tagRomanceNice Guys Come at the End

Nice Guys Come at the End


Ward sat in his bedroom in the large apartment, trying to ignore but inevitably listening to the loud argument between his roommate Fred and Matt's girlfriend Lydia. He had heard it all before anyway.

They had been going together for what must be seven months now, and for just about all that time Fred had been working on getting Renee into his bed. But Lydia was a virgin and would rather stay that way than give it up to somebody whom she wasn't sure would stick around after sticking it in her, as she put it once.

Ward certainly could understand that, but then his own inclination was to want a stable relationship with a woman, whether they were charring, dating, or trying for a world record for continuous balling. Though his preference was toward that last.

Especially since it had been six weeks since he got any. That was when he had broken up with Cecilia, his girlfriend of a year or so. Cecilia had been enthusiastic and agile in bed for almost all of that time - with Ward and at least three other guys in that year, he found out.

Thinking about that, added to the conversation in the other room, made Ward very uncomfortable. He wished he could just get out of there - but the only way out was through the outer room, and the last time he walked through an argument between those two, it stopped them dead, except for shouting at each other over the telephone for two weeks, and Fred was hell to live with for all that time.

Not that he was all that easy most of the time. Fred had a problem with self esteem - too much of it, too little of it justified. Ward liked Fred, but sometimes it was a strain to do it.

That was part of the problem here, since Fred could not see why he wasn't the perfect person to pop Lydia's cork and demonstrate his masterful sexual technique all over her body. Not that Kyle couldn't appreciate the intent there; Lydia was lively and cheerful, and would probably be also lively in bed, especially with someone who would make her happy.

Kyle though for a moment about how he would like himself to take Kydia and expose her and open her up to, er, new possibilities. But he turned away from that - as long as she was Fred's girlfriend, she was off-limits.

The argument had reached a point that none of them ever had before, with both of them screaming obscenities continuously. Or no; what Lydia said avoided the dirty words, and was the more vehement and cutting for it. What Fred called her she obviously wasn't, however much he might want her to be

Then the front door slammed. Kyle assumed that Lydia had gotten fed up and left - until he heard crying from the next room.

When he stuck his head out, there was Lydia, five foot five of nice body in a tight pale green gown, plainly ready to celebrate a seven month anniversary. When she lifted her tear-filled eyes to Ward, he was frightened at how beautiful she looked to him, even then.

"Oh..." she said, wiping her green eyes and brushing her red hair back. "Fred didn't tell me your were here."

"No matter," he replied. If Lydia had stormed out, he could deal with Fred by not dealing with him, just leaving for several hours until things settled down a little. Crying women he had little experience with. Crying women brought out a whole mix of emotions he wanted to avoid, especially with a woman he wanted to be cautious toward anyway.

"Uh... If there is anything I can do to help, let me know," he added. Had he just made things worse?

He started to turn back into his bedroom, when the voice came: "I don't know if I should, but... Could you give me a hug? I really want +something.+"

Lydia stepped toward him and he walked forward, if only to keep her from entering him bedroom. Not that he would mind, but the irony would be too much, if you follow. His arms went around her easily, and being seven inched taller than her at least meant there was no danger of kissing her without intending to. He would have to bend down for that - though going down with her - he jerked his mind away.

She sighed and settled against him. Her breasts were a little large for her body, he knew, but this time there was a difference. They were not supported by a bra tonight, and this fact added to her presence and her closeness and his state of mind to bring a strong reaction. Pressed to him, she could fel it too. It was that kind of reaction.

"Ward," she said into his chest.

"Yes?" he said nervously, wondering if she was insulted by his erection.

"You don't think I'm a tease or terrified, do you?"

He stammered, "I - I don't... I'm not the one... No, you don't seem terrified to me. I can see why you feel the way you do about these things. I can appreciate it." I can really appreciate feeling you, he said to himself.

"Your roommate doesn't," she said.

"Maybe he doesn't think he deserves you," said Ward, trying to defend Fred half-heartedly.

