tagMatureNext Door Neighbors Ch. 2

Next Door Neighbors Ch. 2


Samantha fixed dinner and thought about Tom and could still taste his cum in her mouth as she softly sucked on a finger and remembered the sight of him standing there as she closed the gate with his pants and shorts around his ankles. The vision made her wet and she couldn't wait until Jerry left for work, so that Tom could help her with that wetness.

She woke Jerry up for dinner and they sat there at the table and ate in silence. She had made an apple pie, thinking she could share it with Tom and Jerry had two pieces, she was afraid there wouldn't be any for Tom at the rate he was going. After dinner, Jerry went upstairs to shave and get ready for work and she cleaned up the dishes. She was sitting in the living room when Jerry came down to leave and he pecked her lightly on the cheek as he left.

She gave him time enough to get to work and then gathered up the remaining pie and headed for Tom's. As she got to the back door, she could see Tom at the sink and she quietly slipped in and crept up behind him and sat the pie on the table and reached around and stroked his cock through his pants.

He jumped at her touch and then she heard a voice behind her, "I thought I heard someone," the female voice said and she quickly jerked her hand away from Tom's crotch and turned to see a nice looking blonde at the doorway to the living room. "My name is Kara," she said as she held out her hand.

"Samantha Gray," I said as she took my hand and shook it. "I live next door," I sputtered as she checked me out and I felt like I was under a microscope. I returned the scrutiny as I took in this girl, 5'5" , long blonde hair, small chest, slender hips and nice legs and I felt jealous.

"This is my niece, Kara," Tom said and a relief came over her. I had become very attached to Tom in the last couple of days and hated the thought that this woman might have won his attentions. "Kara and her mother usually stop by every now and then and check up on me," Tom added. I was led into the living room and met Tom's sister Denise. She was a nice looking woman, a few years younger than Tom.

We all sat and talked and I noticed that Kara was still checking me out and I fidgeted nervously in my seat and my shorts rode up and I remembered that I didn't have any panties on and tried to pull them down without anyone noticing. I could see a smile on Kara's face and I knew she had seen what I was doing.

"My brother in law passed away last year," Tom was telling me, "So now it's just Denise and Kara at home, so they worry about me." Tom informed me.

I glanced at the two of them and as I turned my glance to Kara, she slowly parted her legs and I could see she was not wearing panties either. I quickly turned my head away, embarrassed.

"I brought Tom some apple pie I had left over," I said to no one in particular. Then, feeling very uncomfortable, I excused myself and headed for the back door. Tom followed me and whispered that they would be gone soon and blew me a kiss as I left. When I closed the gate, I could see Kara at the door watching me as I went to my house. I felt so uncomfortable, like I had just had an OB/GYN appointment and I turned on the tv to take my mind off of it.

About an hour later, I heard a knock at the back door and looked to see Tom standing there. I invited him in and we kissed passionately in the kitchen and then he told me they left a few minutes earlier and I could come back over. "Kara made me feel very uncomfortable Tom, "I confided in him as he held me in his arms.

"She's a good kid Samantha, just young. She's only 22," Tom tried to console me. He led me by the hand and we went back to his house, it was dark now and my mind switched to thoughts of what lay ahead and my pussy began to tingle. We went to his bedroom and he slowly undressed me, licking each part of me as it was bared and I returned the favor. As I sucked his cock in, all thoughts of earlier were completely gone now as I filled my mouth with Tom's beautiful cock.

I jammed his cock into my throat and loved feeling it hit the back of my throat, I had begun to get very good at this. He arched his back as he shot his load in my mouth and I swallowed it like someone who hadn't eaten in weeks. He pulled me up and lay me on his bed and pushed my legs apart and slowly began to run his tongue up my thigh until I thought I would explode when it reached my now dripping cunt. He ate me with as much enthusiasm as I had shown him and soon, I jammed my cunt into his face as I came. He kissed me and we shared each other's orgasms and then he flipped me over and I saw him reach for the KY and a big smile came over me. I reared my ass high in the air in anticipation of what was to come and soon I felt his finger swirling the KY around my anus. I shuddered as his finger pierced my anus and was lost in the feelings as his other hand massaged my clit.

