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Next Door Fun


Samantha (my present wife) and I have been together for about 25 years and married for 21. We met at a swing party in Virginia. She was naked, on all fours in the middle of the room pulling a train. I was at the end of a very long line (maybe six or seven guys ahead of me).

We never had much money. That's why, when Sam and I were driving east on old US Rt. 40 across country, we tried always to stay in a Motel 6 at a time when Motel 6s were merely cheap $6 motels. We stopped at one 100 miles of Columbus, Ohio. This motel amounted to only a string of maybe 10 ramshackle units looking like rundown trailers jammed together along the highway.

We checked in and had no sooner poured ourselves a drink than we heard people opening the door to the next unit. Sam noticed a bright spot high up in the connecting wall. I immediately pulled a chair over to the wall and stood up on the seat. By craning my neck, I was barely able to see through what was obviously a peep hole made by a former tenant.

A couple of high school kids were in the room. The boy was a tall, thin black kid wearing a varsity jacket. The girl was white and seemed a good deal younger. They were sitting on the bed smoking a joint and passing a bottle in a paper sack back and forth, then kissing and feeling each other up.

Samantha was tugging on my pants leg. "Let me see," she whispered. I surrendered the chair to her, but I had to put our suitcase on the seat for her to stand on so her eye would reach the peephole. Sam described what she saw in a loud whisper, the boy was undressing the girl, the girl was undressing the boy, she was sucking his cock, etc.

I was becoming very impatient for my turn so she reluctantly stepped down, commenting that since this was a Friday night, she thought he might be a high school football star, and she possibly a cheerleader. I tossed the suitcase on the bed and resumed my perch on the chair, adjusting my cock to a more comfortable position in my pants. I was just in time to see the boy get down to business.

The bed was against the opposite wall, so all I really saw was the kid's back and her high, spread legs as he worked his cock into her.

I watched for a minute or two and then looked down when Sam tugged on my pants leg again. She was wearing her bathrobe. "I'm going to crash the party," she said.

Oh, boy! She slipped out the door, and I resumed my post on the chair. The kids on the bed abruptly froze. Evidently, they had heard Samantha at their door. The boy scampered off the bed and began hopping around pulling on his pants, while the girl, panic stricken, bolted for the tiny bathroom.

The boy cautiously opened the door a mere crack and peeked out to see who his visitor was. I didn't hear the brief conversation, but Samantha was evidently persuasive, because the boy quickly opened the door to admit my bare footed wife, and just as quickly closed it again, this time turning the bolt to prevent further interruptions.

Samantha sat on the edge of the bed, carefully arranging her robe, while the boy went to the bathroom to have a short conference with his girl. Then he returned to sit next to Samantha. The little girl timidly followed him, wrapped in a large bath towel. She moved toward me, out of my line of sight, but I presume she sat in a chair, waiting to see what would happen next.

Meanwhile, the boy rolled another joint and lit it while Samantha was taking a long pull on the bottle, still in its sack. Then he handed her the joint and presumably passed the bottle to the girl. A minute later she passed it back to the boy. Samantha, having been warmed by two stout drinks in our room and a long pull at whatever was in the bottle, plus two or three drags on the joint was obviously in a playful mood, because she began telling the kids about a similar experience she had had when she was a high school sophomore, barely fifteen, in a small high school only about 200 miles north of our present location. The three had another drink, and another pull on the joint while they talked about current high school football standings.

Samantha was becoming increasingly animated, touching the boy on his thigh to make her points, while her robe carelessly opened to give the kid a good look at one breast before she closed it again. The bottle was passed around again. This time, when Samantha took a drink, her robe fell open, revealing both breasts. Then she said something about the thermostat and shrugged the robe off altogether.

The boy tentatively reached over and touched a breast. Sam retaliated by moving her hand, which had rested almost continuously on the boy's thigh, to the growing lump in his pants that even I could see. He evidently took this as an encouraging sign because he put his arms around her and drew her close so her breasts were mashed against his bare, hairless, chest. Then they kissed.

I hoped the little girl was watching closely because Samantha is the undisputed queen of open mouthed kisses. She was in a perfect position to see exactly how it was done. My view was obstructed because the boy was facing away from me. Then Samantha took the boy's right hand and placed it on her breast. He promptly began to squeeze and twist her breast and nipple, while Samantha reached into his crotch and began stroking his growing erection.

Suddenly, the boy stood and let his pants fall around his ankles. He turned away from Samantha and urged the girl to join them. I heard no response. The kid turned back to the bed. By this time, Samantha had moved to the center of the bed and was lying on her back, her knees drawn up and widely spread in open invitation. Even her pussy had opened. As the boy moved toward her, she raised her arms to embrace him, and then reached down -- I saw her white hand between his dark legs -- to guide his cock into her cunt.

The poor kid was so keyed up, so stimulated by this unexpected good fortune, that he came almost immediately after only a half dozen thrusts. Her hands gripped his butt, trying to pull him deeper as I saw his balls draw up and watched as he made two or three final ejaculatory thrusts. He collapsed on her. She held him close against her and then said something. They rolled simultaneously to the side, he was still deeply embedded in my wife, while their breathing gradually slowed.

I knew she would be trying to revive him with her Kegel muscles. Her back was turned to the girl who had moved and was now sitting cautiously on the side of the bed. Samantha's cunt muscles seemed to be doing the trick, because the boy began a slow thrusting motion with his hips.

My legs and back had begun to ache so painfully from standing on that chair on my tiptoes, that my erection had disappeared and all I could think about was sitting down. Besides, it looked as if it would be at least a few minutes before anything interesting happened again, so I stepped down on somewhat wobbly legs, poured another shot of whiskey into my glass, went to take a leak and to cut my drink with a little water. Then I sat down.

But not for long. My ears perked up when I heard the bed springs again begin to rhythmically squeak accompanied by Samantha's familiar soft moans. Forcing my burning muscles to obey, I stood, tossed off my drink, and resumed my post on the chair. This time, however, I had added an inch or two to my height by standing on a bed pillow I had used to pad the chair seat.

As I thought, the kid was back in the saddle, pumping away in Samantha. However, a new element was added to the mix. The girl had moved, and was now half sitting on the bed, half leaning against the wall (there was no headboard), still modestly wrapped in her towel, but directing her attention mostly to Samantha's body. It's quite possible, I suppose, that she had never seen a mature woman's body before, and I'm very certain she had never seen a mature woman's body in such intimate circumstances. She seemed fascinated by Samantha's nipples, which are a very accurate indicator of her state of arousal. Here, stimulated not only by the circumstances and the young cock she was enjoying, but also by the closeness of a young female, her nipples were as fully engorged as I've ever seen them.

The girl tentatively touched the nearest one, and Samantha immediately shifted into high gear, fucking the boy so strenuously that had he not been an athlete, she might have caused a whiplash. The girl, meanwhile, moistened her finger and returned it to Samantha's nipple, and evidently pinched it because Samantha suddenly went rigid with concentration, her toes curling, as successive shudders shook her body. I don't believe I ever saw her come as violently as she did that night.

Just as quickly, she went limp. The boy tried in vain to revive her with his cock, but Samantha had damned near knocked herself out. She pushed the kid off her, thanked him with a loving kiss, put on her robe, and staggered to the door. I hopped down and ran to our door, opening it just in time to meet her. After our loving embrace, I led her to our bed, quickly undressed and slid into bed with her, holding her in my arms as she drifted off to sleep.

They don't build motels like that any more. What a pity.

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