tagLoving WivesNicholas and Hailey Ch. 01

Nicholas and Hailey Ch. 01


((Guys and gals, this story was my first attempt at writing erotic stories, and it wasn't all that great last time. So, I would like to thank Literotica for posting my work. I would also like to thank my editor, Chunks. He is a great writer, and I suggest that you also read his stories as well. They are located here: www.literotica.com/stories/memberpage.php?uid=268789&page=submissions))


I woke up in my office chair, slightly stiff after having fallen asleep in front of the computer yet again. I glanced at the clock: good, only 6:00 AM. I logged back into the computer and quickly checked email, then grabbed my baseball cap and walked out into the engine bay. I looked over my truck, Engine #7, to make sure that it was good to go for the next platoon. As the lieutenant on the truck I made it my responsibility to do this every day. I smiled as I looked back at my old seat on the rig. When I'd started my career as a firefighter here in Cumberland Ridge, this had been the first truck I was assigned to. Now just twelve years later I was its lieutenant.

Everything looked good so I walked over to the kitchen to eat breakfast with the guys. I was just finishing when my cell phone rang. I scooted my chair back and walked outside to answer it.

"'Morning Hailey. How's my girl?" Hailey is my wonderful wife of six years. She works for the police department and usually calls me as soon as her shift is over. It's often the case that she pulls nights and her shifts end at about the same time as my three-day tours.

Her beautiful voice answered, "Hey, Honey, whatcha doin' right now?"

"Right now I'm about to head home to my wife. Why?"

"Oh, good. I need you to fix something here."

"What's broken, Hale?"

"Oh, nothing really, just a burned out light bulb."

"Okay, I'll be there shortly. Love you."

"Love you too."

I hung up, grabbed the rest of my stuff, said goodbye to the guys, and headed for my truck.

There was a bit of traffic until I made it out into the suburbs, then it was smooth sailing. When I got to my house I tossed my keys on the counter, dropped my duffle bag next to the stairs, and sighed. Always good to be home.

"Honey, I'm home!" I called out. I heard a muffled response from upstairs and I walked up to find her. She was in the bathroom looking at the lights above the mirror. I walked over to her and gave her a big hug from behind. She quickly pulled away and turned to face me, one hand on my chest keeping me at arm's length.

"Sweetie, I love you, but you stink right now! You smell like the smoked turkey we had for Thanksgiving last year."

I laughed. "We had a house fire yesterday and I was inside. I did take a shower and I can't smell it on me."

"You're just used to it. You need another shower."

"Yeah, okay. Just let me change your light bulb first and then I'll take one, okay?"

"You're my hero."

I grabbed a spare light bulb out of the closet and brought it back to the bathroom. I unscrewed the old one, tossed it, and watched the new one light up as I screwed it in. I did an exaggerated 'Gee, that was a lot of work' brushing together of my hands.

"I know, I know," she said. "But try doing that when you're as short as I am."

I laughed. "Well, I still need my 'welcome home' hug and now you also owe me a 'fixed light bulb' hug, so I'm going to grab that shower now, Babe." She watched as I stripped naked and climbed into the shower. I made the water nice and hot and soaped myself repeatedly, trying to get rid of the smell of smoke. I shampooed my short blonde hair a couple of times, rinsed, and turned off the water. When I got out, Hailey was gone along with my dirty clothes. I toweled myself dry and put on some deodorant and cologne. 'That should do it,' I thought.

I walked naked to our bedroom, grabbed a clean pair of jeans and a fire department t-shirt, and got dressed. Hailey wasn't there so I went downstairs to find her and maybe watch some football. I turned on the family room television and searched the cable guide until I found a good SEC game and flipped to that channel. Hailey came into the room just as I plopped down on the couch. She walked over and sat next to me with her head leaning against my chest. She inhaled deeply.

"You smell like you again," she said.

I stroked her red hair, and she smiled and looked up at me. I smiled back at her, then we both turned back to the game.

A few minutes later, I felt myself starting to get hard as Hailey's right hand began tracing the outline of my cock through my jeans.

"Someone in here is touching someone else in a workplace-inappropriate manner," I said.

I could hear the smile in her voice as she said, "Thank goodness that someone and someone else aren't in a workplace." She started rubbing my erection in earnest.

I let out a soft moan and looked down to find her smiling up at me.

"God that feels good, Baby," I said. My cock looked like someone had shoved a steel rod down my jeans.

She chuckled as she rubbed.

"Mr. Happy certainly seems to agree with you."

"Mr. Happy?"

"Hey, if I can't give him a name I'm going to stop doing this."

"Mr. Happy it is."

"Smart boy," she said as she opened my jeans and knelt before me. She made eye contact with me as her mouth enveloped my hard eight inch cock. I moaned as Hailey's talented tongue worked the underside of my erection.

The announcer got excited and loud as a running back broke it for a long one. I looked up, suddenly remembering there was a game on. I felt a big, beaming smile appear on my face. A good football game on TV and the hottest woman in the world sucking my dick. I wasn't sure how this day could get any more man-friendly.

