Nicely Framed


It was a great night for the beach. Dick and I had watched the sun go down, then wandered off the beach into the trees a bit to find a place to smoke a joint. Dope, the beach, and sunsets all make me horny, so by halfway through the joint I was stroking Dick's cock through his trunks, and he had my swimsuit top pulled out of the way playing with my tits.

By the time we finished the joint, my mouth was watering, so I slipped to my knees in the soft sand and pulled out Dick's cock so I could get my mouth around it. I knew we didn't have enough privacy for a good fuck, but I thought a quick blowjob would get my juices flowing, then I could play on the way home, and Dick would be ready for more fun by the time we got there.

Dick kept a watch through the woods as I licked and nibbled his balls, then I leaned back and looked up at him as I jerked him against my tits. "I want some cum, baby," I moaned. "Your little girl's hungry and I need you to feed me." His only reply was to wrap his fingers in my hair and slide his cock deep down my throat.

I leaned into it and wrapped my hands around his asscheeks, pushing and pulling to encourage him to fuck my face hard and fast, the way I like it. I tickled his balls with my fingertips, and felt them contract. The slight risk of discovery had me sucking and licking like a million-dollar whore, and Dick was rock-hard and leaking pre-cum. As he face fucked me, he told me what a nasty slut I was, out sucking cock in the woods like a little tramp that got picked up on the beach by a stranger. He knows that's a fantasy that goes right to my pussy and makes me a better cocksucker, and he was right as usual. I got even wilder, moaning around his cock and playing with his asshole, sending him quickly over the edge.

Just as I felt his cock start to jerk, I pulled him out of my mouth and held my tongue at the tip of his cock. I looked up at him with a spark in my eye, and that was all it took for him to shoot stream after stream of hot, gooey cum on my tongue and down my throat. I swallowed and licked him clean, then straightened my swimsuit as I got to my feet. We headed back to the car arm in arm, thoughts of the great sex ahead running through us, keeping us both near boiling.

As Dick let me into the car, I noticed a patrolman walking through the parking lot. I've always had a thing for men in uniform, so I watched as he sauntered along, looking very confident and authoritative, one hand hanging loosely by his gun belt. the other carrying something, his leather boots picking up the glint of the parking lot lights. By the time Dick got in the car, the policeman was at our car. He stepped up to my window and gestured, so I rolled down my window to see what he wanted.

"Good evening, folks, have you had a nice time on the beach today? We like to know people are happy here."

I smiled back at him, glad this was just a bored cop looking for a conversation and nothing was wrong.. "Yes, thank you. It was a lovely night for a walk, and the beach is so relaxing."

"Yes, it is... but not as relaxing as joint you just smoked and that blowjob you just got, right, Mister?" The look of surprise on Dick's face was matched by my own, I'm sure, and the officer chuckled as he continued. He held up the gadget in his hand. "Pretty neat, huh? This is a no-light camera the force just got, and you'd be surprised how good it is. I blushed as a color picture appeared on the camera, me kneeling in front of Dick, bobbing my head. I could hear my slurping and Dick's nasty talk in the background... and then the camera zoomed in for a closeup of me catching that hot cum in my mouth, and as scared as I was I felt my pussy swimming in my juices.

I shifted my gaze to the patrolman as the video ended, his bold smirk half-scary, half a turn-on. "I expect you know that marijuana gets you jail time around here, don't you?"

That's when Dick spoke up. "That wasn't a joint, it was a cigarette. The video doesn't show any different." I knew he'd tossed the roach in the ocean on the way back to the car, so there was no proof. We were always careful that way, never driving with pot in the car if we were stoned.

The cop glared at Dick. "Okay, Mr. Smartass, how do you explain that ounce of pot, then?" The cop asked.

"What ounce of pot?" Dick asked. The officer reached into a back pocket, then tossed a plastic bag of grass on my lap. I felt a sinking sensation as I finally realized just what position we were in. I looked at Dick and could see that he realized it too, and wasn't going to argue about it with the player that held all the aces.

"Ok," Dick said, "You win. What is it you want from us? You don't have any reason to want us locked up, so there must be a bargaining chip here somewhere. How much?"

The cop laughed. "I don't want your money. That would be a bribe. I just want to help the lady out, that's all."

