, with short brown hair (neither a crew cut nor a hippie cut) and matching brown plastic framed glasses (OSHA and company regulations required me to wear them), ten pounds overweight, and very career oriented - well, was it any wonder I never got a chance to get to first base?

And I didn't care - until about six months after the project started - when Hiroe walked into my office. She was very petite - perhaps a year or two younger than my thirty years of age, perhaps a foot shorter than me, with quiet, penetrating blue eyes, a pretty bobbed head of black hair, and that certain gentle, childlike Japanese smile melded with a true beauty that I had seen hinted at, but very rarely fulfilled on the Internet, or anywhere else.

She was the new biochemist for my (official) research project, and it was no problem, at least at first. She, like me, was unmarried, very career oriented, and had that special combination of quietude, reserve, and inner strength that I always admired in a person.

Well, the official project was progressing a bit more slowly than I, Hiroe, or the management team desired, but Veridian is very gentle when it comes to pressuring successful corporate scientists - especially ones that they know have a "black file" on them almost as complete as Wanda, the receptionist, does. And since the scientists, the IT people, and Wanda all have equal abilities to build our own black files, we decided to collaborate against management, save ourselves a lot of time, and leave each other alone.

I saw an unexpected side of Hiroe about this time. First, when the management were about to sack the janitorial staff, when they merely asked for no increase in their health insurance premiums with a one percent increase in their hourly wages, Hiroe hacked into some hitherto-unknown-to-all-of-us-network in about an hour, and pulled out such a juicy bit of data, that the VP of human resources wound up spending some of her off-hours with the sexually hungry IT staff, as well as a few "on the clock" ones... ...the janitorial staff got a two percent raise and no increase in their health insurance premiums...

...Hiroe got a whole, uncut cheesecake from Wanda (Wanda is a bitch sometimes, but she makes heavenly cheesecake - if you only got a slice, you were in her good graces, and everyone from the CEO down to the mail room attendant and temps lusted after it)...

...and everybody's black files (as well as other things) grew larger, especially as the IT staff videotaped their time with the human resources VP. Too bad that you won't ever see any of that on the internet, at least until that VP retires - public secrets are useless for black file ops, after all.

And Hiroe, after sharing some of her prized cheesecake with me and our project colleagues, calmly went to her karate class on the ground floor in our building, as if nothing extraordinary had happened. I need to emphasize this - that was the first whole cheesecake Wanda ever handed out (and as far as I know, she only gave out one other - more on that later).

I was across the hall from the open plan classroom (open plan - only a three foot high stucco wall with mahogany trim, with nothing above it) where Hiroe was practicing her karate, working on some PR materials for a tour later that afternoon, where I saw a redneck man, about two feet taller, and well over a hundred pounds heavier than her (Hiroe may have weighed a hundred pounds soaking wet), call her a Chink...then charged her, screaming curses at her...

...only to wind up on the floor, clutching his groin, whimpering like a baby. He would have been clutching his right knee, as the paramedics splinted it very carefully, and gave him a quarter-grain of morphine before beginning the process of lifting him onto the stretcher for the ambulance ride to the hospital, but he obviously was too distracted.

As I watched the scene from across the hall, where Hiroe could not see me, I saw the form of her breasts - really saw them - for the first time. You might ask why I hadn't seen them before, working closely with her all this time.

Well, it was simple - I was trying to keep things with her strictly on a professional level. Of course, that wasn't ever easy - as I said, she was very beautiful to me. And that was one reason I hadn't eaten any lunch - watching what I ate had taken those ten extra pounds off. But, seeing her breasts covered in a royal blue spandex crop top, nipples clearly showing through the material, made me rather uncomfortable, as I swelled in reaction. The fact that her breasts were still heaving up and down after the attempted attack, didn't help me maintain control, either.

Then my eyes lowered themselves to see what else she was wearing - matching spandex compression shorts, knee length, with no panties underneath. Her bare feet, no nail polish, were petite, perfectly formed, and likely a little bit sore, after giving her attacker what he richly deserved.

