tagInterracial LoveNice New Neighbour

Nice New Neighbour


I stood in my dressing gown in my bedroom window watching my hubby walking down our gravel drive way and into his Audi; I've been married to him for 10years and with him for 13. I was 18 when I met him and he was 25 and he whisked me off my feet, he dazzled me with trips to flash restaurants, movie premiers and trips to Paris and Rome to name a few, I even joined the mile high club in that time as well. He went to the gym keeping himself trim and toned and his dark hair was always well kept and slicked back and he always wore the best clothes and smelt fantastic. Before I met him I'd only had sex with one other person which seemed mediocre at the best compared to Ken my hubby, the sex was exceptional I'd never had multiple orgasms before but they became a regular thing and he taught me to appreciate having a cock to play with, enjoying the feel of it, the taste of it and I'd already learnt that I loved the taste of cum and the texture of it, it turned into a fixation of mine I needed to have my fix of cum once a day and Ken never seemed to argue. Now however everything had changed he no longer went down the gym meaning his toned body was now more rounded and wobbly, the slicked back dark hair was now grey and there wasn't much left to slick back but more like comb over and I couldn't remember the last time he had taken me out to a restaurant or even the cinema and don't get me started on the sex, he seems to have forgotten what foreplay is and rolls onto me for a couple of minutes squirms and grunts before unloading himself inside me and rolling over and falling fast to sleep, that is then my cue to head to the bathroom with my favourite toy and a naughty fantasy to climax over but now even that was getting a little tedious.

I watched as my hubby turned left out the driveway and was gone, I was about to turn and get ready when I heard our neighbour's front door close. He had moved in a week ago and I'd only caught glimpses of him and I was being nosey and wanted to see more. His skin colour was the darkest I'd even seen which seemed to draw me closer to the window, he opened the boot of his car and reached in and pulled a box out, the grey vest top showing off his heavily muscled toned arms bulge and flex as he carried the box inside. He came back out and shut the boot and then turned and walked towards the small fence which separated our driveways he put a hand on the fence and easily hopped over. My heart started racing as he got closer to our front door but why? What was it that was drawing me to him? The doorbell rang and I quickly tied my long blond hair up into a pony tail and had a quick look in the mirror and even though I hadn't had a chance to put any make up on yet I did look semi respectable. I tied my white dressing gown up at my waist and pulled the collar slightly apart to flash more skin than normal of my enhanced 34DD's.

I skipped down the stairs which joined the hallway leading to the front door, his shadow filling the frosted glass of the door. One final check in the hallway mirror and I opened the door to him.

"Hi" I said greeting him with a smile and half leaning on the edge of the door my bare leg coming out of the front of the gown up to mid thigh. He looked down on me his 6ft 4 frame filling the doorway, his dark eyes flicking from mine to my bare leg with the faintest of smiles playing across his lips and then he spoke.

"Hi, I'm Deej from next door" he said in a deep voice whilst pointing a thumb next door.

"Nice to finally meet you Deej, I'm Tracy" I held out a hand and he obliged taking gently but with a certain firmness, my petite white hand looking good against his dark skin.

"Good to meet you, I've got a package being delivered and wondered if you wouldn't mind accepting it if I'm not in?"

"Not a problem" I replied, at least it means he has to come back round and gives me another excuse to see him. "Is it anything exciting? Sorry, look at me being nosey"

"It's only camera equipment and thanks for doing this it just saves me another chore of the seemingly endless ones I've got to do"

After he had gone I raced back upstairs and got the bath running. As I was waiting for it to fill my mobile rang, it was Ken.

"Sorry to do this to you but it looks like I'm going to be late home tonight"

"Uh huh, thanks for letting me know" I said hanging up, oh well I thought to myself even more reason for some flirty, sexy fun with the new neighbour.

I sunk down into the hot bubble bath and found myself thinking of Deej and what has was like under those clothes, "Is it a myth about black men or not? I wouldn't mind finding out myself" I thought. I caught my hands squeezing my nipples as I thought more about him with my pussy having that old excited tingling feeling I use to have. I set about shaving my legs taking great care in getting them as smooth as possible and then further up above my pussy I left a short 1/2 inch by 2 inch strip of hair which made me feel very naughty.

I finished washing and got out the bath and wrapped a towel around me and walked along the landing to the bedroom and closed the curtains before dropping my towel to the floor and standing in front of my full length mirror. I looked up my tanned and toned legs running a hand up each one making sure they where as smooth as they looked, my new landing strip looked good and stomach was still flat. My boobs where pert thanks to the surgery to take them from 34B to 34DD and I couldn't be happier with them but Ken didn't care for them really but he did say my best feature was my bum which I turned and looked at in the mirror giving it a playful slap as I did and had a little giggle to myself.