Now it was my turn. "What do you mean, help me out? I don't need help with anything." The cop fiddled with the camera again, then I watched on the screen as I went into cocksucker overdrive when Dick started calling me a tramp and talking about me blowing a stranger. I felt my face go even redder from both embarrassment and anger as I watched, and I tried to protest. "You can't do this... it's illegal... it's just a fantasy anyway, I don't want that to happen... I don't want your 'help,'"

This arrogant cop really had a smirk on his face by now. "Listen, you little tramp. Even through that swimsuit, I can see that your nipples are hard as rocks. Your face is flushed, and your mouth is watering just from the thought. Don't try to bullshit me." He grinned maliciously, then suddenly shifted gears. "Ok, maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I misread you and I should just let you go."

I smiled demurely at him. "Thank you officer, I'm so glad you understand."

The wolf's smirk returned. "But I want proof," he said. If your pussy's not wet, I'll let you go, and we'll forget about the whole thing. Fair enough?" The question sent a jolt through my pussy that was the last thing I needed. The sick bastard knew he had me, and was humiliating me even further by making us all aware of it. I knew I was soaked, much more than would be accounted for by our ocean swim some time before. At that moment, I was never so glad that I was married to a man like Dick, and that I never hid my desires or fantasies from him.

I looked at Dick, but it was plain on his face that he knew the answer to that one, and he wasn't going to waste time trying to lie to the cop and just get him pissed off. I knew it was over... but I couldn't make myself surrender to it. I lowered my eyes from the oficer's steady gaze and moaned inwardly as I recognized the inevitabilty of the situation. I glanced toward Dick and knew there would be no salvation from that direction... although I couldn't see his face without lifting my own, I could tell that his cock was hard in his pants. Besides, he'd been the one talking about my fantasy during the blowjob, giving the cop the ammunition he needed for his little blackmail scheme.

The patrolman reached in the car window, and I flinched before I realized he was reaching for the bag of pot he'd thrown in the car earlier. As he wrapped his hand around the bag, I felt his fingertips brush the crotch of my suit, and a groan escaped my lips before I could catch it. The cop and Dick both chuckled when they heard that, and I knew further protests would get nothing but laughs. I looked back at the cop and saw the certainty in his eyes.

"That's one hot little bitch you've got, Mister." he said, as he picked up the pot and put it back in his pocket.

"Yeah, she's a lot to handle sometimes," Dick said, "I have to show her who's boss from time to time."

The cop grabbed the door handle and pulled the door open as he ordered both of us out of the car. "You might as well go along, Mister, so you don't try something funny while we're gone. I think you'll enjoy the show, anyway." He placed a hand in the small of my back and guided me along the path to the woods, back the way we had come just a short time before. My knees were weak, with fear and anticipation in some mix I couldn't analyze. I could feel my juices trying to escape from the crotch of my suit and run down my leg.

I decided to break the tension if I could, and maybe delay the inevitable. "What's your name?" I asked the officer. "I don't know what to call you, and I noticed you'd taken your name badge off."

He chuckled as he led me along the path. "Oh, I think you can just call me officer, or Sir," he said, "That will help you keep the 'stranger' part of the fantasy. Names don't really matter anyway, do they? Whatever my name is, you're going to be on your knees in front of me shortly." A shiver ran through me as he finished his little lecture.

He walked us into an area of the woods we hadn't explored before, where a fallen tree made a little bench on the sand. He sat on the bench and captured me between his knees. I made a half-hearted attempt to squirm free, and he smacked me quickly across the face. He watched as he did, and saw the fire and lust that triggered reflected on my face. "Ah, you like it rough, you little tramp?" He looked to the side, and I glanced over to see Dick setting on a stump nearby. "Does she like it rough, Mister?" Dick just snickered and grinned, and I knew I was in trouble.

He pushed me to my knees between his legs, and I shuddered as he grabbed my chin and turned my face to his. He grabbed my wrist with one hand as he reached to his belt with the other. "I like my bitches in chains," he said as he snapped a handcuff on my wrist. "I'll leave them in front since you'll need them," he said, as he cuffed my other wrist. After I was cuffed, he twisted the chain someway, and I twisted to follow, bent across one of his knees, the other knee against the back of my thighs holding me in place. He began to spank my ass with his free hand, calling me a nasty little girl who needed to be punished for what she was so excited about being forced to do. While he spanked me, he made Dick promise to punish me frequently for blowing a stranger at the beach, and I heard Dick promise. It made me so hot, knowing Dick was watching everything and would humilate me with it for a long time in the future. Finally, he stopped spanking me and turned me to face him again, still trapped between his legs.

He locked eyes with me again, and I sensed his hands moving to my shoulders, tugging at the straps of my swimsuit, pulling it out and down to expose my tits to his horny gaze. He licked his lips and grinned as he grabbed my manacled hands and guided them to his belt buckle.

