tagBDSMNext Generation Christian Kingdom Ch. 01

Next Generation Christian Kingdom Ch. 01


This is a story of an alternate reality where there is a branch of Christianity that has rejected the dogma normally associated with sex.

Posted 28 Sep 07 -- Revised June 09

Chapter 1: Marcia's Introduction

Marcia Quillis was looking as nervous as she was feeling. She was filled with a great deal of doubt and dread about the decision she had made to join the Kingdom of John. Her mother was a member, and since she greatly respected her, she was willing to try this out, but the stories she had heard about what the women of the kingdom were expected to do, and endure, were nothing less than horrifying.

At 18 years of age, Marcia was wonderful to look at. Being the captain of her high school volleyball team, she had a healthy and athletic quality to her natural beauty. Those of her parent's generation thought she looked like a young Katherine Ross. She was tall, with sandy brunette hair, and a bosom in full bloom; just the kind of young woman that anyone - at least by appearance - would want to be around. Her dress this afternoon was not formal, but nice. She had on a pale blue shirt and pleated, navy blue skirt. Not Catholic school girlish, but more like an office secretary.

Here she was in the manor of Lord Jacob, in the spacious and resplendent bedroom of Lady Jennifer, sitting on a lounge waiting for the Lady to appear. Yes, she was having doubts about this decision, mainly because her mother would not discuss the stories she had heard with her. All her mother would say was that she did not raise a coward, and that Marcia should show enough faith in her mother, and wait for Lady Jennifer to explain everything to her when she chose to begin the initiation into the kingdom.

Marcia did have a volleyball college scholarship to USC, so if joining this kingdom did not turn out to be something she liked, she knew she had other options. Yet joining this kingdom was something she very much wanted, even though she did not know what it was really all about. All she knew for sure was that every man and woman she met through her parents that were members of the kingdom were strong, confident and intelligent people. Every single person she met was someone she admired.

And the children of these people that she grew up with were always happy and healthy, and encouraged to try new things. She never saw one get yelled at, or abused in anyway. They were all good friends who also wanted to join the kingdom when they became an adult, even though they too, were never told specifically what it meant to be a member of the kingdom.

Just as Marcia was getting her nerve back; just as she decided that regardless of what she would have to endure -- she was going to trust the obvious results of what it meant to be in the Kingdom of John -- in walked Lady Jennifer. This lady was quite a sight. The only description needed for her was Viking goddess. Marcia had known Lady Jennifer her entire life, and she always acted in the regal manner her title would expect. She knew she had to be in her fifties, yet she did not look any older than her mother. She was dressed in a long white gown that appeared to cling to her like a second skin, yet moved freely as she approached Marcia.

"Good morning Marcia," the Lady said as she extended her hand. "I'm am so glad you decided to begin your initiation into our kingdom, and particularly pleased that your parents chose my husband and I to guide you."

Marcia immediately rose, and likewise extended her hand to shake Lady Jennifer's. The lady's grip was firm, and Marcia returned that same firm grip, just as her mother had taught her. With that shake she felt something pass between them that seemed to be an anticipation of profound things to come.

"Please, sit down Marcia. We have much to talk about, and many things to accomplish before this day is out."

Both women sat down on the lounge, with Lady Jennifer to the left of Marcia. They sat turned slightly towards each other with their knees just barely touching.

Once they were settled Lady Jennifer began, "I know you have a million questions to ask, and I hope by the end of the day I'll have them all answered, yet at the same time you must show some patience in what you will learn. I have assisted in the initiation of hundreds of women into our kingdom, and they all seem to want to -- metaphorically speaking -- 'build the roof of the house before the walls are up.' At times I'll appear to be evasive in some of my answers, but it is all because I know you need to learn other things first. While some of it will take months, if not years to learn, you should see by the end of the day that there are no more secrets for you about anything concerning this kingdom.

