Next Step to Nirvana

byLia Monde©

She scooped up a half dozen pairs she had collected and handed them to me. "I want you to go into the dressing room and try these on to see which fit best."

I recoiled a little. Not panic, just hesitation. I had achieved a number of breakthroughs this evening just getting this far. However, I didn't think I was ready to try on panties. In a public place. With a girl I barely knew.

"I don't think I need to do that," I said. "I think I can just buy one of these. They'll be fine"

"Don't be silly. I want all my customers to be satisfied," she said earnestly.

"Oh, I'll be satisfied," I said with a grin, getting into the friendly banter.

"I'm sure you will," she said with a knowing smirk. "But seriously. We're just friends here. It's the same I do for all my serious customers." She again touched my arm gently. This time it sent a buzz through me. "You're a first time shopper, right?"


She leaned closer, "Well, we want to get it correct, don't we?"

Her closeness was arousing me. I shifted my hips to try and move my penis to a more comfortable position. She glanced down and noticed it clearly straining in my jeans.

She smiled, but ignored the distraction and continued, "Look Chris, it will make it a lot easier the next time. When else are you going to get this kind of help?"

Her logic seemed impeccable. But in my addled state, I wasn't sure if my mind or my penis was in control. I asked, "Where's the dressing room?"

Donna smiled again, stepped back and led me around the corner to the dressing room. She stopped at the first cubicle and pulled back the curtain. It was much nicer than the men's changing room. It was roomier and had a nice padded bench on one side.

"There you go," she said and gave me a gentle pat on my butt as I stepped in. This was becoming too much for me to keep straight. Was she flirting with me, or was I so off balance with my good fortune and the excitement that I couldn't think straight? "Try those on and tell me which fits the best," she said while closing the curtain. "I'll scout around for some more. Is pink OK?"

"More than OK," I replied.

I heard a sweet laugh as she walked away.

I dropped the panties on the bench and removed my shoes and pants. When I took off my briefs, my engorged penis sprung out. I gave it a gentle slap to try and get it under control. I told myself that this was serious and the fun could come later. I wanted to do this quickly and without shooting a load in the dressing room. Donna had been more than friendly and helpful, but I doubted she'd be amused if I spurted on the merchandise.

I picked a pair of panties at random from the pile. Well, semi-at-random. My hand seemed to go involuntarily for a pink pair. They were cute and I couldn't help but smile as I examined them. Sensuous fabric. Lace on the sides. Scallops around the openings. And a darling little bow at the waistband. My heart literally fluttered. I rubbed them on my cheek, and then quickly pulled them up my legs.

The familiar electricity shot through my body. Intensified by the setting and by the idea that these panties could be mine. Not borrowed. Not stolen. But selected, paid for, and cherished. There was no hope of my erection going down now. It throbbed and grew even stiffer. If it was a panty meter, it was gonging off the chart. I heard Donna return.

"How's it going in there?" she asked.

"Fine," I answered, certain that my arousal came through in my strained voice. It was not helped by the fact that I was half naked and a hot girl was only a thin curtain away.

"I meant the size," she replied with a little happy lilt.

Her question brought me back to reality and I tried to examine the panties analytically, not emotionally. Regrettably, I had to admit they appeared to be too small. "These are great, but a little tight," I said with disappointment.

"Give them to me and I'll see if they come in a larger size."

I peeled them off and handed them to her over the curtain.

She said, "Here's a couple more to try." Three more pairs came around the curtain. They were all shades of pink. But all different and all beautiful. I almost swooned. I was never going to be able to choose. As Donna went in search of a larger size, I set about the business of sorting. I moved through the pile as fast as I could, trying each on in succession. I struggled mightily to stay focused on the fit and not the erotic feeling they all gave me. I had eliminated some and even narrowed the choices down to ones I could purchase. When Donna returned, I was modeling a particular favorite in hot pink and with ruffles in all the right places. I almost pranced around the dressing room trying to get views from different angles. I didn't think I was a ruffles kind of girl, but these were adorable.

I caught myself in mid-thought. Had I just referred to myself as a girl? That had never happened before. In all my panty wearing experiences, I had always remained firmly a man in my mind. Aroused by both the lingerie, and by thoughts of women. I had masturbated to orgasm dozens of times in panties. But my fantasies always involved women, even when I wore women's clothes in those fantasies. I had pondered what it all meant for my sexual orientation. However, this was a new twist. Was I not only a panty wearer, but a wannabee lesbian? I didn't have time to pursue that emotionally charged question.