I looked back at Hailey as she began to stroke me at the base and bob her head up and down over the rest of my cock. Her free hand was rubbing her pussy through her pants. I threw my head back and moaned as I felt my cock hit the back of her throat. I had to fight to hold my cum in as she pulled off of me and smiled.

"Feel good, Sexy?" she asked.

"God, Baby... When did you learn to do that?" I said between deep breaths.

She looked up at me and made a face. "Nicholas, I've been sucking on your big dick for over six years now. Don't you think I've learned how to get you off?"

"Not THAT fast," I said. "You're like some kind of lethal blowjob ninja this morning."

"Honey, I need you to do another favor for me, and you've already got the perfect tool for it right here," she said as her right hand began to stroke me again.

"Hmmm, what could this favor possibly entail?"

"I need you to come upstairs with me and fuck me senseless, is what it entails. Are you and Mr. Happy up for it?"

"You bet we are. We likely won't last long, though; we've been without for three days and nights."

"You won't have to last long. Remember, I've been without for three days and nights, too. Follow me." Her hand never left my cock as we walked upstairs.

In the bedroom we paused for a long, deep kiss. Then her hand was back on my cock as she reached down and finished shucking me out of my jeans and boxers. Doing this put her on her knees again so when she had my jeans off she simply resumed sucking my cock. I took my shirt off as I felt myself get closer to cumming. I pull her up off of her knees and kissed her again.

"You were going to make me cum," I said.

"So? I want you to. You know that you can cum on my face and in my mouth."

"Babe, I want your pussy," I said as I gently pushed her onto the bed. I quickly stripped her, watching raptly as each disappearing article of clothing revealed more square inches of naked Hailey. I paused in between each piece of clothing to kiss her again. When I freed her big beautiful tits, I couldn't help but take them into my hands and give each nipple a light squeeze. Hailey moaned and shivered and began rubbing her pussy again. I sucked as much of her left breast as I could get into my mouth and flicked my tongue back and forth across her nipple. She moaned again, grabbed my cock, and tried to pull me down into her.

I chuckled. "You hussy. Just can't get enough of this dick, can you?"

"No, I can't. It's so big and hard and makes me feel so good. Now please, mister, get with the fucking already!" She pushed me onto my back and straddled me.

I watched her face as she mounted me. Her eyes were squeezed shut in concentration and we both moaned as my thick cock slowly slid into her tight, young pussy. When she finally had all of me inside of her she paused, letting herself adjust to my size. Then she put her hands on my chest and began to move, sliding up and down my shaft. I watched her big tits bounce and could hear the sound of her wetness as she impaled herself again and again and made our bodies slap together. I reached up and sucked in one nipple as I tweaked the other one with my fingers. She moaned and reached down to rub her clit. I moaned right back as she ground her pussy onto my cock. She was so slick and warm and felt so good. I could feel the faint tingling that signaled an approaching orgasm.

"Your big cock feels so good in my pussy, Nicholas," she panted.

"Your pussy feels like heaven," I said. "I'm going to cum."

"Please make me cum first. Please, Baby!"

I rolled us both over, never slipping out of her. I pulled her to the edge of the bed and gave her what I knew worked best for her: I started hammering her hard while thumbing her clit. Her legs locked around my ass as I pounded into her. The tingling wasn't so faint anymore and I was afraid I was going to lose it and cum first, leaving her hanging.

Then her eyes squeezed shut and her body tensed and I smiled. Got her.

"Nicholas, I'm CUMMING!!!!" she yelled as I continued thrusting, playing with her clit, and tweaking her nipples. She came long and hard, yelling "Fuck!" and "Oh, God" over and over.

I realized that I was right behind her.

"Cumming, Hale. Where do you want it?"

Still coming down from her own orgasm, it took her a moment to understand. Then: "In my pussy! Cum inside me! Give me your big fucking load in my tight little cunt!"

Her dirty talk sent me over the edge and I yelled and pushed deep inside her and stayed there as I started spurting. Waves of pleasure washed over me.

"Oh yeah, that's it Nicholas, give me that big, hard cock. I can feel your cum inside me! It feels so fucking good!"

I fell forward onto her, breathing heavily, momentarily exhausted. She smiled as she watched me recover.

After a while she said, "You know Babe, we could watch the game in here."

She rolled away from me to reach for the remote. My cock slipped out of her and I chuckled as her pussy immediately started leaking my cum onto the sheet.

"Um, Hailey, you're making a big wet spot."

She looked down and laughed. "And just whose fault is that?" she said.

She held her hand over her pussy to stop the leak while I fetched a small towel. She made a little post-coital diaper with it, then made a show of slowly licking my cum off one of her fingers. She made an 'Eww' face.

"What?" I said.

"Tastes like smoke."

I stared at her wide-eyed until she cracked up in laughter.

"Just kidding. It tastes like you. My big sexy husband," she said, and I watched as she licked the rest of her hand clean. Improbably, my cock twitched in response. She dropped to her knees and smiled as she looked up at me.

"Wanna go again, Nicholas?"

God, this was going to be a great day.

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