tagIncest/TabooNia Ch. 05

Nia Ch. 05


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Excerpt from the private diary of Nguye't Morrison

Friday, 6th May, 2011

On Thursday evening, Jamie and I spoke to this bloke in Toronto that Limbu, his contact in Singapore, had given him, a Sergeant Louis D'Hérault, a man who's spent the last 15 years tracking down illegally adopted children funnelled into Canada from Asia, the former Russian hegemony, and South America. This man seemed to think we had a good chance of tracking Hu'e as there were indications that one of the crooked adoption agencies he'd made it his business to close down may have been the one that handled the sale of the child. My blood was boiling by the end of the conversation.

The Asian policemen we'd talked to, like prod-noses everywhere, had been reluctant to use that word 'sale'; 'traffic' was the closest they'd allowed themselves. This man was under no illusions as to the transaction that took place, and employed no euphemisms; as far as he was concerned, it was a human being, a child, who'd been put up for sale, like a can of beans or a sack of onions. We talked for almost an hour, and afterwards, Jamie and I had decided; we needed to go to Toronto, there was a good chance we could pick up the trail there and follow it through to the end.

This was always supposing we were actually following Hu'e's trail; I tried not to think of the other possible fates she might have endured; I could only manage to fit my head around the possibility that she'd been adopted and brought up by a good family. To think otherwise would lead me to something I can't even begin to consider; the possibility of her death years before, or life as a sex-slave or prostitute in some hell-hole. Either one of those possibilities can't be allowed into my head; to entertain them is to despair, and I still have hope, as does Jamie, darling, brave, caring Polar Bear that he is. As long as I believe that Hu'e had and is having a good life, I can keep on searching for her; to even consider any other possibility is to lose heart and quit, and I won't do that, not while hope remains.



Yesterday evening, Nia and I had a long and interesting chat with this French-Canadian guy, a real, live Mountie, working with the Toronto Organised Crime Squad, together with the Special Victims Unit of the Sex Crimes Unit, of all things, digging into babies-for-cash adoption rackets, both recent and historical, and he mentioned that he may have possibly located Hu'e and the family who adopted her. He mentioned the information Limbu had sent him, and, in conjunction with the collated data from the stuff I'd brought back with me from Da Nang, hinted he was almost positive he had the right child, right age and gender, right timeframe, and was waiting for confirmation of some things from the US State Department.

He also mentioned that had been receiving some encouraging feedback from various overseas and foreign adoption advisory bodies in the United States, as well as some unofficial but very helpful intelligence from the FBI. He finished by stating that we could do worse than look over the information and files he had, and invited us over to do just that. That was all I was waiting for, so this morning Nia trotted over to the Canadian High Commission in Grosvenor Square, a short walk from Bond Street tube station, to get our visa status confirmed. Luckily, UK citizens don't need visa's, so I was in the throes of sorting out flights for us to go to Toronto.

Nia was excited at travelling to Canada, and keyed-up at the prospect of possibly tracking down her sister, our sister, in the next few days. I didn't want to burst her bubble by telling her how unlikely and unrealistic her expectations were; she needed this, she needed to feel as if she was making headway against 28 years of silence and conspiracy in the disappearance of her older sister.

Last night the reality of what had happened to Hu'e finally seemed to have hit home, kicked-off in part by this Mountie bloke's refusal to use the term 'trafficking' in relation to the baby trade; he preferred to be blunt, and told Nia that her sister had been bought and sold, like so many hundreds of thousands of children spirited away from their families, a commodity with a cash value. She spent a good part of last night crying as that truth finally came home to her.

I managed to get us two standby seats for Toronto from Gatwick on Sunday morning, so Nia packed a couple of flight bags while I booked us a cab for the trip to Victoria so w could get the Gatwick Express train -- driving to Gatwick was always an unrewarding experience, especially if the M25 motorway was playing its usual 'world's biggest Car-Park' game.

