Nick and Sue


It had been a busy day for Sue but she was surprised how good she felt as Nick settled their 2 young ones into the bedtime routine. Sue was glad she had the children close together and now the youngest was 3 she had got back into work via a part time jobs a HR advisor to a local engineering company. The grown up conversation was a breath of fresh air after the routine of discussing your your ones toilet progress at Mums coffee mornings with everyone trying to appear to have a more perfect family than everyone else.

She smiled as she listened to Nick's soft voice lulling the children to sleep with their favourite tail of a hero bunny who saved the world. She wandered around the lounge of the apartment that just about contained the family, she was happy Nick had persuaded her to stick here and be financially secure rather than stretch themselves for a new home on the soulless estate on the edge of town.

She liked her community and got on well with her neighbours, it was lovely to recognise the people around you and form a mutual support group, especially Tom in the apartment above who lost his wife last year. Her and Nick had made sure they were there for him in the months after his wife's passing, this varied from having him round to play with the children, Nick taking him around the local to play pool, and for both allowing him a few tear's without judgement. He now would sit for them to allow them a date night when they could go out as adults and have some grown up time, this made her blush to herself about last week when Nick had persuaded her to slip her knickers off as they enjoyed their curry.

Sue walked around the lounge with her cup of tea and stood next to the large cool window, her room was I darkness and she loved the view from this window as the sun went down. As she looked over the countryside view some light and movement caught her eye from the adjacent apartment block, she smiled to see a slim female in her white robe relax into her lounge chair with a glass of wine. She felt virtuous at giving the wine up when she was pregnant and not going back to her old bad habits, her neighbour looked in a world of her own as she relaxed in the chair with her eyes closed.

Sue's focus had now totally shifted to this slim female who's hand had seemed to slip inside her gown and seemed to playing with her breast. Of course watching someone enjoy an intimate time like this must be wrong but Sue was memorised with the view, she felt like a naughty voyeur and liked the way it made her feel. The gown had become untied now and a small breast with a hard nipple was in clear view, the tight skin reminded her of her slim figure before children, not that she complained about her slightly curvier figure now, she loved the way her body had adapted to children.

The sound of the shower told her Nick must have the little ones settled, it also meant she had a few more minutes to enjoy the view. Sue's mind drifted back to her university days where she had dabbled with a older female who worked in the same pub as her. At the time Jessica the older woman loved Sue's slim athletic figure, and Sue tingled as she remembered the first time she had explored Jessica's curves. She had often wondered why she had not shared this experience with Nick, she was aware that like most men he loved the Idea of two women exploring each other but maybe there would be a time for them to explore that pathway together.

Sue's focus went back to the young lady below, her gown was now fully open her skin was tanned with a Mediterranean look and no sign of tan lines. Her hands were now exploring her breasts and pussy, it was clear she was enjoying herself, Sue wondered if she was aware she could be seen and maybe she was not the only one watching. This was really getting Sue going, she was aware her pussy was wet and she thought 'what the heck' and undid the belt of her jeans and slipped her hand into her knickers. Wow she must be horny her knickers were damp and her lips felt flush and demanding the attention of her fingers she let out a low gasp as her finger tip caught the magic spot that Nick knew just where to tease.

Her eyes focused back on the young woman below whose legs were now wide exposing the pink inner lips of her pussy, she was lost in her own world. Sue jumped as she felt Nick reach round and squeeze her breast through her jumper, he whispered in her ear 'what are you looking at naughty?' she blushed and did not know what to say. Nick raised a finger to her lips indicating her not to speak, he looked over Sue's shoulder and said 'you still surprise me, sexy' he slipped his hand down and wrapped it around hers pressing her finger onto her now throbbing clit.

His other hand slipped under her jumper and up to her nipple which was straining against her bra, Sue's eyes however stayed focused on the sight below her. The attention had her gasping, she had always been sexual person and she was so glad it had not subsided after children, Nick often called her his hot MILF which made her feel good about herself. He stepped back and his hands slipped to her hips and eased her jeans down and without a word between them she stepped out of them closely followed by her knickers. His hands then held the hem of her jumper lifting if over her head, and with a quick movement releasing her bra and slipping it off, he was good with her hands. One more swift movement and her lace knickers were on the floor too, she had made a decision when the children came along not to start wearing comfortable unattractive underwear, Nick deserved her at her sexy best.

Being naked in front of the window seemed to arouse her even more, she wondered if anyone could see her or if her neighbours were aware what they were up too. Her mind drifted to their friend Tom, Sue wondered if he imagined what she looked like naked, she had caught him looking down her top a few times when she had brought him drinks etc. Nick's hand had slipped between her legs and it slid effortlessly along the lips of her pussy, wow she was so wet. She looked down at the young woman who now was naked with her legs spread wide and her fingers working furiously on her own pussy.

Nick's fingers started to work their own magic teasing the spot he knew well applying just the right amount of pressure. She became aware of her own moaning the vibrations were building in the pit of her stomach that she recognised as the build up to an orgasm. Nick being the attentive lover he was sensed this putting his arm around her and cupping her breast giving her nipple a small pinch which sent her over the edge, her legs were shaking as the intense feeling took over her body. He held her tight in a loving embrace as the orgasm subsided and her breathing dropped back to normal accompanied by his soft kisses on her neck.

Sue looked down to see the young ladies body shaking as it looked like she was enjoying an orgasm herself. Nick continued kissing Sue's neck, this he knew would start her off again and it certainly did. She reached behind her touching his body which was already naked, she knew exactly what she wanted next and was sure Nick would approve. She let her hand run down his stomach and wrapped her fingers around his already hard penis. She loved the feeling as she slowly stroked up and down the shaft, the skin had a feeling that was like silk to her and the anticipation of what she knew was to follow built inside her.

Nick's hands worked up her body to Sue's shoulders and he pushed the forward, she knew what he wanted her to do and she bent forward pushing her bum back and arching her back. She lifted a leg onto the arm of the nearby sofa which gave him the access they both wanted now. He moved to position the tip of his penis at the entrance to her pussy, it only took a small push to slide inside her. With gentle thrusts he pushed deeper inside her and was soon fucking her with a slow rhythm, he reached round to cup her boobs which were so sensitive to his touch.

Once Nick got into his rhythm Sue was moaning in ecstasy with no thought of who might be listening. This was accelerated when the thrusts become more forceful, Sue respond to this by making a demand of Nick "Fuck me hard now" who was he to refuse, there is a time for gentle and tender and this was not it. It did not take long for this increased pace to do the trick and Sue was orgasming loudly as Nick tightened his grip then the tell tale deeper that's as he shot his cum deep inside her.

As they came down from the rush of passion Sue noticed the lights had gone out in the flat she had been able to see into was now dark. Nick said "I hope you enjoyed that, you have got me sweaty again, do you want to join me in the shower?"

But that is another story...

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