tagIncest/TabooNia Ch. 02

Nia Ch. 02


Many thanks to Mericeman1964 for his invaluable assistance and editorial input, without his help this story would not have been possible



Excerpt from the private diary of Nguye't Morrison, age 18 and three-quarters. Note to Jamie; if you read any of this, I swear I will put a bend in your knob that no amount of wanking will ever straighten out; you have been warned...

Tuesday 1st July, 2008

Jamie's coming home tomorrow, at last. He left me desolate 3 years ago, and I want to snub him, cut him dead for abandoning me, but all I can do is tremble at the thought of having him back again. He's been my protector, my favourite source of comfort and big hugs all my life, and when he left I was bereft (look it up, I've been waiting for years to use it), and I haven't stopped crying yet; I know, weird, right? He's my older brother, but he feels like the love of my life, and for the last three years there's been a huge blank space where he should be; every time I thought of him, I burst into tears, and I thought about him every day. When he comes home I'm going to play it cool, be aloof, casual, let him know that going away for so long is almost unforgiveable, that you don't make someone need you so much and then leave them.

My friend Shelagh Kennedy asked me if I was in love with him, 'cos apparently I talk about him all the time, and of course, I pooh-pooh'd the very idea, told her she was weird and perverted for even thinking such a thing, and she said the strangest thing. "OK then, if you're not going to bang him, do you mind if I do? Every time I've ever seen him he's given me a twinge in my minge, and now I know you're not going to, as far as I'm concerned that makes him fair game for a work-out!"

I asked her what she meant, and she got all disbelieving on me, started going on about how he's a tall, built, mega-cute, oil exploring, rugged polar-hero type, a real arctic fox, and she'd like a chance to check if he got frostbite anywhere important, and if he's built up a full head of pressure, she'd like to be the one to be there when he blows his cork, and if I had eyes and a brain I'd have decoyed him down a dark alley years ago; apparently all my friends think the same thing...

I had to think about that, I mean, Jamie? I know one thing though; I've always had a sort of low-key thing for him (or maybe not so low-key, I don't know), even got all possessive of him at one point, but that's because he's mine, and he belongs to me, exclusively, and if that red-headed harlot thinks she's getting her slutty little mitts on my lovely Jamie she's got another think coming; I must keep her corrupting influence away from him!

Must think more about this, things are happening in my head that I don't want to write down in case I accidently leave this open one day and dad or mum see this.

Wednesday 2nd July, 2008

Jamie will be home this afternoon, and the suspense is killing me; what were butterflies in my tummy have turned into a herd of rhino's barging around, and I've nearly been sick on any number of occasions. Coupled with that is the fact I can't seem to stop weeping, every time I open my mouth or think of trying to do something constructive with my time, I get a picture of his sweet, patient face and the waterworks turn on – I feel like some lovesick 11 year old mooning over a boy-band, and this is really freaking me out. It's only Jamie, for God's sake, and regardless of what I said or thought yesterday, he's my big brother, and yes, I missed him terribly, but why the extreme reactions? Most peculiar; I am definitely conflicted. I think I'll go out, not be here when he gets here, if I see him walk in that door, and the state I'm in right now, God only knows what sort of idiotic shambling wreck I'll turn into – he already left me once, and, heaven forbid, if he sees me sweating and gibbering at him he might do it again, and I can't have that – I'm keeping him here this time, if I have to use a nail-gun and superglue on him.

Mum asked me to be here when Huyn'h gets home, but I really don't trust myself to not either A) Wet myself, B) Get all tongue-tied and idiotic, or C) Fling myself on him and stick my tongue in his face.

I've made up my mind; I won't be here, I'll saunter in all casual and mildly indifferent to his presence, going "Oh Hi, you're back then," peck him on the cheek, enjoy the moment of crushed despair as he realises I haven't missed him in the slightest, and saunter out again. Vengeance is a dish best served cold, and he needs to pay, just a little, for leaving me all alone while he went off to the other side of the world and pretended to be Nanook of the North while contemplating the Great White Waste and mushing seals or whatever the hell it is they do down there for fun.... So I'm off now, I need to shop so I don't think about Jamie and how he abandoned me, and I'm taking the Scarlet Harlot with me so she and her chest don't get any ideas around Jamie while I'm not there....


