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Nice Kitty


Hello and welcome to my readers. Thank you very much for your votes, comments and feedback on my stories thus far. Here is another Halloween tale for you and I hope you enjoy it. If you enjoy it, please vote.


"Paul, Paul, is that you? Did you get the Halloween candy that I wanted?"

Paul Moore groaned as his wife's shrill voice resounded through their small, tidy home, cutting through him like broken glass. "Yes Anne," he replied wearily, "six bags of lollypops and five bags of wrapped candy bars, like you told me."

Anne Moore walked impatiently into the mudroom from the kitchen, her once pretty face wrinkled in a frown. "I certainly hope this will be enough," she muttered. "More children have moved in the neighborhood since last Halloween. I love to see them in their little costumes." She grabbed the candy from his hand and marched away, mumbling indistinctly. Paul sat and removed his shoes, wishing he were somewhere else.

Paul and Anne had lived in the neighborhood for twenty-five years. They were among the first residents when it was new and were among the last of the original families still living there. Their grown children, a son and a daughter had married and moved away, leaving them alone with each other. Their marriage had never been ideal to begin with, but then the children came along and their incompatible relationship went on the back burner. Now it was just he and Anne, and it was driving Paul out of his mind.

It didn't matter so much when he was working, only having to be home at night and on weekends. However, since the layoffs at the plant, he was home all the time. He tried desperately to find other employment, but no one wanted to hire a fifty- seven year old loading dock supervisor with an Associates Degree in Management. Now he seethed continually with barely contained rage as his wife used him as a housekeeper and an errand boy, issuing orders in her hideous screeching voice.

"Paul, Paul," she cried from the living room. "Come in here, I have a surprise for you." Paul grimaced and walked towards the object of his misery. His bulky body slumped in a posture of defeat, fearing the worst. He was not disappointed.

Anne was sitting primly in her favorite chair, a broad smile creasing her thin lips. Entering the living room, Paul froze in his tracks. 'What was that in her lap?' he thought wildly. 'Oh no, a cat, a god dam cat,' Paul hated cats!

"Look who I found sitting on the back porch railing this morning when I went out to hang up the wash," Anne said happily, stroking the purring creatures black fur. "Isn't she adorable? She wasn't wearing a collar so I'm keeping her. I'm going to call her 'Midnight'. Do you like that name, Paul?"

Paul could not answer. He was speechless with rage. She knew he disliked cats, and now she had brought one into his home. He glared at the animal, looking squarely into the unblinking green eyes that radiated contentment and defiance. He finally spoke, "Anne, what's that thing doing in this house, you know how much I hate those creatures."

"Well, I need someone to keep me company," Anne replied in an irritated tone. "You're always running off somewhere, leaving me by myself. We never talk anymore; and all we do is argue anyway. Midnight wouldn't argue with me, would you, girl? She's a nice kitty." She patted the cats head affectionately, "Complain all you like, I'm keeping her and that's final."

Paul felt his face turning red as his hands balled into fists. 'I'd like to beat her to death with that furry nuisance,' he thought. 'I'd bury them both in the back yard and head for parts unknown.' Had he been more observant, he would have seen Midnight's sleek body suddenly stiffen and her eyes turn the color of emeralds. However, in his rage, he was oblivious to such subtleties.

"Fine," Paul snarled, walking out the door to the front porch, "Just keep that damn thing away from me." He leaned against the railing, wrapped in dark thoughts of murder and mayhem directed against his nagging spouse, when the bleat of a car horn brought him back to reality.

He grinned as he saw Alyson Carter, his gorgeous 19-year-old neighbor waving shyly to him from her yellow convertible. She blew him a kiss as she stepped from the car, then crooked her finger in a 'come here' gesture and strolled into the house she shared with her parents. Paul's erection was immediate as he watched Alyson's round ass sway inside her tight shorts and her unfettered breasts bounce provocatively in a clinging tube top.

"Anne," he called into the house, "I need to borrow Frank's, um, table saw. I'm going next door; I'll be back in a while." He walked hurriedly across the lawns, his raging hard-on rubbing painfully against the fabric of his jeans.


