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Next Door Window


The almanac said it was going to be a sweltering hot summer. And as I watched her through her window, I could see the beads of sweat on her young, tan body. I could see her rub her hand between her 38D breasts, held up by a white tank top so thin that her dark brown nipples showed through. Her long legs glistened, and I could see the moisture on her thin stomach that went down to the patch of black pubic hair peeking out from under her tiny white lace panties. I could see everything, and I held my breath from behind my blinds hoping that she didn't realize I could see her.


I am a financial consultant in my mid-thirties working out of an office in my home on the second floor. When I looked out the window from the side during the day, I can see waves of heat rippling off the street. But most of my view consisted of my next door neighbor's house that sat about twenty or thirty feet across our shared driveway. A Latino woman in her late-forties had moved in about five months ago. I didn't know much about their family, but in that time I had never seen a man that I thought might be the husband. I had greeted her with smiles across the driveway, briefly chatted about the weather and neighborhood pets that came into our yards every so often.

Two months ago in late May, the daughter had moved in. I assume she was a college student, since she had university decals on her car. She was a gorgeous woman, and I judged her to be nineteen or twenty. I had said hello to her once or twice when I was working in the yard, smiling and complaining about the heat, trying to not to stare at her incredible breasts and round ass. She had laughed politely at the couple of times I tried to be clever.


About a month ago, I was sitting at my computer in a dark room, trying to drum up the motivation to finish some paperwork. The sun had set about an hour ago, but the temperature was still in the low eighties and the humidity made the air feel heavy and I was thankful my air conditioner was keeping me comfortable. I had just given up for the evening and turned off my monitor when I looked out the window.

The daughter was standing in what looked to be her room. The blinds had been pulled down her window, but she apparently had not bothered to close them at all. So I could see directly into her room and see everything she was doing. That night, she looked like she'd been sweating for a while and I watched her try to adjust the window air conditioner at the window around the corner. By adjust, I mean she had banged on it a few times, but clearly it wasn't working. That's when she started taking off her clothes.

She was standing with her back to me. She had been wearing denim shorts that showed off her toned thighs very well. Then she unbuttoned her shorts and shimmied her hips back and forth to get them off. I could see she was wearing blue-striped thong underwear that did not try to hide her luscious ass. I could see drops of sweat all over her. She bent over to take her shorts off, and I could see that bulge of flesh between her legs, covered by her underwear. I could even see the dimple that showed where her vaginal lips separated.

She pulled her t-shirt over her head, her shiny black hair now rumpled. Now she stood there in her bra and panties, her back still turned to me. She grabbed a magazine and started fanning herself. And as she walked around the room, I could see her bra was white and low cut, so that the top of her dark brown aureoles were visible. Her chest shimmered in sweat and I watched her tried to wipe the moisture off her body, but she only succeeded in rubbing her wetness around more.

She continued walking around the room and fanning herself. I was mesmerized by the muscles on her body, rippling with every step. Her breasts gave a very slight bounce, and that ass of hers jiggled with youth. I reached down and freed my stiff cock from my pants. I rubbed my hand up and down my shaft, imagining the lips of her mouth slowly moving up and down and her tongue dancing on the head of my dick.

Suddenly I became worried that she would be able to see me, so I slid my chair further away from my window, but I never took my eyes off of her. She would pause every so often to pull her hair up off her neck.

After about ten minutes, she put on her t-shirt and some gym shorts and left the room. I waited around for about half an hour before I gave up and went to fix myself some dinner. I kept looking towards the house to see if I could see her in any of the windows, but did not have any luck. That was the first time I saw her in the window.


My new nightly ritual had been to work late in my office, hoping to see her again. I had been doing this for a week, and a few times I had seen her undress at night. I had seen her in the see-through tank top and lace panties, and another time I saw her with a push-up bra and thong underwear. Each time I could see her body glistening in sweat, but each sighting was less than five minutes. Soon an entire week went by with no other sightings.

By now it was around the end of June. This particular night, it was about 11:15, still in the upper 70s, and I was surfing the internet, when I saw her light come on. I immediately turned my monitor off and stared into her room.

She came into the room and moved from place to place. I couldn't exactly tell what she was doing, but it seemed like she was getting ready to call it a night. She did this for ten minutes, left the room for five, and then came back in and shut her door. She was wearing a dress with spaghetti straps and a flower pattern that went down to her mid-thigh. The dress revealed a good amount of cleavage, her large breasts swaying every time she moved, and I wondered where she had been.

Now she started taking off her clothes again. This time, as she slipped out of the dress, I could see she wore underwear covered in little red hearts and nothing else. She must have spent the night, if not the entire day, without a bra, and now her sweaty, massive tits were unleashed and bouncing in freedom. She went over to the air conditioner again, banged on it a few times, and then yelled at the failed machine. She wandered around the room some more doing some last minute things before bed.

