It's been three and a half years since I left for college. My best friend, Danielle has moved in with my dad and has gone to the local community college. Her degree is in medical records and she works in a chiropractic office. All this time her parents have thought my dad was being kind to have her live at his house while they moved to a new city for work.

Danielle graduated high school with me and has joined me in bed with dad since the summer after my we turned 18. You might remember my telling you about that in "Thank You, Daddy" where dad and I got together for the first time. We've had great times together since then. Danielle and I both know what an accomplished lover my dad is. Now, I want to tell you what happened when Danielle sets her mind to a plan

Danielle sleeps with my dad every night. I've come home from college to find them in bed together many times. Danielle says she's addicted to my dad's cock and emails me the details of some of their times together. HOT! HOT! HOT! Since the first time I told Danielle about what dad and I do in bed, she's been so horney for him. Even now she tells me how she loves to come home from the office and sneak into the house where she strips off her clothes and comes up behind him while he's working at his desk. I can imagine what Danielle's breasts feel like when rubbed against the back of his head. She's done that to me many times when we're naked together. She said my dad just turned around and started to suck and lick her nipples like they were the sweetest fruits. She would be so dripping wet even before she started to remove his shirt.

His fingers would start moving in and out of her pussy when she suddenly realized she wanted a baby sucking at her full breasts. That's what she told me. Her biological clock started ringing. She wanted to share her breast milk with dad and me and a baby. So she decided to stop taking her birth control pills that day.

That's the day she began teasing my dad about making babies. She said it was as if dad was on an aphrodesiac because he got hard with even the hint of the idea of getting Danielle pregnant. Danielle showed him a calendar where she kept track of her periods. Dad enjoys and occasional "bloody fuck" when Danielle is in the mood. I swear nothing stops these two from getting it on once the fuse is lit.

Anyway, Danielle started talking about it while dad was playing with her breasts one night. She started rubbing the back of his head and moaning, "that's it make mommy cum. Let me feed you." and "Oh, it feels so good when you suck my tits in the middle of my cycle. They're so sensitive." when she got to "put your seed in me. Fill my womb with your seed!" and "Don't pull out. Make me pregnant!" Dad was pounding away like he wanted to really make her a mommy.

That's when she found out that dad had a vasectomy shortly after I was born because my mom didn't want another child. In some way, I think that was part of the reason they divorced when I was ten. Dad came from a bigger family and said he liked the idea of more kids, but mom always worked and said it interfered with her career, so she finally talked him into it.

Danielle said if she'd known that, she would never have been on birth control. She was feeling really down about the prospect of not ever having kids with dad, but it never stopped her from satisfying him. She started talking about having dad get it reversed so she could get knocked up by him.

More and more of the love play centered around her getting unprotected sex, that dad should get his vasectomy reversed. As a matter of fact, he had it done just before he scheduled a business trip so he had time to recuperate. As he later told me, he didn't tell Danielle so as to surprise her. Well, he didn't tell me either. The real story begins when I come home for a break from college.

"How's it going, Danielle?" I called to her.

"Chrissy, you're here! What a great surprise!" we talked about college, jobs, my college love life and had a great time catching up. Then she said, "I missed you." and hugged me close.

I asked, "Is dad home?"

Dannie said, "Not yet, but he's coming in tonight." "Why, do you want to get together and surprise him?"

I replied, "It would be fun. Let's see what we can wear to get his attention." Dannie gave me a wicked little smile and we went upstairs to her room.

I looked around and said,"you haven't used this room much since I went to college three and a half years ago, have you?"

Danielle smiled and said, "No, It's my closet and overflow storage. Right after New year's the first year I was staying here, I moved into his bed and we've been there ever since. I guess you really knew that since all three of us spend a lot of our time there when you are home."

I looked at her and said, "I knew that first day I gave you to dad that he couldn't refuse you. Does this mean I'm your best friend and here you are going to be my new "Mom"?"

"Not yet. Dad hasn't really asked me to marry him, but I've got a plan that will make me a mommy, I hope."