"Oooohh, it feels sooo good," Alyson whimpered as her tight, pink pussy engulfed Paul's thick cock, the slurps and squishes of their frantic coupling filling the Richardson's living room. Paul hugged the nubile teenagers naked body to his own, ramming with all his strength into her juicy snatch, her shapely legs locked around his waist. As they fucked on the soft leather sofa, a part of his mind marveled at how this had all begun.

Paul and Alyson's clandestine trysts started four months ago when Paul stepped out the front door to retrieve the morning paper. Alyson was in her driveway, sobbing and pounding on the hood of her convertible with tiny fists. Paul had been entranced with the voluptuous brown-haired beauty from the day she and her parents moved in two years ago, now here was his chance to make a move on her.

Alyson's car battery was dead and she was late for work at the Burger Castle restaurant downtown. Paul gallantly offered to give her a ride, since her parents had both left for their own jobs. He also offered to purchase a new battery for Alyson's car and install it for her. Charmed by the help and attention from the suave older man, Alyson was soon telling him all her troubles, including the fact that her boyfriend of long standing had recently left her for another woman.

Paul was appropriately sympathetic, nodding and smiling as the young girl chattered on, casting sideway glances at her pretty face and large breasts. He offered to give Alyson a ride home after her shift was over and assured her that he would fix her car. Paul could sense the young woman's emotional vulnerability as a shark senses blood in the water. He moved in for the kill and in no time was enjoying the pleasures of her ripe young body.

"Ahhhh, baby, you're so tight," Paul groaned as Alyson's strong cunt muscles squeezed his pulsing cock like a python enveloping its prey. Alyson squealed with pleasure as she rode Paul's throbbing dick, dangling her pink nippled breasts in his face, gasping as he sucked the taut nubs in his eager mouth. She couldn't seem to get enough of her older neighbors huge prick and she knew she was falling in love with him. Soon they would run away and get married, then they could fuck all the time. Paul had promised her that they would and she believed him.

Alyson impaled herself harder on Paul's rigid shaft, rubbing her aching clit into his wiry pubic hair, thrusting and grinding her way towards a massive orgasm. Paul could feel her body stiffen and surged his hips upward even faster, feeling his balls tighten and spurt a huge load of thick cum deep in the squealing teenagers frothing slit. "Unngggg, I'm cumming, oh Jesus, aghhhhh..." Paul roared, pumping frantically into Alyson's slick pussy.

"Eeeeee, yesssss," Alyson howled as her orgasm thundered through her taut young body. "Fuck me, Paul, fuck me. I love youuu..." She climaxed three times and collapsed on her partners heaving chest, his semi-hard cock gripped between her silken thighs, resting between her quivering cunt lips.

Paul's grey eyes met Alyson's brown ones and they smiled tiredly at one another, exchanging soft after-sex kisses. He saw a flash of movement in his peripheral vision and glanced towards the window. That damn cat of Anne's was looking at them through the glass, its green eyes aflame. In an instant, it was gone, its intense stare sending a chill down Paul's spine. Alyson had not seen their feline observer as she continued to kiss Paul, whispering words of love in his ear. They both knew that her parents were due home from work soon, so they dressed quickly and Alyson let Paul out the back door.

"Paul," she said excitedly as they stood on the back porch, "I've been saving my paychecks and tips and I have over four hundred dollars in the bank. Let's run away together. I love you so much. Please say yes, please."

"I really want to do it, babe," Paul replied, thinking fast. "But I have a few things to settle first. You know I love ya', but I cant just now. You understand don't you?"

"I don't think you really love me," Alyson pouted, her lower lip drooping. "I think you just want to fuck me until you find someone else." She began to cry softly, holding Paul's hand, "You do love me, don't you?"

"Sure I do , babe," Paul said soothingly. "In fact, I just have two more things to take care of and we'll be out of here, I promise." He kissed the pretty girl on the lips and dabbed at her tears with a handkerchief, "Just gimme a little more time, babe, that's all I ask."