I went to see mum while Nia was out doing some last minute shopping, I popped over to give her a hug, and get one in return; I was starting to feel the strain here; I wanted to get this over with, but at the same time I didn't want to get anyone's hopes up. There were just too many long-shots to hope for here, and even Nia's breezy confidence, her 'million-to-one shots come-up nine times out of ten' attitude was starting to grate on me.

I lived in a world of certainties and cautious gambles based on an informed understanding of the variables involved and the risk/benefit ratio. It was a predictable world, and to be suddenly catapulted into a course of action with no predictable outcome worried me, and for a very good reason; I could see how emotionally invested Nia had become in this quest of hers, how much she believed in the happy ending as an inevitable consequence of our efforts; but what would happen if it all came to nothing, if Hu'e had indeed been swallowed up and destroyed by this whole thing years ago, or become one of those faceless women haunting the meat-rack alleys and side streets of London, Paris, Tokyo, Odessa, Sao Paolo? What would happen to Nia then? What kind of a fall was she heading for? That was my fear; that was what was keeping me awake at nights. That was why I needed mum, right now.

Mum was fatalistic about our success or failure; like me, she was more concerned about the effect this whole thing was having on both Nia and on us as a couple. Mum completely approved of our relationship, and to be truthful, I had almost completely forgotten that Nia, quite apart from being the absolute centre of my world, was also my younger sister, but now a very big-brotherly concern was building in me, and I needed to share it with mum. She was pragmatic, but caring, and, as usual, managed to give me a measure of calm and rebalanced perspective.

"Little boy, you worry too much about how I feeling about this. If you want my blessing, I give it, but this thing you both have decided to do, it is for Nguye't, not for me. I am grateful and pleased my children want to help me find my baby, but she gone a long time ago, I have other babies here, now, and I worried about them, what this doing to them. Nguye't have strong passions, that is good, she will be good, strong mother one day, but passion need to be...balanced? yes, balanced, with other parts of life, otherwise become obsession, that not good. This is where my little boy must help her. If she not find Hu'e, or find out she is gone, that is when she will need Huyn'h, she will need your strength."

"If you not find Hu'e, she must learn to understand, then, and you must help her, little boy, that I have not really lost Hu'e; every time I see Nguye't, I also see Hu'e, so she still here, a small part of her, in Nguye't, and I see her very day. This is what Nguye't need to understand, this is what little boy can help her to see; that both my daughters are still here, they both have same part of me, and so I see them both every day, just like I look at my little boy and see my sister every day. No-one ever really leave, it just how you look for them that count. I not have separate place in heart for each of my children, all of them live there together, so little girl not really gone, for me she will always be in my heart, maybe best place for her, yes?"

I was far too big to lean on mum now, like I used to when I was small, but I really needed to huddle up against her right now and whisper how scared I was, like I did when I was little, but grown men can't do that. She sensed what I was feeling though, so she leaned on me instead, her arm around my waist and my arm around her shoulder, still comforting, still my mum. I sat in silence, not knowing how to tell her what was wrong, but of course she knew she knew something was bugging me; she'd been reading my mind for years, after all. She'd also perfected the art of the pointed silence years ago, and now she was pointing it at me, forcing me to say what was really on my mind. Finally I couldn't hold out any longer.

"I'm still worried about Nia, mum. She's become this focussed, driven thing, she's forgotten about the job she wanted so much, everything in her is pointing at what we're doing to find Hu'e. I sometimes wish we'd never started this, because if it comes out any way other than us finding her alive and well and happy, it will destroy Nia, and I can't allow that. Talk to her, please, mum, get her to damp it down a bit, make her see that this may not have a happy ending, because I don't know how to!"

I was nearly in tears over this. Nia was worrying me no end with this task she'd thrown herself into, this quest I'd that I'd promised I'd see through with her. The problem is, she couldn't see that sometimes things don't end the way you want them to, and if you invest all your time, and effort, and heart in them, where do you go if they collapse and fail?

