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Next Door Neighbor


I'm a typical guy in most ways – married my high school sweetheart, Kerri, have a baby daughter, etc., you know the story. I live in a condominium and have never had any eye candy to cause the eye to stray until a new neighbor moved into the condo next door. She was a nurse, I don't know what kind, but I used to see her on occasion in those green surgical scrubs they wear these days instead of the nurse's outfits of fantasies. She was a tiny little thing, a little over five feet tall, asian, thin with shoulder length black hair. Her name was Kim. Did I mention I have a thing for asian women? My fantasies do not run to the geisha girl who serves her man and fulfills his every desire but rather to the exotic temptresses, the Dragon Lady who commands and controls but brings sexual ecstasy in exchange for subservience. I might have fantasized about her if I'd ever seen her in anything besides a hoodie and her surgical scrubs but sadly, that was not the case. I knew her well enough to say hello, notice there was no ring on her hand and that was about it. She had a great smile and was friendly but we were busy with our lives and she was presumably busy with hers. She worked all sorts of crazy hours but I figured that was normal for a nurse. That's modern life isn't it? No one knows their neighbors these days.

As I said, I saw her every now and then coming and going to work when our hours intersected, to and from the elevator to the garage, etc. I'm a sound sleeper but my wife Kerri told me after a couple of months that she occasionally heard Kim having sex. I've heard the occasional vacuum cleaner as the walls are a little thin but I've missed out on the night sounds thanks to my deep sleep. Kerri mentioned a couple of times and said she figured Kim must be getting it good as she heard her boyfriend grunting and moaning as much if not more so than Kim. She figured he must be quite the stud. Neither one of us had ever seen the guy. I kept hoping with Kim's staggered schedule that I'd get an afternoon recital but no such luck.

One morning, I was headed out the door when what should I see but Kim at her door embracing a big guy at her door. I had apparently timed my exit perfectly to witness Kim sending last night's date on his lucky way. It was the first time I had ever seen Kim in anything besides her work clothes. I tried to take in what I could discretely as I walked past. She wore a long black silk robe that from what I could see, was loosely tied around her waist. The top had separated away revealing a deep V with no bra to obstruct the tantalizing glimpses of her breasts obscured by the silken fabric and the hulking body of Kim's boyfriend who was at least six feet tall. I tried to see what I could see as they hugged tightly as I passed. From the side I could see that she had on high heeled slingbacks, red hose clipped to a red garter belt, red panties, and some sort of black belt. I walked towards the elevator, glancing back to see Kim catch me in my perusal. Her face was still pressed against her boyfriend's chest as he whispered something in to her ear. Her face was turned towards me, blocking his view. She smiled saucily as she busted me checking her out. Or at least I thought the smile was for me. Perhaps it was in response to whatever was being whispered into her ear. In any case, I blushed as I turned away to press the elevator call button. I stood with my back to the show, not daring to turn around having been caught in my lascivious perusal of Kim's body. As the elevator chimed it's arrival and the doors opened, I turned and found the boyfriend shuffling into the elevator beside me. We both glanced back as Kim closed the door to her condo, a sight to behold. Nothing that shouldn't have been was revealed but she still cut quite the sexy figure. Her door and the elevator doors closed simultaneously and I quickly turned my face downward, pretending I had seen nothing. The boyfriend seemed just as embarrassed as I and not a word was said as we descended to the garage and went on to our respective cars.

I didn't mention any of this to my wife but spent several long soapy showers reviewing everything in my mind's eye with the inevitable one-fisted results. With Swiss chronometer precision, I timed my morning walk to the elevator at exactly the same time, hoping for a repeat performance. I saw nothing for the next two days but then ran into Kim in the parking garage the second night as I was coming home from work. She was in her usual hoodie over surgical scrubs and after exchanging good evenings we rode the elevator up side by side together. I kept glancing out of the corner of my eye at her as I tried to think of something to say but I had nothing. She noticed me glancing I think as she had a bemused smirk on her face but said nothing except to wish me a pleasant evening as she went in through her door. That night I stayed up for several hours reading a book as my wife slept beside me, listening in vain for something, anything from next door to no avail.

