tagNonHumanNiah Ch. 02

Niah Ch. 02


The three younger wolves bound forward as they reached the large cabin that was their communal home. They pushed the door open leaving room for Rishad to slip through with his tiny burden. Rose pushed past them snagging a robe off the hook by the door and disappeared into the first bedroom. There she shifted and waited for them to enter. This room was her son's room but it was closest.

Rishad stepped inside and eyed his petit little blonde wife as she stood by the bed. He grinned at her until his burden moaned. He gently put the small woman on the bed. She tossed her head back and forth and gave a cry of pain but did not wake. Rose frowned as she went to work on taking the girl's clothes off

While Rose and Rishad were working on the girl in Rom's room the rest of the pack had gone to various rooms to shift as well each gathering in the living room. Rose poked her head out. " I need boiled water, fresh cloths, and a bowl of cold water, she has broken out in a fever." She gave them a worried frown.

Rom went for the bowl of cold water and a few fresh towels bringing them to his mother while Nai set to work on getting the hot water ready.

For the next several hours the house was filled with cries of pain and a flurry of motion as they all fought to save this strange young woman and her pups. Finally there was silence, and a since of sadness. The young woman lay on the bed, her breathing shallow, but her color was better. She had a line down the center of her belly where they had had to pull the babies from her. There had been two of them, a dark little boy and a little girl who had been far too small. They had fought to save the little girl but it had been no use.

Rose took the little boy wrapped in warm blankets from the room crooning softly at the little one. The rest of them filed out of the room leaving just Rom and his father. "Stay with her, make sure she does not stop breathing, let us know if she wakes." Rishad spoke quietly as he looked from the young woman to his son. The girl looked to be about 18 years of age perhaps a little older. She was so young and from the look and smell of her she had not had an easy life thus far. When Rom gave a nod of agreement Rishad turned and left the two alone.

Once the room was empty of everyone but the two of them Rom pulled a chair up next to the bed and gently took the girl's hand. If she had been able to shift she would have healed much faster. But as it was she still had not woken up. He reached up and brushed some of her hair from her face. She really was a beautiful creature.

She had delicate soft features that spoke of her youth, and despite the fact that he knew she was not, she looked fresh an innocent. That thought made him frown. What sort of pack had she come from that they would treat her this way, there was no doubt that she was used and abused even before she had managed to get away to have her pups.

When he noticed her begin to shiver he pulled the blankets up and over her adding an extra one then slipped into the bed next to her gently cradling her against him to help keep her warm. He watched her anxiously only relaxing once she had stopped shivering. She snuggled into his warmth after a while and he could not help but smile. He nuzzled his face against her for a moment then began to relax. Before long he had slipped into slumber.


From the doorway of Rom's room Rose watched them. She held the girl's son cradled in her arms intent on letting the pup see his mother. She gave her own son a worried look as she watched them. With a shake of her head she returned to the living room where the pack had settled around the fireplace.

Jade was sprawled across the couch. Blonde hair fanned out over the arm of it, slender shapely form draped in a robe with a gown underneath it. Bright blue eyes peered under blonde lashes as she watched Rose return with the baby still in hand. That made her frown a little bit, she felt the urge to rise and go see what Rose had seen, but sheer will kept her from doing so.

Jace was laying on the thick rug in front of the fireplace. Red hair mussed as it always was making it seem he had just gotten up out of bed. He wore a pair of breeches and a robe knowing full well if he came out without his shirt on his mother would yell at him for it. Jace was 21, a year younger then Rom, two years older then Jade. He watched Jade's face when Rose reappeared with the baby and gave a small huff.

`"He will never choose you, Jade, you know that."` his voice sounded in her head causing bright blues to lock with dark browns . She glared then looked away refusing to respond.

Nai and Loki sat together on another couch. Loki's muscular arms were wrapped around his wife and he was half asleep. Nai on the other hand was fully awake, her gold and black hair falling in rich waves over her shoulders. Soft brown eyes met those of her Alphess. " She is still sleeping then?"

Rose smiled, " Yes she is still sleeping." She did not reveal that Rom was curled in beside her, or that it worried her that he might become attached. It also worried her that the girl's pack would come looking for her. She knew Rishad would not let her go without a fight, not after how she looked when they found her.

" Alright everyone I think its time to settle down and get some sleep. We will take the baby with us for the night." this came from Rishad who had just stepped out of the kitchen.

That said he guided Rose down the hall to their room with a wave to the pack, who eventually dispersed each going to their own rooms.

On her way down the hall Jade paused beside Rom's door and peered through the crack in the door. A low growl slipped past her lips before she could catch it as she spotted Rom curled around the considerably smaller stray female. Her eyes flashed with anger and hurt that she had no right to be feeling. She jumped as Jace brushed by her grabbing her arm to almost literally drag her down the hall to her own room.

"Do not cause trouble Jade. " He hissed in her ear.

She glared at him and jerked her arm free, nearly slamming the door closed in his face once she slipped inside her room. He stared at the closed door, he shook his head then turned to the door across the hall from hers and went inside closing the door quietly.


I am sorry this took so long to get a second Chapter out. But here it is I hope you like it.

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