Alyson brightened at his words and stopped crying. "I knew you loved me, I knew it," she said happily. "Please hurry and take care of those things, Paul. I can't wait for us to be together."


Paul walked back to his house, his mind churning. 'What the hell have I got himself into?' he wondered, 'now that love sick kid wants me to run off with her on four hundred bucks. We won't get far on that.' Suddenly a plan began to form in his mind as he sat in the front porch swing. He could gain his much-desired freedom and live like a king in South America. As he eagerly formulated his evil scheme, Paul was unaware of blazing green eyes watching him from the concealment of the bushes near the porch.


"Howzit goin' buddy?" said Harry Perkins as Paul walked in the cluttered hardware store. "What's Anne sent ya' to get this time?" He uttered a barking laugh and slapped the counter in glee. "Just kiddin', buddy, just kiddin'. What can I do fer ya' this mornin'?"

Paul grinned back, seething internally at the joke at his expense. "Gotta' little problem with rats in my garage, Harry," he responded. "Whattaya' got to solve a little problem like that?"

"Got just the thing, just the thing," Harry mumbled, rummaging under the counter. "Aha, here it is, my own personal rat killin' concoction." The old man handed an unmarked ceramic jar to Harry, "Put some of this on a few crackers, set em' around your garage and presto, no more rats."

"What's in this stuff, Harry?" Paul wondered aloud, turning the jar in his hands. "It's not gonna kill me too, is it?"

"Only if you eat one of them crackers," the old man snickered. "Don't rightly remember exactly what it was I put in it. Lotsa stuff that those fellas in Washington have outlawed, I think. I mixed up a big batch a few years back and that's the last of it. Don't waste it."

"What do I owe ya', Harry," Paul asked, reaching for his wallet.

"Oh, nothing," Harry replied. "You've been a good customer all these years, just glad to help ya' out. I hate rats, anyways."

Neither man saw a slinking black shape dart away from the door as Harry turned to leave.


Paul could not believe his luck. An untraceable combination of poisons prepared by a dotty old man whose memory was failing him and no record of a transaction anywhere. Things were falling right into place. When she suggested that they run away, Paul hadn't bothered to explain to Alyson that he didn't have a penny to his name. He had spent almost all of his severance paycheck and retirement fund withdrawal in a futile attempt to get another job like the one he had. He wined, dined and entertained one prospective employer after another to no avail. Now they lived solely on his wife's modest pension, a benefit accrued from her years with the government as an accounting clerk.

Anne had a bundle of cash in a safe deposit box downtown that Paul itched to get his hands on. Two hundred thousand dollars to be exact squirreled away after years of obsessively pinching pennies. She was stubbornly opposed to playing the market or even buying Certificates of Deposit, so there it sat, waiting for him to take it.

As he drove into the garage, he saw that Anne's car was gone. Tonight she was at her Canasta Club with those old-biddy friends of hers. They played endless hands of that stupid card game and drank sherry until they were all on their asses, giggling and acting stupid. Anne would be home late, thank God.


Paul trotted over to the Carter's house, hoping for a quick one from Alyson. He wasn't disappointed.

"Ahhhh, mmmm, fuck me," Alyson moaned as Paul's rock-hard dick pumped into her sopping pussy, matching him thrust for thrust as they humped nakedly on the kitchen floor. Alyson loved to be fucked doggy style and Paul was more than willing to accommodate her. Paul leaned over Alyson's bare back, his chest hair tickling her shoulder blades as his hands gripped her bouncing breasts, pumping into the velvet folds of her juicy cunt.

"Oh, yeah, baby, I love you," Paul groaned as he reamed the young girl with his massive tool. "We're goin' away soon, baby we're... ahhhhh... cumming" he grunted as he blasted jets of hot cum into the depths of her sweet pussy.

"Ohhhh, I'm cumming too, my darling," Alyson cried, bucking and thrashing as her orgasm shot through her like bolts of lightning. Her hot slit spewed sticky cum around Paul's surging dick onto their sweaty thighs as they pounded against each other. Cumming repeatedly, they finally slumped panting to the cold tile floor.

