tagIncest/TabooNext Generation Ch. 03

Next Generation Ch. 03


[All characters are 18 or older]

We all slowly recovered from our lunch slumber and piled back inside the house.

"Ass play," I said.

"What?" Carter said.

"When we're ready we should try some ass play."

"I dunno if I'm ready for that."

"I don't mean fucking your cherry. There's plenty of time for that. I mean just some ass play and fucking Cara in the ass."

"I'm ready for that now!" Cara said.

"Oh man, that would be great," Carter said.

"O.K. I'm gonna loosen her up for you. Come here honey."

Cara walked over and I had her brace herself on the back of the couch again and spread her legs. She reached behind herself and spread her ass cheeks for me as she's done so many times before. First, I knelt down behind her and started licking her asshole, holding her ass cheeks even farther apart, both to give me better access as well as to give Carter the best view I could. He had walked around again to watch the ass licking as he stroked himself hard again. Amazing youth!

I stood up, spit on my hard cock and pressed it up against Cara's puckered asshole. I placed the head at her entrance and slowly started to ease in. I took it real slow, spreading her hole apart inch by sensitive inch as she started to squirm. I was finally half way in and thrust the rest of the way with one push as she grunted. I slowly pulled half way out and held the position as I looked at Carter. His gaze was fixed on my cock half buried in Cara's luscious hole. I slowly rocked in and out taking time to enjoy the sensations, and I gyrated my hips some with each stroke to widen Cara's hole. After a few minutes of this I pulled out with a pop and told Carter it was his turn.

Carter sighed and took my place behind Cara's butt. He held his throbbing boy cock up to her now gaping hole and eased his mushroom head in. He got half way in and stopped, exclaiming, "Wow!" He just looked at me with a glint of moisture in his eyes from the intense pleasure of the warm massaging Cara's ass was giving his young cock. Cara is an expert at using her ass to milk a cock and Carter was enjoying the full benefit of her exquisite talent. "Oh man," was all he could say as he started pushing in and out, slowly like I had.

"Take as long as you want, and fuck her in the ass as long and deep or as fast as you want," I encouraged Carter.

"O.K. Thanks," he murmured, always as polite as he was growing up.

And fuck her ass long and hard and deep is what he did. He leaned back some now that his bone was buried all the way in and just started sliding in and out with an increasing rhythm. Cara was loving it, shaking her head of blond hair, pursing her lips with the pleasure of each of Carter's thrusts and moaning louder and louder with each push he gave. They fucked this way for about five minutes until I suggested we move to the bed.

Carter pulled out and we walked to the bedroom with Cara between Carter and me as we held our arms around her shoulders and waist. Cara got on the bed doggy style and Carter got on his knees and mounted her from behind easily reinserting his cock. He slowly started pushing again as Cara resumed moaning. I sat in front of Cara so she could suck my dick while getting ass fucked from behind. She licked all around my cock and balls as she gently swayed back and forth with Carter's fuck rhythm. After about ten minutes of this, Carter pulled out so he would not come too soon and to enjoy the view of Cara's wide open poop chute again.

I got up and came around to take a look too. Carter pushed in and pulled completely out a few times. When he pulled out again, I knelt over and took his cock in my mouth. He groaned as I deep throated his long pole which was coated with the delicious taste of Cara's ass. With that job done, I guided his glistening rod back into Cara's butthole and returned to my seat at the head of the bed.

Carter picked up the pace some and raised one knee up planting his foot next to Cara's knee. He alternated between leaning back and leaning forward to cup Cara's tit while he screwed her. While he leaned back I watched in awe as this amazing looking kid with his broad shoulders, flat stomach and tanned, smooth skin, intently fucked Cara from behind with his eyes closed, the slightest smile on his lips, soaking up all the pleasure. This went on for another ten minutes or so while Cara kept sucking and lapping at my cock and balls. I was in heaven.

Finally, Carter opened his blue eyes. Our gazes locked and his smile got broader. He'd had an idea that in appreciation for all the sex and enjoyment of the weekend, he was going to give me a show. He now lifted his other leg planting both feet now next to Cara's knees straddling her, and fucked her from above in a fully crouched position. While still staring straight in my eyes he now got a serious expression on his face and started slamming his cock as deep and fast as he could into Cara's bowels. That Carter was taking advantage of his athletic prowess was evident.

