tagNovels and NovellasNice Neighbors Ch. 04

Nice Neighbors Ch. 04

byLauries Husband©

(Please read Chapters 1, 2 and 3 if you haven't already. This multi-chapter story could be listed in several different groups. It contains group sex, bisexual and gay contact, incest, BDSM and other fetishes. If this offends you, please stop now. If it doesn't, I hope you enjoy. And a special thanks to Julie, my kinky muse, for her wonderful inspiration and support.)


Julie Bell sat in her white convertible BMW 325 looking across her lawn to the house next door. "Damn," she muttered softly as she took the keys out of the ignition. Driving onto her street only minutes earlier, her excitement started to build as soon as she saw the moving van sitting in front of the house. Now, all she saw was an empty yard and a locked truck -- there was no one in sight. "Maybe later," she thought to herself, "someone will come out to play." She perked up when she noticed her daughter's car already parked in the three-car garage.

"Katie? Darling, where are you?" She was already upstairs and there was no sign of her youngest child anywhere in the house. She was probably out with friends, Julie thought. Starting to feel depressed again, she turned into her own bedroom and walked through to the master bath. She started to fill the bathtub, knowing there was at least one way she could make herself feel better on this hot, late summer afternoon.

The 5'6" tall, 135 pound suburban MILF took a mental inventory of her own assets as she undressed in front of the bathroom mirror. She saw a pretty woman with a slender frame and c-cup breasts looking back at her. She has naturally brown hair, colored ash blonde with highlights, a little longer than shoulder length. She is still in good shape, but like her new neighbor, working out longer and harder to stay that way. She saw dark, well defined areolas that make almost perfect circles. The nubs of her nipples are long and look like they're excited. Lastly she saw a shapely rear and long, trim legs. She knew she looked good -- hell, she looked a lot better than good! But it still didn't really dispel the empty feelings she seemed to get whenever her husband was away. She was so used to his presence since he started consulting from home after leaving his corporate security career behind. But his occasional trips still affected the beautiful, fifty-something wife.

Satisfied that her loving husband would miss her hot, sexy frame enough to bring him home as quickly as possible, Julie grabbed her waterproof "friend" from a drawer, poured a trickle of bath oil below the spigot and settled back into the hot water. As the floral scent of the oil rose with the steam and filled the small room, she closed her eyes and turned the jelly vibe onto the lowest setting. Starting at the curve between her neck and her shoulders, that special place where Don's tongue and lips worshipped her when he cuddled her from behind, she moved the slick vibrating tool over her breasts, circling her swollen, excited nipples, teasing herself as long as she could before working her way down to the magic place between her legs.

God, how she loved the combination of the hot water and the slick oil as she brought the six-inch vibrating tube of soft plastic closer and closer to her bare, shaved pussy. She pictured her husband's face between her outstretched legs, his long tongue laving the puffy sides of her mound where pussy and thigh meet. She slid the vibrator along those same creases, moaning to her absent lover as her other hand found an excited nipple -- her fingers stretching and pulling it deepened her excitement even more. Images and sensations of so many erotic moments were sliding through her mind and body bringing her closer and closer to the release she craved.

Without touching her swollen lips or her spreading, pink slit, the experienced hands of the hot, suburban housewife and mother pressed the front tip of the warm, flexible jelly erection against that ultra-sensitive ridge between the bottom edge of her vagina and the dusky pink rosebud of her sphincter.

"Fuck...right there, baby," she moaned to her phantom husband again, "eat me right there...forever." Julie's heart rate increased and her breathing got shallower. Her hand moved by itself, pressing the vibrating head first against her gaping pussy and then against her tight little anus, alternating back and forth, her speed keeping up with her breath and her pulse, faster and faster as she felt waves of electrical energy starting to wash across her flesh.

"Katie? Katie-baby? You here, sis?" Her son's voice boomed from the bottom of the stairway and shattered any hope of completion for the frustrated mother.