"Now, it is always a bit difficult to get these initiations started, because every girl has different issues, or heard different stories about this kingdom, so I like to begin with seeing what questions you may have that I can answer up front to guide the direction I will take this talk with you. Do you have any?"

Marcia thought for a few moments, then asked "Just the idea of having secrets bothers me. Why have secrets at all? When I ask my mother about any other topic she is always open and honest, but not about the kingdom. Why is that? I think this secrecy leads to all of these horrible stories that I have heard about what happens to women of the kingdom. I know they can't be true, so wouldn't it be better to get the truth out to prevent them?"

"Hmmm... There are some very good questions there that are going to lead us right to where we need to be. First of all, one of the many things that will take years for you to learn is that 'getting the truth out' rarely prevents horrible stories from being told about you. No matter what you do to get the truth out, people will always believe what they want to believe, and you can't control that. We humans have a very serious and fatal flaw in that we prefer to see the world around us in ways that re-enforce what we already believe, rather than to seek to challenge those beliefs.

"The truth of the matter is, we want there to be horrible stories about us. It helps scare off the weak minded from even considering joining us. Not only are there more men and women who want to join our kingdom than we could possibly process, but even if there weren't so many, the only people we are interested in joining are people who can look past their prejudices and fears in order to judge for themselves that we are the decent people we believe we are.

"Before I continue, I would like to ask you a question. Why are you so sure that these stories can't be true?"

This caught Marcia quite by surprise, and the expression on her face confirmed it. "Are you kidding? The things I have heard like the spankings women must endure, and the forced sex with any man. They just can't be true. Not only do none of the people I've met act like social degenerates, but I know my mother quite well, and she would never consent to this."

She said the last part of that with the false bravado of someone who is more hoping that what she is saying is true, rather than really believing it to be so.

"Well.... to put it bluntly," said Lady Jennifer said, "probably most of what you heard is true. As for your mother, I have had her over my lap for a spanking many times. The forced sex with any man is a little exaggerated, but she has had sex with quite a few men ... women too."

Marcia was stunned not only by the direct admission of her worst fears, but also how it did not connect with how she understood her parents to be. With the room starting to spin, and her breath starting to shorten, all she could manage to say was "But Why? ... How can this be true?"

"The why and how of it is going to take a lot to explain. I'm going to have to wait 'til later to get into that."

Marcia went on, "This doesn't make sense. Our family is a good Christian family. We go to the same church you do. It is a sin to have sex outside of marriage. While my mother has always answered any questions I have had about sex, she nonetheless has always stressed that I must not have sex until I am married. So either what you are telling me are lies, or what my mother has been telling me are. Guess who I am more likely to believe?" Marcia finished off angrily.

From the look on Lady Jennifer's face it was clear she did not like the direction this conversation was going in. While she has had similar reactions from some of her initiates, none had taken it this badly. 'Being blunt may not have been the right course' she thought.

"Marcia, you need to calm down for a second. You are allowing your fears and prejudices to hold sway with you. I am not asking you to redefine who you believe your mother to be. If you trust your mother, and have faith in your parents, then maybe what you should be redefining is what it means to be spanked, and have sex with someone other than your spouse."

Lady Jennifer gave Marcia a few moments to think about what she just said, then continued, "Your reaction goes to the heart of why we keep the sexual aspects of our kingdom secret. As a child you can never fully understand adult sexual relationships. More importantly, you could never explain them properly to Child Protection Services, so out of fear of having our children taken from us, we must keep this aspect of our lives secret from you.

"You see, conservative Christians hate us because we don't believe in monogamy, and liberal feminists hate us because we believe women should be deeply and profoundly submissive to men. You must realize that no one is on our side. In order to protect you, to keep you from being taken from us, it was important that you grow up unaware of what is going on. That is the most important reason why there is such secrecy within our kingdom. So whenever we engaged in our sexual activities, you and the other children would be at someone else's house so there would be no chance of any of you seeing anything."