His finger stopped in my anus and I looked to see him rubbing the KY on that beautiful prick. I closed my eyes as I felt that big tool spear my anus and began to push back against his hot member inside my ass. His hand left my clit and he rested both hands on my ass cheeks as he began to push his cock to the hilt and I could feel his balls striking my clit as he hit bottom and I was rocked with another sensational orgasm and reached down to feel my juices and finger my clit. He pumped for several minutes and then I felt his hot present squirting into my bowels.

He collapsed on top of me and when he withdrew, we lay side by side and cuddled. For some reason that I couldn't explain, I felt uncomfortable and soon left for home. Tom walked me back to my house and we kissed in the kitchen again and then I just had to taste that wonderful cock again and blew him in my kitchen, engulfing his rod and hungrily sucked his load down when he came. We kissed again and he went home, it made me nervous having sex with another man in mine and Jerry's home.

I slept great and when Jerry came home I gave him a big kiss, so as not to cause suspicion and he immediately said, "Not today Sam, I'm beat," and headed for the shower. 'Your loss,' I thought to myself as I watched him go down the hall. I went downstairs and cleaned up a little and when I came back up to dress for work, he was asleep. I only had two appointments today, so I thought about leaving early to have some more of Tom. I was working on Mrs. Johnson when Mabel told me that I had a walk in and I turned to see Kara standing there, my heart sank.

"Hi Sam, " she said as she sat down and thumbed through a magazine. When I finished Mrs. Johnson, I patted the chair and Kara sat in it and I pulled the hair drape around her.

"What will it be Kara?" I asked her.

"Just a trim Sam, thanks," and she stared at me through the mirror in front of her. I went to work on her, trimming her hair, although I didn't think she needed a trim.

"Seen Uncle Tom today?" she asked and I stopped in my tracks.

"No, I haven't," I replied as I went back to her hair.

She made small talk and after I was finished and she got up to go, she placed a piece of paper in my hand, "See you soon Sam," and winked and walked over to pay and then she left. I read the note and it told me to come to 714 4th street in one hour or I would regret it.

I stood there wondering what was up and told Mabel that I was going to take the rest of the day off. I looked at all the addresses and then found 714 and parked in front. I walked up to the door and it opened as I approached it and Kara smiled and invited me in. I sat in the living room and she sat next to me, her bare thigh against my covered leg and I could feel the heat.

"What is so important Kara?" I asked her, wanting to get the hell out of there. She grabbed a manila envelope and opened it and there, before me, were pictures of me and Tom!! Me sucking Tom's cock and Tom filling my ass!!

"Where the fuck did you get these?" I asked, furious.

"I'm quite the photographer, aren't I?' she smiled. "I was in Uncle's closet last night," she smirked, "I figured that more was going on between you two than met the eye."

My heart sank. "What do you want for them Kara? I don't have any money." I asked, and she slowly put her hand on my thigh and inched towards my crotch. I jumped up, "What the fuck are you doing Kara??"

She grinned at me, "You said you didn't have any money, So I was taking alternate payment," and she laughed. "Would be a shame if your husband saw these, not to mention my mom!" she snickered.

I grabbed the photos and tore them into pieces, "Oh, I have plenty of copies," she grinned back at me. She unbuttoned and removed her dress, she wore no bra and her tits were very nice and pert. She rolled her panties off her hips and dropped them to her ankles and stepped out of them and spread her legs, "Let's see if you can eat pussy as well as you can suck my uncle's cock," and she rubbed her well groomed snatch.

"No way Kara!! You're crazy!!" She walked over and as she did I instinctively backed up.

"I can always masturbate, you'll get good at it too after your husband throws you out and my mom tells the whole town about you," and she sunk a finger into herself.

I thought about it long and hard as I watched her finger herself, little moans escaping her lips, and I reluctantly dropped to me knees and inched over to her pussy. As I got close, she placed her hands on my head and pushed me into her snatch and the smell of her juices kind of turned me on as I remembered tasting my own.

