tagSci-Fi & FantasyNia's Jump Into D & D Ch. 01

Nia's Jump Into D & D Ch. 01


It was Nia’s first day at the library. She was replacing the last girl, who disappeared under suspicious circumstances. She was organizing fantasy books when this whole predicament started. She had her Walkman playing Justin Timberlake. She hummed to the music, stopping suddenly when she came across a red leather covered book.

‘This doesn’t belong in the stack. Does it?’ She checked the binding of the book for a code number.

It wasn’t marked. She turned the heavy book over, opening it carefully. Its pages were old and thin. It had strange writing on it. She sat down the other books she had in her hands on the floor. Nia flipped through the pages, finally reaching something she actually understood

She began to read the words on the page:

‘Ridley stood on the high hill, his eyes closed and his shoulder length black hair flowing in the wind. Marina walked up next to him, touching his shoulder.

“I just need one more thing to cast the summoning spell, Ridley.”

“What is it?”

“That owl feather you’re carrying.”

He handed her the feather, watching her walk away. He could hear her speaking the words.’

That’s when Nia was really beginning to be wierded out because the summoning spell that Marina was using, Nia had heard it before. In fact she knew it by heart:

The four winds flow all to one direction,

Bring nigh the one,

The girl of the revolution,

The girl with hair that shines the sun,

With eyes that shine like a million blue diamonds,

Let her be beside me,

In the fight,

The reason that I call her here,

The reason that I call her near.

Nia repeated the spell word for word, suddenly feeling dizzy. She blacked out just as the music ended. She heard voices around her, two female and one male.

“Is she dead?” asked the male.

“No, you idiot. She isn’t dead,” said one female.

“I can’t believe the spell worked,” said the other female.

Her eyes snapped open and she bolted up. She looked around her; she wasn’t at the library anymore. She slowly got to her feet, stumbling away from the three strangers. The man looked familiar. A little too familiar.

“It can’t be. I can’t be here,” She said realizing that she was still holding the book. Now it was a book of spells, she felt something heavy on her shoulder. It was her pack. She quickly sat back down, dumping the contents on the ground. She separated everything, Marina sitting down next to her.

“How can you be the one?” She asked.

“I don’t know, Marina. I just don’t know. I don’t even know who you’re talking about. My hair’s brown and so are my eyes,” Nia answered.

“Maybe your hair was like the spell said, and you eyes too, in a past life.”It seemed that Marina’s answer could have been right.

Nia finally took a nice long look at the contents of her bag:

3 pink vials with the words: ‘Essence of D. Fawkes’

3 red vials with the words: ‘Blood of M. Evans’

3 blue vials with the words: ‘Tears of a Phoenix’

1 large red leather spell book

1 large black leather book containing pictures and bios

1 pairs of tight black leather short shorts

1 tight silver & black leather mini skirt

1 necklace w/ a jeweled cross pendant

1 denim blue corset

& 1 black dress.

Suddenly a beautiful-but riderless-brown & white painted horse trotted up to them. Nia slowly made her way over to the horse. She reached out to it, letting it sniff her first, before petting it.

“You’re a be-auty. Who do you belong to?” She cooed.

Ridley pointed out a note tucked into the reins. Nia plucked the note from the reins, unrolling the little scroll. She read the note aloud: “Lady Nia, I knew that you would be coming so I sent Greenleaf to find Marina, because wherever she was; you were likely to be. Legolas sends his love, Arwen and Aragorn say hello, and Gimli says ‘I’ll beat you next time, kid.’ Sincerely, Lord Elrond.’

“How did he know that I would be here?” She asked herself, sudd-enly realizing who told him, “Of course. Galadriel. She must have seen that I would be here so she told him and he sent Greenleaf.”

She stroked the horse’s neck, cooing and trilling as she spoke lightly to her. Ridley tapped her on the shoulder.

“Not to be rude, but, who are you?”

“My name is Nia. Nia Whitecastle. A sorceress…sorta.”

“What are these little vials for?” Maria finally chimed in.

“The pink ones have blood from a man named Darrien Fawkes, he has the power to turn himself invisible at will, without spells. The red ones have the blood from a young man named Maxwell Evans; he has the power to heal, to generate a force field, to do a lot of things that I can’t remember,” She answered, confusing the trio, “You still have told me who you three are.”

Ridley stepped forward and introduced himself, then Marina, and the third person. The third person was Norda, Empress Savina’s personal tracker and close friend. Ridley went and got their horses while Marina helped Nia put the vials and books back into her pack. Nia loaded her pack onto Greenleaf’s back. Ridley returned with the horses. Norda, Ridley, Marina, and Nia mounted their horses and headed for Izmer. They headed for Empress Savina’s counsel.

(To Be Continued in the next chapter: The Death Of Marina.)

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