When I got back, he was asleep! Heartless, indifferent, cave-dwelling, igloo-building Oik, in his room, fast asleep, with no regard for my feelings, how dare he! I went into his room to kick him, and there he was, sound asleep, and my tummy did a double back-flip and landed in the lay-out position; whoowee! When he left he was cute, but now, after three years, he was absolutely take-me-I'm-yours gorgeous, man-beef on the hoof, talk about scrubbing-up well! I had every intention of landing a heel right in his dangly bits, remind him what happens to people who abandon me for the snowy wastes, but right then all I wanted to do was bite him, and then take another bite out of that tall, fit, muscular Polar-Bear man-babe, oh my paws and whiskers, yes! Obviously, manhandling all those drill probes and test-core drilling rigs had put some beef on his bones, and right now I wanted to manhandle him a little! Further notes to follow, I shall have to rethink my Jamie strategy; this may get just a leetle-bit complicated!


Nia and I kept our more sweaty activities as discreet as possible; while mum approved, or at least hadn't actually disapproved of our new-found relationship, I doubt she would have condoned us humping and heavy-breathing around the house, so we cooled it, at least while she was in earshot. At night, though, that was another matter. I couldn't get enough of Nia, and she seemed to be feeling the same way, judging by the exertions she put me through that second night we slept together; I could only hope mum was in her room, with the door locked, the TV turned up full, and her fingers in her ears, going "La La La" at the top of her voice...

That first day, the morning after mum had found us, I was over the moon – I had finally found the real Nia, the one she'd always wanted to show me, after all the years we had been together, and she was all I'd ever wanted in a girl; smart, funny, sexy, breathtakingly beautiful, sassy, and I knew I'd lucked-out, especially when I remembered some of some of the nosebags and outright mental cases I'd dated over the years, just to have a date on Saturday night for cinema/groping/strangulated erection relief. Nia was eager and amused to hear of some of the more bizarre dating disasters – like Carole Whitton, body like the great outdoors, brain you could have stored in a thimble, with room to spare; if you stood close enough to her you could hear the hum as all four brain cells orbited peacefully in the blissful emptiness of her skull; having sex with her had been like inflating a beach ball; lots of effort, long time to get results, and then you wondered why the hell you bothered in the first place. Nice tits, though...

Then there was the unforgettable Ansfrida, with the Norwegian Geophysical Survey team overwintering in Port Stanley, who took a fancy to me. She was a big girl, shoulders like a Samoan rugby player, unfortunately also had the cauliflower ears, nose, and chin like one, including the bristles. I spotted her first, and my first thought was "I will never be that desperate, please God, don't let her like me!" The only girls on the islands were the daughters of the islanders, and they were all locked in the cellars whenever our team of incipient rapists hit port, but even the enforced celibacy couldn't make Ansfrida look like anything except hulking and dangerous. All the rest of the team were slowly sliding down in their seats, or pretending to be gay, and so she homed-in on me, sitting herself down on the bench, my side of the bench tilting up. The collective sigh of relief in the room made the windows bulge outwards, and every male in the room grinned and sat back to watch me get dragged off and pummelled by Andre the Giant's even uglier sister; whoever said Nordic blondes are all icily gorgeous hadn't met Ansfrida yet.

"My name is Ansfrida!" she boomed, shaking me gently by the neck, feeling my bicep, her hand wrapping all the way round it. "Good muscle tone, you want sex?"

"If I say yes, will you promise not to kill me?" I asked her, trapped and helpless.

"That good enough. Come!" She frogmarched me out of the room, me mouthing 'Help me' to my team, them all grinning and looking relieved that they'd dodged that particular bullet.

I heard later that she offered the crew of the Royal Navy frigate a gang-bang, causing them all to suddenly declare their love for each other and set sail for Argentina to surrender...


Today was Thursday, and dad was due home Friday night. Between now and then I had to think of a way of telling him without ending up nailed to the garden shed with something red-hot stuck somewhere tender; I know mum had said she'd clear the way, but this was big, the biggest. Nia was his little princess, even though, if put to the torture, he'd deny it emphatically, and every scenario I tried to envisage ended with me eventually being chucked in the Thames, bound and gagged, with a size eleven shoe embedded in my arse...

