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Nice, France


Disclaimer: All characters are over the age of 18

I work for a global business software developer and as a project manager, I am flown out to customers after a deal is signed to make sure that projects run smoothly and customer expectations are well managed.

This time our customer was based in the Sophia-Antipolis, France's attempt to create its own Silicon Valley, just outside of Nice in France. I flew in a weekend early to enjoy the town and the scenery. I had rented a small Peugeot 308 convertible and had toured the countryside around Nice doing what one is supposed to do: stare at the Cote d'Azur, visit quaint villages, sip coffee in Monaco. Now it was Saturday evening and I was sitting on the terrace of my hotel enjoying a glass of champagne before my food came. The terrace was mostly empty and gave out on the Promenade des Anglais, which was now a bit quieter than during the day.

I was wearing navy blue pants, an off-white shirt and brown lacquer shoes. My hair is black and professionally short and I had a two day beard.

Two tables away from me was a family of three, waiting for their food. The father, slightly overweight with half-long gray hair and in a blue sports jacket sat with his back to me. The mother, facing me, but mostly hidden behind her husband, must have been between 40 and 50. She had long brown hair and could have been quite a looker when she was younger. The remains of beauty were still visible on her face but were obscured by several layers of make-up, lip stick, rouge, thick mascara and some blue on her eye lids. The daughter was a looker as well: her mother's face and body minus the make up and the years. She was wearing a loose cream white blouse with tiny shorts and Roman style sandals. Her face, arms and legs were tanned. Her brown hair was somewhat curly and reached down to the middle of her back. Her legs were crossed and one leg extended about two feet away from the table, naked and in full view. Her calf was perfectly toned and slim, though not long-distance runner skinny. A big brown Burberry shawl was draped over her shoulders.

The whole family had the an air of boredom and wealth around them. I imagined they were traveling together as a family. The daughter bribed to come along by luxuries she could ill afford herself. I could make out an American accent and could follow some of the conversation, but, rather unlike most American tourists, they were keeping their voices down. The girl was playing with her glass of rosé most of the time and intervened rarely in the discussion.

While waiting, I observed them, or more correctly, observed her. I had bought a French newspaper to read while waiting for my food, but while I can cope with the French of Libération, a left wing newspaper, Le Monde's French is too complicated for a relaxed read, so all I had to do was look at her.

And she noticed. First time she caught my eye we looked at one another for a second or two, her look went from defiant, how dare I look at her, to slightly embarrassed and then she averted her eyes. Later though, she glanced again. And where her attitude had been slightly offended at first, she now became somewhat amused and playful. She rearranged her shawl while her eyes were glued on me, placing her lovely neck and collarbones on view. I looked and didn't move. Later her hand trailed over her leg all the way to her sandal to scratch an itch, that might or might not have been there, for again she looked at me looking at her.

At first I thought it was one of those prolonged flirts that fifteen year olds have with men of my age (38). You know, testing the limits of their attractiveness at a safe distance. However, I guessed 18 or 19, so that didn't apply.

Their food arrived and she focused on that, She had ordered a lobster and was struggling with the techniques of eating it, which, I guess, is kind of cute. It got her a few laughs and a half serious reprimand from her father.

At some point she went to the toilet. As she walked away she looked back, caught me looking at the her and swayed her hips for the last three meters before she got to the door. By that time, my manhood stood at full salute and I had to be rearranged in my pants.

I had ordered a salad and a pasta in sage and butter sauce which was spot on. It combined excellently with the glass of white that I had bought with it.

The family two tables down had now moved on to their desert. The girl had one of those complicated ice creams with nuts and chocolate and whipped cream on the top. She was eating it with a large spoon and every now and then she was looking straight at me as she was opening her mouth to put the spoon in. Again, my manhood needed rearranging. They had now finished their meal and were getting ready to leave. I was observing her as she got up and noticed her leaving her cellphone on the chair where she had sat. Still sitting she looked at the cellphone, then at me, then back at the cellphone and got up to leave. It all looked like a sign. After they turned away, I got up, got the cellphone and turned around to face the door into which they were about to leave.

'I am sorry, young lady, you seem to forget you cellphone.' I said.

All three of them turned around and she walked towards me.

'Thank you.' She looked straight in my eyes and our hands touched a little longer than necessary.

'Room 712, 10 o'clock.' I replied, audible to her but not anyone further away. 'Have a pleasant evening.' I said louder and turned back to my table.

I sat back down, finished my glass of wine and left for a small walk on the Promenade des Anglais. When I got back to the hotel it was dark outside, it must have been nineish. I turned on some music on my laptop and sat down to read a John Le Carré novel. I didn't really expect the girl to show up, however, I did clean my penis after going to the toilet. After I had read for an hour and a bit, there was a knock on the door. I got up, put the book away and opened the door.

There she was, same blouse, same tiny shorts, with the sandals, but without the shawl. I swung the door open and made room for her to get in. Once she was in and I had closed the door, she turned around.

'What did you mean when you told me your room number, mister?' She said with, what I can only assume, was a mock girly voice.