I knew then that there would be no escape. I struggled with myself, one part wanting to get this over with, the other part reveling in the sluttiness of it all and wanting to drag it out. The slut won, and I leaned forward and rubbed my cheeks against the bulge in his pants as I worked on the belt buckle. As I slid up his zipper line, I waited to feel his cockhead slide by my cheek so I'd have some idea what was under there. I slid past not bad, medium, and large without feeling the head, and shuddered as I passed huge with no end yet. I was almost at his buckle before I felt the fat head under my cheek, and the buckle opened. I leaned back and reached for the button on his pants, unsnapping it as I got a good look at the bulge under his pants. I gingerly grasped the zipper and slid it slowly down, watching his underwear bulge through the opening as the monster he had in his pants struggled to free itself.

I stroked his cock through his underwear, shivering with anticipation at what was about to happen. True to form, I was soaking wet at both ends, my mouth and my pussy flowing with lubrication in defense of his massive shaft. I looked over at Dick, and he was watching intently, his cock obviously hard in his trunks.

"Ok, enough stalling," the cop said as he lifted his hips from his seat. I grasped the sides of his pants and underwear and pulled them down, freeing his cock. It was long, over 9 inches, but not much thicker than Dick's, which is thick for it's size. Against my wishes, my mouth was watering as I saw the pre-cum glistening on the tip. I reached out my hands and wrapped them both around around it, with room left over. I stroked it expertly as I made one more try to save myself. "How about a really great hand job as a compromise?" I heard myself ask.

In reply, the policeman reached back and began to weave his fingers through my hair. When I felt them thoroughly tangled, he began to slowly pull me forward, and I opened my mouth, straining forward to reach him with my tongue. He held me just out of reach, and my hands were still working, pumping the pre-cum out, making my mouth run with saliva in anticipation.

"Ah, now she wants it," he moaned, grinning down at me. "Do you want it, or would you rather go to jail?"

"Yes," I responded, barely speaking. He smacked me across the face again.

"Speak up, bitch! I want to hear you beg for it. I want your husband to hear you beg for it so he can punish you for it later."

"Oh, please, don't make me beg," I responded, "Please just shut up and let me suck that big cock down my throat." He smacked me again. "Please, officer," I begged immediately, "please will you slide that big cock in my mouth and let me suck it and lick it?" The pressure on my hair eased and I darted forward to lick the precum from the tip, getting the first taste of this stranger's cock. I slurped the pre-cum up greedily, then took the head of his cock in my mouth and began to work it seriously with my tongue, my hands sliding quickly up and down the shaft. As I worked it, I bobbed deeper with each stroke, wondering how much of this monster I could swallow, hot to have my mouth filled with meat.

I was lost in the heat of this cock in my mouth, barely aware anymore of where I was, or even who I was... there was only this monster invading my mouth, and I was willingly aiding in the invasion, my pussy pulsing with the sheer heat of the whole situation. I felt the cop slide his hands down to caress my throat and tits, and moaned around his cock as he twisted my nipples in his fingers.

I slid my hands down to tickle and tug at his huge balls, and felt them tight against his crotch, nearly ready to release their load already. Sluttishly, I slid his cock from my mouth to prolong the adventure just a little longer, hefting the massive cock so I could slip beneath it to lick his balls as I continued to stroke. He was humping my hands now, driving that massive cock between them, too far gone to stop. I licked my way up to the head again, knowing somehow that if I wasn't there at the right time, I'd have to do it all over again... and tempted to fail in just that way for just that reason. Lust battled with lust, and the lust to feed won out I opened my mouth wide and took him deep, my hands still stroking, and dragged my tongue along the bottom of his cock, milking it.

I heard him groan and felt his cock jerk, and swallowed in anticipation. His cock jerked again, and I felt the cum splash against the back of my throat. I took him deeper with each shot, feeling the cum lubricate my throat, filling my mouth and trying to escape. I swallowed hungrily, wanting to get every drop. Finally, the deluge ended, and I licked the cop's cock clean as I pulled it slowly from my mouth as I listened to him trying to catch his breath.

I looked at Dick, his cock still hard in his trunks, and felt more a slut, more a tramp than ever. I looked up at the cop and licked the cum from my lips, causing his cock to quiver again as it started to soften in my hands. I held my hands out and the officer wordlessly unlocked the handcuffs. I stood up and pulled up my suit, smiling at my wicked adventure.

I walked toward Dick, then turned and spoke to the cop. "I've also got a fantasy about whoring... If you're here a week from today with that ounce of pot again, I'll fuck you for it." I winked, and grinned, and walked off toward the car with Dick, rubbing his cock and anticipating my punishments and rewards for being such a nasty girl.

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