Nia was a lot less troubled. "Dad's cool, he's not, like, all hairy and chest-beating, he's a nice guy, worryingly strange, but nice. Mum says he'll see the light, so stop your vapouring!"

Nevertheless, and even with all Nia's confidence that dad would remember he was a loving father before he actually stuffed me in the wood-chipper, I was still going to allow myself a little vapouring, with a side order of sweating terror. Mum wasn't at all weirded by this situation, and, hearing us discussing the plan for 'Operation Reveal' even poked her head round the door that morning while we were dressing to ask what we wanted for breakfast, so definitely not strange at all...

Eventually, Nia lost patience. "Look Jamie, do you want me at all? Do you even love me? Because it feels like you're having doubts about this whole thing. Make up your mind, polar-boy, me or one of those Nobel Prize candidates you've been banging at uni!" God, she was gorgeous when she got angry! It also stiffened my wilting backbone, as well as other things...

I took her in my arms. "Nia, princess, I love you to distraction, with all of my heart, I always have, I want you every minute of the day, I can barely keep my hands off you, but right now I'm just trying to put myself in Dad's shoes. If I had a gorgeous daughter and some guy announced he'd slept with her, and intended to keep on doing it, I'd fillet him. I'm not banking on dad remembering he's a loving parent when we hit him with this, so hope for the best, but prepare for the worst, that way no surprises – Si vis pacem, para bellum – If you would have peace, prepare for war!"

Nia grinned. "OK, yeah, because what's the worst he can do? Oh yes, he could fillet you, or string you up in the greenhouse and write the Gettysburg address on you with a lit cigarette, or shove his fist up your arse and poke your eyeballs out from the inside, or make you eat your bed sheets and then yank the ends out of your arse and set light to them, or inscribe 'I will not rape my little sister' 100 times on your backside with a hot soldering iron, or nail your tongue to a tree and chase you round it a few times, or pull your bottom lip up over your head and staple it to the back of your neck, or all of the above, in order, you know how methodical he is!"

Good to see the old, malicious Nia was still there, lurking just under the surface!

"OK, I get it, point taken, we do this, and take what's coming, and by the way, I hadn't thought of all the above, so thank you for putting my mind at ease! What do you think he's going to do to you?" I grinned.

Nia grinned even wider, false sincerity radiating from her. "Me? Nothing. I'm his little girl; you're the rapist around here! However, because you were my favourite Polar Bear, I promise I will occasionally try and remember you fondly, oh sorry, did I say 'were'?" Yeah, ha ha, very funny!

The sudden resolution I felt was reflected lower down, and Nia smiled happily at me. "It looks like someone else has made up their mind, too!" What can I say, some parts of me know what's real before the rest of me catches up...

I started tugging off my shirt, Nia helping me to undo my jeans as she slipped out of her habitual leggings and loose top. God she had a lovely body, and all thoughts of dad, retribution, or wood-chippers disappeared as she stood in front of me, a naked vision of slender perfection.

As my jeans dropped off, I kicked them away, Nia grinning and yanking down my shorts to examine my state of readiness. Looking at her was more than mortal flesh could bear, so I grabbed her, holding her tightly by her delectable bum cheeks, kissing her as hard as I could while backing towards the bed.

Nia pushed me back onto the bed, and landed on top of me, squirming around to lie on her side, looking at me with a big grin on her face. I can't resist that grin, especially if she's using it as a challenge, so I leapt on her, pinning her on her back so I could kiss her some more. At last, I surfaced for air, Nia smiling at me as she slowly pumped my cock, her hand wrapped tightly around me. I returned the favour, nibbling her sexy nipples while trailing a hand down to her belly, sliding a finger through her trimmed pubes to lightly brush against her labia.

She jumped at that, grinning as she closed her eyes and pushed out her chest, raising her nipples closer to my mouth. I obliged, gently biting and sucking on them, feeling them grow solid and rubbery against my lips and teeth, Nia murmuring as she began to flush, become more fully aroused. I slid down and between her thighs, kissing her belly and grazing gently on her neatly trimmed little thatch of fine soft pubic hair, before licking and probing further south, to lap lightly at her labia, enjoying her fresh scent and tangy taste.