I watched as she turned on the lamp on her nightstand and turned off the main overhead light. She sat in bed and began reading a magazine. After a few minutes, I saw her take her free hand and with two fingers begin lightly circling around her breast. She put her nipple between her finger and thumb and softly turned it. She closed her eyes and put down the magazine. She used her other hand to start rubbing her other breast. Soon she had all her fingers kneading and digging into her flesh.

By now, I had been rubbing my own cock. I had the foresight to put some lubricant in the office in case something like this had happened again, so I put some oil on my hands and then moaned in self-satisfaction as my greasy hand moved up and down my shaft faster and faster.

I watched her take one hand and move it down underneath the covers and into her crotch. She leaned back so she was less upright and I watched her face gasping in arousal. She opened her mouth as her hand moved under the covers. I could only imagine how her fingers must have been rubbing her clit, her vaginal lips, and then thrusting in and out of her moist pussy.

Just then, she reached over with her other hand and turned off her nightstand lamp. I squinted in the darkness hoping I could see her masturbating some more, but the room was too dark now. I closed my eyes and imagined her naked body again, thinking about what it would be like to rub my tongue on those nipples of hers, and feeling my cock thrust deep inside her wet cunt. With this image, it didn't take long for my penis, with my oily hand stroking up and down my shaft, to cum. I relaxed in the chair for a little while, trying to get one last look at her, but soon I wiped myself off and went to sleep.


I confess that I felt a little awkward during the few times I bumped into her on the driveway. I was either getting my mail, or had just come back from an errand, when I would catch her coming out of her house. I tried to smile innocently so that she wouldn't know I had seen her masturbate, even as I was looking at her and imagining her naked body. The way she flashed a smile and complained about the weather made me think that she didn't know what I could see. She still didn't realize her blinds were open or that I could see everything in her room. I know, I felt guilty about it, and it was hard to look her in the eye. But I did pretend that I hadn't seen anything, and I hoped she didn't suspect otherwise.

It was about two weeks later when I had come home after a dinner with a friend. I was going to the office to look up some exchange rates when I saw the light in the window. I hadn't yet turned on my light, so I found my chair in the darkness and sat down. I could see her completely, and this time she wasn't alone.

She was on all fours on her bed facing in my direction, her eyes were closed and her mouth was open as if gasping for air. A young man was straddled behind her fucking her doggie-style, thrusting in and out of her. He was digging his fingers into her hips shoving her body hard into his cock, and each time she gasped again. Her breasts were swaying underneath her, rocking back and forth with the rhythm of each plunge.

He was probably in his twenties, but I confess I didn't get a good look at him. My attention was focused entirely on her, as she seemed to moan in satisfaction every time he drove into her.

Then she sat up and turned around. I saw her kiss him, and he fondled her breasts. But then she stopped and looked down. She grabbed his cock and then bent over and starting giving him a blow job. Her backside was facing me, so I could some of her wetness dripping out of her gaping cunt. But the way she shoved his cock inside her mouth, she must have sucked every drop of her own jism right off of him.

He put his head back and was stroking her hair. She was moving her head up and down, and each time her head moved lower and lower until finally her lips were against his balls. She was swallowing his entire cock, so much so that the head of his penis was probably partially down her throat. She kept sucking and sucking, and I had already taken out my incredibly hard dick and was masturbating. I had managed to put some oil on my hand, as I watched her cheeks increase the suction on his cock. She finally puller her head off, and several strings of cum were dripping from his penis to her lips. She used her tongue to lick every bit of cum she could, and then licked the head of his cock a few more times.

Now she sat up and said something to him. Next thing I knew, he had gotten down on the bed, and she put herself on top of him. She was facing toward the window, and I watched her take his dick between her legs and move it back and forth against her clit. She spread her legs further, and I could see the lips of her pussy spread out and start wrapping around his cock. She opened her mouth in a moan and put his cock further inside her.

Her whole body started moving up and down slightly, and I watched the motion of her breasts jiggling. She put his cock deeper inside her, and her body undulated up and down. Her breasts began moving in rhythm, her nipples hypnotically keeping time with the force of her body.

He reached up and squeezed her breasts, rolling her nipples between his thumb and forefinger. She kept on lifting her body above his, and then slamming down hard on his cock. I could only imagine the walls of her vagina, swollen in orgasm, squeezing against him, dripping her wetness on him. I imagined my own cock inside her, and my hand squeezed my shaft harder and faster. The lips of her pussy were wrapped around his dick, and the muscles on her tan body were clenched, dripping in sweat. I could her hear screaming, barely piercing the wall, as she thrust up and down on him faster and faster.