"I found the next size. Any more progress?" came the voice from just outside the curtain.

"I think I'm about set. Several pairs seemed to fit perfectly." I said as I pulled up my shirt and bent over to get a better look at my ruffled behind. Suddenly, Donna stepped in around the curtain. I actually squealed as I gasped "Donna!" I had never felt so exposed. I took a quick step to the corner with my back to Donna and looked over my shoulder in horror.

"Oh, don't be a baby," she said matter-of-factly. "It's getting late and we have to make sure they really are a good fit. And we've already determined you're not an expert."

"But…but...I'm wearing panties," I protested, realizing how non-sensical that sounded.

"Yes," she responded very practically. "That's what we're here for, remember."

While she seemed unperturbed, I was anything but. Despite all my claims to masculinity, I was acting like a flustered school girl.

Donna continued with a little more calming sympathy in her voice and on her face. "I apoligize. I thought you were getting relaxed." She stepped forward and patted my shoulder. The cubicle suddenly got smaller. "We're past embarrassment. You're not the first man to shop here for his panties, you know." My reaction told her I hadn't considered that possibility. "Oh, come on, dear. You don't think you're the only boy who loves the feel of silk and lace." she giggled. "It happens all the time. Though not all the men keep themselves in as good shape as you do." she said, giving my body a quick scan.

I was too confused to appreciate the compliment. However, the knowledge that I wasn't the first man Donna had helped buy panties did have a beneficial effect. My shoulders relaxed slightly and I caught my breath. She noticed the change and took charge. "If a girl can't trust her panty saleswoman, who can she trust," she said returning the atmosphere to a lighter level. "Now step over here so I can take a look," she said while pulling me toward the center of the room. I didn't resist, but I still wasn't ready to turn around. I backed slowly toward her, with short, girlish steps. She took a step back and looked at my bum. "Pull up your shirt, so I can get a look," she said, tapping her index finger on her lips.

I did as she said.

"Nice, very nice," she said with a nod. She stepped forward and ran her hand across my pink ruffled behind. I stiffened, but didn't move. I smelled a soft whiff of her lilac perfume. That, in combination with her hand on my behind revived my deflated organ. Donna continued her examination. She smoothed the fabric across my ass. Her hand lingered a moment and then gave it a little rub. "Yes, very nice indeed," she said slightly breathless, or was that just my racing imagination. "I think these are a good fit," she said softly. Next, she slipped a finger under the opening at my right leg, massaged it, then snapped the elastic back in place.

My cheeks were burning. Both sets. I don't know what she was thinking, but I was getting close to losing control. Much more of this and these panties would be filling with gushes of my sperm.

Donna tilted her head forward and whispered in my ear, "Take your shirt off. It's in my way."

I started for the top button, but apparently was too slow. She leaned into me, reached around and began to open my shirt. Her breasts were pressed against my back. They were aroused and firm and she moved them slowly back and forth. As here hands worked the buttons of my shirt, they massaged my chest. Even in my overheated state, I knew this time, it wasn't my imagination.

I moved my head back and breathed, "Donna" toward the ceiling.

She continued to remove my shirt and massage her tits across my back. Now her hips pressed against my ass and joined the motion. Between heavy, quick breaths, she said, "Oh Rose, beautiful Rose."

She called me Rose. Not Chris. Rose. I shot her a glance. Her eyes were closed. Her face flushed. She wasn't being sarcastic. She was enveloped in passion. I didn't bother to correct her; I was lost in my own ecstasy.

When my shirt dropped to the floor, she spun me around and gave me a hot, lingering kiss. I responded by drawing her toward me and wrapping my arms around her. My erection was painfully obvious as it stretched the panties and pressed against her vagina. We kissed and tongued and ground into each other.

She was still fully clothed and all I had on were a pair of pink panties. And with my erection, I was barely in those. I leaned back and reached to undo the buttons on her blouse. She stopped me.

"No. I can't wait." She moved my hands to her behind, reclosed her eyes and leaned against my chest. I didn't hesitate. I reached both hands under her skirt and slid them up her legs. I quickly realized she wasn't wearing pantyhose, but stockings. I should have expected it from a lingerie salesgirl. I lingered at their lacy top and rubbed the insides of her thighs. She moaned and her movements urged me on. Miraculously, I hadn't come, but it wouldn't be much longer. My balls were quivering.