I stuck my tongue out and licked her slit and tasted her juices and I had to admit, they didn't taste bad. I licked up and down her slit, slowly letting my tongue linger on her clit and she grabbed my head and came on my face, screaming like a porno star. After her orgasm, she instructed me to take my clothes off and she sat back in the chair and enjoyed her little strip tease. I took my blouse off and my tits strained to be free from their bra, I always wore a bra to work. I reached between my tits and unclasped it and freed them and the cool air felt good and my nipples got erect. I dropped my bra onto my blouse and reached inside the waistband of my black stretch pants and rolled them over my hips and down and stepped out of them. I rolled my panties next and deposited them with my other clothes and now I stood there nude before this blackmailer.

She got up from her chair and walked to me and placed a hand on my tit and rubbed it, "These are nice," she moaned as she circled the nipple. "they're bigger than mine," she said and put a hand behind my head and drew me to her lips and she snaked her tongue into my mouth. She was a very good kisser and soon I was kissing back and my hand went to her small tit and massaged it. Once, when I was 17, I spent the night with a girl cousin and we had explored each other and those thoughts returned to me now as I gently pinched Kara's nipple.

Our arms encircled each other and she stroked my hips and ass as we continued to kiss. She broke the kiss and held my face in her hands, "When I got a glimpse of your pussy last night, I just knew I had to have you," and her hand moved over my stomach and to my mound, "I saw you looking at mine too." She lay me down on my back on the floor and straddled my head and lowered her pussy to my mouth and rubbed it across my lips. I sucked in her pussy lips and began to explore her with my tongue and she moaned slightly and bent over and her mouth connected with my pussy as well.

We each spread our legs to allow more access as we hungrily ate each other. Her tits were hard and felt good rubbing my belly as she sucked on me and soon, I had an orgasm and I could hear her sucking in my juices. My orgasm made me eat her in earnest now and she soon filled my mouth with her juices too. We teased each other with our tongues as we lay on top of each other in our 69 position and soon we both came again. She got up and extended her hand and I took it and she helped me up and led me down the hall to a bedroom.

She laid me on her bed and pulled my legs apart and put hers between mine in a scissors position and we ground our pussies together until we both came again. She then got me on my hands and knees and pulled a double headed dildo out of the drawer and inserted it in me and then placed herself in the same position opposite from my ass and put the other head in her and she would move it into me with her body and pull it back out. I soon caught on and we were fucking each other with that double headed dong until we came again.

We lay there afterwards, stroking each other's bodies and she told me that I should go, her mom would be home soon and she was sure Uncle Tom was waiting for me and smiled and gave me a kiss. She helped me dress and I could tell she didn't want me to leave as she locked onto my mouth and her tongue probed deep inside of me. Finally, she said I should go and pecked me on the lips and I was off. "See you again real soon Sam," she smiled as I shut the door. My legs were like jelly as I walked to the car and fumbled with the keys. I drove home and fixed Tom's dinner and again we ate in silence. He pecked me on the cheek as he left and I turned to do the dishes, reliving my afternoon in my mind.

My mind raced as I went up the steps to Tom's back door, 'should I tell him?' I asked myself and then I thought, 'why?' and dismissed it. He was in his recliner as I walked in and he rose to meet me and slid his tongue into my mouth and grabbed my ass cheek with his hand and squeezed it. We quickly went up to his room and undressed and I soon had that beautiful cock in my mouth once again as I sucked it like there was no tomorrow. I had actually enjoyed my encounter with Kara, but worried that I might become a lesbian, but with Tom's big cock in my mouth, that thought died away as I sucked.

Tom soon shot his load in my mouth and I swallowed it and he put me on the bed and grabbed the KY, 'he must like my tight ass' I thought as I felt the jelly ooze into my anus and his cock soon followed. He fucked my ass harder than he ever had and his balls felt like a sledge hammer against my clit and I came very violently twice before he filled my tight little cavity with his cum. We lay there afterwards and I was very tired from the day's activities and went home early to bed.

I had some great sensations as I slept and when I woke, there was a puddle between my legs on the sheet and I jumped up and changed the bed before Jerry got home. He came in and headed straight for the shower and I made the bed and went down for a drink. He was asleep when I got back and I nonchalantly flipped him off as I went out of the bedroom. 'Who needs you anyway?' I said to myself.

I busied myself around the house doing some housework and at 11 the phone rang, it was Kara. "You think you could come over for awhile Sam? I need to see you," she asked on the phone.