"Fuck fuck fuck!!!" Julie screamed to herself. She was sooo close! "What the hell is Evan doing here anyway?"

Good, resilient mother that she was, Julie calmed almost immediately -- none of this was her darling son's fault and she wouldn't take her frustrations out on him. Well, she half-smiled to herself, not that way!

"Evan, is that you, dear?" Julie let her voice alert him to her presence in the bath. "I'm upstairs -- I don't think your sister's home."

The sound of her son running up the stairs, taking two or three at a time brought a smile to Julie's face. She missed so many things about her handsome, bright young man since he'd moved into his own apartment on the other side of Eagle Rock, closer to the college where he had recently started his Assistant Professorship in the Humanities Department. And though he still came by for dinner (and his mother's fabulous cream pie) several times a week, it was the small intimacies that she missed -- the gentle and loving submission to her son -- especially on the nights when Don was away on business.

Evan had been the incredibly lucky recipient of his mother's long, patient seduction when he reached his late teens. She brought him slowly and carefully along a loving path, learning about his own burgeoning sexuality. She helped him explore all the new feelings he had for both women and men with the loving participation of his father. But after several sessions when Julie 'directed' Evan to subtly dominate her husband, her own private fantasies started to shape their relationship. From the very first time that Evan stopped 'asking permission' to touch and kiss his mother's most private, sexy and intimate places during his sexual education and just took what he wanted from both his mother and father, Julie's perception of the family dynamic changed.

Her love for her husband was as strong and deep as it ever was -- almost ten years later she was still in awe of what he did for her, how he let his son explore his emerging sexuality with both of his parents. She still caught her breath every time the image of father and son sucking and fucking each other came to mind. But it was her growing hunger for her son that unleashed his dominant side and changed the comfortable paradigm they had all fit into before that fateful day.

Almost ten years earlier...

It was a warm Saturday morning and Evan had been out for a long run through the Forest Preserve that surrounded their little gated community. When he returned home, soaked with sweat and dripping testosterone and pheromones from every inch of his firm, 6'2" slim, athletic body, he walked around the side of their house directly to the pool and patio in the rear. His father was soaking in the hot tub and Julie was sunning on a chaise lounge wearing sun block and the tiny bottom of a string bikini. She started to tell him that there was orange juice and coffee in the kitchen, but when he moved next to the lounge chair and stood in front of her, she was suddenly and completely overcome by the pure male presence surrounding her.

He was no longer the shy, inexperienced virgin she had so easily seduced and then tutored in the pleasures of the flesh. She had been the one in charge then, directing her son and her husband as they played out most of their fantasies, loving each other more and more as their incestuous sex brought them closer together. No, she thought, the powerful, broad-shouldered young man who stood before her was now the most dominant figure in their intimate family trio.

"I'll drink something in a minute, Mother." Fresh from his long run, Evan's voice was hardly more than a whisper, but it carried all the weight he intended it to. His eyes raked her hot flesh, her nipples getting longer as he stared at her full, firm breasts. He tugged his loose sleeveless track shirt over his head and threw it on his mother's chair. "Take my shorts off, Mother. First, untie my shoes...please."

Julie lost her breath and a deep crimson flush moved under the beautiful light tan of her face. No one had spoken to her like that in years -- not since she'd played her own teenage games with her older brother. Her tanned flesh shivered as she recalled how she loved being his little slave and fuck-toy for an afternoon or even an occasional weekend when their parents left them on their own.

Now she did as her son asked without hesitation, breathing the musk and sweat of his large cock and balls as she freed them from his shorts and the hot, sweaty jock-strap beneath them. He strode naked and perfect to the shower stall on the back wall of the house and turned the water on. As it warmed up, he slipped into the kitchen and returned immediately drinking a glass of orange juice. When he finished it he put the glass down on a small table, turned to his father and told him to go sit next to his wife and then moved into the stream of water and stood underneath the hot spray.

Don did as his son told him and moved to Julie's lounger. Father smelled mother's arousal as they both looked at the tall and imposing figure of their son rinsing the last of the soap and dirt from his glistening body.