"Now then" I said "Time to get the sexy stuff out" I went to my chest of draws and rifled through until I found what I was looking for. I pulled up my small sheer blue lace g-string and then wiggled into my white denim mini skirt which just about covered my pert bum, next came my sheer blue plunge bra with a pink bow in the middle. I adjusted my boobs so they were comfortable and looked back in the mirror and plumped them up so they were at their fullest and over the top a put a long white cardigan on which went just below my mini skirt, I did one button up across my tits and stood in front of the mirror again and nodded at my own handy work. I sat down at my dressing table and straightened my hair before putting my makeup on and finished off by painting my nails bright red.

I was on my way downstairs when the door bell rang. I opened the door to a delivery man from DHL who's eyes widened immediately and mouth opened "Just the reaction I was looking for" I said to him to which he seemed to loose the power of speech and just handed me a parcel and the clip board to which I signed and dated it "Have a good day now" I said to him closing the door smiling to myself. I walked along the hallway pass the door on my right leading to the living and into the dining room at the end of the hallway and put the parcel on the table and sat on the small 2 seat sofa we also had in the room, I picked up a magazine and thumbed idly through it and waited the anticipation and excitement growing but I didn't know why, my heart beating fast in my chest.

I didn't have to wait to long and when the door bell rang my heart nearly jumped out of my chest. I stood up and wriggled my skirt down a little to get rid of the creases and went to the door, looking in the mirror to adjust my boobs again and put a little pout on my lips and this time I opened the door fully to great Deej. His eyes took me in as he stood there and I watched his face and his eyes going wide as he tried to keep himself composed. "I've got the parcel" I said "Do you want to come in" I didn't give him a chance and took his hand and pulled him in, he pushed the door shut and I kept hold of his hand and walked down the hallway my feet padding softly on the wooden floor as I gave an extra wiggle to my bum. I let go of his hand as we got into the dining room "Please, make yourself comfy. Would you like a drink?"

"Just an orange will be fine please" "Fresh orange OK?"

"Perfect" he replied taking a seat on the sofa, I'm glad he sat there because you can see into the kitchen. We chatted idly as I went to get a couple of glasses from cupboard which meant stretching up to get them, my skirt raising and revealing the curvature of my bum I stood on tip toes for longer than I needed. I padded softly across the kitchen floor and could see him looking which was what I wanted, opening the fridge door I got the orange out and stood in front of it the chillness cooling my hot skin and making my nipples stiffen and poke through my bra and cardigan top.

Handing him the drink I noticed his eyes fixed on my hard nipples "See something there you like?" I asked

"I can see a couple of things" he replied sipping his juice and looking up at me. I smiled at him and took his drink from him and placed it on the floor and then knelt over him, my skirt being pulled taught as I straddled him, my sheer blue g-string now on show. I undid the one button doing up my cardigan and he helped slip it off my arms, his hands going straight to my bra clad tits squeezing them my nipples responding by getting harder. My hands resting on his shoulders pushing my boobs together for him my heart pounding as I felt his hot breath through the material, he reached round and with a practised move unclasped my bra and pulled it towards him and off my arms. I started squirming on his lap wriggling as his hands got on my bare skin, his big black hands gliding over my boobs making me tingle, I then lent forward pushing my boobs into his face his mouth finding a nipple, licking, flicking and sucking it whilst rolling the other between forefinger and thumb and swapping to the other. My nipples where super sensitive after the enhancements and I let out a soft moan as I put a hand in his lap and felt what seemed to be a log in his dark blue jeans.

"I can see it's not a myth about black men then?" I said with a horny grin, I now wanted to feel his manliness in my hand, to caress it and then to taste it.

"Some of us even break that mould" he replied grinning at me. As I backed off of him I ran a hand down his dark grey vest top, feeling his manly chest and down onto his flat hard stomach and grabbed at his belt to stand him up as I knelt in front of him. I ran my hands up under his vest top running my nails down his 6 pack, he pulled his top off and it had been a while since I'd felt a torso like that. I kissed at his stomach as my hands undid his belt, then his button then slowly unzipping his fly as I licked my lips looking up at him as I tugged the jeans down. He stepped out of his jeans and I looked at this massive lump curling down one leg inside his tight white CK boxers.