I looked at Danielle with unspoken questions on my lips, but she just said, "I'll tell you about it later. Right now, let's see if we can put something together to keep your dad from falling asleep when he comes in the door." We went to her closet and I looked in. What a shock. She had so many new and pretty things to wear I was in awe. I turned to look at her and she had taken off her shirt and jeans.

My mouth started to water and so did my pussy at the sight of he beautiful body. Her skin was soft and her bra encased breasts hung down when she bent over to take off her socks to where I could almost see the nipples.

She looked up at me and said, "C'mon, we need to pick something out." I simply started to unbutton my blouse and unhook my belt an skirt.

When my skirt hit the floor, I heard Danny gasp. "What's wrong?" I said.

She just looked at me and said, "Don't take off the garter and stockings. They make you look so sexy I want to eat you up."

I moved over to her and said, "I won't stop you if you want to try. I was horney most of the afternoon on the drive home just thinking about doing you."

We stared at each other. Eyes darting from face to breasts to panties. We moved to touch, then to kiss and finally to mold our bodies together. My large 36DD breasts squeezed against her pert 34 C's and our lips touched for the first time in a long, long time. The lightest of barriers separated us. I was ready to go as I wrapped my arms around her. I unhooked the bra that blocked my hands from the soft radiant skin of her back. I felt the flesh that I had missed while away at college. Passion started to burn inside me at being back with my lover.

I flashed a memory of the first time we made love. Fear, excitement, anticipation, reluctance and the powerful draw of the love we felt for each other helped us find that first satisfying release we craved just before 10th grade. She eagerly released my bra and we savored the touch only two women can really experience. Nipple brushing nipple; soft, pliant flesh moving together. Nerves transmitting the pleasure and texture almost directly to the brain and our sweet nether regions at the same time. Then our lips met again and tongues touched. I was almost afraid I would devour her. I felt her hands reach around me and hold my head in place as her lips made a journey from my lips; across my cheeks, down my neck and back to my mouth. Then she kissed my eyes and forehead and back again to my mouth; then to the ears and eyes. It was breathtaking.

I shuddered as my excitement grew. My hands were not idle. I rubbed up and down the Dannie's back and felt the smooth, firm cheeks of her ass. I reached past her silky thong and dipped a finger into her passion. Her slippery liquid had started to escape its container in preparation for that manly object that was nowhere in sight. We had just begun and I wanted to bury myself into her core already. Memories of her flavor and the texture of those other lips had me moving to the bed. Danielle followed with a slight separation so her hands could wrap lovingly around my breasts. My nipples were so sensitive.

"I love these beauties. I always have. Although in the beginning, I was jealous and wanted a set just like them." Dannie chuckled, "Now I realize that I want them right where they are - on you so I can enjoy their size and texture all over; again and again."

She sat on the bed and brought me over to her hands and lips. I moaned as she sucked one then the other. My hand went to the back of her head and pressed it into my excited flesh. I touched her shoulders and the sides of her face and then she pulled at my lace panties. She stripped them down my legs and her hands pulled me over her side to the bed. Quickly standing, she removed her own thong and we came back together. I couldn't stop myself from rolling on top of her.

I countered, "I was always jealous of your tits. They never seem to sag. They're perky and firm and I love the feel of your nipples in my mouth." I attacked her face, neck, shoulders, and breasts with the ardent fervor of a lioness ripping a gazelle apart for sustenance. Our bodies were heating up. A light sheen of sweat began to appear between her breasts and the intoxicating smell of two women in heat began to permeate the room. Our initial purpose to review wardrobe now forgotten, we explored and turned to experience all the tactile pleasures we could. Two lovers meeting again knowing where and how to touch. Bodies rising and falling as fingers and lips begin to connect in deeper passions.

I won't say I was first to bring my mouth to her pussy, but it was within a few heartbeats from the feel of her tongue traveling along my own vulva. There is nothing quite as sexy as the sound of a skilled tongue and mouth in the moist folds between a woman's legs. Whether done by a man or a woman, the lick, suck, slurp, grunt and hum is like no other. Two women have the advantage of a stereo effect One set of noises and sensation close and another from the reciprocating engine between her own legs. If you've ever tried cunnilingus in a true sixty-nine, you know it is almost impossible to concentrate on a release while your concentration is focused on creating the pleasure needed to reach the same goal as your partner. Instead, the feelings build and fall in waves. I wanted to succeed in getting Dannie to her peak first. I persisted in my attack.