Cara could no longer concentrate on tounging me as she was being pounded from behind. I just kissed her and caressed her hair and she grimaced from the pain and pleasure she was receiving. I did get up again long enough to go behind Carter and watch his cock and churning balls slamming into Cara from behind and get a good look at his own exposed asshole which was spread open while he fucked hard in the crouched position. I watched his cock ram in and out of Cara's asshole right above her spread open cunt lips. Then, I went back in front where both Cara's and Carter's pleasure contorted faces were just inches from my own. Since this was his third cum of the day, Carter was able to fuck for another five minutes or so.

Finally, Cara started to coach him to the finish line growling for him to "Fuck me hard, Carter! Fill my ass with your hot spunk!"

I jacked my own bone listening and watching the sights and sounds of Cara getting ass fucked by our young friend.

Carter's smile came back and he finally broke his gaze, threw his head back and started yelling, "Oh, FUCK yeah!" as his third load of the day jetted into Cara's anus.

This set me off too and I came, shooting my load all over my belly, dick and hand. Cara was in rapture, but not too much to forget to lick the sensitive head of my dick and lap up as much of my cum as she could. Then, I couldn't resist scooting behind Cara and licking and sucking as much of Carter's sperm out of her dripping, creamy asshole as I could. We all collapsed in a heap and finally got up to take another group shower.

It was now late, so we got dressed, casually anyway in shorts and sandals, and went out for seafood. We laughed and had a great conversation about lots of things, including the amazing sex we had that day of course. Since none of us wore underwear, we fooled around some under the table at dinner but were too fucked out for another round when we got home. We shared some beers and conversation and then flopped down in the bed together for a well deserved night's sleep. Cara was sandwiched between Carter and me as we gently and lovingly fondled and stroked each others' bodies and dozed off.

Sunday morning...

The next morning I woke up with the usual piss hardon. Something was a little different though as I became more aware of my surroundings. The mattress was bouncing up and down. I looked over and Carter was pounding Cara missionary style. They both looked over at me with "good morning" smiles as they kept humping. I got up to take a piss. From my vantage point I could see Carter's ass bouncing up and down, his ass cheeks clenching and relaxing with each thrust, and of course, his balls swinging into Cara's taint with each plunge. I smacked him on the ass and said, "You didn't even wait for me you fucker."

Carter laughed and shot back, "You were asleep and left your basket unguarded, dude!"

I laughed and went to the bathroom. When I came back, Carter was now raised up, bracing himself with his arms straight out on either side of Cara's shoulders. The small of his back had a deep curve and he was pounding away faster than when I'd left them. Even at eighteen, after coming three fucking times the day before, I guess it was finally taking longer for him to reach an orgasm.

No complaints from Cara who was just moaning and encouraging Carter on by saying things like, "Yeah, fuck me deep. Shoot your load in my hole. I wanna feel you go off and feel your hot jizz inside me." Just listening to her gave ME a hard on. The visuals certainly helped too.

"GONNA...CUM!" Carter finally yelled and rammed in as hard and as fast and as many times as he could, shooting his semen with each thrust. There was no gentleness in his eyes this time, just intense concentration on what he was doing and feeling as all the pleasure centers in his brain were firing off. He turned his head, flinging his blond hair and quickly glanced at me to make sure I was still watching as he plowed my woman and inseminated her. For her part, Cara locked her feet together behind the small of Carter's back and bucked her pelvis up to meet each of his thrusts.

Carter finally stopped cumming and collapsed on top of Cara. He was so out of breath I almost started to get worried. He finally rolled off onto his back and looked up at me with a big smile and said, between breaths, "Creampie for breakfast?" he said laughing. "You... are... one... lucky... sonvabitch... to be able to fuck Cara anytime you want. She is so beautiful, and so hot in bed. I can't get enough of her tight twat, man." Well, that was certainly some compliment.

I said, "Thanks Carter. I won't speak for her, but it looks to me like Cara wouldn't mind if you fuck her anytime you want for the rest of the time you're here anyway.

Cara just nodded and said, "Boy, you are just as good in bed as your dad and Brody. And they're pros. I guess you're a natural." "Thanks Cara," Carter answered with a smile, "You inspire me."

Then looking at my still stiff pole he said, "Speaking of inspiration, it looks like I have a friend who needs a little help here."

To be continued...

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