"Oh, I doubt that very much. But I've decided that he would be right if he did."

Lydia reached her hands up and pulled his head down, and her tongue shot into his mouth with a vigor he had hardly ever met before.

He dropped his arms and stepped back - past the door to his bedroom, though he did not realize it.

"Ward," she said in a very inviting tome, stepping back to him.

"Now, you are upset," he replied. "Be sure you know what you are doing. I don't want you to get a broken heart by acting on impulse. I like you too much."

"You are just making a better case for what I want to do. You are actually concerned for me, which Fred never was, I think. All these seven months, I have compared the two of you, and Fred was almost always the loser, I've come to realize. If I had met you at that dance instead of in this apartment when Fred brought me here - well, I think some things would be very different."

"No," he said. "I was involved with Cecilia then, remember, and I can't see running around on a woman like that."

"Involved until you found out a month and a half ago what I had been pretty sure of seven months ago. And those six weeks have been hard on me, more attracted to both of you, until I decided to make a full choice today."

One of his eyebrows raised at that.

"I had decided to come here tonight and give myself to Fred. All he would have had to do was to be civilized and gentle and romantic and he could have had me. Instead he tried to demand that I give in."

"You don't know what you've got till it's gone," quoted Ward with a smile.

"But I still want what I came for," said Lydia. "I'm still not going to walk out of here the way I came in."

Ward was confused. Lydia stepped forward, driving him further into his bedroom, until the edge of his bed caught his knees and he toppled over.

"Ah, perfect," she said. "Now I can take advantage of you!"

Her right hand went to the back of her gown, the zipper went down, and so did the only clothing she had. She had no bra, she had no panties, she even had no pubic hair, for she had shaved it to prepare for this night.

Ward thought at that moment that while his perfect fantasy woman would probably be taller than Lydia, Lydia had the most perfect body he had ever seen, at least unembroidered by surgery or retouching. Both her nipples and her labia showed evidence of desire for him.

"Fred said he was going to find somebody better, and I will too!" she cried out.

She lay her naked body beside his and found his mouth, while he gripped the blanket with his fists, certain that if he touched her skin it would only be moments before he was in her, surrounded by her vaginal walls. And he still considered her off-limits and too likely to feel the next day that this was all a mistake.

Then Lydia moved to straddle his hips, and her labia pressed against his erection, soaking the crotch of his jeans as her tongue explored his mouth.

Almost against his will, his arms came up to circle her body, and he was lost. This girl had been willing to give her virginity to Fred, and he had driven her away. Ward had wanted to at least get to know her well for a long time, and why should he refuse what she offered him so freely... and so passionately?

While she might be innocent of carnal knowledge in a sense, she was by no means innocent of what she wanted, and it might be almost a duty to take that innocence and give her an experience that she would cherish, if her could

He ran his hands down the smooth soft skin of her back, from her shoulders to her rump, and there he cupped her and spread her a bit, making her whimper a bit in pleasure. She unbuttoned his shirt and began on his pants. He lifted her body off his and tossed her fully onto the bed, and when quickly stripped rejoined her.

His mouth pressed forcefully onto hers as she moaned at the weight of his body. His fingers softly stroked her breasts and the sides of her stomach, moving down to run on her labia until she gave a very satisfactory moan. His hands then cupped her breasts, and made her shiver as he kissed her and thumbed her rigid nipples at the same time.

The heas of his erection pressed on her stomach, inches from where he wanted it to enter but perhaps exactly where he wanted it to be when deep inside her. "I hope my condoms are still good," he whispered. "Cecilia was on the pill."

"So am I," she answered. "So it doesn't matter. Or rather, it matters than I get to feel you explode inside of me!"

He carefully lifted his hips and adjusted his shaft, sp that the end of it mestled at the opening of Lydia's vagina, and slid slightly inward. His brown eyes looked into her green ones for a moment, and her head nodded as her mouth softly formed a "Yes!"

Her arms wrapped around his neck and shoulders, his mouth dropped to her, and he began to move into her untouched, unopened cavern. As he slowly advanced, she broke away to speak.