Wet and dripping he walked back to his parents and stood with his legs spread in front of them. "Dad, untie the strings on mom's hips." He had to repeat himself before Don did as he requested -- it was so hard for him to look away from his son's thickening manhood. Even then, it was hard to get his fingers to work as he wished. "Now pull her little suit out from between her legs and show me your wife's pussy." This time Don complied immediately, anxious to please his son.

"Mother, lean back a little and pull your feet up to the cushion...that's right...now spread your knees apart." Julie was hotter than she'd been in a long time. She couldn't believe the change in her wonderful boy -- taking control like this was absolutely the sexiest, most erotic thing she could imagine. Her cunt was dripping wet and she knew her boy well -- his next request would be for her to play with herself for him. Wanting nothing more than to please him in any way she could, the fifty-something suburban wife and mother, the poster girl for family values in their upper middle-class town and MILF extraordinaire started sliding her fingers all around her sex as she looked into Evan's eyes.

Keeping his eyes locked on hers, Evan addressed his father. "Suck me, Dad. Make me hard and wet...get me ready." Just like his wife, Don found himself rushing to obey his son's commands, his own perverse excitement increasing exponentially with every passing moment that his boy's penis filled his hungry mouth. Finally he was ready -- they all were ready. Evan stepped back, pulling his long, thick cock out of his father's mouth.

He told his mother to get on her hands and knees on the lounge chair and when her legs were spread as far apart as they would go, he told his father to put his erect organ into his mother's cunt. Don filled his wife's pussy with his son's hard cock as his own started dripping pre-cum in anticipation of watching his son fuck his wife. But when Evan bottomed out, his large cock-head kissing his mother's cervix, he turned to his father and told him to go inside and wait for them until he was called.

Julie had started shaking and trembling the moment that her husband put her son's cock into her steamy, pink pussy. She held her breath as Evan sank his fully erect organ into her warm, wet cavern, filling her like no one had ever done before. When she heard her son tell her husband to wait in the house, her cunt revealed her true emotions as it gripped the invading flesh tube in a rapid, rhythmical squeeze. The moment that Julie saw her husband move away from them and start walking towards the house, silently acknowledging both parents' submission to their son, she started climaxing, waves of electric excitement washing through her over and over again as her son fucked her so hard and so deep; he fucked his mother as well or better than she had every been fucked by anyone before or since.

He rocked back and forth, his hips slammed into her and his swollen sac slapped her clit bringing lightening bursts of pleasure with every thrust. He grabbed her long, wavy hair and pulled her head back, forcing her to arch her back and push her pelvis down. With this angle he could stimulate her G-spot with his cock-head every time he went in and out. He leaned up to her shoulder and whispered in her ear, "Be quiet, Mother -- you don't want the neighbors to hear." And then


Evan's right hand left a deep pink impression on her right ass cheek -- Julie bit her lip to keep her screams inside. Not from the spanking -- that was frosting on the cake. It was the way her son was using her that kept her orgasms coming in a continuous wave. He finally took his own release, spraying his mother's hot, tight cunt with his virile seed until his balls were emptied completely.

Don watched from the sliding glass doors that led to the kitchen, his hand unconsciously stroking his cock as his strong, tall, manly son used his mother just the way he wanted. He could tell when Evan climaxed -- both mother and son seemed to freeze together before Evan pulled his long, shiny wet cock out of his mother's cunt. A minute later, the exhausted young man left her on the patio and walked through the same sliding glass door into the kitchen. Julie's final climax reverberated through her pussy before spreading throughout her shaking body as she saw her husband kneel before their son and clean his wet, creamy, cum-coated cock with his lips and tongue. As soon as he was through Evan pulled back and went straight to his room for a long nap. When he woke up a few hours later to the exquisite feeling of his gorgeous mother's lips and tongue sucking softly and playing with his genitals, he knew things had changed.

Back to the present...