"Sure, be right over," I answered as my thoughts went back to the day before. I left Jerry a note, telling him that I had gone out to run some errands, just in case he woke before I got back and headed for the car and to Kara's house.

I pulled up and she was on the front porch, "Hi Sam," she said as I walked up the sidewalk, a big smile on her face, "Hey Kara," I replied and we went inside. As soon as the door shut, her hands were on my tits and her mouth covered mine and her tongue made it's way inside. She seemed to like the fact that I had no bra on, as her fingers teased my nipples causing them to become like little stones. I guess every woman at some time or another wonders what being with another female would be like, it excited me, but I still needed a man too.

She opened a door and turned on a light and led me down some stairs to a basement. At the bottom of the stairs, she embraced me and once again slid her tongue in my mouth and rubbed my hard nipples as my hands worked to excite her nipples as well. She stopped long enough to pull my shirt over my head and push my pants down and then she lowered her head to my tits and sucked a nipple into her mouth. I could feel my panties starting to moisten as she sucked on one nipple and her hand rubbed along the length of my opening.

She gingerly pushed her finger inside of me, wrapped in the satin of my panties, it was a wonderful feeling to have the satin in my vagina. She led me over to an old weight bench and lay me down on my back with my crotch at the edge and then lifted the end of the bench to elevate my pussy. She crawled between my legs and inserted her tongue and began to snake it in and out of my hot box. Hot flashes came all at once and I orgasmed against her face as she sucked in my juices. She got up and came around and caressed my tits and then got a piece of rope and tied my hands to the bench legs. I was a little frightened, but she kissed me and told me to go with it and then did the same with my ankles.

She tied a scarf around my head, covering my eyes and I went to speak and she pushed her tongue into my mouth again and bathed the inside of my mouth with my recent juices. After she stopped her kiss, I felt her thighs graze my head and she lowered her pussy to my face and I could feel her pubic mound on my lips and I pushed my tongue up until it connected with her waiting pussy. I drank in her sweet smell with my nostrils as I assaulted her pussy with my tongue and I could hear her moaning. She began to move up and down on my face and soon, I felt something pushing at my hot box, one of her toys no doubt. I ate her pussy as her toy invaded me, feeling like it would split me in two, it was so big.

The size excited me, like the double headed dong from yesterday. I felt something new then, BALLS!! There were balls slapping my ass as the cock was buried to it's entire length and removed and rammed again. I felt it expand and then felt warm cum inside of me, someone else was here too!! Kara came and her juices flooded over my face as the large cock remained buried in my pussy.

Kara lifted up, "Who the fuck else is here Kara!" I screamed.

"Just my boyfriend Sam, don't you like his big, thick cock?" and she laughed. Now I knew why she had tied and blindfolded me. Soon the blindfold was removed and I tried to focus. A large guy came into view, with Kara on her knees cleaning his cock with her mouth, it was a good 10 inches long!

"Kara, untie me!!" I yelled, fighting at my restraints. She took his cock out of her mouth,

"After he takes your ass, Sam. He likes asses and I don't like to give him mine, so I offered him yours," and she smiled and sucked his cock back to life.

She stroked this poker and guided it between my legs, "I need lubrication Kara, he'll rip me apart!!" I screamed as I felt his cockhead against my puckered anus. She stopped him and pushed him back and put her head on my twat and licked me and spread it over my anus and pushed his cum and mine inside with her finger. It felt good having Kara's finger in my ass, but the thought of her boyfriend's large cock worried me. She fingered my clit as she fucked my ass with her finger and soon I was screaming with an orgasm and writhing against the ropes as I came.

What a little slut I was becoming, never cheated on my husband and now I'd had two guys and a woman in three days time. She once again led his cock to my tight entrance and I would swear that it jumped as it contacted it and he pushed it into me in one movement as my ass tried to cope with it's size and girth. It was really painful at first, but I began to adjust and this was my fantasy, after all, to get butt fucked and soon I was getting into it.

His cock was huge as it pistoned in and out of my ass and soon I had accepted it all and his balls began slapping my ass cheeks and just then, Kara lowered her pussy on my face and I fucked it with my tongue. This was a day of firsts, my first bondage, my first ass fucking lying on my back, and my first time eating pussy as my ass got fucked.

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