The next morning, rather bleary eyed from lack of sleep, I exited my condo at the same time and saw the boyfriend exiting the elevator. I took my time locking my door behind me, slowed my steps to a crawl, and timed it perfectly as Kim opened her door to greet him. She was wearing an almost identical outfit though the red theme had been replaced with black – black fuck me pumps, black thigh highs, and black panties. And there was a glimpse of the black belt or whatever it was again obscured by the same silken robe. What was that thing? I heard the boyfriend say something about the bathroom. He headed inside as I headed once again for the elevator, Kim grinning at me as I passed. It was a battle for my blood supply as my cock engorged and my face reddened. Once again I had nothing to say but I nodded slightly, blushing as I went by. I shakily punched the elevator button once again and then turned around. I couldn't pretend I had seen nothing when I had nodded hello as I passed, right? I expected to see the door to Kim's condo shut fast though I hadn't heard the door close. Instead, there stood Kim, her eyes smoldering as she stood posing for me in all her glory. She smiled haughtily, knowing the effect she was having on me. I heard the elevator arrive behind me. I didn't know what to do. I was drinking in the sight before me as I heard the doors begin to close. I turned and jumped in and turned again to see Kim. My jumping in had caused the doors to open once again. I just stood there as Kim and I seemingly stared each other down. But it was no contest. She was staring me down and I was her starstruck worshipper. And just as the elevator doors began to close, Kim reached down, pulled at the sash of her robe and shrugged her robe to the ground. There she stood before me, a vision with her small but oh so perfect breasts pointing proudly, her hands at her hips, and at her waist, a black strap-on dildo thrusting out before her. My jaw dropped as the elevator doors clamped shut before me.

As you can imagine, the drive to work was a distracted one. I sped to the office and raced into the men's room to relieve the sweet agony Kim had placed me in. The day went by in a blur with the final vision of Kim superimposed over everything I saw. I went home in a daze, not knowing what would happen next or what to do when it did.

I had never before had temptation and desire, my secret innermost fantasies, seemingly come to life, and in the very room next door, a thin wall dividing me from the subservient torment I so craved. The door to this bliss was closed as I shuffled past in a daze to my own four walls. I had a drink, watching the evening news without seeing until my wife finally asked what was going on. I made up excuses about the workload at the office and watched TV in a stupor as she went to prepare our dinner. The phone rang and she answered it as I continued to ruminate on the sofa. A moment later she came to me.

"Kim next door is asking if you can come over to change a light bulb." I snapped out of my daze in an instant.

"It's at the top of her stairs and she can't reach it from the stepladder but figures you're tall enough."

"Why doesn't she get her boyfriend to do it?" I asked, pretending to be engrossed in the TV.

"I don't know, just be nice and neighborly and go take care of it. Dinner will be ready by the time you get back."


I stood at the door to Kim's and knocked. I had been given an opportunity and I was powerless to resist. My cock was half engorged already, just at the thought of seeing Kim once again. I waited for her to open the door. Surely this was a setup. Would it be the red or black ensemble? But when the door opened, it was neither. She stood before me in her green surgical scrubs.

"Thank you for coming." If she saw the disappointment in my face, she made no mention of it. She gestured for me to enter and closed and locked the door behind us.

"It's at the top of the stairs. I imagine your condo laid out same mine". Her slightly broken English and lilting accent which I had hardly even noticed before, matched perfectly the fantasy playing out in my head. If only the outfit did as well. I followed her up the stairs imagining everything I had seen just that morning but the surgical scrubs revealed none of her glory. I couldn't even try to check out her ass as her scrub top extended down to the top of her thighs. Was she wearing stockings beneath all this?

We got to the top of the stairs. To the left was her bedroom which I glanced into hopefully but was once again disappointed. The bed was made up and neat as a pin as was the rest of the room. "Over here." I turned at her call and she pointed upwards to a light shining above us. I looked at her confused and at the same time, trying to check her out. Did she wear a bra under her scrubs? Did I see nipples poking the fabric of her top out slightly?

"I thought you had a light out?" I said. Wasn't this an excuse to get me over here? If so, why the scrubs?