I approached her and she retreated until her back was against the desk in the middle of the room and retreating was no longer possible. By this time my penis was painfully constrained by my pants and I thought actions would better convey my ideas than words. I came closer and put my hand in her hair on the back of her head and kissed her, first just on the lips with a closed mouth, then sucking her lower lip and finally with an open mouth. She responded eagerly and threw her body at me. My hands found her behind and lifted her on the desk. She had her arms wrapped around me and her pushed her crotch forward, rubbing it against my upper legs and penis. With my right hand cupping her left butt cheek and one hand on her back for stability I lifted her up And pushed her against a nearby wall, She wrapped her legs around me and with my spare hand I reached for her breast, all the while kissing her lustfully.

From the wall I carried her to the bed and dropped her on it. As she lay on her back with her legs in the air, I undid sandals and kissed my way from her foot to her perfect calf, her inner knee, all the way down to her shorts. I undid the button with my hands and pulled them away. She was wearing black, silk boy shorts that all but disappeared in the back. I again kissed my way back down, starting at her ankles, now trailing towards her inner thigh and kissed and licked her crotch through her shorts, applying pressure with my lips and nose. She gasped.

I got back up and started unbuttoning my shirt. She had gotten up on her knees in front of me, undid my belt and unbuttoned my pants. As they dropped they revealed black boxers. Her hands massaged my cock through the fabric and then removed the fabric altogether. She looked up and moved her mouth towards my cock. Still looking up, she took me in her mouth and moved one hand on the shaft of my cock. Her mouth felt like warm butter and I had to steady myself. With the nails of her hand she scratched my balls which gave an awesome sensation. I bent forward and grabbed her ass to massaged it with both hands.

I pulled her up and kissed her. Stepped out of my clothes and removed her blouse. Under that she was wearing a bra that matched her boy shorts. When I made a move for her bra she stopped me. On her knees, she made her way to the other side of the bed and, looking at me, unclasped her front closure bra. Ever so slowly she moved the bra to the sides. He breasts barely dropped, they were smallish, paler than the rest of her firm and crowned with small aureoles and pointy nipples. I kissed her mouth and again trailed my way down. First to her neck, her collarbone and to the small valley between her breasts. I caressed her breast with my hands. First in wide circles around the nipple. But eventually closing in. When I put a nipple in my mouth it was rock hard. I sucked, nibbled and licked and bit. A bit later we were rolling over the bed kissing. She ended on top of me and rocked her groin over my dick. My hands firmly locked on her butt cheeks. She than sat up, straddled my legs and jerked my cock off with one hand. Than she lowered her mouth again and put my cock away.

I made her turn around and now she was on her knees in a 69position over my head, her crotch in my face. Where she was sliding over my cock before she was now riding my face and sucking me off. It was heaven. I made her stop, removed her panties and positioned her back where she was. She was completely shaven and I started licking her, starting at the outer lips, working my way to the center. My hands massaging and squeezing her buttocks. Before, she had been firmly locked on my cock. Sucking and bobbing. Now her attention seemed to falter. Every know and then she would sigh or squeak, bucking her crotch in my face, then she would gather herself and got back to my cock. After a while she sat up on my face. I applied pressure on her clitoris with my tongue, penetrated her gently and licked her lips. One hand had cupped her ass, the other was playing with a nipple. Her anus was dangling less than an inch from my nose. Her legs would tremble as spasms shot through her. When I sensed her coming I placed a spit covered finger at the entrance of her anus and pushed, ever so gentle, a knuckle in. She came wildly. She bucked and rocked on my face. 'Uhn' had been replaced by drawn out and loud 'ah's. My face and neck were covered in her juices As her orgasm was subsiding she kept on pressing her groin in my face, applying soft pressure in waves.

'And now for you?' She asked.

I got her up on her knees on the desk with her behind facing me. I held her sides and moved my cock to her entrance, she grabbed a hold of my cock and guided me in. She was wet and warm. I fucked her with long, slow strokes. Then lifted her up and placed her on the bed on all fours and again, fucked her, now with rapid movements. She would counter my strokes, causing our bodies to violently bump into one another and allowing for maximum penetration. As this was happening I couldn't help but focus on her ridiculously pink anus. As I felt myself coming I placed a wet thumb on her sphincter, applied pressure and pushed it in. She grasped for air. Stopped counter bucking, but found her rhythm again. I fucked now slower and felt her tensing. She started shivering and once again was overpowered by wave after wave of orgasm. Her fingers clawing at the mattress. Her face buried in the blankets. Her ass squeezing my thumb rhythmically. I kept on fucking her throughout her orgasm, took my finger out and picked up the pace. I felt my orgasm building and after a minute or two of hard and aggressive pounding I came deep inside of her. Panting heavily, I fell next to her on the bed. It was silent for a minute or two.

'I should probably go.' She said, seemingly in a hurry. Without any attention to me, she went into the bathroom and returned after a minute or two. She collected her clothes and put them on, searching for one of her sandals for a while. And then she was gone. The next day, Sunday. I got to breakfast at about 9:30. There the family was again, at the same table, looking slightly bored. When I sad down at my table, looking at her, I got a bored smile and a nod.

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