Nibblet Ch. 03


Dawn wisely took Spike's arm. "Let's go." She waved to the newlyweds as she ushered Spike over to where Faith was eating. "Faith, this is-"

"I know who he is."

"You do?" Spike asked. "I never tried to kill you."

"No, you tried to-" She cut herself off, remembering Dawn. "We met while I was in Buffy's body. . .here as a matter of fact."

Spike thought back. "Bloody hell! That was you! Why didn't anyone ever give me a soddin' heads up about that?"

"You guys met before?" Dawn asked, incredulous. She was shocked that Spike wasn't dust. Faith was all for staking first and asking questions later.

"Uh, yeah, bit. We talked about. . .champagne. Yeah, that's it."

"Uh huh." Dawn said. Then she looked at the blond vampire with knowing eyes. "And the Buffy bot was only for. . . playing checkers? Isn't that what Tara said?" She looked at Faith, who seemed vaguely disgusted by Spike or her behavior. She wasn't sure which.

"It was no big, D. Water under the bridge." She noticed their hurry. " Where you two headed?"

"Patrolling. Are you up to it?" Dawn shifted. She really wanted Faith to come along, but she knew Faith would probably be a little tired. "I mean, after the demon uprising and public transportation. Are you good to go?

Faith smiled and Spike frowned. He was hoping for some one on one time with Dawn. The more 'one on one' it was, the better. Faith looked the vampire over. Then she turned to her 'daughter'. "Five by five."

Spike cursed as he followed the two out of the Bronze. "Too many bleedin' slayers in this town."

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