I breathed on it through the material with my hand gently squeezing it; I felt it respond with a slight twitch. Looking back up at him I hooked a finger in either side of his waist band and slowly pulled them down, his short dark curly hair coming into view as I teethed his cock through the white material. Pulling his boxers down further the thick base of his dark brown cock came into view, further still I pulled and his big balls popped into view on either side. Licking the shaft I carried on slowly edging his boxers down until his hard cock sprung out and slapped me under my chin, I leaned back pulling his boxers all the way down and admired his 10" thick cock, it was straight as an arrow pointing right at me. Raising a hand I clasped at the base of his cock my white fingers curling round the thick shaft my red lip sticked lips parted and I tasted the end of his cock, slowly at first working my lips and tongue around his swollen helmet before lifting his cock and licking down his long shaft to his balls, my hand gently wanking his cock as I licked, sucked and nuzzled his balls taking each in turn into my hot mouth and letting them go with a load suck. I licked and kissed back up his shaft my hand pushing his meaty cock into my face, I started sucking long and hard on his cock my wet mouth making his shaft glisten. My hand wanking as my mouth sucked hard and noisily on his hard thick cock, I spat on his cock and rubbed it in looking up at him as I did.

He reached down and squeezed my tits and pinched my nipples again a little whimper escaping my mouth as tried to force more cock into my mouth a moan escaping his mouth as well, I looked up to see his head back and his eyes shut my hand twisting up and down on his cock following my mouth, my tongue wrapping wound the ridge of his helmet. I lent back and spat into the valley between my tits then pushing them together rubbing the spit between them as I positioned his cock between them. Deej didn't need asking twice and he started to thrust at my tits, the head coming through and to my mouth as his balls slapped against me. I could feel my pussy becoming wetter and wetter and just longing for some attention, he pulled his cock back and slapped my big tits with his cock as I ran a hand between my legs to the sheer material of my skimpy G-string; the material was wet as I started rubbing my clit through the material. I started wanking his cock with my other hand faster and faster into my mouth as I pushed harder and harder on my clit through the material.

Deej pulled me to my feet and pulled my g-string to the side and slid his two middle fingers deep inside me curling them forward hard and fast over and over again and I came there and then on his fingers, my pussy clamping and trying to milk them, my legs going weak and shaking. He held me up as my hole body shock and trembled my eyes shut my mouth slightly open his tongue was then in my mouth tangling with my tongue, I kissed him back and opened my eyes a string of spit hanging from mine to his mouth.

"Fuck me now!" I said hornily turning round to lean over the glass dining room table, I put one leg up on the table and looked back at him as he approached me slowly wanking his big black cock. He slapped my bum with it before rubbing my pussy with it, I pushed back towards him and he pulled away with a little grin on his face before he stepped forward and with an easy move pushed the tip of his cock inside me. I gasped as he pushed into me looking back at him, his hands on my hips as he pushed further in until he was all inside me, filling me, I'd never felt anything like it and I loved it, he pulled back and then slammed back into me. We got into a steady rhythm his cock feeling great in me and I was well on my way to another orgasm, I reached between my legs and started rubbing my clit again pushing back on his cock harder and faster and faster, my breath caught in my throat, my eyes closed and my back arched until I was cumming on his cock. My pussy clamping and trying to milk his cock as I pushed back and held myself there, my hand on his bum my nails digging in, my whole body writhing and grinding on his cock.

He pulled his cock out my juices looking good on his cock making a tide mark at the base. I got off the table my body leaving a sweaty imprint on the glass. He laid me down on the floor and I tweaked my own nipples as I watched Deej with cock in hand kneel down between my legs and guide his hard cock into my slick, sticky pussy. He pushed my legs high and wide and began fucking me well again, I couldn't take my eyes off of him, watching the muscles flexing and moving under his skin, his big black cock sliding into my wet white pussy with his sweaty balls slapping against me, my tits swaying back and forth under his momentum I pushed them together which seemed to spur him on even more. He was grunting and groaning more and more and more until he pulled his cock out of my pussy and held the end of it and stood over me and jerked it forward, a long stream of thick spunk flew out of his cock and splattered in between my eyes making me flinch, another stream flew straight into my open mouth and another, another splattered my right cheeks, another hit my forehead, another landing in my hair, two spurts covered my tits rolling down the side in between my tits, he was still wanking furiously cum flying over my face and tits, I could feel cum running all over my face and neck and landing on my tits. He finally finished cumming and I swallowed what I had in my mouth before reaching up and taking his cock in my hand and propping myself up on one elbow I took his cock in my mouth and sucked the last few drops of cum out and then licked down his sticky shaft, cleaning my juices off for him.

Deej looked down at me and smiled "If only I had my camera" he said

"Well I suppose we'll have to do this again then........soon" I replied licking up cum off of my tits

"Definitely! I best be going I actually do have things to do"

"Apart from fucking white women?"

"Apart from fucking beautiful white women" He said getting dressed, taking his parcel and leaving me in a sticky mess on the floor using my fingers to scoop up the cum and drop it into my mouth.

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