And then, I decided something - something I hadn't dared to do, but now felt that I had to do. Walking into the classroom, I asked Hiroe if she needed anything. "A bottle of water, please," she replied.

"How about a Sprite?" I replied.

"That would be even better," she tried to smile.

Fortunately, I was in my lab coat, so had several pockets, and several soda machine tokens. Getting two soft frozen Sprites out of the customized machine (soft frozen Sprite was a childhood memory for me, refreshed for me on this day), sitting next to her in the back row of chairs on one side of the classroom, and handing Hiroe one, I asked her if she was all right.

Lowering her head, she replied, "I never had to do that before...", as the stretcher was wheeled out past us.

"Well," I replied, trying to sound a bit cheerful, "from what the security man said, you reacted out of instinct - that says a lot about how disciplined you are."

Looking down at Hiroe's feet, I saw that her right ankle was quite red, and beginning to swell. Looking back up at her, I saw her begin to shudder, and tears well in her eyes. So I gently stroked her cheek, and told her, "Come with me - we need to get that ankle taken care of..."

So I helped Hiroe to her feet, and I helped her to the elevators, then to our laboratory suite on the ninth floor. There was a complete medical suite there (again, OSHA and company rules!), with a examination chair that could be elevated, as well as folded flat, like a massage table - but covered in soft, simulated crushed velvet, instead of cold vinyl.

Gently helping Hiroe onto the chair, I elevated her so I could more easily treat her ankle. Opening the medicine cabinet, I asked her, "Aspirin, acetaminophen, ibuprofen, whatever you would like..."

"Any Excedrin in there?" Hiroe replied. I smiled - Excedrin happened to be my first choice too. She swallowed them daintily, chasing them down with some soft frozen Sprite.

I took a bottle out of my pocket. "Peppermint oil," I told her, "is good with icepacks." Lifting her right foot, I slowly and gently massaged some oil onto her ankle, watching her face flash from pain to surprise to relief as the peppermint began to relieve the swelling. After a few moments, I lowered her foot back down to the chair, got a wraparound soft icepack out of the freezer, and gently put it on her ankle.

"I think I should take you home," I told Hiroe, helping her to her feet, "and you should put your feet up all weekend."

"But it's Thursday," she protested, "and we have that orangutan test starting tomorrow..."

"No - Friday is the Fourth of July," I replied, "and we're closed until Monday, remember?"

Shaking her head, Hiroe smiled weakly. "I like fireworks, and three day weekends..."

Hiroe still could not walk without some support, so I proffered her my arm, and we slowly walked to the parking garage, where I helped her into my car - I didn't have bucket seats, fortunately for her.

"A '99 Volvo?" Hiroe sighed, "how utterly boring..."

"...and utterly safe," I smiled. "And the engineering techs here made a few mods for me, so I get about 20 percent more horsepower and 10 percent better mileage than the standard model..."

"...well, I see that your Y chromosomes are working properly," she smiled back, as I closed her door.

Driving west down the Beltline, I recognized where she lived, near the Capitol Brewery. "You drive a '04 Civic, don't you?" I asked her.

"Yes, I know - another boring car," she smiled. "Would the techs be able to help me out also?"

Turning onto the University Avenue exit, I grinned. "If I recall what they told me, they could probably get 10 percent more horsepower, and about 30 percent better mileage from that Civic - or they could turn it into an advanced hybrid, and get you about 100 miles per gallon..."

"Choices, choices," she sighed. "And they couldn't do that to yours?"

"Y chromosomes, remember?" I chuckled. "And you know how the Beltline and Verona Road are..."

"...Newton's Third Law," she sighed, eyes half closed, as I pulled into the parking lot.

"How is your ankle?" I asked.

"A bit better," she replied, "but I will not refuse your arm."