Some of what Lady Jennifer was saying did match up with what Marcia remembered growing up. The kids from many families were often left with one couple or another so the rest of the parents could go out together. Instead of staying home watching TV, the children were always brought together to play, and socialize, with adult supervision. She remembered all of the good times playing with the kids, and didn't give much thought to what the parents might be doing.

Marcia thought some more, then said "That may well explain the secrecy part, but what about it being a sin. I'm a Christian. That means sex with someone other than your spouse is a sin. I thought you and my mother were Christians too, but I guess I was wrong."

When Lady Jennifer replied it wasn't in anger, but it was pretty close. "Since you're just a child, with childish notions of religion, I'll let your judgment of my beliefs pass for now. Since you seem to know everything about what it means to be a Christian, how about answering a few simple questions. First, what was Christ's religion?"

Marcia, feeling slightly chastised and unsure of where this was going, replied, "He was Jewish."

"Very good. Many people say he was a Christian, but Jesus did not set out to start a new religion. With that in mind, did he eat pork?"



"Because it wasn't kosher."

"Do you eat pork?"



"I guess it's because I am not Jewish."

"So Marcia, how does a religion go from prohibiting the eating of pork to it being OK now? Did Christ tell his disciples that they no longer had to eat kosher?"

Marcia was clearly perplexed by this. She had friends who were Jewish, so she knew all about their customs and beliefs. She also knew that Christ was a Jew, but never made the connection as to why she did not eat kosher. Finally she just shook her head and replied, "I don't know. I have no idea why that should be."

"Before I explain this to you, I believe you should think about how you feel right now. About how you are not so sure about your religious beliefs, and why you believe the things you do. You see, by the end of today you are going to be bombarded with ideas and experiences you have never considered. So making vast pronouncements about what you believe, let alone, what others believe, will not serve you well.

"So Marcia, are you going to keep an open mind about this?"

Marcia nodded timidly, now thoroughly chastised.

"Good. Roughly translated, kosher means 'fit to eat.' Nothing more. Before there was a proper scientific method to determine what to eat, and how to prepare it, early man used religion to accomplish this. This wasn't unique to the Jews; all early civilizations used religion to determine what was 'fit to eat.'

"It's pretty easy to see how pork ended up on the prohibited list because of the disease we now call trichinosis. The early Jews saw people prepare pork in the same manner for beef, yet some who ate it ended up dying a particularly nasty death. These early Jews just chalked it up as God not wanting people to eat pork, and He was willing to kill you if you did. Hence, eating pork became prohibited.

"Having eccentric eating requirements was not a problem for Jews because they had no desire to see their religion spread. The early Christians were different -- still are for that matter. It was very important for them to see their faith spread from land to land, but early on, they ran into a problem of getting other cultures to eat kosher -- circumcision did not go over very well either. These Christians finally decided that is was more important to get others to accept Christ as their savior than it was to get them to change what and how they ate. Put simply, they decided to use reason, and not religion, to determine what was 'fit to eat.'

"In much the same way, we of this kingdom have decided to use reason, and not religion, to determine what proper sexual conduct is. For primitive, or simplistic minds, limiting sex to just those who are married made sense as a way to deal with sexually transmitted diseases, or unwanted pregnancies. Yet we see this as practical as dealing with the problems of auto accidents by requiring you to drive on roads that no one else is on. Sure it will work, but it's not very realistic, because it doesn't fit in the world we live in. For religious people to look at the problem of pedophile priests, and evangelists having sex with hookers, and say religion is an effective means to govern sexual conduct, is absurd."

Lady Jennifer paused for a few moments, then spoke some words that Marcia couldn't believe. "There is something that I have been dancing around that will only get more difficult to avoid as we go along. I think what is important is that you experience something that will help you understand much of what I will tell you later. It's now time that I get you over my lap for a spanking." And as Lady Jennifer said this she seemed to have produced a paddle out of nowhere.

