tagRomanceNeyna and David Ch. 01

Neyna and David Ch. 01


The monsoon wind blew strong, a gloomy overcast on what was expected to be a very exciting day. Storms didn't take long to brew in this part of the country. David was forced to take shelter beneath a small abandoned shack and watch helplessly as the downpour continued.

The timing of the storm could not have been any worse for David. Neyna, his girlfriend of six months had been waiting anxiously for him to arrive for the past hour and a half. Her somewhat conservative parents had finally agreed to having a boy over at the house and David did not want to miss out on the opportunity.

It was evident from the first time they met that they shared a strong sexual tension verging on being animalistic. Yet, despite having a body worthy of a sexual goddess, Neyna was the epitome of innocence, preferring to take a slower and safer route towards their relationship.

While this was one of the many reasons David found himself passionately in love with her, his patience had been pushed to the limit over the past few months, having to sneak kisses in empty classrooms at opportune moments.

Recently, things had begun to escalate and it became evident that avoiding any sort of physical release would soon be impossible.

David had always been far from innocent. He had fantasized about Neyna well before she had agreed to a serious relationship. She was the eye candy of the entire male population of their university. Even some of the younger members of the faculty found themselves fumbling around her.

She was as beautiful as she was sexy. Her large light green eyes oozed innocence, her wavy, dark brown hair was a wonderful contrast to the unnaturally straightened styles that girls seemed to adore.

David had felt he was in love from the first moment she had smiled at him sending shivers down his spine. It had shocked him when a friend told him that Neyna had taken a liking to him.

But perhaps, he needn't have been so surprised. He was tall, athletic and darkly handsome, with dark eyes and a proud straight nose. Neyna found herself entertained by his witty and charming personality.

They made a perfect couple and were the envy of their social circle.

However, it had always been an uphill task for David to remain civil around her. He often envisioned what it would be like to wrap his hands around her large shapely breasts which seemed to strain against her T- shirts. It took all his control to stop himself from grabbing the cheeks of her exquisitely big ass.

Neyna had been aware of his growing fixation with her body and had recently developed a love for teasing David to a tipping point.

He recalled how a few days ago, she had suddenly begun discreetly grinding her ass slowly against him in the middle of a crowded line at the amusement park. The thin fabric of her tiny cotton shorts coupled with the brazenness of her actions sent shockwaves through his cock, making him rock hard while trying desperately to conceal the huge bulge in his shorts.

The look of disbelief and helplessness on his face seemed to intrigue Neyna. She found herself turned on by the power she had over him.

Hence, it was no surprise that David found himself continually irritated by the rain which did not seem likely to subside anytime soon. His cock had been teased for days on end and he couldn't wait for Neyna to finally get her hands on it.

Finally, after nearly thirty minutes, with no signs of the rain receding, he decided to risk the cold. He shivered as he stepped into the wet July rainfall and broke into a quick run. It was a fifteen minute walk to her house, but he managed to cover the distance in a little over five minutes.

Dishevelled and drenched, he breathed a sigh of relief when he finally found himself in the sanctuary of Neyna's pretty four bedroom house. Her mom was quick to hand him a clean towel, insisting he have some tea and biscuits before heading off with Neyna.

It was perhaps the most gruelling fifteen minutes of his life, having to sit and discuss mundane topics with Neyna's parents while their daughter sauntered around looking smoking in a pair of tight jeans and a sexy low cut black blouse.

At long last her mom, a pretty woman in her late thirties, seemed to run out of topics to discuss leaving a window of opportunity for Neyna to seize upon.

"Cmon, I'll show you my room," she said, grabbing David by the arm and pulling him up the marble staircase.

Excitement rushed through him as they passed the beaded doorway and entered into her room which had been decorated with posters of various rock bands and had a large bean bag.

Neyna quietly closed the door behind her.

They stood face to face, the tension of the past few months seeming to heat up the room around them. David found himself growing hard just looking at the ample cleavage in front of him. He could not wait any longer.

"Wait a minute. Let me bolt the door," she said with a shy grin, showing off her perfect teeth.

She turned to the door and he immediately unzipped his shorts and pulled down his underwear causing his stiff dick to spring forth. It stood rigid and proud, with blood pulsing through it, seeking relief.

"Oh wow! That was fast!" she exclaimed with a smirk across her face. She seemed dazed as she absent-mindedly began to lightly stroke the enlarged organ in front of her.

"It's so big! To be honest, this is the first time I'm touching a cock."

Her statement saw his dick pound with excitement. He moved closer to her, pressing my hardness against her.

His hands clasped over her boobs. She opened her mouth to resist but he halted any potential protests with a deep kiss, one hand running through her beautiful hair and the other feeling the gentle curves of the soft flesh of her tits.

"Let me see them," he said softly.

She shyly nodded her consent.

He placed both hands on the front of her blouse and pulled it down just below her breasts. She took his hands and slowly guided them to her bra which he hastily unclipped and threw onto the floor.

David had never seen anything more beautiful. She looked downward avoiding his eyes, embarrassed. But her massive white globes were exposed, her large pink nipples hard from the added effects of the cold and arousal.

Something broke inside him. Suddenly, he found that he was no longer in control. The animal within had taken over. He grabbed her and slammed her against the wall. She moaned as he unbuttoned her jeans and began to thrust his dick hard against her flesh.

With both hands firmly squeezing her ass he lifted her off her feet and began to hungrily lick away at her gorgeous tits.