Helping Hiroe from the car, we slowly walked into her condo building, a modern, stone-faced building of ten floors, with a terrace all the way around the tenth floor. As we entered the elevator, she pressed "10". Then, as I stood behind her, she pressed her back against me, from her heels to her head.

This was not what I expected to happen...you see, I had applied my experimental, unofficial compound to Hiroe's ankle - which was supposed to be activated by the peppermint oil, to make her progressively submissive, more submissive with each liberty I took with her, as her body's reactions would reinforce the effect of the compound, until the climax, hers and mine, when she would be helplessly enthralled with me, permanently...

...but this was certainly not submission from her, not at all - and I did not care.

As the elevator doors opened on the tenth floor, she took my hand, and led me to her door, and let us in. Closing the door, she again pressed her back against me, gently swaying to and fro, causing the reaction that she could have expected.

Well, I decided to continue as I had planned, and removed my hands from my jacket pockets, and gently stroked her breasts through her crop top, feeling her nipples stiffen against my fingers - my damp fingers, damp with more of the compound, gently pressing her nipples, stiffening, as she gasped.

Then it was my turn to gasp, as her hands reached behind her, taking full advantage of her feminine advantage of flexibility, enhanced by her karate, to find my zipper, and lower it, so she could stroke me...and when she touched me there, unprotected by my clothing, I shuddered, reflexively pressing her body closer to mine.

Hiroe stopped, still gently holding me, and softly asked me, with a hint of surprise in her voice, "You are a virgin?"

I took a sharp, deep breath, partly because I was afraid to answer, and partly because she moved her hand holding me just so. "Yes."

Releasing me, she turned around and looked into my eyes, holding my hands gently in hers. "You did apply some of the latest formula to me, didn't you?"

Sighing, I replied, "Yes, I did..." - and that was strictly the truth, as my unofficial compound was the latest official formula, as it happened, with only one other inert ingredient besides the peppermint oil added.

Smiling, still holding my eyes captive with hers, but gently sliding her hands up my arms to my cheeks, she surprised me. "I have wanted you to do what you did to me since I first saw you..." - then she pulled my face to hers, and kissed me...

...and I closed my eyes, as the feeling of her tongue and her lips on mine was so exquisite, that I did not notice her gently guiding my hands to her breasts, willing me to lift her crop top over her breasts, then lowering my face towards them, slowly, slowly, slowly...

...her gasp opened my eyes - I found myself kneeling before Hiroe, kissing her lovely breasts, as she smiled down at me, encouraging me to experiment as she lifted her crop top over her head...

...then, she gently lowered me down her body, ensuring that I slowly tasted her along the way, until I was gently holding her waist, my face before the triangle between her legs, looking up at her face, gently smiling as she nodded to me, lowering my hands to her waist...

...and I smiled back at her, gently lowering - well, I wanted to gently lower her compression shorts, but that was not possible, so I hesitated, and she raised one eyebrow, still smiling, as if to say, "Get on with it..." - so somehow, her shorts were on the floor, and my lips and tongue touched her lips, kissed them, sucked on them, while I listened to her breathing, to see if I was getting warmer...

...her gasps told me I was, as well as the wetness coming from her, so I tried sucking on her clit, while moving my hands to stroke her areoles, her nipples, her hands pressing my head further into her.

I barely heard Hiroe's cries as she came - but I felt her come, as her thighs squeezed my head so I could barely breathe, and I kept licking her clit, holding and caressing her derriere while tasting her pleasure - not only did that feel wonderful, but it helped me avoid anoxia.

But I didn't have to worry about anoxia, as she started wobbling, and fell forward on the Persian carpet - well, actually, she fell on top of me when her inertia pushed me onto my back on the carpet...and I looked up into her eyes, sitting on my thighs above me - she wasn't feeling only pleasure, I could see that. "Is your ankle okay?" I asked her.