Both the words Marcia heard, and the paddle she saw, slammed into her like a brick, and made breathing quite difficult for her. The paddle she saw was like a ping-pong paddle, but the paddle part was narrower. Then she noticed another difference. The handle was longer, and had a rounded end, much like the vibrator she kept hidden under bed.

This was getting to be too much for Marcia. She was frozen in her spot, and could barely sputter out "But... but why?"

"There's no way I can explain why," said Lady Jennifer. She then went into an analogy she has told prior to getting every new girl across her lap. "How well do you think you could describe something as simple as rain? Imagine yourself standing in a warm summer rain; think carefully about how that would feel. Then pretend that I am someone who grew up in the Sahara desert; I'm someone who has never experienced rain. How well could you use the language you have at your disposal to describe that feeling well enough that when I finally found myself in a warm summer rain, I would be able to say that what you described is exactly what I experienced? Could you do that?"

Marcia thought for a few moments, but eventually she had to shake her head no.

Lady Jennifer continued, "That's the problem with words. They really are quite inadequate to describe, or represent, much of what we encounter in life, yet civilized society puts a great deal of importance in them. Sometimes all you can do is just trust others who have gone before you. Sometimes you have to do as they say, and hope understanding will follow."

Lady Jennifer let that sink in a little, then went on "I still have a couple more things to say, but I think they are best said with you over my lap, so come on, lean over." She passed the paddle from her left hand to her right then patted her left thigh as an invitation for Marcia.

Marcia still couldn't move. She was completely torn between her desire to please Lady Jennifer, and doing something that was so totally alien to her. Her parents spanked her when she was very young, so being spanked was not something she had never experienced. Yet her parents made it clear to her that spanking children was only permitted in the kingdom when the child directly disobeyed the parents, never just for doing something wrong. Since she had not done anything wrong, let alone directly disobeyed Lady Jennifer, she could not fathom why this was happening. The pull between lying across Lady Jennifer's lap, and bolting from her bedroom was so great, it left her frozen where she was.

"Marcia, I'm starting to get a little impatient with you." Actually, she wasn't. She just wanted to appear that she was. Lady Jennifer knew that the mothers of this kingdom did not raise their daughters to be pushovers. Marcia's reaction was even to be expected. But she also knew that this tack was the best course of action to get her across her lap.

"I am going to be devoting a great deal of time and effort in preparing you for entry into this kingdom, and I need to know whether you have the strength of character to be of any benefit to it. I don't want to waste my time on any woman whose self-confidence is so fragile that she can't endure the pain and humiliation of what I am about to subject you to.

"Entry into this kingdom comes with a commitment on our part to always be on your side, and to do what we consider is in your best interest. On your part, you need to demonstrate that you trust us... that you trust that no matter how painful or humiliating something we command of you is, you know you will never actually be harmed.

"So now you have a very important choice to make. Either you get across my lap right now, or walk out that door, and never consider joining this kingdom."

Once again Marcia had to think about the end result of why she was joining this kingdom. She knew she could trust her mother, so with a great deal of trepidation, she slowly laid herself across Lady Jennifer's lap.

For over 20 years Lady Jennifer has been issuing this ultimatum to young women, and even though no one has ever chosen to leave, she never feels certain that they are going to go over her lap until they do. The thrill she gets when a strong, intelligent and beautiful young woman like Marcia, who has many options in life, yet chooses to lie across her lap for a spanking, will never be something she'll get tired of. She took a few moments to savor the experience by slowing stroking Marcia's skirt over her firm, young ass.

Marcia was now positioned along the length of the lounge. Lady Jennifer was in the middle with her calves against the edge, and Marcia's bottom was positioned perfectly out towards Lady Jennifer's knees, and slightly to the right.

"I'm very proud of the choice you have just made, and I'm even grateful of the trust you have given me. What you are about to experience will not just be painful, but will also go on for a long time, so I'll expect you to endure it with the inner strength I know you have. I said I have a couple more things to mention, and both are meant to help you deal with this.

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