I tried with my tongue, my lips, fingers inserted into her wet recesses while she tried to accomplish the same on me. I was the one who finally lost the battle. I tensed and groaned as my orgasm erupted inside me. At almost the same time my involuntary spasms sent three fingers deep into Dannie and they curled up against her G-spot. I really didn't know what I had done at that moment, but her reaction was immediate. Dannie's head jerked back as if in a seizure and I heard her scream out. No real words were formed, but she and I collapsed together; my arms around her legs; her hands holding my ass. It had been so intense, I began to sob in relief.

Slowly Danielle raised her head to look at me and said, "Wow! That was one of the most incredible feelings of my life! Why are you crying?"

Between sobs I said, "I've missed you so much and this was incredible for me, too. You make me so glad I'm a womwn" I slowly crawled up the bed to her staring in her eyes. "I really do love you!"

The return of her gaze was languid and deep as she said, "What are we going to do when dad comes in; attack him or play it cool??"

I giggled, then laughed, "I don't know about you, but I'm going to rest up a bit, and then fuck him stupid."

She began laughing and said, "You really are horney, aren't you?"

I replied, "You get him every day. I haven't had his good hard cock in ages. Lets see if we can get all sexed up for him when he walks in the door." We slowly got off the bed and went back to the closet. She gave me a ruffled red nightgown that was almost see-through while she picked out a short, form-fitting black dress. I put it on with a garterbelt and stockings topped off with underware consistingof a patch of red fabric with strings that tied at the hips. I really felt slutty and hot.

Danielle offered, "I'll put your car in the garage and close the door. Then, when he comes in, I'll meet him at the door. You hide upstairs in the bedroom and I'll work him up before he sees you. That outfit will knock his socks and pants off."

I told Danielle I wanted to shower first and she said she'd join me in a second. The two of us went to shower and enjoyed a closeness as well as some touches and feeling of each other's bodies. We almost were carried away again. We wanted to save some of the passion for later so we hurried and dried ourselves and "dressed-up" for daddy. We set some mood music, sipped wine and talked some more while we waited.

It wasn't too much longer when we saw the taxi drop off a passenger and suitcase at the walkway out front. I went upstairs to follow the plan, but hesitated at the top of the stairs to watch the action below. True to her word Dannie opened the door and stood waiting for dad. The black dress was perfectly molded to her figure.

He walked into the house and closed the door. I saw the glint in his eyes as he raked his eyes up and down Dannie's tightly wrapped body. His eyes lingered at her plunging neckline. She reached for him and their embrace tightened as he kissed her. I heard him say, "I really missed you and have something exciting to tell you!" in little gasps that came from his mouth between kisses and gulps for air.

Dannie just said, "Shhhh, time for talk later. You have a woman to satisfy." I hoped she meant me and I giggled inside as she made a

conspiratorial smile and began to unbutton his shirt. Dad didn't have a clue what was waiting for him up here.

I watched as they played. He reached behind Dannie to loosen her dress. She kissed him again and unbuckled his pants and reached into his briefs for the prize. I saw him pull the thin straps of her dress off her shoulders and he kissed her neck and shoulder. His hands held the top of her dress to her breasts as he squeezed and molded the flesh under the silky material. His shirt came off, he stepped out of the pants and shoes and I was amused by the man standing in briefs and black socks. Men are not beautiful in their underwear. There is no doubt the broad shoulders and strong chest is sexy, but black socks and white briefs do nothing to enhance a man's comeliness. I almost couldn't wait to have his tight ass and long cock in front of me, but Dannie was taking her time.