Shaking her head, but smiling, Hiroe replied, "It couldn't hold my weight all of a sudden, but it doesn't hurt - and I have you to thank for that..." She looked down in front of her, and saw me growing toward her navel. Unbuttoning my shirt, she leaned forward and kissed my nipples, one after another. "You made mine hard," she chuckled as I whimpered with pleasure, "so now it's your turn..."

As she pressed her breasts onto my chest, rubbing her nipples against mine, she suckled the side of my neck, gently biting me. "I have wanted to make you mine, from the first moment that I saw you," she whispered, moving to the other side of my neck, suckling and gently biting me there, "and now, you are mine..."

Sitting up, she gently stroked me in her hands, eliciting a soft whimper from me, and a wan smile from her. "Now, you want me to make me yours, no?", as she continued to gently stroke me, bringing me almost to the point of no return, then stopping...

...then she showed me mercy, and lowered herself onto me...and I felt her, really felt her, as she squeezed me, gently at first, then more insistently, slowly lifting and lowering herself onto me.

I started to thrust in time with her, but she looked at me, pressing the palms of her hands on my chest, stroking my nipples gently, bidding me to submit to her, to hold still, to lose myself in her. Then, she lifted my hands to her breasts, and began rocking and squeezing me again, as I caressed her nipples, her areoles, the soft, yet firm underside of each breast, as she held my eyes captive with hers, held my release captive to her will...

...until she squeezed me hard once, twice, three times, and made me fill her with myself, making me cry softly, which made her body shudder, then sent her over the edge of climax, milking me, making me cry more, making her cry in utter pleasure. Then she collapsed onto me once more, her breasts pressing into my chest, her ecstatic breathing warming my neck, her tears falling onto me...

...and I grasped her waist gently, and slid her face to mine, and I kissed her tears on her cheeks...had I cried? For she was kissing my eyes...and we fell asleep, on her Persian carpet, our bodies still entwined...

When I awoke, a few hours later, Hiroe was kneeling beside me, nude, just as I was, smiling, holding a glass of iced chai toward me. Sitting up, I sipped from the blue crystal glass - and saw her smile transform into a chuckle, for the chai was perfect, exactly how I made it...

...exactly how I made it? That must have shown on my face, for Hiroe stood up, held out her hand toward me, and beckoned me to come with her, to her computer, where I saw the image of a certain beautiful young woman, en deshabille, looking at me from the wide screen HD monitor. I looked at Hiroe, and asked, "How did you know..."

"Your home PC's security was not something I could defeat remotely," Hiroe admitted, wincing at what was apparently a failure, to her at least - although her ankle was still rather tender as well, given that she lifted her foot at the same time. "But, your ISP's security, although good, was not sufficiently secure enough, unlike the national providers, to keep me from seeing your encrypted URL site requests..."

Looking at her PC, it was obvious, but I finished her sentence anyway, in shock, "...and that was no problem for you to decrypt..."

"...but I am rather surprised," she replied, "for usually men have veritable harems of girls on their PC's, and usually hard core stuff, too - but I could find no evidence of any other woman, or any hard core stuff - and I must say, your choices in this regard tell me a lot about you..."

"Really?" I asked Hiroe, once more falling deep into her eyes.

"Yes," she replied, "there are mere slutty porn pictures, of course - but some people consider any image of a nude woman to be merely porn slut stuff. But some are very beautiful works of art - and given that you have chosen Chiasa Aonuma, I am surprised that you do not have any photos from Edward Weston as well..."

Looking into Hiroe's eyes, I saw that she was beginning to fall into mine as well. "I have seen them, of course, at the Kohler Art Library at the University - but there was something missing about those images..."

"...you mean full frontal nudity?" she asked.

"Actually, I don't think the model in the Weston pictures was comfortable, as Chiasa seemed to be," I replied.

Leading me to the armless office chair in front of the PC, Hiroe smiled gently, and motioned me to sit. "I want to try an experiment with you - please do not think, or ask any questions, ok?"

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