"No, it's not out but I want to replace it with an LED lightbulb." I stared somewhat stupidly at her. What was going on here? She glanced me up and down, her gaze resting at my waist for a moment. My cock shifted in my slacks. She looked up at me as I just stood there. I could feel pre-cum beginning to ooze from my cock.

"You know, low energy?" she said. I nodded dumbly. She looked me over once again. Her eyes narrowed as she appraised me. She smirked.

"I know what you want."

Oh God. My cock lurched in my pants as though lasers had shot from her eyes. I couldn't talk. I swallowed and just stood there, locked in her gaze.

"You want see it?"

"Wh..what?" She grinned from ear to ear.

"You want see it again?" She gazed at my waist where my cock stood out obscenely tenting my pants. She put her hands to her waist, reaching under her top and pulled her scrub pants to the floor, revealing her bare legs. I gulped. I knew what was going to happen even though this wasn't how I had imagined it a thousand times during the day.

She smiled like the Cheshire cat as her hands slowly lifted the bottom hem of her scrub smock upwards. There were no stockings, no garter belt, but as the hem raised upwards it caught and then pulled past the tip of the strap-on cock I knew was waiting there. It bounced obscenely as it freed from the passing cloth of the scrub top. Kim looked from my face and once again to my waist. My slacks had a small wet spot where the pre-cum she had summoned forth had soiled them. She looked back into my eyes, never breaking her gaze as she reached down with her right hand, wrapping it around the black cock, rigid before her.

"You want?", she smiled. She began to jack the cock up and down. "Always hard. Always ready." She said as she licked her lips. I was tongue-tied, lost, but my dripping cock was doing all my talking for me. "You ready too." She stepped forward and never wavering in her gaze, rubbed her cock against my cock. I hissed and she smiled more broadly. "I fuck.", she commanded. She didn't even say, 'you'. I was a piece of meat.

She quickly undid my belt and zipper and pushed my pants down to my feet. As my pants slid down, my cock, sprang forward through the fly of my boxers, glistening, covered in pre-cum. She pushed me backward and I stumbled, floundering. She pushed again and I waddled backwards through the door of her bedroom, tripping over my pants leg and falling backwards against the edge of her bed. "Turn round." I was hers to command. She pushed me and I sprawled forward, my chest and arms on the bed with my butt dangling at the edge. I heard rustling behind me and turned to see her revealed, golden naked with nothing to dress her but the strap-on she stroked as she stood over me.

God I wanted this but with my dinner being prepared next door, there was no time. Why? Why like this? I tried to come to my senses. "My wife's home. She says she can hear you through the wall."

She grinned evilly as she grabbed a jar of Vaseline from the nightstand. Clearly she had planned this despite it's not being my fantasy version of the event.

"Oh?" she questioned. She smiled as she lubed up the strap-on. "I fuck. He take. She hear me fuck him. You listen too?"

"I never have, no." I grunted. She set the Vaseline aside and pressed his head down against the mattress.

"I hear you. When she not home." She laughed. "Naughty boy". She thrust forward, the head of her cock pushing against my twitching asshole.

"We can't..." I pleaded. "She'll hear..."

"No make noise then. Just knee trembler." She slid into me with one quick thrust. I grunted loudly as the head popped through the ring of my asshole. She took her left hand pressed against my head and wrapped it over my mouth. "Call knee trembler in England. Here is quickie". She pulled back and thrust all the way in, spearing me. She began to saw backwards and forwards. It was almost rape. "You pillow biter. You bitch boy. My bitch." She rode me. In my fantasies it wasn't this painful but it also wasn't this good. I was in heaven as the pain combined with pleasure. She thrust deep, pushing the strap-on in all the way to its base. I shrieked but her hand muffled me but not my pleasure. She used me and I surrendered all too quickly. Jets of cum shot against the side of the bed as I grunted and rutted, split like the bitch boy I was. I came and came as she cackled with glee, triumphant as my spilled seed proved me her servant. I panted as she sat astride me, basking in her dominance. She leaned over and ran her hand through my tribute and smeared it on my face. "You mark your territory like dog! Good bitch!" She laughed, arching back and thrusting into me one more time. I moaned and shot one last load of jism in response.

"You come over when wife not around. I make you grunt. Make you moan. Make you squeal and cum."

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Oh yes

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