"Don't worry about my hymen," she whispered. "I think I broke that when I was fifteen, in a dance class trying a ballet split. I hope you are not too disappointed."

"Not ast all," he said. "I had worried about hurting you."

"It would be worth it!" And he moved deeper in.

"Oh. Oh," Lydai sried. "Maybe I didn't get all of it after all. I felt something give!"

Perhaps it was some last bit of membrane that he tore apart, or just some muscle forced to act for the first time, but the way was easier noe, the girl was stretched in a way she had never known before, and certainly Ward was all the way into the tightest tunnel he had ever experienced. He paused for a moment at that greatest depth, with their groins pushed together, and looked into her eyes.

"Are you all right?" he asked.

She nodded, and strained upward to kiss him again. "Never better. But I would like it if you moved inside of me again. This holding still is a bit of a strain."

And he slowly with drew, then slid back into her at a greater speed. He kissed her neck as he moved; she panted under him, urging her hips up to meet his, their bodies moving together. Her legs crept up around him and he moved his arms under them, lifting them over his shoulders so that she was doubled under him. This position let him delve further yet into her and made her cry in pleasure yet again as he neared and perhaps touched the mouth of her womb. Kyle took long slow strokes into her to stretch the time that he gave her pleasure, matching as best he could the way he stretched her inside. He felt her suddenly contract, then expand, and knew that she had reached her first orgasm under a man. A few minutes later he felt it again, as he had hoped, though each time it almost sent him over the edge himself.

The long slow strokes were eventually replaced by long fast ones, though, and her back arched to drive their hips slamming together, until at last he came down and paused as his seed shot out and deep into her.

"OH GOD, WARD!" she screamed as she climaxed for the third and greatest time, her body heaving under his.

The rippling and squeezing of her tiny internal muscles milked his sperm for what seemed like long minutes, until both were exhausted, and they separated and her legs rested on the bed again.

"That was incredible," he whispered.

"Yes, you were," she giggled.

They lay together for some moments, kissing gently, when the front door opened and they heard voices in the outer room. Ward's arms tightened about Lydia as they heard Fred speak. But, after all, Fred would not expect to find Lydia in the apartment - let alone in Ward's bed.

But Ward's arms tightened again when another voice came - that of Cecilia, his ex-girlfriend. He recognized her voice, and then he recognized the moan she made when she was being fondled at her crotch. Then he heard them move into the bedroom next to his, and knew that they had not shut the bedroom door there.

Lydia's hands were at his face, nudging it toward hers. "Are you all right?" she asked. "Was that Cecilia's voice I heard?"

He nodded.

"I hope you're not jealous of Fred," she said. "You've had that and decided you didn't want it anymore. Besides, you just popped my cherry, and one virgin should keep you happy all night."

"You are more than enough for that," he laughed.

"Now of course," she said doubtfully, "I thought it was popped years ago, so maybe it still isn't. I had better have you do it all over again just to make sure." She moved her hand down. "Ah yes, it feels like to could manage to make sure very easily."

Whether from her hand or the sounds coming from the other bedroom, he was interested in trying for another love-making session already. He moved over her and touched his erection to her opening.

"Hey," she whispered in his ear, "If you make sure that I am thoroughly devirginized, I promise to scream your name really loud when I come - every time I come, all night!"

Ward laughed. "In that case I'll promise to buy you a big box of throat lozenges in the morning because I want to make you scream until you are hoarse."

"OH! That's the best offer I've heard all day!"

She nibbled at his nose and the reaction made his growing erection slide a little into her labia. She gasped at that, which made him harder and enter her more.

IF Lydia was perhaps a little sore from her first intercourse, she had now lost her nervousness and was more sensitive and less inhibited. It at leas balances and maybe was better this time.

Listening to his roommate fuck his old girlfriend, he knew that he had the better of the two girls with him (under him, squeezing him!) He looked into those green eyes once again and dug his hands into that red hair as he kissed her mouth and sank deep into the sweetest body he had ever known.

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