"Mom?" Evan was sure he'd heard his mother's voice but didn't see her when he poked his head through her half-open bedroom door.

"In here, honey...I'm in the tub." Julie's voice drew him to the bath and he was standing beside the door, peering in at her before she could react. She started to turn red as she realized he was looking at the vibrator still buzzing in her hand, the noise it made being the only sound in the room. "Oops! Sorry about that, love. I thought I was alone." Julie turned the knob at the base and silenced her slick plastic partner. She reached out her other hand and asked "Can you please give me a hand, Evan? I think I've been in here long enough."

Her son smiled and took her hand, helping her stand and exit the tub. "Hmmm, I see Mommy-slut can't go for even a day without something in her pretty little pussy." Julie's knees started to buckle when she heard him use that special name he had given her years before. She reacted much the same way her daughter did when her brother called her Katie-baby. "Maybe," he continued with a definite smirk, "I should call some of my friends...have them come over here to take care of you. Would you like that, Mother?" He held up a large, plush bath towel and started drying her wonderfully smooth, silky flesh.

The stylish, well-built suburban housewife trembled again. Shortly after her wildly successful seduction of her son, they sat up in bed together one night, naked and exposed, and told each other about their darkest fantasies. When Evan wouldn't accept her first few attempts, she finally told him about her secret fantasy and the thrill she got masturbating to thoughts of being taken by her son's athletic teenage friends. As far as she knew, he never told anyone else -- but that never stopped him from teasing her unmercifully whenever he had the chance. And now that his friends were all in their mid-twenties or older, the idea didn't seem all that far-fetched...

"No, darling," Julie answered softly, her face still red from earlier, "all I need is you."

Evan finished drying his beautiful mother and took her back into her bedroom. "Unfortunately, Mom, I'm afraid that's not possible right now." Julie tried to ask why but Evan wouldn't let her interrupt. "Not my fault, Mother -- if you feel the need to blame anyone, then talk to your daughter when she gets home."

"You know where she is?"

Evan laughed. "Of course -- if she's not here then she's right next door...and she's waiting for me to join their little party." His mother looked at him completely mystified -- he had to laugh again. He'd seen that exact look a thousand times before, but not since he was a teenager. "Yeah, something about the new Professor I should know...not really sure, I was in kind of a hurry when she called before. Anyway, she said to get over here right after my last class and if she wasn't home, I should go next door."

"Are you sure, Evan?" Julie struck a pose leaning against her dresser. She knew most men wouldn't turn away from her breasts and her hips and her tiny waist when she stood like this for them. But her son was turning towards the door and she just couldn't let him go. "Baby," she called to him with the low, smoky voice that had kept him hard so many nights, "your Mommy-slut wants to do bad things...dirty things...with her Master."

He looked back at her and sighed deeply. "C'mon, Mom." He held his arms out and she came to him, molding herself against his body. "You know I adore you completely."

Julie heard the "but" he hadn't said yet and transformed almost immediately back into 'normal mom' mode. She kissed him sweetly on his lips and then slipped out of his arms. "I understand, honey, really. It's just been one of those days for me with your dad flying out, you know?" She looked around the room and then back at her boy. "Just out of synch a little, but I'll be fine." She motioned towards the door. "Go ahead -- I'm sure your sister has something delightful waiting for you. I'm sure you know how a strong recommendation for a department head will help when you're up for tenure...make sure you play nice with our new neighbors."

Evan's eyes traveled up and down his mother's naked, exposed body. Slowly and deliberately he let her see him staring at her nipples and her smooth shaved vulva. "Don't go out, Mommy-slut." His voice was flat and firm and totally in control. "Depending on what happens next door, I will either call you and tell you to join us -- Katie said something about two young movers -- or I will come back home. Either way, I plan an falling asleep tonight in your bed with my cock in your mouth."

Julie smiled at her son. "Go on, you've got me all excited again. If you're not going to help me then go see your sister." She giggled and shook her tits at him. "I'll be waiting, big boy."

(to be continued...)

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