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'So tell me, Robert'

She paused; her tongue flickered across her lips,

'Just how much are you willing to learn?'

Saying this, she rose from behind her mahogany desk and moved towards the nearby filling cabinet. I caught my breath, and my first full view of her outrageously proportioned, uniformed body. She bent from the waist to retrieve a file, knowing full well I'm sure, the effect this created.

I sat speechless, mouth open. My view was from the side and I gazed in wonderment at the sight of her.

Throughout the whole interview I had had to force my eyes away from her magnificent cleavage only to find myself drowning in her deep, sultry, hazel eyes. Up until this point those had been her most attractive features, she was neither young nor particularly good looking, she was in fact quite plain, but to me, and I have no doubt to a great many others she was very desirable.

In her present position her tits filled, and strained the top of her 'matron' uniform, her skirts risen slightly revealed more of her heavily thighed, stockinged legs and I'm sure she was enjoying my discomfiture through a sidelong glance behind the curtain of her shoulder length brown hair.

After a few seconds (minutes?) of silence matron, maintaining the pose, and holding her hair away from her face looked from my feet, lingering at my mounting erection, and eventually travelling to hold my eyes enquired; 'Well?'

'Yes' I replied.

This ridiculous answer caused her to turn, still bending, still holding her hair, still straining her uniformed jugs to give me an almost unencumbered sight of her womanly charms. I continued staring, she smiled and standing slowly, pointing to her face said 'Talk to ME Robert'

I coughed, embarrassed, attempting to adjust my position to ease the strain on the front of my trousers her smile broadened, she took a step towards me and lifting her hand to stroke my hair almost whispered 'Don't be shy'

I smiled nervous, she turned, I took the opportunity to straighten and ease my almost fully erect cock which had started (I'm sure) visibly throbbing at the sight of her almost mesmerising, full, rounded arse as she made her way to her side of the desk.

'I'm sure after you've worked here a few months your shyness will be cured.' She grinned, her eyes flashed, 'Now tell me how you came to find out about this position?'

How could I? How could I explain that I'd heard about the this job from one of her elderly residents, who I'd picked up at the local pub last week on 'grab-a-granny' night and who had happened to mention, after she had given me a sound fucking in the door way of this very building, had happened to mention that 'there would be lots more of that available' if I came to work there.

Actually, I couldn't believe my luck that night, usually I would stroll down to the pub at about 9pm and there would be the usual compliment of middle-aged housewives out with their friends (or on one very rewarding night a mother who after cumming quickly after a vigorous fuck, holding on to the sink in the 'ladies' instructed me to 'wait two minutes' and subsequently returned to introduce me to her daughter who would like to try 'bottom love' for the first time then produced lubricant and watched and wanked herself while I fucked her daughter up the arse and whom I never saw again)

On these 'grab-a-granny' nights it was very easy indeed to pick up a bored housewife out for a quick thrill, walk them home, and on the way stop off at one of many 'love locations' most often standing up and finding your way into a very warm, wet and willing cunt, if her friend hadn't pulled she would stand lookout, often watching the fun, sometimes asking for her turn and on one or two occasions joining in. Last year for a period of about 4 months I found myself walking home with the same ladies quite regularly, her friend never seemed to pull, indeed fended off quite a few would be lotharios, but every time she would take the opportunity to release her friends braless, big nippled, swinging titties and suck them voraciously. I'd be there sticking my cock in to her hairy hole and her friend would be there sucking on those middle aged tits frigging herself with her hand, and eventually, after several weeks she would let me finger fuck her while I cock fucked her friend, but never would she ask or allow me to give her a shag. Hmmm.

Back to the story.

I'd arrived at the pub hoping to grab-a-granny (it wasn't always certain) greeting friends on the way in, standing at the bar, chatting and drinking, surveying the room, when my mate pointed out a well dressed silver haired, woman, not the usual frowsy, out for a good time housewife.

‘She’s followed you since you walked in the door’

As soon as I looked into her eyes she returned my gaze, touched her hair, and recrossed her legs, smiling, she lowered her eyes before quickly glancing back and then putting her attention elsewhere.

I eventually found myself seated opposite this rather elderly, demure woman of an age to be mother to anyone else in the room. We chatted, joked, questioned and answered. I went to the bar to get more drinks whilst she went to the ladies room. She had returned before I had got the drinks and was looking into my eyes as I walked over to the separate, slightly raised area where our table was. She indicated with her eyes, glancing down and then briefly widening her lids, I looked and almost stumbled over the first step. Beneath the table she slowly crossed and uncrossed her legs revealing stocking tops, six inches of white flesh and a dark bushy mound.

As I approached, she indicated the seat next to her.

‘Am I naughty?’ She asked, squeezing my thigh.

‘Yes’ I replied, ‘You are a naughty old woman who should be in bed at this time of night, not flashing your hairy crotch at young men in a pub’

She actually blushed.

