The pack was on the prowl tonight. Their howls echoed on the still night air and carried for miles on end. The cool crisp air burned their lungs as they flew with effortless ease, enjoying the caress of the night and the companionship that kept them together.

There were seven in all. The Alpha pair, Rishad and Rose. Rishad was a huge white male that had earned his position the old fashioned way. He had earned it with respect for needing a strong paw to lead and yet with the ability to be fair and kind, or harsh and firm depending on what the situation called for. Rose, his beautiful mate, was sweet natured and gentle, but when challenged she had a fighting spirit that earned his respect and love the first moment he had seen her claws unleashed on an unsuspecting female who had deserved Rose's wrath. Her fur rippled nearly silver in the moonlight as she ran alongside her mate.

The Beta Pair, Loki and Nai. Loki was Rishad's younger brother and quite a bit smaller than him as well, but no less powerful, he deferred to his brothers leadership willingly and gladly and with a healthy dose of respect. Unlike his brother his coat was coal black save for a single white stripe down the center of his nose, which occasionally earned him the nick name "Skunk". Nai was not originally from the pack itself. She was larger then Rose though still smaller then her mate. She was muscular and sleek and the color of rich honey ticked with fine black hairs, she was as beautiful as she was powerful.

Next came Rom and Jace. Rom was the only son of Rishad and Rose. Like his father he was large, long lanky legs, muscular frame with rich black fur, and he moved with an easy grace and confidence that he gained from both his parents. Jace was stockier then his cousin and a little shorter, but no less fleet on his feet. His fur was a deep rust color. He had the light hearted personality of his father, Loki, and the quiet but deadly temperament of his mother, Nai.

Pulling up the rear of the pack was Jade. She, like Rom and Jace, was young not yet an adult but not a puppy either. She was quiet and slender. As she ran to try and pull up between Jace and Rom her white fur gleamed brightly under the full light of the moon. Jade had come to the pack as a lost pup nearly a year ago. Hunters had slaughtered her parents. Loki and Nai had found her wandering the woods alone and half starved to death.

Rishad and Rose came to a halt at the top of a rise almost simultaneously. They glanced at each other, then each lifted their heads back letting out a deep long howl. As each member reached the top of the rise they would join in, a beautiful song in a chorus of voices. As their song trailed off they would begin to move as one down theother side of the rise, fanning out as they moved towards home.

Rose caught the scent first. She paused and a low growl escaped her muzzle as her lips curled back. The scent of blood and pain and wolf, wolf that was not of their own and clearly trespassing on their lands. Rishad paused as he caught the scent as well calling a halt to their progress. They instantly became cautious and spread out even more their bellies went low to the ground and they listed, noses lifted to catch the scents on the air to make sure it was not more then one. Rishad tested the air and for several moments he remained silent and watchful. He leaned close to his mate and said quietly, calmingly. " It is a lone female, a pregnant one at that, and if my senses are correct her pups are coming soon."

She gave a slow nod. " Find her, let us know when you have, but be careful." The last of her words were directed to the younger of their members, not yet experienced in meeting strangers and possible dangers. Each member took a different rout using their noses to try and direct them.

It was Rom who would find her. She lay curled in a whimpering ball between the roots of a large old oak tree. Her arms were wrapped around the huge swelling of her belly while blood trailed down her slender legs. The female was so tiny, and yet her belly seemed to dwarf her. The moment she heard him her head snapped around and she snarled curling herself even more protectively around her belly. " Go, Leave me be." she cried at him trying to wave him off with a shooing motion.

His ears flickered as he watched her for a moment or two before tilting his broad black head back and howled. His song reaching out to his pack telling them he had found her. He then settled his dark green eyes upon her once more. She was pale, very pale. Her rich dark chocolate hair was a tangled mass down her back and around her tiny heart shaped face. He leaned forward and sniffed her carefully then wrinkled his nose as he smelled pack on her, an unfamiliar pack, but from the scents lingering on her skin she seemed to be the favorite of the males in the pack. He sneezed then sat back to wait for the rest of his own pack,

His father arrived first then his mother. They both came forward sniffing and investigating her. She weakly tried to move away from them but soon gave up the effort too much in her weakened state. " What is your name." Rishad asked gruffly.

She opened her mouth to answer? Protest? To shout at them to go away? They would never know because the moment she opened her mouth a scream ripped free and her body writhed in pain, she strained for a moment panting heavily and then suddenly her body went limp and her head fell back to the ground as she passed out.

Rishad gave a low snarling curse. He was tempted to leave the stray girl here. But one look in his wife's eyes and he knew he could not. With a heavy sigh he shifted going from wolf to man, stark naked in the middle of November in a mountain clearing. Even in his human form he was an impressive man. Rich blonde hair that swirled to the nape of his neck, emerald green eyes dark and piercing set in a ruggedly handsome face. Tall muscular body that moved with a sleek grace and power that few could achieve. He shivered then picked the girl up with a low tisking sound at his mate. She merely chuffed at him softly and licked the back of his thigh before nudging him towards home.


This is my very first submission. Please tell me what you think and let me know if you want to read more.

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