He watched her nipples become more and more erect as he flicked his tongue across them, gently biting and pulling her large pink areolas with his teeth. He let his tongue slide down the soft underside of her breasts down to her flat stomach.

He planted tender kisses as he moved further south. He gently placed her on the ground and went to his knees ready to pull down her jeans.

But she yanked him by the hair and said, "No. Not today. I'm not ready for it yet. I want it but it's too soon. Please understand."

Staring into her innocent yet lustful eyes, David knew that she had the power to make him obey her every command.

"Fine, I won't see anything. But I still want to touch."

With that, he slowly unzipped the remainder of her jeans and slid his hands past her silky black panties. He cupped her bare ass cheeks, marvelling at their size. He did his best tactfully pull her panties a bit lower, sliding them down slowly, centimetres at a time. She grabbed his hand as he moved it forward toward the soft, velvety flesh of her pussy.

"Just once. Okay?"she said with a tiny giggle.

She took his hand and slowly guided it downwards. She gasped as he touched her wetness, the epicentre of her desire.

David could feel the puffiness of her lips, the steaming wet pussy which was dripping from arousal and he even managed to rub her engorged clit causing her to body to tremble with pleasure.

He found Neyna's resolve weakening as he began to stroke the gentle contours of her pussy with a gradually quickening pace. Her thin panties had slid low, just above her smoulderingly sinful flesh.

Just as she was reaching fever pitch, her breathing heavy and an explosive orgasm imminent, a loud knock on her door startled them back into reality.

He quickly withdrew his hand from her panties and began to quickly pull up his shorts.

Neyna was relatively fast in pulling up her top and securing her jeans.

David did his best to reposition his ever present hard on, finally choosing to plant himself on her bed stomach downwards, pretending to read a magazine. Neyna was about to open the door when she noticed her lacy black bra strewn across the floor in clear view. She quickly took it and threw it at David, flashing him a naughty grin.

David was more than happy to pocket it, the images of her naked breasts fresh in his mind.

They both did their best to tidy themselves up and Neyna proceeded to open the door.

It turned out to be Neyna's mother, asking them if they would like to have lunch or if they were going out to eat. They had already made plans of leaving for a day out with some friends and so they declined the offer.

After a little chit chat, she decided to leave, reminding them that she was downstairs if they needed anything.

David knew he had all he needed right there in the room.

The drawn out conversation with Neyna's mother had reduced his erection by a degree so that he was mildly hard.

As soon as she shut the door, Neyna collapsed onto the bean bag, her hands running through her hair.

"That was close," she said nervously.

David sensing her apprehension decided it was best to distract her. He moved over to where she was sitting and stood facing her. While she watched, he opened his shorts and took out his cock.

What happened next surprised David even more than it surprised Neyna herself.

She held his dick in her hand, slowly examining every inch. Then, in one fluid motion, she slipped the head of his dick in her mouth. His entire body shook from the feeling of her tongue wrapping itself around his cock.

"Wow! I felt it become hard in my mouth," she said with a grin.

True enough, David's cock once again sprung to attention. He stood mystified and slightly dazed as this beautiful, young temptress explored the dimensions of his penis with her tongue.

She tried her best to take the entire length in her mouth, gagging slightly.

It excited her to have a cock deep in her throat. It was quite a performance for an amateur sucking on her first cock.

David's dick was throbbing with excitement as she held it in her hand perturbed by how her entire hand could barely wrap itself around his girth. Her light green eyes reflected intent as she hungrily began to slurp the full length of his cock.

Her tongue ran over his vein which stood prominent nearly bursting from stimulation. He moaned and grabbed her head as she began to develop a steady rhythm to her licks and sucks.

"I love your big hard dick!" she moaned squeezing it hard and rubbing his head with the palm of her hand. The stimuli was sending him on edge and he felt himself close to cumming.

Sensing this, she let go, a born tease.

"You're not getting what you want today," she said, in a low purr. "You have to be patient."

"I think I'm already getting exactly what I want."

"Oh, really? Then maybe you want to see what I'm like topless?" With those words, she lifted her blouse over her head, her beautiful orbs seemingly defying gravity.

Pulling him onto the bean bag, she jumped onto his lap, grinding her jean covered ass hard onto his dick. Simultaneously, she pulled his head close to her boobs and looked him straight in the eyes.

"Suck me."

David didn't need encouragement. He sucked and licked her huge tits while her sexy ass continued to pound away at his cock.

He pulled her to the floor onto her knees. Then, he stood behind her and began to dry hump her ass with his hands squeezing her ripe melons. He watched in the mirror as her tits bounced in all their magnificence.

The loud ring of Neyna's phone brought proceedings to an abrupt halt. David continued to play with her tits as she talked on the phone, trying to keep her breath steady.

She spoke for about five minutes before finally putting down the phone.

"I'm sorry but it looks like the fun is over for now," she said with a sad smile. "They booked the tickets for the 2:30 show. We'll have to hurry now." Disappointment filled David as he realized that the amazing day was fast drawing to a close.

He gently kissed her on the mouth and asked her if they really had to go.

"Don't worry. Who said anything about this being the end of the fun for today?" Neyna replied with a wink.

She couldn't possibly mean what he thought she meant could she?

He watched her as she fastened her top, a bit lower than usual, revealing acres of sexy cleavage and got ready for what he hoped would be the sequel of a very exciting day.

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