Her dress fell around her hips and dad stared at her breasts. Once again his hands moved along her sides and upward toward her breasts. She grabbed one of his hands and turned to the steps. I moved quickly and silently to the bedroom and hid behind the door. He laughed at her eagerness, stepped gingerly out of his fallen garments and followed her into the room. Dannie hooked her thumbs into the sides of the dress and made it fall to the floor. Dad made a sharp intake of his breath and whistled at what he saw. She stood naked except for a lacy garter belt and sheer stockings. He pulled off his socks and pulled down his briefs as the both moved toward the bed. She whirled him around and made him sit.

I chose that moment to reveal myself.

Movement caught his eyes and they widened as he looked over to where I stood. The sheer red nightgown and matching garter belt lightly covered my form. Dannie went to her knees and grabbed his cock. "I said you had a woman to satisfy. I lied; you have two." Her hand began to stroke his length and I could see the shiny pre-cum wet the tip.

"Hi, daddy. Did you miss me, too?" I smiled and moved forward to the bed and wrapped my arms around his neck.

"Oh, sweetheart! I can't believe you're here. You look incredible." His hand grabbed my full breast. It was quite a hand full for him and I saw his eyes close as Dannie took his cock into her mouth. We'd done this before, but it still felt wonderful. The three of us moving together. Danielle's lips were successful in bringing dad's cock to full attention. Once again bartholin glands began secreting the needed lubricant of love within Dannie and I wafted into the air. Lovemaking is as much about smell and taste as it is about sight and touch. Add in the symphony of moans, grunts and sighs and your mind begins to record the combinations for future reference. Whenever I make love, these flashes of memory heighten my pleasure. It keeps building inside me until I just want to explode in my ultimate release.

I wanted to see Danielle getting fucked. I wanted to watch the entrance of a cock into her body. I wanted to watch her face as the nerve bundles in her vagina recognized the familiar feel of the cock she loved. I reached down and pulled on Dannie's hand. She looked up to see my flushed face and lifted herself over my dad. She was on her hands and knees with her breasts above his lips. His attention was on them as he kissed and nipped at their tips. He shuffled up the bed and brought his legs horizontal as Dannie lowered her hips to meet his penis. I reached over to help guide it into her and watched with fascination as the glans spread the lips; how her hips moved to surround the head, then the foreskin, then ever increasing thrusts caused the shaft to disappear inside her. I moved my hand away and brought it to my lips. I smelled her fragrance and tasted some of the juices that now covered my father's cock.

They moved together with a well practiced conservation of energy. Her hips moved forward to increase the contact on her clit as he plumbed her depths. Watching her beautiful ass moving up and down had me mesmerized. I her her sighs increase and looked over to see my dad sucking on Dannie's tits. His upward thrust and her downward movement caused her breast to push into his face. His eyes were closed as hes face moved back and forth along the softness of her breasts. I really felt a part of their passion flow over me as my hand and fingers mimicked their increased movement. I laid back beside my dad and kissed his cheek then licked his ear. He was momentarily distracted, turned his face and kissed my lips. I felt his tongue enter my mouth and glanced up a Dannie's face. She was totally concentrating on her climax. Moving together, dad and I each took one of Dannie's nipples and began to rub and pinch them at the aureoles.

My other hand moved faster between my legs. Dad was making long deep strokes into Dannie lifting her hips higher in his effort to get as deep as possible. Dannie became vocal. "More; just a little more! Unhh! Unhh! OOOOOOOOHHHHH!" I knew her squeezing orgasm would trigger my dad. He pushed in deep one more time and held it as his ejaculate sprayed deep inside Dannie's womb. I also joined them and came from my own manipulations.

My release was a short one. Over only half minute later. "Oh my Gooood! You two are incredible! If we ever found a way to bottle that passion, we'd be millionaires,"

Dad was catching his breath and looked up at Danielle. He said, "I missed you, too, lover."

Dannie smiled and responded, "I could tell. I haven't been fucked that well since our little tryst next to the stream in the park." She looked at me and continued, "The outdoors just seems to bring out the best in your dad." Dannie was looking at me when her eyes scrunched questioningly. "I thought you were going to go first?"

I smiled at her and said, "I couldn't help it. My deep down voyeuristic tendencies couldn't resist watching the experts in action. You were so sexy. I'm really in awe of what you and dad have. It must be you two are really hopelessly in love."

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