‘I know… I’ve never done this before and I feel really wicked. Let’s drink up and you can walk me home’

Saying this she drained her glass of gin with a dash of tonic rose to her feet and stared into my eyes.

‘Do I have to wait for you outside or can you walk out with me?’

The usual course for early evening departure was that one of us would leave and walking slowly, wait a few minutes for the other to catch up. I had ascertained the lady’s free agency earlier and was quite willing for us to leave together, and so we did.

Walking home we spoke of this and that and taking quite a few opportunities in the course of conversation she would ask things like; ‘Do you usually get a shag when you walk women home?’ or ‘Do you prefer shaved of hairy?’

The tension, and my cock, rose in anticipation.

Eventually we arrived at her doorstep and I was mightily impressed by the size of her residence, my flat would have fitted into the porch of the house.

She fished her keys out of the her jacket pocket, turned, smiled and asked;

‘Well?’ Her eyes flashed. ‘Don’t I get a goodnight kiss?’

I leaned forward, our mouths joined, her lips parted and I tasted her gin laden tongue as it found its sinuous way in to taste mine.

As if this was a signal she placed her hands on my chest keeping her lips locked with mine and pushed me three, four then five paces into a narrow recess away from the door.

Then her arms were around my neck one hand across my back the other in my hair pulling me on to her passionate mouth. Her large breasts flattened against my chest, her groin sliding and circling hard against mine.

Her hands worked down my back, kneeding, squeezing, caressing. She began humping the bulge in my trousers then, reaching down, swiftly adjusted my throbbing cock the better to grind herself against. My hands sought her behind and pulled her, holding tight, harder against my stiff prick. She gasped with the effort then took my hand and leaning slightly back slid it up her hip, her waist and onto her left breast. The fingers of my left hand, on her backside, worked her skirt up until I was holding her bare arse, I moaned into her fervently open mouth. We ravished each other this way for an eternity.

My fingers somehow found her soaking pussy from behind and the tip of the middle finger slipped into the wet folds. This served to intensify her wildly gyrating hip grinding, wanking herself against my raging cock and probing finger.

She broke away, panting.

‘Now I’m going to fuck you’ she breathed

So saying she moved half a pace back and quickly unzipped the straining fly of my trousers, undid the clasp of the waistband then deftly released my pre-cum covered dick.

‘Mmmmmmm’ She sighed

I groaned.

She pulled up her skirts and tucking the hem into the waistband, looked into my eyes as she proudly showed off her hairy twat.

‘You did say you liked a full bushy cunt. Didn’t you?’

I could only nod in agreement.

Then she pulled up her thin sweater leaving only her arms encased, took hold of the underside of her filled to overflowing bra and pulled this up releasing her tits to the air which bounced downwards then hung tantalising in full view.

‘And you’ll want to have a suck on these, yes?’

‘Ooh yes’

‘Well first things first.’ She intoned

Taking hold of my stiff rod in one hand she held it angled downwards and stepping forward raised herself to her toes, put her other hand onto my shoulder, then softly eased my engorged cock between the lips of her twat and began stroking up and down the slit of that furry cunt.

I placed my hands inside her skirted hips as she pressed forward and engulfed my shaft.

She rocked onto her heels and stood looking into my eyes, panting. She removed her hand from my deeply embedded cock and drove her hips against mine sending my cock balls-deep.

With her now free hand she cupped her pendulous tit and, flicking her already stiffened nipples with her thumb offered her breast to my mouth. As soon as my teeth closed about her nipple she began fucking me hard.

Panting heavily and grunting with every thrust she worked herself into a frenzy of lust with deliberate and precisely timed lunges, until almost without warning she jammed her cunt hard around my cock and with small gyrating motions orgasmed, pulling my face into her jugs as she came. For minutes she pressed hard, grinding her pussy onto my groin slowing, panting and shivering.

Eventually; ‘Well that was good for me now, what about you? Eh?’

With those words leaving her red engorged lips she began to fuck me with a regular faster rhythm asking all the time; ‘What about this?’ , ‘Is this what you want?’ , ‘Fucking an old woman eh?’ , ‘Having your cock in someones grandmother?’ , ‘Eh?’ , ‘Fucking an old womans cunt with your big cock?’ , ‘Sticking your dick in a hairy old twat?’

It didn’t take me very long before I emptied my sac full of spunk into her hot wet pussy.

She waited until I’d subsided before she stepped back, bent down and sucked my cock end clean.

Where upon this distressingly gorgeous creature turned towards the door and unlocking it stepped inside, where she turned and stage whispered, ‘There’d be lots more of that if you came to work here’

So here I am. Being interviewed for a job in a place I didn’t know existed by a huge titted, uniformed matron who, it seems, is as horny as her elderly clients. Nice work if you can get it.

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