Once again, glittering green eyes watched the pair as they fucked wildly, disappearing in a flash as they stood up and began to dress.


Paul's dick still throbbed when he walked in his house. 'That Alyson is some wild chick,' he grinned to himself. 'Too bad I can't take her along when I leave, it would be too risky. She knows all about me and I can't trust her to keep her mouth shut.'

He unscrewed the jar lid and sniffed tentatively at the clear jelly-like contents, there was no discernable odor, perfect. It would be so easy to mix this in Anne's food or maybe in the iced tea she always drinks. "Maybe all of it,' he chuckled in glee, "what the hell. I'll make sure the old bitch is completely dead.'

'I'll stick the body in the basement,' he thought. 'They won't find her for a few days, by then I'll have the money and be long gone. Before I go I'll plant the jar in Alyson's room, just to throw the cops off my trail. While they're hassling her, I'll be in Costa Rica, livin' it up.'

Walking into the kitchen, Paul spied Midnight's food bowl on the floor next to the pantry. "I need to test this stuff," he mused aloud, "How about trying it on that damn cat?" He hadn't seen Midnight all day, where was that animal, anyhow. He opened a can of cat food and mixed in a large dollop of the rat poison, spooning it carefully into the fish-shaped ceramic dish. "Here kitty, kitty," he called, "come and get the nice food."

Paul settled into his recliner to wait and turned on the TV, watching a few minutes of the ball game and falling asleep. He jerked awake as a piteous yowl echoed throughout the house, the cry of an animal in extreme pain. He rubbed the sleep from his eyes as a second cry more hideous than the first brought him to his feet. "I got that bastard''; he exulted to the empty house, "listen to that god damn thing scream." He wondered if Anne would scream like that when he fed it to her. 'I'll make sure the windows are shut', he thought with a grin.

"I better find it and get rid of the body before Anne gets home", he muttered to himself. "Now where is that cat...?" Another anguished wail rang out as Paul noticed the basement door was ajar, the sound was coming from down there. "How the hell did that door get open," he muttered, opening it wider and fumbling for the light switch. The basement remained dark as Paul flicked the lever up and down and the cries continued in the near darkness.

Eager to witness the death of the hated animal, Paul started down the steep wooden staircase, ignoring the flimsy banister in his haste. He tripped headlong over something sleek and furry that suddenly intruded itself between his feet. Arms flailing in a futile effort to stop his fall, he tumbled down the narrow stairs, landing with a hideous crunch on the unyielding cement floor. Several bubbling gasps followed by a sobbing moan drifted through the cool confines of the basement, and then all was quiet.

Paul never felt a velvety muzzle press against his carotid artery seeking a sign of life or heard the throaty purr of triumph. Midnight pricked up her ears as she heard the front door open. She sprang up the stairs happily; her human was home at last. Pausing for a moment to tip the poisoned food from her bowl onto the floor, she ran into the living room and jumped into Anne's thin arms.


"It's so horrible what happened to Paul," said Vivian Carter, "How are you bearing up Anne?"

"All right, I suppose," Anne replied, stroking Midnight's shiny fur as the cat rumbled contentedly in her lap. "It was a shock turning on the basement light and seeing him crumpled up on the floor. The police said he broke his neck when he fell, so I guess he didn't suffer. I can't understand for the life of me why he was going in the basement. Paul hated those stairs; he only went down there to turn the furnace on and off."

"It's so very sad," Vivian said as she sipped her tea. "Poor Alyson has been crying non-stop in her room since she heard the news. I had no idea she thought so much of your husband."

"She is a lovely girl," Anne replied. "She needs to find a nice young man and get married. However, not too young mind you. Boys can be so immature at that age."

"What a sweet cat you have, Anne," said Vivian, stroking Midnight's head. "Pets can be such a comfort in times like these...oh my..."

"What's wrong, Vivian," Anne asked, seeing the puzzled look on her next-door neighbors face.

"I, I thought I saw your cat smile," stammered a flustered Vivian. "Cats don't smile, do they Anne?"


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