I reached her panties. They were beyond moist, they were soaked. I twisted her slightly and placed one hand on her ass and the other firmly on her vagina. She responded by pressing forward into my palm. I started a slow circular motion in both the front and back. Despite being lost in her own universe of pleasure, Donna moved her hand to engulf my penis through the panties. She started a rhythmic massage that matched my own on her swollen lips.

We both seemed to be moving toward the edge and accelerated the pace. Through clenched teeth, she murmured, "Faster, Rose, faster."

I slipped my hand into her panties and found her clitoris. Within moments, she stiffened, her tongue slipped between her teeth, her body shook, and my hand was soaked with liquid pouring out of her vagina. At the same time, her hand spasmed on my prick and sperm erupted. We were both lost in orgasmic nirvana for several minutes and clung to each other to keep from falling.

As her breathing slowed and Donna regained her senses, she turned her face to mine. Tiny beads of perspiration had formed above her upper lip. She gave me a quick, soft kiss and pulled away. She swept the panties aside and plopped down on the bench. I joined her.

Donna leaned her head back and giggled, "Now that's a special holiday present." We looked at each other and laughed. The sex had been more raw, pent-up animal heat than seduction and skill, but we both seemed extremely satisfied. Even sitting here in panties, in an absurd situation, I was fully at ease for the first time in weeks. Donna leaned over and kissed my cheek. "We better get cleaned up."

She rolled forward and pulled some tissues from her purse. She handed me some and then stood up. As she pulled up her skirt to clean herself, I actually saw her bikini panties for the first time. They were pink. Pink background with chocolate colored polka dots. They had small white ribbons at the waist on each side. I stared shamelessly. My loins stirred. I wasn't sure if her body or her panties excited me more. I decided it was probably both.

"I love your panties," I said.

She looked down as if to remind herself which pair she was wearing, then grinned, "You do have good taste." She glanced at the cum drenched panties I was futilely trying to clean. She pointed at them and said, "Let me repeat the question I asked you earlier. Would you like those?"

I answered the same way I had earlier, "Yes, very much!" But there was no retraction this time. It brought the giggles back to both of us.

"Good. I think you should wear them."

I hadn't thought about it, but it seemed the obvious and normal thing to do. "I think I will." She reached over and expertly removed the tag. How could I be so comfortable, in such a bizarre situation, with a woman I had known for less than 90 minutes? I gazed at Donna with something akin to wonder.

She patted her skirt straight. "Have you decided which other ones you'll take?"

"Just these," I said holding up another pair I had decided upon before our tryst.

"That's all. After all my salesmanship," she teased.

"I'm afraid I'm on a tight budget," I shrugged.

She took the panties from my hand and said, "Buy two more. I'll use my discount and it will cost almost the same." My night kept getting better and better. "You get dressed and pick two more pairs. I'll start to ring these up and close the register." She took a glance in the mirror to ensure she didn't look disheveled, picked up her purse and left the dressing room. "Don't be long, dear," she said back over her shoulder.

I pulled on my clothes. The wet panties under my jeans felt warm and sexy. I decide on the bonus panties and followed Donna to the register. She took the final two panties and rang them up and told me the price.

Given all that had happened, it would have been a bargain at twice the cost. I handed over the cash.

"With every holiday purchase, you also get a little gift." She showed me a small bottle of perfume and slipped it into the bag. I felt a quiver of joy at the freebie. Donna gave me the change, put the receipt in the bag and handed it to me. Before she released it, she looked in my eyes and said, "I hope you'll be very happy with your purchase, Rose." She appeared to be waiting to see my reaction.

Rose. Not in the passion of the moment, but later. Calm and deliberate. Rose. It seemed weird. It also seemed right. I'd have a lot to think about when I got home. For now, I just smiled with genuine warmth and said, "Thank you, darling Donna. I'm sure I'll love them."

She shook with pleasure, stepped around the counter and gave me a hug. "Since the store is closed, I'll have to walk you out. Let me grab my coat." I waited while she went to the storeroom. My brain was starting to slow down but it was still spinning. I relived the night's events. So much had happened on so many levels. I couldn't get my mind around it. But I knew, for the moment, it was all good.

Donna returned. She slipped her arm through mine and we headed for the exit. She looked up with a sly grin on her face and said, "Rose, it's still early. How would you like to come back to my apartment? Maybe we could play with your new toys." Then she pinched my ass.

Rose, again. I was beginning to like the sound of it. I pulled her close and said, "That would be wonderful."

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