Finally she paused and her body quivered as, I assume, he cummed inside her, his jism erupting deep into her cavity, her body quaking in orgasm. His fingers were digging deep into her tits, and she leaned back a little bit more as her body jerked a few more times, squeezing every drop of cum out of his cock. My oily hand was squeezing my own dick hard, furiously moving up and down, and I came as I watched them grind against each other.

She leaned forward and put her breasts into his face. His head was buried in those magnificent breasts, his tongue licking drops of moisture off her sweating chest. She kissed him a few more times, then laid beside him. Soon they were not moving, so I assumed they went to sleep.


I didn't see much of her at all over the next month. Perhaps she spent more time over at her boyfriend's place, or at least I assume he was her boyfriend. Or maybe I had missed her. But other than one time when I caught her getting into her car, I didn't see her at all. It was early August, and the heat had become almost unbearable. Walking outside was like walking through a wall of humidity. The air was dense, and being outside more than a minute made you drenched in sweat. I still worked late at night, hoping to catch another glimpse of her. I knew the summer was coming to an end soon, and she would be leaving for college again. But for that miserable month, I never saw her in her room.

Finally, one incredibly humid night I saw the light come on in her room. She turned on her nightstand lamp, turned off the overhead light, then immediately took off her shirt and shorts, and then her bra and panties. She was walking around the room completely naked. Sweat covered every pore of her perfect tan body, and her body undulated as she walked around the room fanning herself with a magazine. She turned on the fan on the side of the room and laid down on her bed, continually fanning herself as well.

She was lying on top of her bed, and I could see every inch of her. She leaned back, and then took one hand and moved it down between her legs. I could see her as she used her forefinger and middle finger to massage her clit. She kept rubbing herself, as she took her pinky finger and thumb and began massaging the lips of her vagina. She kept rubbing herself this way for several minutes, and I had a straight-on view of her crotch as she kept rubbing and rubbing.

Soon she brought her other hand down and I could see a tiny vibrator in her hand. She placed the vibrator on top of her clit for a moment or two, and then began swirling it around the lips of her vagina. While she did, her hand continued to massage her clit. After a few minutes, she began putting the vibrator into her cunt. She moved it around a little, and then she put it in deeper. Her other hand continued rubbing her clit, as she moved the vibrator in and out of herself. Before long, she was thrusting the vibrator deep insider her, and the hand rubbing her clit began moving faster and faster.

I could see she was gasping now, and her body was shaking in arousal. Her crotch was moving up and down slightly, as both her hands kept moving and massaging herself. Her mouth was open wide and her breasts were swaying with every motion of stimulation against her clit.

I don't know where her boyfriend was, or why she was using a vibrator. But as I kept stroking my shaft harder and harder, I wished that I was in her room right then and there, satisfying her every desire. I rubbed more and more oil onto my cock, wishing it were me that was going deeper and deeper inside her.

I watched her as her hands moved faster and faster, her vibrator covered in wetness and it was plunged in and out of her cunt. Her breathing was getting faster and shallower. She was still massaging her clit with one hand as she was frenetically driving the vibrator deeper and deeper inside her. Sweat was pouring off her body, and her ample chest was lunging up and down. I could barely follow the motion of her vibrator into the stretched, hairy lips of her pussy.

I poured more oil onto my hand just as she threw her head back and stopped moving her hand. I watched her body shake in orgasm, and my hand covered my cock in oil as I drove my hand faster and faster. She was twitching in exhaustion and satisfaction, and my cum erupted all over my legs.

I finally caught my breath and kept watching her, as she continued to softly and lightly massage her clit and move her vibrator slowly in and out of her vagina. I watched her for another ten minutes leisurely playing with herself with a wide smile lighting up her face. Her skin was moist and her breathing was deep and peaceful, her tits moving as she inhaled. Eventually she reached over and turned off her lamp.


That was the last time I saw her through her window. I talked to her briefly in the driveway two more times over the next week. Each time she was nothing but pleasant and charming standing there in her t-shirt and shorts, as I kept imagining her lying back in her bed pleasuring herself. I could not get the image of her gorgeous breasts out of my mind, and I tried not to let my eyes noticeably wander all over her body. As she talked about the weather, I imagined that sultry voice gasping for air in my ear and begging me to fuck her. I watched her lips talking to me, wanting them to surround my hardening cock. I think I was pleasant and innocent in my talking to her, but it was sometimes hard for me to focus.

I don't know when she went back to her college, but it wasn't long before I stopped seeing her. I continued to work long hours in my upstairs office, hoping that I was wrong and that I would see the light of her room turn on again.

It has been two months since she left and even now I still masturbate in my chair every so often while staring at that window, remembering her body, the moistness of her skin, the movement of her tits and ass, and the smile on her beautiful face.

And I imagine her coming home for a visit in the fall.

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