As I lapped more seriously, she began slowly squirming and lifting her pelvis, pushing her slit against me harder, wanting me to lick higher, so I obliged, poking my tongue-tip into the front of her slit, rubbing against the hood of her little nub. Nia flushed deeper, murmuring and sighing as I licked and gently rubbed my tongue against her pink flesh, her clitoris hardening like a little pale nipple, erecting as it emerged from its hiding place, her juices running around it, bathing it and rolling across my tongue. She tasted sweet, fresh, tangy, and as her fluids dripped onto my tongue, her pelvic thrusts against my mouth became more pronounced as her arousal climbed. I sucked her clit as hard as I dared, rubbing it with my tongue, and she came in a series of rippling waves, her clitoris pulsing between my lips as her climax gusted through her. At last her orgasm died away, leaving her twitching and murmuring, arms stretched out luxuriously, a small smile on her face. I kissed and nibbled her pussy a while longer, enjoying the taste and succulence of her, my erection a hot lead bar against my stomach as I lay between her thighs, before I reared up and shuffled between her legs, looming over her, my cock pointing at her wet slit, the head just barely touching her warmth.

I slid myself just far enough inside her for her to feel my head, then backed out, enjoying the feeling of her hot moistness surrounding the head of my penis, my erection stiffening even further as she moaned and pushed up against me, trying to take more of me in. I was having too much fun – the feel of her enveloping me was exquisite, the wet succulence sensational. Her eyes narrowed, and she pulled my head down to her level, hissing at me "Will you get on with it, for Chrissake, just do it, now!" Unable to hold out any longer, I slid into her in one long steady push, Nia groaning as her pussy stretched to accommodate me all over again, the feeling of tightness as her inner muscles clasped me erotic and very stimulating. I began sliding in and out, pumping my cock into her, she responding by hunching up against me, trying to get as much of me inside her as possible. I lowered myself down onto my elbows so I could slide my hands under her mid-section, pushing her breasts up so I could suck her nipples while I pumped into her. Her neck and chest began to flush deeper, and her movements against me became more forceful, humping against me as I pumped into her, matching me stroke for stroke, simultaneously tightening her vaginal muscles to clasp me tight, the friction on my cock delightful as I approached my climax. Nia was also nearly there, her movements against me more determined, grinding herself into the base of my cock, her head thrown back and her eyes tightly closed as she pumped in time with me, until..."Oh God, Jamie, Oh God, oooh yesss, oooh YESS! GOD! OOOOOH GOOODDD!" Her scream as she came was piercing, and that set me off, my orgasm no less intense as I shot jet after jet of sperm deep into her, the ripples and sucking of her vagina milking me of all my sperm, the sensation of her pussy walls clenching at me almost unbearable, extending my orgasm, keeping pace with hers.

At last she stopped shuddering and quivering, the sensation of her cervix fluttering against me diminishing, and my cock softened enough to slip out of her so I could lie next to her, heart thumping and breath in short supply, Nia caressing my face and murmuring as the tail-end of her orgasm after-shocked through her.

At last, she reached over and touched my lips with her finger tip. "Marry me, Polar Bear," she whispered. "Wherever and whenever you'll have me, Baby- Girl!" I promised her. "Is it always going to be this good, Jamie?" she enquired sleepily, smiling at me. "I bloody well hope so, princess!" I grinned back, pulling her close against me so I could smell her hair, her skin, and under all that, the fresh, subtle, subliminal scent that said 'girl' that no amount of perfume or fancy soap could disguise.

We lay for a while, enjoying the afterglow, cuddling and kissing, when Nia suddenly sat up.

"Jamie, I want to go out tonight – I want you to take me to a club, you've never, ever taken me anywhere that you weren't ordered to, so tonight we are going on a date, you got it, Kimo-Sabe?"

I was curious where this had come from, and when I asked her she grinned. "Tomorrow you may be dead or banished, so tonight I get to be your girlfriend, OK?" Way to do positive thinking, Nia...

She wanted to go dancing, to a club in Borough, near London Bridge, of course I agreed, as I had no intention of doing anything other than watch her anyway – my dancing talents are strictly limited; I've been told I have the dancing ability of a three legged dog in roller boots, that people watching me cringe with contact embarrassment and soon develop the urge to put me out of my misery, but I like to watch Nia move, and if she danced the way she walked, she should be well worth watching. She made a couple of calls, and explained in response to my unspoken query.

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