Mum patted me on the chest, her favourite comfort gesture.

"Little boy not have to worry, Nguye't coming here from shopping, I talk to her. You go home, calm down, make sure you have everything you need for trip, I make daughter see what she doing, not to worry!"

Feeling much less pressure now that mum had agreed to head Nia off, I went home and puttered around, checking and re-checking our ticket claim documents and passports half a dozen times, adding and removing again clothes from our flight bags, and checking and re-checking our documents again. Eventually I sat down and watched a film, getting half-way through it before I realised I had no idea what it was about, nor did I care. At last Nia came flying in, calling out my name and tossing her bags and packets aside to jump on me, a very gratifying feeling.

"Oh Jamie, I'm sorry, baby, really, mum told me what you talked about, I never realised you were so worried! I'm sorry, Polar Bear!"

All the while, she was kissing me all over my face and lips, pecking me as she apologised, her smile back again as she saw mine, and the lump in my pants was also a source of an extra large grin from her!

She jumped off me, tugging me to my feet, and towed me into the bedroom, where she began undressing, throwing her clothes off in her haste to get naked. When she got down to her underwear I stopped her; this was my area of expertise, and I intended to apply my considerable skills in the area of extracting a pretty girl from her underwear.

I slipped my hands into the back of her panties, enjoying the feel of her silky smooth bum, jiggling the cheeks slightly as I kissed her, and pushing her panties down to free her lovely globes. Nia kicked them off and reached up to unhook her bra, but I got there first, peeling it off her and dipping down to nibble and kiss her delectable little nipples.

Nia was meanwhile undoing my jeans and unbuttoning my shirt, while somehow managing to keep a firm hold of junior and giving him an encouraging squeeze every few seconds, just to keep him alert and ready to rumble...

I managed to get stripped-off and my cock was able to stretch out at last, instead of being confined. Nia has this effect on me, and even after three years together, all she has to do is walk in the room and I get that old feelin' and Jamie jr. unfurls and starts knocking on my fly. Being around her is definitely an on-going turn-on situation, with imminent leg-over prospects!

Nia took hold of me and pumped suggestively a few times, while curling her hand up and around the back of my neck to pull me in for a long, slow kiss, the kind she does so well, the kind that blow-torches my brain and lights up my groin. The combination of that kiss, and her hand on me was enough to make my cock rock hard; she was so obviously into the moment, and, from the feel of her cute little pussy, ready for action, that I couldn't resist backing her up to the bed. She smelled so sweet and delicious I wanted a serious taste, right now!

She backed-up until the backs of her knees contacted the bed, and sat down, her face level with my cock, but I didn't want to go there, not just yet. No, I wanted some fun first, so I urged her back onto the bed, laying her down so I could kiss her from tip to toe, starting with her legs. Nia loves it when I take my time, and pay attention to all her body, not just the obvious bits, so I started kissing up along the inside of her right leg, starting at the ankle.

I brushed little feather kisses in a line up the inside of her leg while she lay back contentedly, a small smile on her face as I played her favourite game. I kissed slowly, sometimes stopping to lick lightly, especially the soft skin behind her knee, making her sigh aloud and murmur "yes Jamie, oh yes, just there, like that, oh yes!" and so on up, until I was kissing and licking the inside of her creamy, satiny thigh, my kisses slowly approaching the sweet treat at the juncture of her thighs.

Nia was slowly squirming on the bed as I took my time; this was a treat for me, and I wanted to enjoy every second of it. I kissed up to the narrow strip of flesh that separate the labia from the top of the inner thigh, then switched to the corresponding thin strip of flesh at the top of the left inner thigh, blowing lightly on her labia as I passed, making her jump and squirm. Now I kissed down the left inner thigh, again soft, feather-like kisses, a torment for Nia, but one she gladly endured as the prelude to what she really wanted.

