tagErotic HorrorNick and Rebecca Two at Once Ch. 03-04

Nick and Rebecca Two at Once Ch. 03-04


Becca did as she was asked, removing her hand from her Mum's body. Helen stepped away a few steps and re-fastened the strap on, making it tight and secure, and to also give Becca room. As she bent over she noticed something missing, and from the corner of her eye she noticed Nick was still pumping his cock, that was probably it - Helen wanted her mouth and pussy to be fucked at the same time. Becca bent over and made sure to angle her bottom so that Helen could ram the dildo into her arse or pussy, but Becca saw a glimmer in her Mum's eyes.

"Nick!" came the sudden shout from Helen, who looked up and both saw Helen and Becca looking at him. Nick stopped pumping his now bare cock, not worrying about the mess he would cause. His cock was slick with pre-come"Yep?"

"Would you like a certain someone-" Helen pointed to Becca -"to suck you off?" "Sure," Nick replied, placing both of his hands around his cock, using both thumbs and index fingers of each hand to hold it in place.

Heien rammed the dildo into Becca's pussy, as Becca moaned loudly,the 17" dildo filling her, and pressed herself against Becca, whispering: "You heard the man. Suck him off." With Helen inside of her they both wiggled over to where Nick was sitting. Becca bent down again and took Nick's cock in her mouth. She bobbed up and down on his cock just as Helen began to push against her, moving the dildo in and out of her. Nick moaned as once again his wife began to give him a blowjob, though he wasn't far off shooting a load. He would come into her mouth, Nick decided, as Becca became both Helen's and Nick's sex slave. Becca moaned but it came out muffled due to the obvious. Helen kept on fucking her from behind, thrusting the dildo in deep.

Nick reached his hands out to grab Becca's tits, her nipples erect and her tits firm. He groaned slightly, and moved his hands from her tits to rest on her head, pushing down with great force. He could feel that familiar tension in his cock again, thinking that it was perhaps too soon, but Becca was bobbing up and down with great force now, excited by the 17" dildo filling her pussy. He moaned loudly, closing his eyes and tilted his head backwards, not being able to hold his load in anymore. Helen saw the signs of Nick's orgasm oncoming, and thrust harder into Becca's pussy from behind, wanting to see Nick come. Nick moaned loudly again, at his limit, and started to thrust upwards into Becca' mouth. "I'm coming!" he moaned loudly and groaned, and Becca stopped to let Nick come, her eyes wide open in shock, and Nick started shooting a massive load into Becca's mouth - some of hit the back of her mouth, and the last few drops spilled out onto he floor.

Nick sighed happily, this being the second time he had one into his wife's mouth, and Becca withdrew her head from Nick's cock, his come spilling out, and now it began.

Helen pulled her roughly away, and shoved her head down onto the sofa, fucking her wildly, her hands gripping her arse for support. Becca moaning loudly each time the dildo brought new waves of pleasure to her body; her legs ached from having to stand for so long.

Nick stared in post-orgasmic bliss, idly stroking his limp cock, and he swore he could still feel his wife's lips...

Story idea #2, part 4: the finale!

Helen fucked Becca relentlessly with the dildo, pulling in and out with amazing force, the dildo making wet sounds as Helen's groin banged against Becca's arse. Helen grunted each time she slammed the dildo into Becca's pussy, not caring it was her own daughter she was fucking; Becca moaned out loudly, feeling the dildo split her wide open each time it was pushed inside. She could feel her Mum's urgency to make her come again, each time the dildo was thrust inside there was an exaggerated movement in Helen's hips. The dildo felt massive inside her and was surprised that her pussy was taking it all in.

Helen became more forceful and urgent, wildly slamming her hips against Becca's arse, jamming the dildo all thee way in. It was an urgent and frantic fuck, that was leaving both of them moaning and groaning loudly. Becca whole body shook as her Mum her on thrusting, each time making her jerk wildly forward, her mind now like porridge -all she cares about was coming and who she would fuck next or fuck her.

It started deep down in her loins and felt it tingle up her legs, she felt her body go hot and began to sweat a little, her senses at their limit, her pussy began to contract a little and breathed in deep, trying to make the orgasm last. But opened her mouth in a loud moan as yet again she thrust the dildo inside of her.

"I'M COMING!" she screamed out, her Mum pulled the dildo out ot her and stuck her face into her pussy, her juices squirting out all over Helen's face - it came a thick, clear liquid, as Becca moaned out loudly as the orgasm coursed through her body. It finished after a minute or two and she flopped down onto the sofa, spent. She crawled up beside Nick, and and rest into the shape of his body.

Heien lay beside both Becca and Nick, and slowly took the strap on off, dropping it to the floor. She decided that a man would get her off. She played with herself for a little while, teasing herself, pulling at the skin and caressing her groin. Her pussy was extremely wet, perhaps the wettest it had ever been, it gleamed nicely as the sun's rays reflected off of it. "Nick," she commanded, wagging her finger in a 'come here' gesture, and Nick responded, leaving Becca to fall onto the sofa. She curled up into a ball and watched the slight jiggling of Nick's arse as he walked.

Helen held her legs high in the air, her heels balancing on her toes, giving Nick easy access to pussy. Nick knelt down and Helen spread herself open and said to Nick: "I want it rough."

Nick kneeled and put his face into her pussy, licking slowly with his tongue, he increased the roughness and hardness, thrusting his tongue deeply inside. They were beginning to warm up when Nick took his tongue out, replacing it with two fingers - his index and middle finger. He thrust them in as far as they could go, pushing it with all his might, his fingers felt the contracting of her muscles. He drew them back out and thrust them in again, harder this time. Hungrier.

"Now we're talking," Helen said, sounding like moan. How long had it been since someone had pleasured like this? Usually, it just went straight to sex when Helen had a fling, but never had her pussy been used like this.

Nick kept on fucking her pussy with his fingers, pulling them out then pushing then back in. He decided to mix it up to try and give Helen the orgasm she had wanted, and he used his tongue to lick her clit. She moaned loudly as he now was using his fingers and tongue, her eyes going wide and her mouth opening widely in a 'O' shape. "Ohmygod" is what the moan sounded like. He increased his pace and the force of his tongue, and after about two minutes of intense fingering and licking, as Helen continued to moan loudly, she closed her eyes at the sudden sensation that coursed through her.

Nick was fucking her amazingly, using his fingers and tongue to attack her sexually, and she could understand he hadn't wanted to fuck her (he had never spoken about, but she knew why) but she was kind enough to let him make her come like this. She would have proffered a fuck, but this'll have to do. He increased the pace of his fingers and started to suck and lick on her clit, it was all too much for Helen.

The sensation continued to build and build and knew that her orgasm was at hand, her body beginning to heat up and she sweated a little. She closed her eyes and tilted her head back, spreading her legs as wide as she could giving Nick complete access, and continued to moan loudly - you could hear her moans all throughout the house, no matter when you went. Nick continued to fuck her with his fingers, but pulled his mouth away from her clit and just watched Helen. With his free hand, Nick grabbed the strew strap on and, in the blink of an eye, removed his fingers and rammed the dildo deep into her.

Helen moaned out loudly as she felt the dildo fuck her frantically though she wasn't able to hold on any longer, her pussy beginning to contract around the dildo. "I'm coming," she softly moaned out and arched her back, spraying her come everywhere (yes, Mother and Daughter are both squirters). Nick stopped fucking her as she came, and after Helen's orgasm had finished, and gently pulled the dildo.

" Mmmmmm, that was good," Helen said getting and laying next to Becca. Nick joined them and all three fell asleep.

The end,

Thanks for reading!

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