Slowly I worked my way down her left leg, kissing and licking and occasionally nibbling, enjoying the sight of her gently squirming and undulating, the sounds of her sighs and muttered encouragement, and the occasional giggle as a particularly tender or ticklish spot caught my attention. As I worked my way down, I could smell the scent of her arousal, the fresh, tangy, musky sweetness of my darling little sister bride-to-be as she waited for the next act.

By the time I reached her ankle (and a sexy ankle it is too!) she was shifting impatiently, squirming even more, her pussy starting to demand attention, and her face starting to blush, the prelude to the alluring flush she always developed when she was approaching orgasm. I knelt up between her legs, kissing her once on each of her sexy knees, looking down and grinning at her to gently torture her, making her wait for what I actually wanted to do most of all.

"Jamie, please, don't..." she moaned, so I moved in for the kill.

Her pussy was beginning to engorge, the hairless lips swelling and blushing, her tantalising scent rising more strongly now as her excitement increased. I leaned in and kissed her softly on her labia, tipping my tongue in the crease between the two lips, making her sigh and gently trail her fingers across the top of my head. I pushed my tongue between her lips, hearing her gasp as I penetrated her, lapping at her as her labia swelled even further and parted revealing her pink inner flesh.

I licked along the length of her slit, tapping her hooded clitoris with the tip of my tongue, making her gasp and writhe delightedly, rubbing her vulva against my face. I took the hint and concentrated on her hooded clitoris, probing and stroking with my tongue until it fully emerged, stiff and engorged, slick with her juices and my saliva. I licked and flicked the little fleshy button, making Nia jump and squirm, then retreated, sliding my tongue between her labia again to lap and taste her inner recesses, and flick her inner lips, something I know she particularly likes. She showed her appreciation by gasping and murmuring my name, that breathy murmuring that always gives me a raging erection...

I changed tack now, sliding my tongue the entire length of her vulva and beyond, from her clitoris to her little pink anus, long wet, sweeping strokes that made her breathing deepen as she became even more stimulated, pushing herself into my face, forcing my tongue to rasp faster at her clitoris, until, with a long gasping groan, she orgasmed, her juices flooding out of her to coat my face and chin. She shook and quivered as the waves of pleasure beat through her, her thighs quivering on either side of my head as she clamped them tight in the throes of her orgasm.

At last she came down, relaxing her grip on my head and allowing me to surface, breathless but happy, my erection solid and needy.

Nia smiled languidly at me. "Your turn Polar Bear!" she husked, but I already knew what I wanted. Eating her delicious pussy had punched all my buttons, and had built in me a powerful need to fuck her, hard, and nothing was going to get in the way of that...

She saw in my eyes what I wanted, once again that ability to sense what I'm thinking and needing, and grinned, nibbling her bottom lip as I moved up to rear above her. She took hold of me and rubbed the head around her sopping wet pussy, frigging herself with me before pushing me inside herself, me following suit as I slowly slid the rest of the way into her, enjoying the sound of her hissing intake of breath as I filled her.

As I began to slide in and out, she laced her fingers behind my neck, supporting herself as she rose against me, using me as leverage to hump herself into me, rubbing her pussy against me and stimulating her clitoris as I pounded into her. I could feel the effect this was having, her pussy was rhythmically contracting and squeezing my length as I slid in and out of her, and her neck and chest were flushing deeper as she raced for another orgasm. I was close to the edge, and when she began to hitch and gasp, I began to speed up, feeling that tightening in the pit of my belly that told me I was going to come, and soon.

Nia sensed this, her own pumping redoubled, the walls of her pussy squeezing me in rapid pulsating ripples as her orgasm built, until; "Oooh, YES! God, Yes, Jamie, oooh, oooh, oooh, YESS!" she shouted, her head going back and her juices squirting out from her, bathing my lower belly and balls in her warmth, the sensation setting off my own eruption, long, satisfying bolts of spunk exploding deep inside her as I came like a train, my spunk powering into her again and again until I was emptied out, dry heaving as I gave all my sperm to my gorgeous sister.

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